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I watched these and related to them but was also SLIGHLTY bummed about it. Usually I'm supposed to smile and laugh at how quirky and relatable things are, not get weirdly uncomfortable and introspective about life being pain.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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25. juni. 2021





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Crystal_ Flower
Crystal_ Flower 16 timer siden
Me: I hate having pick me friends *Me realizes I am one 😳*
Emmaly Giles
Emmaly Giles 21 time siden
Is home alone: Me: *burps* Also me: Excuse me-
IDK what to call this channel
Me who bloomed at 10 😩😬
panda meisje
panda meisje Dag siden
I was 12 wen i bloomd
Lacey Jones
Lacey Jones Dag siden
is it just me or all small people wants tall bff
kittycat096 Dag siden
I can relate to the one when u pretend u dont care about an app downloading so it loads faster
Aricandy55 2 dager siden
I feel bad for people because my phone charges less than a minute.
Steph Powell
Steph Powell 2 dager siden
My mums a doctor she has to ask cause it’s her job
Morgan Benson Benson
Morgan Benson Benson 2 dager siden
That family breakdown one was related as I'm the one in the dad's shoe's.😂
Valerie Harden
Valerie Harden 2 dager siden
my younger sister is taller than me cause we have different moms
Fox Forest
Fox Forest 2 dager siden
Okay but like my cat love me. I think…… *Top 7 Questions Science Sill Can’t Answer*
Enakshi Parua
Enakshi Parua 2 dager siden
3:11 ok but that cat is so poofy and majestic
Rachel Norwood
Rachel Norwood 2 dager siden
My mom and my whole family usually eat all the pizza and there’s nothing mess for me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rachel Norwood
Rachel Norwood 2 dager siden
My sister always cries on her boyfriend and I used to have a friend that was a pygmy girl I can relate to really like all of these except for one of them
Life-As- Laurel
Life-As- Laurel 3 dager siden
Not me getting my 🩸 at 14…
Life-As- Laurel
Life-As- Laurel 3 dager siden
Not me watching the couples in this video, getting sad and more depressed cause I’ve never had a boyfriend and still haven’t had my first kiss… yup
Tock513 3 dager siden
I always love your energy & commentary!!! 💜🖤🥰🖤💜 Currently binging Gloom videos! You & Terry are the best! I'd LOVE to be friends with Kassie!! 🥰
Lisa Martinson
Lisa Martinson 3 dager siden
The first tik toc it events meee 😭😭 I am a artest it herts mee
Śpîrīt Müšhröøm
I hate it when doctors are like that. Disgusting little ‘amazing’ doctor
Celeste Delgado-Pelton
Gloom: I feel like the older sibling is always shorter then the younger one. My older sister 5’9 me 5’1 We’re two years apart btw.
Gabriella Rae Freeman
Gabriella Rae Freeman 3 dager siden
Kartha:OOH i would never wear make up *has lipstick and eyeshadow*
o.O 3 dager siden
“yOuR kInDa hAlLowEeNEy” Ok so I get really *really* annoyed when people are like “tHe yOunGeR sIsTeR iS aLwAyS mEaN” or “tHe YouNgEr sIsTeR aLwAyS hAs mOrE sTuFf” Stuff like that when my older sister has 5-10 times more clothes than me : , > but the thing is that the older sister has SO much more power is so many different ways and bullies me. and when I’m trying to sleep she stays in my room :< and threatens me. And is way taller than me. and has punched me so hard that I couldn’t breathe. If your the older sister, feel grateful
Genevieve Doggett
Genevieve Doggett 3 dager siden
if i lose something my mom tells me if she finds it she gets to hit me with whatever i lost
MiCi 3 dager siden
when someone asks “are you okay” that’s the last straw
Izzy Whitney
Izzy Whitney 4 dager siden
Lexy _33
Lexy _33 4 dager siden
1:22 ╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮
Lexy _33
Lexy _33 4 dager siden
This video hit hard
Zack 4 dager siden
The one at 6:10 is so true tho!! I literally in my room rn
Yohno Chan
Yohno Chan 4 dager siden
12:18 this is too relatable it’s making me uncomfortable 😳
Ava Han
Ava Han 4 dager siden
I just realized that her intro is happy day I’m gloom not happy day on gloom Oof please don’t come at me
amit sanger
amit sanger 4 dager siden
if anyone says your so fake just say you so fake even barbie jealous
Gøat_Demon 4 dager siden
The book one is really relatable because I've re-read books before and realised I COMPLETELY ignored an entire section of the page
Gøat_Demon 4 dager siden
The cat one is very true
Nezuko Chan
Nezuko Chan 4 dager siden
7:38 I can’t with this like I personally am not a fan of wearing make up on a lot of my friends do I would never be like you you’re wearing make up that’s so FAKE Just let people do what they want to do it’s their body not yours
Arshida 4 dager siden
* The guy in the video telling about cats only tolerating you occasionally * * One of my cats on my lab licking me * "Do i own dogs?"
Ellie Claire
Ellie Claire 4 dager siden
Endergutz 4 dager siden
What breed is the cat?
Julz Granger
Julz Granger 4 dager siden
My son at 12 ran into a barb wire fence with a motorbike. With his face
Ava Moatz
Ava Moatz 5 dager siden
Me: On the verge of having mental breakdown My friends: Are you okay My Mind: Say no because maybe they can cheer you up Also me: Yeah I'm fine Still me: *running away silently crying*
Melissa Kimbrell
Melissa Kimbrell 5 dager siden
Something the videos that you send to artists are forgetting… when your coloring in something with a light marker and the black outline smudges…
Nezuko Chan Editz
Nezuko Chan Editz 5 dager siden
15:44 my mom which is the oldest sister of 5 keep in mind, her height is 5’3 and the youngest my aunt which is only 13 is 5’7, and also for another example my second youngest aunt, the fourth sister is 4’10 and again my youngest aunt is 5’7, so basically i can say that yes height in a family can skip a generation.
Mia Brasseaux
Mia Brasseaux 5 dager siden
14:35 me: *turns down volume*
lillqfrcgs 5 dager siden
I would rub my eyes so it’s like my eyes are itchy but I am wiping it off
Prettyshiver 5 dager siden
14:55 that’s very relatable.
Natsuki_cookie 5 dager siden
Me who dips my McDonald’s Fries in de ice cream O-O
Jamelle Skelton
Jamelle Skelton 5 dager siden
2:28 same girl
Chloe Pal
Chloe Pal 5 dager siden
V_Taehyung 5 dager siden
7:28 Hdjejksnan I’m a s c e n d I n g
Kai Mitchell
Kai Mitchell 6 dager siden
Dude when my eyes water and I don't blink, there is so much that it still falls but then if I blink it falls but smears under my eyes and then falls so I can't do anything about it 😭😭
Simply Roz W1SHES
Simply Roz W1SHES 6 dager siden
Me when someone asks are you ok Me after : *Sobs*DONT ASK KF IM OK
Anagha Tilekar
Anagha Tilekar 6 dager siden
1:50 oh oh YES
꧁Itzpebble꧂ 6 dager siden
Ok this is for my fellow sparkling water lovers ok do you ever drink sparking water but then you like burp and you get the really weird feeling in your nose and then you start to tear up
Ellen Foster
Ellen Foster 6 dager siden
My younger sister isn't finished growing yet. She's about 7 or 8 inches shorter than I am, and I'm so scared that she's gonna get taller than me. *hyperventilating*
ShockWaveFoxy 6 dager siden
It’s the acting like I don’t care when the movie doesn’t load for me 😂 I legit get an app on my phone and when it takes for ever or doesn’t work I’m like if you don’t work in 10 seconds I will delete the app you wait 10 seconds and say if you don’t come on in 5 seconds I will delete you 😂😄
Lilli Animated
Lilli Animated 7 dager siden
3:11 it’s a gum drop
Robert kooll Ransom
Robert kooll Ransom 7 dager siden
Emily Frost
Emily Frost 7 dager siden
Gloom: When your having fun with your sibling. Me: What are you talking about?
Sømeøne 7 dager siden
3:23 that cat looks like my cat that i found dead in my parents bathroom today..
Gemma Adams
Gemma Adams 7 dager siden
If my younger sisters are taller than me, they’re in trouble. They’ll be like eight feet tall 😂
Gemma Adams
Gemma Adams 7 dager siden
The first one…… My PoOr ArTiStIc HaRt
Charlie Blythe
Charlie Blythe 7 dager siden
about the younger sister being taller soooooooooooooooooooo not true
Madison Rayne
Madison Rayne 7 dager siden
So one day I was having like a rlly bad day and I was on the verge of breaking down in the middle Of school but after lunch I went to tech and I get to tech I'm chilling there on my computer and listening to music and my friend Cody starts talking to me and he says "are u ok" and all the years just came out and yeah
emily_UwU_furryshit 7 dager siden
0:20 STORY TIME! i draw my friends pets(they beg me)and (lets say her name was Maria)sent me this tt(tiktok): Me:WHY...JUST.....WHY Her:HEHEHE🤪🤪 Me: I AM NOT DRAWING YOURE DOG! Her:IM SOOOOOOOOO SORRY PLESE NOOOO Me:gud u sall be fargot.... Her:sry Me:it's ok Her:thank you
A Weird Thing
A Weird Thing 7 dager siden
At one of my old schools, there was this certain "pick me" girl that always had a crowd She stole one of my friends and now I can't tolerate- 1: "pick me" girls And 2: the fact that I can't have a friend that's going to stay
Taryn's galaxy
Taryn's galaxy 8 dager siden
the one feet pic one she says TARYN! THAT IS MY NAME!!!
Anastasia Grimley
Anastasia Grimley 8 dager siden
im cassie shes whats relatable lol 14:05
C Cappa
C Cappa 8 dager siden
te boy kiss face is sooo right ahhahhahaha
Zoey The Ducky
Zoey The Ducky 8 dager siden
15:17 she looks like a minion
Rachel Peche
Rachel Peche 8 dager siden
I love that girl shouting at her dad and crying about cookies
Elysia Rose
Elysia Rose 8 dager siden
I'm taller than my older sister 😂
Gwyn Elam
Gwyn Elam 8 dager siden
Uh should I know what a pick me up girl is?(btw if this helps I'm 11)
Gigi 9 dager siden
My first week and me seeing this hoping it makes me feel better:😫😂😊
Mittens 9 dager siden
I started my period at the age of 10 and that was the only year and time I tried pain medicine wich I ate without water, there and then on I never took pain medicine I would just sleep it off.
Heyy Stobh it
Heyy Stobh it 9 dager siden
@13:53 I can relate 😊.I was the last in my class I guess? ... Anyways in between my friends...I was the last...was VERY happy😐
StarPlays 9 dager siden
If I ever become like a prescriber of like medicine and stuff and a girl comes in for the pill be like "okay what do you need it for alright where do you want to pick it up ok blah blah blah" and boom the girl gets the pill and she doesn't feel judged!
Cassy Sennett
Cassy Sennett 9 dager siden
Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Clone Master
Clone Master 9 dager siden
I’ve been an artist most my life and I got so angry when they spilled the drink on the picture
MidnightCourage 10 dager siden
Avocado :p
Avocado :p 10 dager siden
When someone ask me what’s wrong when I’m about to cry I start telling the story and burst out crying
Lia Witty
Lia Witty 10 dager siden
im on my period right now but I don't get cramps, I have never once had a cramp during my period and I feel so blessed lol
Melodic1234 10 dager siden
This is Recommended I’m Artist
Lauren Cumming
Lauren Cumming 10 dager siden
When my grand parents used to fight I would just whistle really loud
anabelle topping
anabelle topping 10 dager siden
I'm taller than my younger sister... then again I have 7 years on her and she hasn't even reached puberty yet
Hermoiney Greenler
Hermoiney Greenler 11 dager siden
That Doctor one .. Also, I do too stress bake and get mad when people it eat
Starniliya Coleman
Starniliya Coleman 11 dager siden
The cat me i have 5
Chaos Zone
Chaos Zone 11 dager siden
10:28 Welcome to... How To Kiss With Gloom!
Victoria Morrison
Victoria Morrison 11 dager siden
hearing loss *impenitently turns down volume*
Nene world
Nene world 11 dager siden
Me when a game is loading 👀. Trying not to look so it can load faster 😂😂😂
Abbey Moses
Abbey Moses 11 dager siden
Me in lunch at fourth grade crying cause I got in trouble The lunch ladies:STOP CRYING My teacher: WHY ARE YOU CRYING your so distracting go sit in the hall in cry Me:*runs to my favorite nurse* gets there and finds out the fired her for letting the kids eat lunch with her Me:cries harder and finds a new friend going through the same thing as me Us now in 6th grade besties forever
Phenomenal Woman
Phenomenal Woman 12 dager siden
What exactly is a pick me girl. I’m sorry, I’m old and that was not a thing in my time.
hi 12 dager siden
also guys, about the trying not to cry, I always fake sneeze cause then the tears aren't noticeable and u can like wipe them w/ ur arm as u sneeze... works every time! ✨ultimate life hacks lol✨
Gacha Editor
Gacha Editor 12 dager siden
13:20- Me having my first second day of the period "Trust me gurl you don't want it🙄✋"
smileyface :)
smileyface :) 12 dager siden
I dont cry until someone ask if I'm ok or if specifically one of my friends says please dont cry I know your gonna
Yogurt night
Yogurt night 12 dager siden
Nobody: Not a single soul: I’m FINE!!! 🥲
Anna McMullen
Anna McMullen 12 dager siden
There used to be birth control for guys, but they decided to not really use it because of the side effects. It had side effects that were just as bad as the ones from birth control for women.
Jas Kay
Jas Kay 12 dager siden
t kay
t kay 12 dager siden
Let's make b u t t l l lightning
t kay
t kay 12 dager siden
Your makeup is so cutttte
Genderless 12 dager siden
The period thing I can't relate to, I only get slight cramps that las 2 minutes so....
If regret was a video 🤦
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