relatable but in a BAD way 

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I watched these and related to them but was also SLIGHLTY bummed about it. Usually I'm supposed to smile and laugh at how quirky and relatable things are, not get weirdly uncomfortable and introspective about life being pain.
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25. juni. 2021





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hatim ahmed
hatim ahmed Dag siden
Im Only 8 And I Brack Up All Of The Fight's
Paris Yaomaro
Paris Yaomaro Dag siden
Hannah Montoya literally has the best school povs I love watching them so much
Valentine Higa
Valentine Higa 2 dager siden
Yo but tell me when my parents fought later that night or the next morning I would act sad so they'd pity me and I'd get Ipad time- 😭🐸 (Ipad kid vibes)
ghoulsrule 3 dager siden
12:57 gloom do you have adhd?
Olivia Pinter
Olivia Pinter 3 dager siden
pt 2 plz
Chilli pepper😏
Chilli pepper😏 5 dager siden
I got my period at 9 😭😭😭😭 and it’s horrible
Dan Pastor
Dan Pastor 5 dager siden
6:00 but like why is this me with a rage game I play. When I can't beat a level I cry out of rage while still playing and I beat the level
Blake Wizard
Blake Wizard 6 dager siden
Whenever someone like the girl at 11:49 cries and has real sadness in there voice it mentally hurts my soul and heart
SageYubbii 6 dager siden
13:22 cant relate, got my period at 8 years old
lucia valdez
lucia valdez 6 dager siden
I'm glad I haven't got my period yet so I'm happy
Your girl Kalyn
Your girl Kalyn 6 dager siden
I have the worst friends... I WAS CALLED A PICK ME GIRL because is ONCE said I didn’t like eyeliner......
6 dager siden
Sometimes my dad comes home, calls me and my brother, and just have me and him run back and forth getting and putting away groceries.
HedgehogDayZ 7 dager siden
When she said “my necklace came off” I wasn’t looking at the screen and I thought she said “my knuckles just came off!”
꧁kxthriin꧂ 7 dager siden
6:45 that my nj aunt : ) that was the series of how i found her and im OBSESSED with her pick me girl series too (:
Ophelia The Crybaby
Ophelia The Crybaby 7 dager siden
I never took pain medication on my period or ever
SARAH PLAYZ 8 dager siden
9:04 kassie are you ok😰😟
Elizabeth Collier
Elizabeth Collier 8 dager siden
Her necklace keep disappearing and reappearing
command master
command master 9 dager siden
soo relatable at the parent fighting part
AngGames4Life 10 dager siden
I used to be a pick me girl and I absolutely HATEDDDD SKIRTS AND DRESSES (and now I love them)
Julia Andersson
Julia Andersson 10 dager siden
itz milkychu.
itz milkychu. 10 dager siden
4:20 The exact same thing happened to me (it was with medicine not a pill tho) AND FOR SOME REASON, THIS DOCTOR HAD THE AUDACITY TO ASK ME THE SAME QUESTION. I AM A PRE-TEEN.
wendy fleet
wendy fleet 10 dager siden
So about periods well..... I got mine at 10 years old...
Abbey & Lucien's Adventures
The parents arguing I do this every time
My enemy si a pick me girl and i can't stand her. PLS HELP
Anna sinclair
Anna sinclair 12 dager siden
My pfp cool
Borris  Chinchilla
Borris Chinchilla 12 dager siden
It’s the “I’m one of the boys” for me lollll
qualia 12 dager siden
Im the yonguest of my 5 siblings, they're all adults, and im 14 soon 15 in a month. And im shorter than our mom.
Mary Copeland
Mary Copeland 12 dager siden
The first one hurt me so much ....I nearly passed away ☠️
ratty and earthworm tehee
4:36 i had a male docter and when i wanted pills for my period he would say the exact same thing about how you dont need pills for your periods because it doesnt hurt that bad but i moved and i got a female doctor and she was the best bassically ALWAYS HAVE A FEMALE DOCTOR FOR PERIOD PILLS
Portia Michelle Bwanali
Hi stranger . Just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you and so do I
ʙᴇᴀɴɪᴇ ʟɪʟʏ
i laughed and tooted
Kuneke 13 dager siden
Me after watching the cat tiktok: *looks at cat* Cat: *stares back* Me: **pets cat** Cat: lured Me In my "talking to cats/ animals" voice: hi babyyyyyyy
Lillianna Drummer
Lillianna Drummer 13 dager siden
Cassie, “I was a late bloomer, I was last in my friend group.” Me, “I WAS FIRST! I GOT MINE AT NINE! ITS NOT FAIR -me having a temper tantrum because (foreshadowing)”
dino bean
dino bean 13 dager siden
I shall try cats todayy because that little lump is so adorablee
EvieLovesAnimals artyEvie
i laughed so hard i choked on my drink and i legit had to get my mom to do the Heimlich maneuver on me cuz i was laughing so hard 🤣
Zohra 14 dager siden
Saria Wright
Saria Wright 14 dager siden
My younger sister is also taller than me but it's only bcz I'm short
Stvrry 15 dager siden
i hate when some people assume someones a pick me person just because they arent a stereotype of their gender. Like i feel like some people think im a pick me boy just because i like pink and dislike sports- Im allowed to have an opinion. Idk if people actually think im a pick me boy i just feel like someone would because of my likes and dislikes.
Just keke ;p
Just keke ;p 15 dager siden
Me: *crying* Them: they look sad..
Alli Dolphin
Alli Dolphin 16 dager siden
10:24 kissing lessons 101
𝙵𝚘𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚍𝚍𝚒𝚗 𝙺𝚊𝚛𝚖𝚊
The beginning… It’s hurts cause I am an artist :,)
•D-15y M-3•
•D-15y M-3• 17 dager siden
I’m not even in high school and periods don’t hurt--do I need to see a doctor?
Weirdo1238 17 dager siden
Im so happy I never get cramps on my period
HarpsiFizz- Mortuary Student
I don't judge the "pick me" girls too much. They're fighting their own battles that you don't know about. Some of them are feeling pressured by their families/another group of people to "be more girly". Some of them (like me) are actually FTM boys, but they don't know it yet, and this is the only way they can express themselves. That's the most difficult one of all, because they know inside that something is wrong, but they don't know what it is or how to express it in words. It's the same with how some MTF trans women go through a phase where they try to be "super masculine" before they realize that they're actually women.
Phantom_ 6470
Phantom_ 6470 18 dager siden
Ive only watched the first thing and I already hate everything
bi babe
bi babe 19 dager siden
the sister thing is so real though
Miro Gurney
Miro Gurney 19 dager siden
why did she have to do the artist one first WHY STOP PLS
Shadow 20 dager siden
I dip my fries in frostys... I only dip it in ketchup when it has no flavor whatsoever.
Bunny_Cookie 675
Bunny_Cookie 675 20 dager siden
Yoooo when I’m older I probably with have hearing problems
Zoey Speed Draws
Zoey Speed Draws 21 dag siden
11:00. Oh... so that explains why I can't have a boyfriend who actually appreciate me 😅😄😀🙂🥲
Aiko Afton
Aiko Afton 21 dag siden
The middle bro is taller then my older bro
McGorou 21 dag siden
Periods normally occur after 2 years after breast growth I think it was telling the 22 year old that she had no boobas
• m i l k •
• m i l k • 23 dager siden
Remember, bueaty is in all shapes or sizes. Wear makeup if you want to. Take off your makeup if you want too.
Delilah bear
Delilah bear 24 dager siden
I feel like I look everywhere to
Just Akira
Just Akira 25 dager siden
I have nothing personal towards pick me girls, but I hate the fact that because of them, people judge me. Like, idk how to explain it, I'm a born female genderfluid(still questioning but for now, that.),I don't really care about my gender, but I lean more to the masculine side. So when guys say stuff like "the boys" I want to be included in that group, simply because I feel like it'll make me feel more... Valid? I guess? More masculine, and you know, relate to them. I just,truly want to be one of the boys. But people think I'm a pick me girl, although I just want to be comfortable with my gender, and feel more confident about it. I guess I can't put the blame fully on them either, cause I haven't came out, and people tend to think I'm just boyish, or a tomboy. But idk, gender envy do be hittin different sometimes huh
Charlotte Sooley
Charlotte Sooley 25 dager siden
Me listening to the video on full volume
Madcityxo 26 dager siden
kassie the kissing instructor
TheFandom Master
TheFandom Master 27 dager siden
5:06 Since when has birth control been something so horrible to take? I take it for my period but iv never been treated this way. Maybe because my momd with mr
SweetishIsabelle 28 dager siden
I was 10 when I got it
Elizabeth Gentry
Elizabeth Gentry 28 dager siden
I can relate to the ¨10-year-old me when my parents start to fight ¨
Purple Lil Blondie
Purple Lil Blondie Måned siden
I’m gonna choke on my boba-
Shining Stars Farm
Shining Stars Farm Måned siden
I’ve had that mental breakdown over baking so many times. 😂
Wafa Khalil
Wafa Khalil Måned siden
Looney Larry
Looney Larry Måned siden
everything that man said bout cats is soo true
Sasha Tunkara
Sasha Tunkara Måned siden
The one at 6:10 i felt that
Emily Swiftwater
Emily Swiftwater Måned siden
me being the youngest and the first to get my period:
Natalie Knowlton
Natalie Knowlton Måned siden
14:40 Me listening to this with earbuds 😬
Stephanie Lynas
Stephanie Lynas Måned siden
I’m younger than my sister I’m 16 and she’s 22 and I’m taller than her
Grace Carlston
Grace Carlston Måned siden
👀 think I just found out that ima "pick me" girl.
April Hulett
April Hulett Måned siden
The taller sister is so true! I'm taller than my older sister and my younger sister is taller than me
Hannah Kinsolving
Hannah Kinsolving Måned siden
you will get hearing loss if listening to loud music 1 minute ago listening to loud music
Brittany Riddle
Brittany Riddle Måned siden
The "pick me" girl part: WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL WHERE EVERYTHING IS TOXIC! Felt like that with every single person I ran into.
Keira Lake
Keira Lake Måned siden
Im only 15, ive had tinitus for a few years now and was already born with hearing loss which has only gotten worse as due to lack of hearing ive had to listen to things louder, its quite ironic that due to the fact i have hearing loss, i have to listen to things louder, which gives me more hearing loss
poka is clumsy
poka is clumsy Måned siden
Me: (three mins in video, checks time) tree mins are like unlimited time of happyness with gloom
Sakura Mochi Neko
Sakura Mochi Neko Måned siden
The getting birth control one is the reason I felt fear when my mum recommended it. For the past few cycles I have passed out and felt extremely ill on the first day of my period because low blood pressure gang. I fear having to get some just because I don't wanna die/ miss more school
Macbeth'n'Cheese 7 dager siden
As a medical professional, I reassure you we don't have the time nor the patience to judge anyone lol, just go and be honest, the questions are part of the protocol and nobody will comment on anything
Ell and Jade’s voices
14:13 I turned down my volume ✨cutely✨
Laila Måned siden
I was watching this with earbuds. I see the tinitus and hearing loss tiktok. *takes out earbuds*
Rainbow  Girls
Rainbow Girls Måned siden
That mental break down do be relatable sadly and the are you ok oh my gosh sad but whyyyy 🥴😥😫
Kay Måned siden
can you do a makeup tutorial
nileola olamide
nileola olamide Måned siden
when you said the younger sibling gets taller than the older i just stared at my borther
Sophia Aleprete
Sophia Aleprete Måned siden
I also hate makeup but that is my opinion so pls don't judge
Piggy Måned siden
With the reading one whenever I try to read aloud, I take a second, look at the exact line I'm supposed to read, and then, my eyes just go *yes two lines up. Perfect*
♋️Asher the bunny♋️
The period thing. My mom got her’s in 5th grade and I’m just like her and I’m going into 5th grade now im scared 🥲
Amnesia Måned siden
Audrey Victor
Audrey Victor Måned siden
Oh my gravy I laughed so much!😂🤣
TheFallenOne Måned siden
i only get the pains for one day and even then it is a 50% chance that i get pain or not XD
Jaru crab Cancer
Jaru crab Cancer Måned siden
I'm also not taking any period pain medications coz it's just so addictive and bad for my body and stomach. But when it hurts really bad i try some natural medicine instead like herb tea, fruits and vegetables, juices.. it helps a little bit ☺️
Jeremiah M
Jeremiah M Måned siden
We not gonna talk about how gloom and sniperwolf has the same thumbnail and how most of the tictok were the same with the exact same reaction.
santhosh Varma
santhosh Varma Måned siden
It’ so unfair that boys don’t have purity 🤬
Anne-Marie Foster
Anne-Marie Foster Måned siden
I can’t totally relate with the mom funds the stuff in seconds lol
13_BlueJay Måned siden
I completely understand the “two trip b***h”, but if there are eggs or anything breakable in the equation, I will throw hands at ANYONE who tries a “one trip” on me
Ashley Fortag
Ashley Fortag Måned siden
1st as a momma of 2 girls, the fact that "nurse" telling mom to step out is BS ! let them tell me to leave ! If my baby wants me there I will be there F there " protocol , 2ND if at any point my girls want birth control for any reason it is the business of her and her body and as long as there isn't a medical reason why she shouldn't, back off!
Back up account
Back up account Måned siden
Hello random stranger reading this comment: how has your day been? I have a real quick dare. Look up a shaved chinchilla. Your welcome
Pixi Queen
Pixi Queen Måned siden
Dude the cat tik tok is my Dog!
Vesta Ofosuhene
Vesta Ofosuhene Måned siden
Me thinking if I'm a pick me girl bc I love sport and I dont like to wear those fancy things😶
Etsumi Måned siden
15:57 "yOu'Re KiNd Of HalLoWeEnY-" Me, the oldest of three kids who sings Halloween songs any time of the year and almost has a heart attack every time Fall starts to roll in: YEA, SO!!? SPOOPY SEASON YEAR ROOOOUUND, WHOOP WHOOP!!!! 🎃😂
🌸Marichat For Life🐾
5:32 why did that sentence remind me of star butterfly from Star vs the forces of evil?
🌸Marichat For Life🐾
Oh I change my name some times because Idk which one I like better. Marichat or Adrienatte
Mitchelle Juma
Mitchelle Juma 28 dager siden
Yeah I like that show, btw, y marichat instead of Adrienatte or Lukanatte? What do u know?
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez Måned siden
Not me using AirPods and the volume as at max seeing the video then taking them off after seeing someone posting a TikTok about hearing loss with earbuds.
-Your Everyday Weirdo-
"We're going touy beg beg beg beg..."
Kitty Rea
Kitty Rea Måned siden
I hate pick me girls, they just are like “ I play softball and wear sweat pants and converse and hangout with boys and hate makeup.” Like what the heck? I play softball, I wear sweatpants (don’t we all tho?) I FREAKING love converse! Most of my friends ARE boys but I have girl friends too so. I’m not a pick me girl. I’m tomboyish but I also like lipgloss and skirts, crop tops and I love art and I make videos abt it too!