Birth to Death 👶 Girl with an ENEMY in Bitlife 

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I'm trying to live to 100 Years Old in Bitlife Life Simulator but my enemy is doing everything she can to sabotage me
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



17. juli. 2021





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Becky_imSINGLE 5 timer siden
Lillie 7 timer siden
My mom loves choco-bacon its so yummy!
Chupycabra Dag siden
“ I have never lived a more straight and narrow life in my life” -Gloom 2021
Mitzi Cannon
Mitzi Cannon Dag siden
I just played it and got to age 116 yay
Liana Moore
Liana Moore 2 dager siden
Yay u have doen bitlife again
Miriam Kennedy
Miriam Kennedy 2 dager siden
Gloom: You get your first period!? MOOOOOOOM!!! Also Gloom: Mom has constipation? Is that my business? Me: -_-
GamerButNot ForRealTho
I missed this!
Snow Cream
Snow Cream 2 dager siden
YAY it’s been a minute since you’ve made a bit life video I love these videos!!
John Albuquerque
John Albuquerque 3 dager siden
Your sposted to punch them in the skull
veronica harmonica
veronica harmonica 3 dager siden
Yayyyyy bitlifeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
RYLIE HADWEN 3 dager siden
my isters names is layla
_Clover_Mint_ 3 dager siden
Is anyone else so happy that she started playing bitlife again
Anish Shah
Anish Shah 3 dager siden
I acc love the editing 😭😂😂
Gacha does
Gacha does 3 dager siden
Mila S.
Mila S. 4 dager siden
Kassie should try playing bitlife as Kartha Gewart. It would be so funny! Like to help her see this!
Ethan V
Ethan V 4 dager siden
You are my favorite NOchartsr
Tony Ferrando
Tony Ferrando 4 dager siden
Your enemy was probably like… YES SHES GONE!.. Oh wait I’m dead-
Corey Karber
Corey Karber 5 dager siden
I fell like I can't Poo too
PenguinPerson 5 dager siden
gloom:I got my period Her mom: why is that any of my business???
Ella 5 dager siden
Hey joushhaaa
Rhylee Homistek
Rhylee Homistek 5 dager siden
What is the logic behind "Fall in your neighbors driveway to sue them foe lots of money". Just because it is their driveway doesn't mean it's their fault of the injury. Kids these days.
Batsvonchii 5 dager siden
Kassie shocked she got 1 mil from inheritance me getting 5 mil once: 😯
Kayla Haddad
Kayla Haddad 5 dager siden
*My bitlife character inherits ten million dollars* hehe guess i worked a bit too hard-
Jianhong Tang
Jianhong Tang 6 dager siden
Gloom boyfriend: can we get back together? Gloom: yes!!…..he just died
Bruh I’m not saying my real name
If you don’t want to pay for hospital bills change your location to somewhere in Europe
Yupppp 6 dager siden
Leo Bradic
Leo Bradic 6 dager siden
Pls more of this
Layla Life
Layla Life 6 dager siden
My name is Layla but I am crazy all of that is true except for that I'm crazy
•Cyan• Alien•
•Cyan• Alien• 6 dager siden
Yesss finally bitlife it been so long
Leia Creates
Leia Creates 6 dager siden
My mom can’t poo and my dad farts a lot so oh no
Dleen Hersh
Dleen Hersh 6 dager siden
3:03 ok that was me 😆
Fluffy Para 123
Fluffy Para 123 7 dager siden
You have not done this in such a long time
May Tran
May Tran 7 dager siden
I always love when Gloom plays Bitlife!
Kaya Singh
Kaya Singh 7 dager siden
That hair though 👌🏾
WildEyadbrospiel 7 dager siden
Hi Gloom you have lift in bitlife to 120 year's so u don't nid to gat to 100 year's u shot trie lifing 200 year 's I love your video
iiiClxxdy_Skyxiii 7 dager siden
I love it when you play bitelife! Also can you do the deadbeat dad challenge? 💖
WolfGamerPlays 7 dager siden
Not bragging but my max age in BitLife is 100 and I’ve reached 100 2 times
Helen Gamer
Helen Gamer 7 dager siden
“Kira Skelton?! That totally sounds like a mean girl name” Kiras and Skeltons out there: oh.....
Broken Bones
Broken Bones 7 dager siden
Pls make another bitlife video I friken love these videos you make ❤
Carolyn Mumbua
Carolyn Mumbua 7 dager siden
I am waiting for a part 2👌👀❓
nina 1909
nina 1909 8 dager siden
Gloom...can you make more bitlife videos🥺
💙Toadwell💙 8 dager siden
Gloom: “HOW AM I GONNA LIVE IF MY MOM CAN’T POO AND MY DAD FARTS TOO MUCH!?!?!?” Me: “It’s called being an orphan in Bitlife…”
luv3rfoxx_ 8 dager siden
who els is happy she is doing bitlife agin
Temitope Lawrence
Temitope Lawrence 8 dager siden
I am surprised because she choose to kiss the guy which is basically swapping spit with someone else and choose not to drive
Temitope Lawrence
Temitope Lawrence 8 dager siden
Sorry 4:05
Temitope Lawrence
Temitope Lawrence 8 dager siden
Heath Williams
Heath Williams 8 dager siden
what are you playing? Please tell me the game
Harper S.
Harper S. 9 dager siden
Haha my name is Harper so when she said that I cried laughing
Celeste 9 dager siden
Yessssss bitlife is back!!
Hoppa 9 dager siden
My Grandma is killing hers3lf she morks not stop barley gets any sleep workz really late and has to wake up at 2am she's 60 but looks 40 i said how old are you she said 59 going to be 60 i said oh i thought u were 40
Charli Brooke
Charli Brooke 9 dager siden
I want more of these vids :c
pig plays games!
pig plays games! 9 dager siden
So fake
Im in Mexico 🇲🇽
Harper Cornwell
Harper Cornwell 9 dager siden
My name is Harper😞
Chanelle Browning
Chanelle Browning 9 dager siden
winston kardashian gloom:what kar- kardashian im going
Almas Welt
Almas Welt 9 dager siden
I have waited so long for Kassie's BitLife series😭💙
Ruesen 9 dager siden
Hmm, if you were trying to be healthy, might have needed to hit the gym and go for walks, get massages, and all that fun stuff to portray that healthy life. Unless you were doing that between cuts?
Kesleigh Prince
Kesleigh Prince 9 dager siden
Nicholas williams
Nicholas williams 9 dager siden
Yes bitlife
Sunil k Sawant Sawant
Sunil k Sawant Sawant 10 dager siden
Thum nail photo childhood gloom look soo cute
suma Vinod
suma Vinod 10 dager siden
Can you do more I loved it when you were doing this in the past plz do more... 😊😊😊😊😊
Kitty Cat Ella
Kitty Cat Ella 10 dager siden
I love your hair
Judilyn Orchard
Judilyn Orchard 10 dager siden
i missed her bitlife series so glad its back
claire timmons
claire timmons 10 dager siden
Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩
itzzz Zion!
itzzz Zion! 10 dager siden
finally moree...BITLIFEEEEe
Marc Mckenna
Marc Mckenna 10 dager siden
Gloom: Kardashian? Gloom thoughts: I'm rich!
Maya HEHE 10 dager siden
If it makes you feel any worse I lived to 123 when I was actively trying to die in bitlife ❤️
Cath Harris
Cath Harris 10 dager siden
Pls try some special careers
Viveka Hanson
Viveka Hanson 10 dager siden
please do more storys!! like you used too
Esther P
Esther P 10 dager siden
To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! ❤
Secret Spirit
Secret Spirit 10 dager siden
I like your videos
Secret Spirit
Secret Spirit 10 dager siden
Pls do more bitlife and I love your vids
Nyā 10 dager siden
itz_meya 10 dager siden
Gloom: "My mother is suffering from constipation?" "Ummm, excuse me how is that my business!!?" Me: 🤣😂
Tamia Mcneill
Tamia Mcneill 10 dager siden
This is the game with my cousin Joshua please
3b Skelly
3b Skelly 10 dager siden
kylababe collado
kylababe collado 11 dager siden
I love that hair fantastic beasts
BɘcomingAndrɘw 11 dager siden
mediterranean diet would of helped you live longer
Marnie Hudson
Marnie Hudson 11 dager siden
Jayden's Storytelling
Jayden's Storytelling 11 dager siden
This is going to be really romantic really really dramatic
abroad moshaver
abroad moshaver 11 dager siden
I like it so much when her happiness is so high and so one second later he died
Audrey !
Audrey ! 11 dager siden
Can you make more bitlife videos
Lisa Stewart
Lisa Stewart 11 dager siden
I was sad when Gloom's cat died
Ezrhianne Castello
Ezrhianne Castello 11 dager siden
I have BitLife
MK G 11 dager siden
Ur at 6.66 million subs... lol
Milou Freeman
Milou Freeman 11 dager siden
Nobody: *What I see to the subscriber: 6.66M*
Felix Sands
Felix Sands 11 dager siden
Leonice Eureka Ostan
Leonice Eureka Ostan 11 dager siden
gloom: mooooooooooooommmm boom 💥💥💥💥 me: ha ha ha haaaaaaa ahahahahahahahaha
7paints And friends
7paints And friends 11 dager siden
When I played this game I did it like this and I lived to like 74 but when I committed a lot of crimes I lived to like 120
Mikayla Pineapple
Mikayla Pineapple 11 dager siden
I lived over 800 years on my computer, and I have it screenshotted.😜😂
Supercrazycat16 12 dager siden
98 years, I lived until 65 in bit life
allison miller
allison miller 12 dager siden
Speaking of life choices, when are you and Terry getting married?
Abbigayle Espinoza
Abbigayle Espinoza 12 dager siden
Rachelle Acosta
Rachelle Acosta 12 dager siden
I see pop it’s
Kira Delgado
Kira Delgado 12 dager siden
am I a mean girl
Kekeliz 12 dager siden
Happy that ur playing bitlife again that’s how I found ur channel although I do like ur other content I was wondering when u would do some more bitlife som I’m glad u made the video
Suzanne Bailey
Suzanne Bailey 12 dager siden
Weight I have never lived a straight a better life in my entire life????????? We need an answer gloom
Memecentral 12 dager siden
Wooah 12 dager siden
ugh I love the Bitlife content
Jasmine C.
Jasmine C. 12 dager siden
Please do more BITLIFE
Beary Gacha
Beary Gacha 12 dager siden
Gloom please do more bit life
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