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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I do variety gaming, livestreams, reviews, playthroughs, commentary, sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever else comes to mind. Let's explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!

I do my best to upload at least three times a week unless my life is a mess.

I'm also on Twitter and Instagram @GloomyKassie :)
and TikTok @gloomdog
kids with jobs
15 dager siden
why did you film this?
15 dager siden
i'm lonely
22 dager siden
girl, relax
22 dager siden
uh oh... yikes
22 dager siden
Ooo Oddly Satisfying
Måned siden
Scarlett Ervine
Scarlett Ervine 17 timer siden
there was no cover sort of thing on the lawnmower at 10:52
Ss Bbbb
Ss Bbbb 17 timer siden
I would actually eat bento no.1 ngl
benidict cabigepach
benidict cabigepach 17 timer siden
the way her eyes lit up when that kid was trying to steal he doritos
Alisha Webb
Alisha Webb 17 timer siden
Hi gloom I love you so much and hope you're cool and I hope you can get 7m subs and I want to see you in person
Alisha Webb
Alisha Webb 17 timer siden
And I love your vids so much and I hope you enjoy your rest of your day and I love you so much and I hope you enjoy bye gloom
Dare devil
Dare devil 17 timer siden
Are you BTS armmy?💜💜
Nanjibro 17 timer siden
Hit the girls
Matthew Swift
Matthew Swift 17 timer siden
i just realized this was filmed on halloween
Darsana dache
Darsana dache 17 timer siden
Kassie: 10:15 Corpse husband : and i took that personally🙃
NotChippo 17 timer siden
glimmering emerald
glimmering emerald 17 timer siden
wth did she say in german at 38:58? .-. im confused af
anika jain
anika jain 17 timer siden
U r srsly underrated
Kailan Wong
Kailan Wong 17 timer siden
i love Kassie vids especialy hack vids 💠
Moa lang
Moa lang 17 timer siden
𝗔𝗶𝗸𝗼 𝗞𝗞
2018 was 3 years ago?? WHAT
suhvanabanana 17 timer siden
In the mowing video, if you look at the yard behind him, he scalped it. Cut it way too short.
Rose McKenzie
Rose McKenzie 17 timer siden
the digital landscape looked like a place in north carolina
Kenneth Warnock
Kenneth Warnock 17 timer siden
11:07 lol thats me
Onyinyechi Nwagu
Onyinyechi Nwagu 17 timer siden
Gloom is so nice 😀
🥔random potato 🥔
🥔random potato 🥔 17 timer siden
Gloom :) you have successfully made me get off the internet for today I'll see you in about 10 months :D
San Wet
San Wet 17 timer siden
But you are the dest🧚‍♀️
Radina Chikicheva
Radina Chikicheva 17 timer siden
Azzy is literally crying like when someone died
Aliyah Noor
Aliyah Noor 17 timer siden
Part 2
San Wet
San Wet 17 timer siden
Don't ruin her nails are beautiful in that rude
San Wet
San Wet 17 timer siden
No No No😡👁👅👁
ghost 17 timer siden
11:08 i think he was stepping on the grass or something
Jocelyn Erieksa
Jocelyn Erieksa 17 timer siden
Radina Chikicheva
Radina Chikicheva 17 timer siden
Gloom it's actually cuite nice Oooohhhhhh ooooohhh no no it's not!!!
AK The Menace
AK The Menace 17 timer siden
2:40 laundry machine stops
*{That_one1games}* 18 timer siden
Terry: *Heeeya Oh Sorry Not You*
Dulainey 94
Dulainey 94 18 timer siden
On the last corner, he cut the corner off
angelina mellody
angelina mellody 18 timer siden
We need a collab with azzy! Pls it'll give u those friend moments
Nanjibro 18 timer siden
SofiA Little explorer Rafi
Your gonna get sick
CookyKitty Extraordinaire
Hes holding the weedwacker upside down!(it took me a little while to figure it out)
:]Haya 18 timer siden
because she is Beautiful ☺️
Coercion 18 timer siden
Huston Brice
Huston Brice 18 timer siden
Hi 😘😘❤️❤️♥️✨😗🥰💕😚💕😉💋💝💋💋😎😎💫💋😉❤️♥️💕💕🥰🥰😚💝🦋💫💫Hee Hee Aw
*..^bread^..* 18 timer siden
Hello,its 2021 now...i kinda missed when azzy and gloom do videos...they made me feel so better :) i hope they keep doing making theses videos!
-*Caitlin’s edits*-
-*Caitlin’s edits*- 18 timer siden
Ruby Stuart
Ruby Stuart 18 timer siden
I'm not a professional but my reasoning is that you stand FACING the grass so the clippings go INTO the grass instead of on the sidewalk and you eliminate the need for blowing it into the street.
Chalk nomnomi
Chalk nomnomi 18 timer siden
1:32 how rantoro makes his rings
9A38NARBHAVI N 18 timer siden
I'm not a pro, but the cause of the wrong holding that thing I guess, he's holding it wrong way, he's supposed to hold it on the black piece. I think this the wrong he did, ins(I'm not sure)lol
dragonboy playz
dragonboy playz 18 timer siden
Grace Edney
Grace Edney 18 timer siden
They run fast and screem to let them go
Ginjinut 18 timer siden
Am I the only one who half of the video kept thinking, "Why doesn't gloom turn her necklace around?"
KrewFun2 18 timer siden
Elizabeth Impey
Elizabeth Impey 18 timer siden
Azzy realising she’s friends with a creep…
Nina Herald
Nina Herald 18 timer siden
And btw the first one is by Nicholas Roman not that person
Elizabeth Impey
Elizabeth Impey 18 timer siden
Did azzy not notice that on the box it said up with arrows and jordi was carrying it upside down?
L D 18 timer siden
He is walking on the grass 😁
BTS 8th member
BTS 8th member 18 timer siden
I have a boy English teacher so🤷‍♀️
Ginerva  Weasley
Ginerva Weasley 18 timer siden
Ok so before I was rooting for Elliot and I kinda still am I like him better than Rachel so yeah but he did get kinda crazy when police got called but calling the police was uncalled for
ReysYTChannel 18 timer siden
She look *british* beautiful 😻 Gloom ruins moment: TURN AROUND STOOPID
Hope Struck Likes....
Hope Struck Likes.... 18 timer siden
I’m both of tom boy and girl
Hope Struck Likes....
Hope Struck Likes.... 18 timer siden
I’m both tom boy and girl
Martin Abrahams
Martin Abrahams 18 timer siden
Hay kassie the story about being a pro is that he didnt hold on to the handle i think let me know if u think im 👉
Gaming with chloe OMG
Gaming with chloe OMG 18 timer siden
i like ramen noodles!😍
Savannah Barrett
Savannah Barrett 18 timer siden
The one where he was cutting the grass, I think it was the fact he was blowing the cut grass on the cement and road. Idk if I’m right but I think that might be it!
Turquoise-Chan Gaming
Turquoise-Chan Gaming 18 timer siden
You don't like me!???! I'm 8
Dorotka SNIEGULSKA 18 timer siden
in the dUtChLand we have lunch in the classroom and one bathroom for the girls and one for the boys we also have only one teacher for everything
Catherine Horne
Catherine Horne 18 timer siden
Dolly mix is still there
SoAmbii 18 timer siden
Everyday I've ever been in has had a red button
Barbara De luca
Barbara De luca 18 timer siden
when I was waching this vid u where doing romen hacks and I was eating romen
Ms A
Ms A 18 timer siden
AMEN!!! I'm TOO FRIGGEN SHORT to hover!!!
Mooshy :]
Mooshy :] 18 timer siden
Wait- did you name anjing after dog in bahasa indonesia-
Aissatou Savane
Aissatou Savane 18 timer siden
I have done the marshmallow one so much
R 18 timer siden
In the one that hes cutting the grass hes holding it by the pole insted of the handle
dalrin 18 timer siden
My name is Lillian
Queen Dungan-Crisologo
Queen Dungan-Crisologo 18 timer siden
I queen bless this watermelon to not ruin Kartha Gewarts hard work Amen
박제니 18 timer siden
Click it pls 16:42
·Serena_playz· 18 timer siden
When you see your sister in the Roblox video : ughhhh I wanna be in there too >:(
Mariam's Toy Adventure
Mariam's Toy Adventure 18 timer siden
7:31 Looks like the very hungry one that ate a lot and became rainbow
The first tiktok you can actually find the guy on yt ( Nicholas roman , I think that is the one )
Charles reginald Grorge
i love azzylands DRESS!!!
Kevin Roper
Kevin Roper 19 timer siden
Can I be in your class
Broadside175 19 timer siden
Azzy:anyone who has tastebuds like apples Me who doesn’t like apples:ok…totally didn’t hurt my feelings there…
Alanood Aljowder
Alanood Aljowder 19 timer siden
Oh my gosh I love your shirt!
Aliya ✨
Aliya ✨ 19 timer siden
how could this possibly be a children's game like wth!
Emyo Kamisama
Emyo Kamisama 19 timer siden
Broadside175 19 timer siden
Another thing for mike and toms story, if the phone went dead…how did mike call the police?
Emilia Wray Fajic
Emilia Wray Fajic 19 timer siden
I’m going to still eat strawberry