BIG vs SMALL Mystery Box Present Challenge 

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Today I'm choosing between a big and a small wrapped gift, what I choose goes to me, what I didn't choose gets donated. This is a pretty good list of Christmas present ideas for 2020! Lots of toys, food, crafty things and technology. I'm the Grinch who is trying to steal Christmas.
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Kendell Eardley
Kendell Eardley 5 timer siden
That’s me
Swastik Sharma
Swastik Sharma 6 timer siden
I honestly feel bad for Kassie cuz she not only donated the ones that she won but also rlly liked some of them Personally I believe that a person should donate only out of happiness and not as a duty. So I hope she actually got wut she wanted for christmas
Engjasel 52
Engjasel 52 23 timer siden
And hard to find sometimes
Engjasel 52
Engjasel 52 23 timer siden
Baby Yoda is a baby
Engjasel 52
Engjasel 52 23 timer siden
You’re even human
mohamed dahir
mohamed dahir Dag siden
Can you please give me the mail thank you because my cat is very sick and I would like
Little Lizzy
Little Lizzy Dag siden
Kassie: It was snowing the other day so it was very Festive Me: oh over here in Australia it gets hot on Christmas lol
Eric B
Eric B Dag siden
Uhm Kassie a Elf on The Shelf is a "Santa Spy" is what I call it. They watch over kids and then tell Santa if the kid/kids were naughty or nice
Leone Simpson
Leone Simpson 2 dager siden
I play halo master chief collection
Miley Whait
Miley Whait 2 dager siden
I have a giant thing of pez
Evelyn Nuque
Evelyn Nuque 3 dager siden
I do i like the cake and k chocolet
A Dreamer
A Dreamer 3 dager siden
how do you not know an elf on the shelf? An elf on the shelf moves when you’re not looking at it a lot of the times at night.
franz santos
franz santos 4 dager siden
Kassie:You would like this if your name has a K Me: 'Kartha Gewart'
Sabina Pabustan
Sabina Pabustan 4 dager siden
Aww your dog is so cute 😍😍😍
halo halo
halo halo 4 dager siden
she says halo me:did someone call me?
Candice Case
Candice Case 4 dager siden
R most kids dumb if they have a phone?
angela selkirk
angela selkirk 4 dager siden
Give me the k
Boredom 5 dager siden
Plot twist: the video ends and Kassie keeps it all.
Little Cali
Little Cali 5 dager siden
꧁n̸𝕚𝑠𝗮꧂ 5 dager siden
11:52 I never ever eat that in my life before because I live in a different country
Summah Fletcher
Summah Fletcher 5 dager siden
Yodas real name is grogue
Adam Parksr
Adam Parksr 6 dager siden
My friend and her whole family has coronavirus so that it’s in the switch can you please help because my friend is like really coughing so bad is happening anymore she does hug lotta people in one day he was homeless I’m going to discuss so sad
Maria A
Maria A 6 dager siden
What about your other dog🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Rajia Rima
Rajia Rima 6 dager siden
Her:who has a name with k? Me:you kassie
3mptyS0d4B0ttl3 6 dager siden
get in the car losers! We’re going shopping!
evrthing 6 dager siden
Your so sweeeeeet!!!!!
Eliana Adana
Eliana Adana 6 dager siden
I actually have the nail present
Gacha Movies 🎥
Gacha Movies 🎥 7 dager siden
Melody music
Melody music 7 dager siden
Joe Perrone
Joe Perrone 7 dager siden
You are so mean to us i am watching this video hate how you say that
harleigh fowlee
harleigh fowlee 7 dager siden
Gloom your name is kassel with k
Sonia Simental
Sonia Simental 9 dager siden
Oh I used to have the nail polish thing :]
Violet Edits
Violet Edits 9 dager siden
My Monster01
My Monster01 10 dager siden
i. (N)
My Monster01
My Monster01 10 dager siden
Sharoni Satpati
Sharoni Satpati 10 dager siden
Kassie:A mug is the worst give ever. Me:I want a mug I am 10 years old girl and I live in India
✨HackHour✨ 10 dager siden
Cousins forever not always here
35 more Laugh
Mui Ho
Mui Ho 11 dager siden
How dare you I have two nicknames Kat. And Kathalyn
mabel princess
mabel princess 11 dager siden
I want that cup
Sonia Morshed
Sonia Morshed 11 dager siden
I'm mahzuba
Shanaaya 11 dager siden
When the chocolate K came I was like but your name starts with K… lol
Sanam Dawd
Sanam Dawd 11 dager siden
Sasha Sweet-treat
Sasha Sweet-treat 11 dager siden
the k is for kartha gewart
Kawaii catty 😽
Kawaii catty 😽 12 dager siden
Just give me that fruit cake now it looks delicious
Kawaii catty 😽
Kawaii catty 😽 12 dager siden
Just give me that food cake now it looks
12 dager siden
“Who’s gonna want a chocolate K? Other than then people with names that start with K.” “Who in the house..I mean there’s A, T,..” Kassie…..?
mars 12 dager siden
Kassie: “I feel like every body in the world has had these..” people with peanut allergies: 😐
Kay Edington
Kay Edington 13 dager siden
So we aren't gonna talk about how she doesn't know what a elf on the shelf is
Catherine Maling
Catherine Maling 13 dager siden
What is the difference between white people and Asian people
Catherine Maling
Catherine Maling 13 dager siden
Can she stop comparing white people to Asian people
Destiny Stinson
Destiny Stinson 13 dager siden
Can I have the Elf on the Shelf
Molly Blueberrycats
Molly Blueberrycats 15 dager siden
Kassie: who on Earth has a K im there name Me: Your name is name kinda is kartha guwert
Makaia Gilkey
Makaia Gilkey 18 dager siden
this was made tow days before my bday last year
May May and lion
May May and lion 18 dager siden
3:10 i got that mug for Christmas
May May and lion
May May and lion 18 dager siden
💟tezu💟 18 dager siden
I have that baby yoda
Randxm_Nxxb 19 dager siden
from christmas too
Randxm_Nxxb 19 dager siden
i have the same baby yoda lolol
Erica Medbery
Erica Medbery 19 dager siden
Give it to Cassie
Hak Go
Hak Go 20 dager siden
I hate you
Kimberly Fleenor
Kimberly Fleenor 20 dager siden
I’ll take it
Nicole Easley
Nicole Easley 20 dager siden
1:49 I know who would eat it with the letter k. KARTHA!?
Patricia Soldati
Patricia Soldati 20 dager siden
Chocolate pudding is the best why do you not like chocolate cake or chocolate pudding whatever
Patricia Soldati
Patricia Soldati 20 dager siden
What about my friend Kelsey
Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson 20 dager siden
I want the baby yoga
Chloe McPherson
Chloe McPherson 21 dag siden
i have a elf
Chloe McPherson
Chloe McPherson 21 dag siden
i want a switch
Kizzi Aplin
Kizzi Aplin 21 dag siden
My name is kizzi ❤️
TheAnglichanka 21 dag siden
I clicked faster then James Charles could say sister
Horse TikTok's For equestrians
Precious Wilkerson
Precious Wilkerson 21 dag siden
Gloom: “What is a elf on the shelf? Me: 😲
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 21 dag siden
Your name starts with a k doesn't it
Tegan Martin
Tegan Martin 22 dager siden
Hello I am from the future, Anjing is so grown up now it’s cool to see how small he was
Charlie the teddy bear yourkie 😍
Kassie forgot her name her name starts with K and she said nobody in there has a name with K lol
Charlie the teddy bear yourkie 😍
Your dog was so smallll!!!!
Alyssa Neider
Alyssa Neider 23 dager siden
Can I have those airports I need them
KatIsHere #stopanimaltesting
Kassie; I am gonna go for the small one this time. Kassie again: It's a chocolate K Kassie ONCE AGAIN: Who's name starts with K?? Me: What the heck do you even know your own name-?🤭😡
Galaxy Land
Galaxy Land 23 dager siden
My name is kat
julia zamorska
julia zamorska 24 dager siden
Me when she show the AirPods and says she can’t keep them; 😮😮😮😮😮😮
Bhawana Joshi
Bhawana Joshi 24 dager siden
Nice editing like Kassie so much she is so gorgeous
CheetahHappy 24 dager siden
rip my elf on the shelf. lost forever. :'(
Savannah Grossi
Savannah Grossi 24 dager siden
Kassie: this us Abad gift. We got you a mug. Me: that is the mug I got for X Mas lol
Joseline Grande
Joseline Grande 24 dager siden
Me:can i have the Chocolate K i mean my name starts with K
Jersey and Annabelle Dixon
Jersey and Annabelle Dixon
It’s coco games: I could click faster then James Charles can say sisters James Charles: oh really hi sist.. It’s coco games : done
Jersey and Annabelle Dixon
Me to
Yaritza Sparks
Yaritza Sparks 24 dager siden
Sorry I said Cassie Wong I think that how you spell Cassie does it start with A C or A K
Summer 🏝🛸
Summer 🏝🛸 25 dager siden
The small presents and the weird shaped ones are my favourites!
Bella HangsitThang
Bella HangsitThang 25 dager siden
Can I have the slime please
pinkiepup 25 dager siden
pinkiepup 25 dager siden
Happy boy
Christelle 25 dager siden
Kassie: who in this house has a K in their name?! Also Kassie: has a k in her name
Rylie Wertheim
Rylie Wertheim 25 dager siden
Well Kassies name starts with a K Terry
Webber cup
Webber cup 26 dager siden
Elf on the shelf is EVIL they evil ples
jason lewis
jason lewis 26 dager siden
Airpods don't fall out of your ear mine fall my ear as I'm watching this
27 dager siden
I think 1 kasie
π_Kairi-Hiroka_π 27 dager siden
Gloom: who's name starts with k Me:mine does ;-;
ARi ToY ReViEw
ARi ToY ReViEw 27 dager siden
Can I have AirPods i’m not begging I just don’t have AirPods I just love the AirPods
ARi ToY ReViEw
ARi ToY ReViEw 27 dager siden
I have a Nintendo switch but not a one what are you going to plug it into a TV 😢😊
Your Evil Sl*t
Your Evil Sl*t 27 dager siden
Its sweet how she kept the dog bones and donated the other present
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