It’s just a POV… I’m not mad.. I’m fine 

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I have to keep telling myself this is a POV, this is not real. The acting is too good, I’m getting flashbacks that I’d rather not have.
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15. juli. 2021





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Daisy Rose
Daisy Rose 6 timer siden
I have always been short, and one time I got accused of “only being short because I want to be cool”
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 6 timer siden
Lillyana Cornell
Lillyana Cornell 9 timer siden
Hi this is for anyone who sees this i want you to watch my videos and tell me what you think so I can just have some feed back so I know of i should keep going or I should stop
0Queen0 13 timer siden
When your dad owns ⏃ boat but your not like that at all😅
Zahra Usman
Zahra Usman 16 timer siden
Can we please talk about her cute outfit that matches her outfit
TogTheFrog 18 timer siden
Oml! Gloom reacted to Lexi Rivera ‘s tik tok!!
Jeannette Umutesi
Jeannette Umutesi 22 timer siden
Kassie you can text in snapchat
Someone 22 timer siden
I'm the friend that always agrees I don't mean it in a bad way i just agree with you to make you fell better?? I don't even know I just do
Abigail Hajjar
Abigail Hajjar Dag siden
I think the we have a problem but immediately forget it friendship. Is really unhealthy because you can’t work it out.
Wolfie_night Dag siden
When I was younger we were playing in teams and I was put in a team with this guy and then he saw I was in his team he said: Really Why her and ugh her
Catherine Maling
Kasie: we are all born in Canada Me: being born in Australia
Lorraine Morrison
GLOOM:Were all born in Canada ME:I- i- I'm born scotland
Sam Madeleine
Sam Madeleine Dag siden
Oh no she thought it was about height
Shweta Sai
Shweta Sai Dag siden
Everyone: Talking about povs Me: Why is her shirt a different color on the thumbnail
《Øceaň Fiśh》
Oh gosh my friend is a pick me girl its annoying and shes kinda a fake friend
Meowgic 2 dager siden
The humans acting like dogs gave me comedic relief in the 13 minutes and 57 of suffering with Kassie.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 dager siden
Loona 2 dager siden
In school 🏫 the short girl was the mean girl 👧
Bentli Magby
Bentli Magby 2 dager siden
3:08 had me dying that’s so true
Francisco Font
Francisco Font 2 dager siden
Noo breakfast with the girls not just girls
K A 2 dager siden
We were all born in Canada me in Kansas. Usa
Kellwell E
Kellwell E 2 dager siden
I live in Canada I am first nations not everybody says savage
13_BlueJay 2 dager siden
12:51 the gym scene hit me so hard😔 they can be so mean sometimes
Alexandra Rodil
Alexandra Rodil 2 dager siden
3:17 gloom:being smart for losers *me questioning how to make through school with that advice*
Mercedes Galindo
Mercedes Galindo 2 dager siden
I’m going to say daddy chill
SiriuslySirius👑 2 dager siden
Her lipstick is so cool!
Satans second in command
Gloom: “We were all born in Canada” Me born in United States: * confused unga bunga *
Dog_mom_of_2 3 dager siden
Lexi has a NOcharts channel Lexi the one you stripped her towel
kynlee Francis
kynlee Francis 3 dager siden
6:43 yay I m small!!
kynlee Francis
kynlee Francis 3 dager siden
4:55 yes my sis is like showing half he face it is so annoying!!
《Suki Suki》
《Suki Suki》 3 dager siden
"yOu KnOw iD RaThER WeAr SwEaTpAnTs rN" I- I feel attacked :,) id rather wear a suit anyway 👏😂
Shark Lover992
Shark Lover992 3 dager siden
Sai Sail
Sai Sail 3 dager siden
Everyone: “Ooo she is wearing red lip stick!” Me: Whoa! She wearing red stick :0
violet wolf
violet wolf 3 dager siden
Now I'm sure that I'm a pick me girl so I'mma make my friends teach me make up 💄💅💗✨
meow 3 dager siden
12:53 pls the boys in my class did that to the girls all the time so i threw a basketball at their heads once :D
H Lovesbabies
H Lovesbabies 3 dager siden
I know one of the and they are called AlexaReiver
Kassie rocks like very look
Haley Jackson
Haley Jackson 4 dager siden
5:45 ahhhhh Kassie said my name. Kassie. Said. My. Name. AHHHH. Sorry im just a really big fan👉👈 look at me being all Canadian
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon 4 dager siden
You look incredible!
Ash’s chocolate
Ash’s chocolate 4 dager siden
all of my friends *cough clung * Natalie always gets offended if I get mad at a prank 🤨
Raina with you
Raina with you 4 dager siden
I feel kind of insecure now because where are you were talking about People being tall I kind a got insecure because I am very tall
Elizabeth Ruelas
Elizabeth Ruelas 4 dager siden
I’m a short girl and I’m not a “pick me girl” I hate those girls. I HATE HATE THEM
Addison made Bridges
Addison made Bridges 4 dager siden
My face when she said being smart is loser😭😭😭I was the smartest one in my class I got an A honor roll
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch 4 dager siden
POV: people no longer know what Point of View means
Shaarvi Agrawal
Shaarvi Agrawal 4 dager siden
Lexi Rivera is in this video
ninjapuppy125 5 dager siden
5:45 me all the time because i have resting frown face.
diarietou coulibaly
diarietou coulibaly 5 dager siden
Oml the SAW-vage sounds like sausage
Bonnie The Bunny
Bonnie The Bunny 5 dager siden
In school I remember people were playing house and I wasn't able to join because there were too many people. A few minutes later more people join. I was excluded for my looks. In. 2nd. Grade.
Adorxray 5 dager siden
7:30 That’s the level of bond me and my bestie have-
Roblox and fortnight
Roblox and fortnight 5 dager siden
8:23 the Best
Ava Dee
Ava Dee 5 dager siden
Did anyone notice that lexi rivera on the thumb nail.
Wally_.Dinosaur 5 dager siden
In school they call me a giraffebecause im 5ft in 5th grade
shxrtqakes 6 dager siden
kassie: venting about the way he said savage the background music low key sounding like christmas music
Arianna Pattillo
Arianna Pattillo 6 dager siden
Evan E
Evan E 6 dager siden
you know when you finally get the ball In a game and then two people ( the too boys who always have the ball ) and there just begging you for it like they have never got it and your don't give it then mess up and feel bad or give it too somebody and they mess up and the other person is just that guy who will rage so fast ... yeah or is that just me
Lily Rollag
Lily Rollag 6 dager siden
I am that friend who's always on my other friends sides Edit: I forgot to say what time it is in the video 12:16
When The Imposter Sus
When The Imposter Sus 6 dager siden
The bad boy one makes me cringe and it is BEAUTIFUL
Merita Mehmeti
Merita Mehmeti 6 dager siden
Me: *liking every single comment* My comments: 000000000
Ammie plays UwU
Ammie plays UwU 6 dager siden
imma just say this. my ENEMY is friends with the most popular girls on tik tok.
Hycraut 6 dager siden
6:26 I dont think Kassie knows why the girl took a huge step-
Roblox 6 dager siden
I thought you were 18
xxbabyburgerxx 6 dager siden
I only have snap for my friends other than that I prefer messages 😅
Petsitting Agency
Petsitting Agency 6 dager siden
I can relate to the being friends with a pick me girls but I’m friends with pick me girls
Julia Strauss
Julia Strauss 6 dager siden
Does anyone else think that she looks kinda like Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99
Elle Schultz
Elle Schultz 6 dager siden
Her hair: pretty Her outfit: gorgeous Her lipstick: STUNNING- ✨✨✨
loficakes 6 dager siden
sooo i have a friend who always are on my side but theyre not like that pov. buy its kinda true i met people who always agreed with my opinion and what i say and when i talked to them if they really like agree with me they said they had a different opinion and just was too shy to say it. 😭👌
Hungry_Hazel 6 dager siden
The word nobody knows how to say. Guys. We've all said guyses
Princessmaci Macimaci10
They forgot the outcast girl
KiweeSprout 6 dager siden
Kassie is so amazing 🥺 she stays strong ,goes through tough times but still got that smile 😊🥺❤️
ᴅ ɪ 11 ʏ 🍃
ᴅ ɪ 11 ʏ 🍃 7 dager siden
I love the thing she does when she waves her arms at something cringy 🥺🥺🥺
Aadhavi 7 dager siden
half of their face then like the roof
Mae Pastoral
Mae Pastoral 7 dager siden
Title: im not mad The whole vid: AAAAAAAAAAAHA
Allie Clark
Allie Clark 7 dager siden
I’m gen z and personally I don’t really like my generation because all most of gen z does is go on social media 24/7 and I don’t really see the point in it. The only social media I have is Snapchat and all I do in it is play the games.
shouko 7 dager siden
Kassie: “We were all born in Canada.” Me, a German: “Yes.”
AnimeWeeb 7 dager siden
12:52 jokes on the boys in my class, the top 5 hardest hitters in my class were girls 👀 Whenever one of them got the ball in dodge ball everyone better run to the back of the court unless they wanna get pegged
Oh Sangwoo
Oh Sangwoo 7 dager siden
I swear if someone says my last name the way the guy said it in : 1:40 I will punch him. Idk why but it irritates me, yes my last name is Savage. Not joking
Mellissa Moore
Mellissa Moore 7 dager siden
Swapna Benny
Swapna Benny 7 dager siden
She looks gorgeous with the red lipstick and she looks like a model😇😇
KittyBean 7 dager siden
Hey do you guys think when the pick me girls grow up and look back at their past they think Man i was so weird?
Dulnith Ekanayake
Dulnith Ekanayake 7 dager siden
me sees lexi rivera in the thumbnail
Angela Rafferty
Angela Rafferty 7 dager siden
I’m love Snapchat only pick me boys or pick me girls or “bad boys\girls”
Cheese Rat
Cheese Rat 8 dager siden
Onetime someone called me a pick me girl because I wear baggy clothes but comfy is key for me
Weekend gamer
Weekend gamer 8 dager siden
I don’t text alot but I don’t send pics all I send is vids lol
Sara Fromwiller
Sara Fromwiller 8 dager siden
Ok hear me out I think pick me boys are the worst
D R 3 4 M C 0 R 3 C 4 T
11:50 yes.
Heidi Smith
Heidi Smith 8 dager siden
I am about to go to 7th grade and I'm 81 pound's Shud I be concerned 🤔🤔🤔
Cunfuzzled Peep
Cunfuzzled Peep 8 dager siden
I love the lipstick today :)
Nialler Fan
Nialler Fan 8 dager siden
GG A 8 dager siden
someone tell me to sleep *yeah*
Zookie Zook
Zookie Zook 8 dager siden
Ya’ll are dumb for this. I’m catholic and priests are married to the church. They can’t marry, you could have done a minister, who are allowed to marry.
Zookie Zook
Zookie Zook 8 dager siden
Oops this was for a different video from another channel.
Aleena Zaman
Aleena Zaman 8 dager siden
all the dilikes are from people who want more povs
Kaylee Naomi Richardson
Kassie:being smart is for losers Me:Rude BC I AM THAT GIRL WHO ONLY GETS 1 B+ AND 5 A+
Ly4lwuf 8 dager siden
Gloom: Dogs get distracted so easily.. My dog: *spent 1 hour trying to find a cat*
Heyy Stobh it
Heyy Stobh it 8 dager siden
6:38 So true.....Now... Being tall is a sin😐
UniSaur 8 dager siden
Fuck gay people! Said the nitwit
*birth sertificate suddenly changes wales to canada*
Catherine Maling
Catherine Maling 9 dager siden
Alaa Osman
Alaa Osman 9 dager siden
Look sis I ain't judging but why do you look like a mom? 😭
mdw2217 9 dager siden
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate her make up