If UH OH was a video 

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This is when things go terribly wrong, you have a bad day, maybe you rip all of your eyelashes out by accident, who knows, anything can happen. This is all about mistakes.
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Video Edited by Terry & MauriCleric
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



14. juli. 2021





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Life-As- Laurel
Life-As- Laurel 5 timer siden
I jumó scare my horses AL THE TIME!! 😂
L • N • E
L • N • E 10 timer siden
Anyone else love the amazing hairstyles kassie manages to think of every day😍😍
Mae_Flower_ Dag siden
The silent disco makes me feel like they have been brainwashed……..
Mae_Flower_ Dag siden
Once we made ooblek at school, it feels disgusting. 🤢
Tandi Wells
Tandi Wells 2 dager siden
Uhh, just saying the dog that jumped in was trying to save her from drowning (atleast thats what it seems like? bc that happens a lot)
Kai-Bruce Hogle
Kai-Bruce Hogle 2 dager siden
The dog is trying her save her
보라해 3 dager siden
She is so pretty🤩🥰
Aishath Leah
Aishath Leah 3 dager siden
Speaking of azzy you haven't really done a video with her in a while
Enakshi Parua
Enakshi Parua 3 dager siden
0:57 angie was like Proud of this doggo
Susan 4 dager siden
The doggy thought she was drowning 😭✋
「Officially Beachy⛱」
@ 1:10 This reminds me of my friends dog, who we'll call tiger. Tiger is a puppy, only a few months I believe (8-9 months) and is bad at swimming. We eventually got him to swim. Though unlike his brother, we'll call Saturn, doesn't wanna leave the water. So he'll follow you, and accidentally scratch you, and now he's not allowed in the water. Rip tiger lol
Isabelle Jenkins
Isabelle Jenkins 4 dager siden
Your dog is soooooo cute
kynlee Francis
kynlee Francis 4 dager siden
5:05 wow that's cool!!
Surina Janey
Surina Janey 4 dager siden
Me: I don’t think I watched this vid yet Also me when the vid starts playing:ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh I watched this 20000000000000000 timessssssssssssss
Ashley_Baddie_Gacha 4 dager siden
Ur hair kinfa looks like Ariana Grande
Drea M
Drea M 4 dager siden
You don’t go into labor and immediately have a baby… call an ambulance instead of getting ready to deliver 😳
Bunthol Veng
Bunthol Veng 4 dager siden
This is my way to deal with a Karen: Karen: HEY STOP MAKING A TIK TOK MY SON WON’T GO TO SLEEP me: umm ok tell him thank you for watching my tik toks 🙄🙄🙄 oh and your problem that he won’t f*cking sleep
Jila Taha
Jila Taha 4 dager siden
Her hairstyle tho,it’s so cute and nice
Kayla Daniels
Kayla Daniels 5 dager siden
1:08 y'all I'm not joking when I say that one time I went swimming at my cousin's house and she had a dog then I did a handstand under water and the dog probably thought I was drowning so the dog jumped in and the dog like tried to get me up but while he was doing that he also scratched me with he's nails and yeah that scratches are big
Alayah’s Youtube
Alayah’s Youtube 5 dager siden
1:21 the dog was taking her out of the pool bc the dog thought she was drowning
Astrid Orozco
Astrid Orozco 6 dager siden
Maybe the dog thought she was drowning
emily faith
emily faith 6 dager siden
I am LIVING for her hairstyle today
💖Andrea Torres💖
💖Andrea Torres💖 6 dager siden
Wow kassie is mean if the first Tik tok happened to me I’d cry
Sonett Cona
Sonett Cona 7 dager siden
1:07 why do you make it seem so bad the dog thought she was drowning and wanted to save her
brenna howard
brenna howard 8 dager siden
I think the dog is just trained to save someone from drowning and got confused and thought she was drownung
• Derp Cat •
• Derp Cat • 8 dager siden
Kid: Mom, where was I born? Mom: McDonalds.
Alyssa Coy
Alyssa Coy 9 dager siden
Ok i went to a silent disco and what actually happened was people singing really bad
Kalei Welsh
Kalei Welsh 9 dager siden
I was at coco beach when the boat came and hit the girls
Lydia :]
Lydia :] 9 dager siden
my parents together for 22 years met at a mcdonalds
Mark Marles
Mark Marles 9 dager siden
I love horses
chels russell
chels russell 10 dager siden
in 0:51 was was angeng IDK how to spell your dog name was staring at
Roos De Weerd
Roos De Weerd 10 dager siden
May i say if you do two high ponytails in with this black hair you look a little like bella poarch then
RBO Runer
RBO Runer 11 dager siden
1:47 POV it’s gta 5 and you steal a boat you have 4 stars
Daisy Dickens
Daisy Dickens 11 dager siden
One day me and my family where at a beach and saw a life boat go to save someone, it was so cool to watch it go into the sea. Comment on this comment if you have drowned before or almost drowned.
Elena 11 dager siden
1:41 they have a NOcharts it’s called Drew Dirksen so does his sister Kacey Dirksen and all his friends Funk Bros
Moira Bahn
Moira Bahn 11 dager siden
Gloom: it’s so serious when theirs a chopper involved. Me(grew up on an airbase):what do you mean do you not have choppers running drills less than a mile away from where you sleep?
Brianthepig 11 dager siden
10:07 I dropped my phone lol
The Morton Fam
The Morton Fam 12 dager siden
Me when I see a tik tok before it's featured in a video: (っ °Д °)っ ✪ ω ✪
Lucie Mai
Lucie Mai 12 dager siden
I just love gloom and her dog
Mocha dreams
Mocha dreams 12 dager siden
SamTheSatyr 12 dager siden
Okay but for real I feel so bad for the marriage proposal ruined by Karen, like...:c
Mackenzie Rammeloo
Mackenzie Rammeloo 12 dager siden
Yeah never tattoo someones name on you unless it is like your kid(s) or someone who you know will never break up with you because it is bad juju to get
Zohar Holland
Zohar Holland 12 dager siden
2:17 Honey, let me explain Florida to uuuuuuuu
U got beans
U got beans 12 dager siden
Gloom’s hair is on fire🔥today
Charlie Wu
Charlie Wu 12 dager siden
I literally just got a balloon filled with cornstarch and water right before she started talking about it-
Samuel :-P
Samuel :-P 12 dager siden
7:00 u look like one of my high school teachers
Kathy Townsell
Kathy Townsell 12 dager siden
Can You be my friend
Sasha and Mac
Sasha and Mac 13 dager siden
Ya know I dogsitted a dog named donnybarko he accidently scratched my eyelid don’t worry I recovered
Sasha and Mac
Sasha and Mac 13 dager siden
I didn’t go to the hospital
Crystal Grodow
Crystal Grodow 13 dager siden
0:51 I can not stop laughing 😂 that reminds me of the time I was at a pet shop and a dog tried to steal my scrunchie
Esmeralda Sandoval Thurmond
During the McDonald's j would've had a panic attack
Esmeralda Sandoval Thurmond
The one with the text maid me think of Cindy and Tommy from fr fear street
Meagan Bormeisters
Meagan Bormeisters 13 dager siden
I want that shirt💕 girl, where did u get it🙂
Klee 13 dager siden
The girl that was curling her eyelashes does not need to worry. Doctors say eyelashes grow back fast 👁👅👁
Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts 13 dager siden
Dog scratches hurt when the dog is swimming in the pool next to you. I learned that from experience 😢
Ruby Doodles
Ruby Doodles 13 dager siden
Let's take a sec to enjoy Terry's editing skills
McKinna Goldstein
McKinna Goldstein 13 dager siden
Love your hair
nicolette baguette
nicolette baguette 13 dager siden
kassie more like ariana grande
Isa Rodriguez
Isa Rodriguez 13 dager siden
I had no idea there was a beach chase at Miami Beach! I legit went there the other day-
Maya 13 dager siden
When the ball flew at the camera I actually jumped out of my bed
Calvin Cowan
Calvin Cowan 13 dager siden
My dad has a lip tattoo of my step mom. He got it for his birthday
Joz Kempf
Joz Kempf 13 dager siden
it took my ex 4 months to call me pretty
lala 13 dager siden
m0nkey411 Roblox
m0nkey411 Roblox 14 dager siden
I once tried to do a backflip in water. I may have almost drowned.
m0nkey411 Roblox
m0nkey411 Roblox 12 dager siden
@Vijaymala Patil thank you :3
Vijaymala Patil
Vijaymala Patil 12 dager siden
Uh oh Love ur pfp btw uwu tommyinnit
Ivy Scott
Ivy Scott 14 dager siden
Gloom always have the best outfits! I can’t even 🙃😫
Xxcousin gachaxX
Xxcousin gachaxX 14 dager siden
I was sleeping and my dog was trying to get on my bed and jumped on my eye
Paige Johnson
Paige Johnson 14 dager siden
Kassie you look so stunning in that outfit and with that hair do
シエラPlxyzBloxBxrg 14 dager siden
2:25 That is a Florida man
Ada Autumnwolf
Ada Autumnwolf 14 dager siden
Equestrians watching this like: 👁👄👁
Snaily 14 dager siden
2:09 - My question is, if he did steal the boat, did he say illegal b b b b boat time? If anyone is wondering, Crainer is the creator of b b b b boat time.
「 iiBunnix 」
「 iiBunnix 」 14 dager siden
I hate that people videotaped that lady going into labor.. that’s so inconsiderate. would you like people videoing you giving birth- like come on..
Robert kooll Ransom
Robert kooll Ransom 14 dager siden
Horse Quest
Horse Quest 14 dager siden
The one with the horse is me with my horse 😂
I simp for arlo
I simp for arlo 14 dager siden
Wait I live in Miami 😟
Helen Shaw
Helen Shaw 14 dager siden
I do not claim the negative energy form this video
Whhdve 14 dager siden
Bro gloom looks so pretty in this video
Sofia Lopez Tosolini
Sofia Lopez Tosolini 14 dager siden
In my bed
Sofia Lopez Tosolini
Sofia Lopez Tosolini 14 dager siden
I am in Miami right now
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 14 dager siden
Me: was just on a trip to Miami Me: **sees police chase** (not irl) huh?!?!
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 14 dager siden
Yes, also your rocking that hair
Manca Angelov
Manca Angelov 14 dager siden
i love and i mean LOVE her nails
Siyona Jindal
Siyona Jindal 14 dager siden
Can we just talk about her nails?!
Isla Sewell
Isla Sewell 14 dager siden
am I the only one whos audio isnt right in like a mintute in
Isla Sewell
Isla Sewell 14 dager siden
nevermind it came back oops
aria cox
aria cox 14 dager siden
There was this Karen that said there wasn’t enough room on the path for both of us and so I have to move because it was part of respecting the elders
at 8:50 she put the ab@se sign like i am legit worried r u ok?
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee 15 dager siden
That girl with the loud car she must be Really in to JDM cars because she got the two step exhaust tune
B-T-R 867
B-T-R 867 15 dager siden
I would like to name the baby, Mcbaby
Gamer Max
Gamer Max 15 dager siden
Can I just mention gloom has 66.6 mil
☻Sad・Berry☹ 15 dager siden
"Mommy, what hospital was I born in??" "Oh sweetie, you weren't born in a hospital." "Then where?" "A McDonald's 😃🔫"
Madalena Browne
Madalena Browne 15 dager siden
The only way she would of found the fort is if she was trespassing 🤨
Pampered Ponies
Pampered Ponies 15 dager siden
My horse is too bombproof to even move a muscle if I caught him doing something he shouldn’t be doing 😂
Madeline Fish
Madeline Fish 15 dager siden
WAIT people spell Madeline like that that is not how I spell mine I spell it like Madeline
favorthevoid 15 dager siden
i actually had a silent disco but we were oitside and nobody danced
Larissa Vanata
Larissa Vanata 15 dager siden
Am I the only one who jumped at the last one? I got so scared lol
favorthevoid 15 dager siden
gloom saying uh oh spaghettio me thinking back to the badboyhalo streams those were the days
Gacha Mittenz
Gacha Mittenz 15 dager siden
Title: If UH OH was a video New title: UH OH is a video
sig sing
sig sing 15 dager siden
Wow ur dog has gotten so big
SkyDreamPlayz •Gaming•
Imagine that the baby was born in McDonald’s and when they grow up they ask where was I born.. in McDonald’s😭😭✋
CameronGames 15 dager siden
i wish karens went extinct but they still here !!!!!
Flowery God
Flowery God 15 dager siden
Wait wait wait did she just say a dad whit kids building a fort then a Karen comes reports it and they come back to the fort being gone…THATS THE EXACT THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME,MY DAD AND MY LIL BROTHER
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