If regret was a video 🤦 

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We all have regrets. Even the people who wear shirts that say "NO REGRETS!" will one day wish they never wore those shirts. But not all of us are caught on camera in that moment of regret like these poor souls...
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



27. mai. 2021





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Whopper Bean
Whopper Bean 20 timer siden
5:00 guys we have found Jimin's long lost sister
Bernd Grabow
Bernd Grabow Dag siden
While watching this I choked on a dorito I am dying
ItzEvelyn Rees :p
ItzEvelyn Rees :p 2 dager siden
Me bored: * paints self with blue watercolour on both hands.* oh no, it will not come off. Parents: why are your hands blue. Me: Uhm... I painted on myself with blue watercolour.
I love dogs
I love dogs 2 dager siden
I have been to that reptile zoo before and it is the best
Karly Klemm
Karly Klemm 3 dager siden
Fun fact If you live in Texas you can get a pet skunk and get it deskunked (means to make the skunk not spray)
Miss Adventure
Miss Adventure 4 dager siden
Tim Hortons Cocoa 😍😍
Mia's LaLa Land
Mia's LaLa Land 4 dager siden
You'd call a state truper because they would release it animal
Odelia 5 dager siden
These are so funny 😂
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 5 dager siden
-It's fairly common for someone to lie about why they want to end a relationship. -milk tea has been a thing for hundreds of years.
Jordan 8 dager siden
11:37 same
Jordan 8 dager siden
3:25 you gotta leave those there for like a few hours first
K i t
K i t 10 dager siden
6:49 She really said: 🎈💨
Avery Bean
Avery Bean 10 dager siden
Kassie: 12:54 If a skunk was in my bed Me: Excuse me that is a raccoon not a skunk
Kaylee Barnson
Kaylee Barnson 11 dager siden
Kasey:how has He never had a boba tea Me:I have never but I want to
Julia Cox
Julia Cox 12 dager siden
My dog once did that and my mom just got a new car and my dog was COVERED in mud
Pandaz4Life 14 dager siden
0:33 *demon noises* *BANG*
ELIZABETH HOUSTON 15 dager siden
I want boba I wonder what it tastes like
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill 15 dager siden
I lost in uno 2 times
RJ Dicker
RJ Dicker 16 dager siden
i live ain maine and we have the same problem lol
17 dager siden
6:11 Uhhh im pretty sure snakes lak the part of their brain that feels love so....Yeah they will not love or like you
Coco Belly
Coco Belly 17 dager siden
WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY ‘No I have a boyfriend’ but it’s never ‘No I have a girlfriend’
Brandi & DJ
Brandi & DJ 18 dager siden
My grandma tried Bobo before me 😂
Snow 19 dager siden
Sponge bob army
Genesis Bautista
Genesis Bautista 19 dager siden
Head smacked
Jayde Haser
Jayde Haser 19 dager siden
My mom sent the first video to me and my cousins and we died of laughter.
Gogogo Sauce
Gogogo Sauce 20 dager siden
wait.... aren't milk tea and Boba the same thing? (pls chat don't bully me for asking)
Multax 20 dager siden
What is he going to do when I hold his drink?
Airish Anne escuadra
the first one was so funny that i even fall
ElodiePlayz 22 dager siden
Wow a fear of big open water I’m scared o the whole ocean itself
Ella Mackay
Ella Mackay 22 dager siden
4 Kassie it was just a straight laugh-a-thon
peach j
peach j 23 dager siden
kass, when covid’s over, can u come back to singapore? :D
Jallgar Ballgami
Jallgar Ballgami 23 dager siden
I have so small hands🥺🥺😭😭💔💔
Riley cioffi
Riley cioffi 23 dager siden
i dyed my fingers blue lol
Halle Christman
Halle Christman 24 dager siden
My dog hates water 😝
DemiDWH 663
DemiDWH 663 24 dager siden
My first time having boba was yesterday with my friends cuz i have a strict mom
Pizza Pugs
Pizza Pugs 24 dager siden
Ive never had boba, because i live in newfoundland, and here, we don sell boba for SOME reason that i don know.. T.T
Mini kashmala
Mini kashmala 24 dager siden
9:43 Evan when I was five I was better at drinking boba way better
24 dager siden
im not sure nobody cares but.. its my bday :D
Luvlisxs x
Luvlisxs x 25 dager siden
Do u remember Azzy? Are u guys still friends?
the5000 26 dager siden
For the Canadian donut one that’s just unlucky because I’ve never had that happen to me
Yahir Angel
Yahir Angel 26 dager siden
I like the part when the man said oh no what do i do
fluffy bear
fluffy bear 26 dager siden
is it just me or do i just not like boba
LEO THE BOY 27 dager siden
8:58 I’ve never had boba tea in my entire life before
Noob  Tuber
Noob Tuber 27 dager siden
Garage door be like I like your Cut G Bonk
Lotus Keyper
Lotus Keyper 27 dager siden
1:53 that once happened to me on my trampoline and I did the splits it HURT after
《Sweet Toast》
《Sweet Toast》 28 dager siden
Gloom to the girl with small hands: “Oh that just unlucky!” Me who literally has ONE BABY HAND: **Cough Cough** “did you hear sum?”
Victoria 28 dager siden
LOL same I wants to be bffs with him-
Josie Griffin
Josie Griffin 29 dager siden
Which hades
Aishath Leah
Aishath Leah 29 dager siden
Kassie: imagine messing up at trying to do something nice! Me sitting here failing at every nice thing I've tried
💖Mentally Dead💖
💖Mentally Dead💖 29 dager siden
I may present you..... ✨bobaphoba✨
X.Aesthetic.coco.X 29 dager siden
Myyy dog’s name is pooch 🌈☹️
Maxis to the Max
Maxis to the Max 29 dager siden
While me, when I slip on mud, I ride it out. I stay is position till I can hit dry land
sas 29 dager siden
10:12 The way the watermelon YEETED HIM 🤣🤣IM DEAD💀💀
alin boboc
alin boboc Måned siden
Rita-Marie McNalty
Rita-Marie McNalty Måned siden
I watch the reptilezoos youtube channel, yes she bit him right in the cheek, he's been bitten sooo many times lol
Atai plays
Atai plays Måned siden
cherry blossom
cherry blossom Måned siden
12:53 correct answer raccoon
Wandering Catnip
Wandering Catnip Måned siden
13:55 What is that-
Chloe Jabbaz
Chloe Jabbaz Måned siden
why are you laughing at people that are suffering?
Horse Quest
Horse Quest Måned siden
I have had yellow braces before and they didn't look so bad ngl
froggi king
froggi king Måned siden
Recorded on iPhone 6 By Linda H.
Pam Lieser
Pam Lieser Måned siden
My sister made the mistake of getting yellow braces
Use a wreath hanger for that exercise band. Hammer it in so it's like a loop on the end so band won't come off forward.
Isabella The Wolf with a dog buddy
When it went like smack on the face i laughed and got forward and got a face full of butter
Erin’s World
Erin’s World Måned siden
Earlier today I was faking as if I was doing the Cinderella trend as a joke outside and I was swinging my hand and it hit my brick wall and landed face down
Beckett Hardin
Beckett Hardin Måned siden
Is tv static while with black dots or black with white dots?
Roxyrose8785 Måned siden
FishTounge and HeyfoxGirl
Idk why but when people laugh at people getting hurt or is having trouble I get super mad it's just AAAAAAA anger
Susan Brown
Susan Brown Måned siden
I literally feel SO bad for the girl who cant get that make-up off of her.
Horse Lover
Horse Lover Måned siden
The watermelon rine came off clean
Katelyn camp
Katelyn camp Måned siden
10:13 where are my imbrandonfairiss fans...just me ok
Katelyn camp
Katelyn camp Måned siden
I probably spelt it wrong
Leah Lyon
Leah Lyon Måned siden
~eri chan~(mha.fan214)
The girl that was purple I was like:well THIRES DABI!
ZLittle Wolf
ZLittle Wolf Måned siden
I have never had boba before 🧋😔
Yeah Måned siden
Me: softly pushes my sister Her: 10:12
KFBOSS HD Måned siden
10:13 I died and I know that guy from yt he is so funny lol
Emma L.
Emma L. Måned siden
So if ur dog shakes and u don’t want him to... so at the very end of his bath say “SHAKE” in a fun voice then u shake once he shakes give him a treat
noprob- llama
noprob- llama Måned siden
In the UK we don't have milk tea cuz that's just how we make tea unless it's like flavoured
Teddy_plays_gacha Måned siden
That was a raccoon O.O not a skunk
Parminderjit Kaur
Parminderjit Kaur Måned siden
The first vid is the one my teacher showed in class
Ainsley Ray
Ainsley Ray Måned siden
Ok- but the purple looks really cool
Måned siden
I love how every time someone is hurt kassie just laughs🤣🙃 her soul is cursed liked my
Kelley M
Kelley M Måned siden
3:46 This hurt me so bad.
freakx Måned siden
That dog done turned into a chocolate lab in 5 seconds
Madison Paige
Madison Paige Måned siden
Open water petrifies me, deep empty water petrifies me. I'm terrified of snakes but open water scares me more Also, I've never had milk tea.
RaspbearyXD Måned siden
“I’m stuck purple” FnaF fans: *”william.”*
A'liyah Montgomery
A'liyah Montgomery Måned siden
Lena Måned siden
11:46 I would put like seatbelts on the chair so I can’t fall off and if I didn’t do that I would put gates that have a lock on it at the end of each side.
ruby sinnott
ruby sinnott Måned siden
Haha you can stop
Erin Bates
Erin Bates Måned siden
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda Måned siden
“I can’t imagine being on a boat for so long” I can, I lived on a boat for a year and I might be going back.
cj cobb123
cj cobb123 Måned siden
it was the body shot from the watermelon for me😂😂😂
Aubrey Bateman
Aubrey Bateman Måned siden
If you get white braces it will turn yellow
JieunPaws Måned siden
Grace vlogs
Grace vlogs Måned siden
you have to wait untill the layer of skin comes off so you should keep your skin dry
Izzy_Gamergirlx Måned siden
kassie: hes going to be shocked wen the boba comes up the straw him: SPLAHHGHGGHHGHGGHEHEHEEH me: *dies of laughter*
Caleb Hauska
Caleb Hauska Måned siden
We just found out I made it to middle school and I clicked on this video and you were just like whoo!!
Oof Måned siden
10:18 that’s Brandon farris he’s super funny you should react about him XD
£-Kero-sama-£ Måned siden
imagine the boba guy is watching dis and he is being soooo embarrassed
relatable but in a BAD way
When your day sucks pretty bad
I'll NEVER judge you, bestie
uh oh... yikes
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