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if i'm scrolling on tiktok and i see something like this, you know i'm watching til the end. why are we like this?
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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31. juli. 2021





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Hannah’s Loomtique
Hannah’s Loomtique 3 timer siden
6:42 You can actually teach yourself how to do this, and I taught myself 🖤
Milam 5
Milam 5 6 dager siden
Piper 11 dager siden
At the ten minute mark that tiktok is a miraculous transformation not a sailor moon. Sorry.
Addison De Leon ♡〜
Addison De Leon ♡〜 13 dager siden
3:53 The guy looks kinda like Ron Weasley
Raven Mickelson
Raven Mickelson 13 dager siden
One time I was at my friends house and we were filling the slide up with sand from her sand box, we got is so full and my sister was packing it in when it snapped off!!
xXClxxdy_SkiesXx 17 dager siden
Actually, cats do not have different bones than humans. Actually, humans and cats, along with whales, birds, etc. all evolved from a common ancestor. Thank 8th grade science for that. :)
bonus frogs
bonus frogs 17 dager siden
Diamond Storm
Diamond Storm 18 dager siden
7:24 well they dont have collarbones so-
19 dager siden
9:59 Mullo get squeaky!
Luivvexx 20 dager siden
I just like the way she says:HAPPY DAY ON gLoOm
Tiommy 20 dager siden
Your videos just make me so happy :)))))))))))
Peyton 20 dager siden
stephen jennings
stephen jennings 20 dager siden
kassie do you know who cardi b is lol
Tride Sembiring
Tride Sembiring 20 dager siden
Happy Birthday to my dad!
The Pink Llama
The Pink Llama 21 dag siden
Tik toks I can’t stop thinking about … gloom
Venus 21 dag siden
Where did the gaming content go 😭
xX Lavender Bunny Xx
at 5:50 we call it knokie or knock a door run
^ .drowning_inpink.^
dear gloom, hello :)
mushroom gaming
mushroom gaming 21 dag siden
kassie...... i know u prob dont know this but that guy transforming. its from miraculous ladybug... its multi mouse
S Bunny
S Bunny 21 dag siden
The dove that gave the man a "high five" was actually using a defense mechanism. The bird lifted up its wings to make itself seem bigger, and then flopped its wings to warn him and also hit him away. The bird was most likely sitting on the nest and was trying to defend/protect its young. In case anyone was curious😁
•Creator• 21 dag siden
I’m sorry Cas but... at 3:19 that’s a audio, not the real thing. Lol
Hewo I love animals✨
Hewo I love animals✨ 22 dager siden
Gloom: sees hint of lightning in the rain why gloom is out there AHHhHhHh Me: outside in the rain with a light mean that just hit if you seconds away in the road in front of me and my friends still playing out there in the streams
G H O S T B U R 22 dager siden
Ⓗⓔⓛⓛⓞ ⓗⓤⓜⓐⓝ
Emmacrook13 25 dager siden
Olive 26 dager siden
1:04 Is that Deji-
Willow Davis
Willow Davis 26 dager siden
I've been watching gloom for ages and only just realised I FORGOT TO SUBSCRIBE WTH XDD
Zania Ellis
Zania Ellis 28 dager siden
Savannah Creates
Savannah Creates 29 dager siden
The first one I died
CRAB_PERSON1236 Måned siden
I like the horse one
[•]Yaniko Sannn•XvX
Everyone is saying "MLB not sailor Moon" kassie didn't know and she said sailor Moon *vibes* she didn't say it was sailor Moon so if you wanna tell her don't be mean about it (*ˊᗜˋ*)ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ
Mia Kleynhans
Mia Kleynhans Måned siden
Eyes come on 10:18
Ellie's Playhouse
Ellie's Playhouse Måned siden
12:16 that wasnt a real person i think.. i just noticed lol
Vexic929 Måned siden
Accurate Missouri vibes from that one post lol
Radioactive Elephant 🧣
7:22 reminds me of the one and only olivia! one of taylor swift's cats!
Jiska Edel
Jiska Edel Måned siden
I love her engagement ring so much
Rahi Ramdhani
Rahi Ramdhani Måned siden
10:00 this was actually a Miraculous ladybug meme where he is supposed to be Multimouse
Izzy H
Izzy H Måned siden
1:27 u got life insurance
Izzy H
Izzy H Måned siden
Gloom trying to say who raised u *Monkey has entered the chat*
Go Ethan Go’s
Go Ethan Go’s Måned siden
That was not a defense mechanism it’s just friends
Hit_or_miss? Måned siden
*bwing* and then my eyes just come on ✋🙄-Kassie 2021
scrxbble Måned siden
5:12 *Run*
Natalie Halvorson
Natalie Halvorson Måned siden
I watched all of the cakepop TikToks yesterday
Amber Grimes
Amber Grimes Måned siden
Why did the guy in that carriage look like Ron Weasley‘s dad 😂
Vana Cat
Vana Cat Måned siden
In a definition vid can you put my sis ther name is amThatcrybaby
Adinda Pel
Adinda Pel Måned siden
Miraculous ladybug tails of chatnoir and ladybug*
Just a Gaymer
Just a Gaymer Måned siden
7:01 ⁉️⁉️🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️👨‍🦲👨‍🦲👨‍🦲
Shroomi Måned siden
10:23 my eyes come on
Dusty Tidewater
Dusty Tidewater Måned siden
EXPLANATION for the guy high giving a bird. That bird was extremely stressed, frustrated, and scared. The last thing she needed was a man coming up to her and messing with her. How can I tell? The way she puffed up her feathers and made her self look big was an obvious sign of brooding. Brooding is when a a female bird settles in to a safe, hidden place in hopes to have a baby. During this period the bird will become extremely protective and if bothered will puff up feathers and attempt to look as big as possible. This can result in pecking, screeching, vigorous flapping, clawing, etc. if a bird does this it is definitely female, and the best thing to do is leave it alone, and let it go by. Hope this helps :)
xXOceanXx Måned siden
7:30 , id hate to burst anyones bubble but its necessary to know the cat isnt vibing, chilling, or happy. It has a painful condition and thats the way it sits because its the only painless way, so yeah, its not cute and all.
Serena Måned siden
*"I wanna transform, and my mask comes on, and my EYES come on."* *-Gloom, 2021*
Oof Måned siden
Most people probably did this when they where younger but you know when you would get a kinder egg surprise and you would get a ring and wear it like your a superhero and find another ring and let your friend play with it and you would be superhero’s man I miss being younger
Stupid_kid Måned siden
It’s called joints not connector thingies LOL
BeastlyDefender Måned siden
The other one the original or just honestly he did it better
Family Richards
Family Richards Måned siden
Does gloom not know what a muscle is *gloom* joiner things
Nessievoider Måned siden
"And then my eyes come on" - Gloom 2021
The dog from 6:29 looks a lot like my dog I lost
Marissa Maté
Marissa Maté Måned siden
8:45 The craziest part is that he probably practiced that for hours to be able to do that.
Malbuck Måned siden
That is from miraculous lady bug
Macamen Gonzalez-Lafaire
The bird really said tatakae lol
Timber Drawz
Timber Drawz Måned siden
When she said “ do they have like , differenT like conecterRrrs than we do ?”
Alexis Loucks
Alexis Loucks Måned siden
I alwase thought it was happy day on gloom untell i red it
Shannon Harris
Shannon Harris Måned siden
I just want to say something in the beginning I can’t tell if you saying I am gloom or gloom
Jaime VanHooser
Jaime VanHooser Måned siden
your to loud gloom
Bean x
Bean x Måned siden
Fun Fact, Cats Don’t Have Collar Bones :D Apparently they have extremely flexible spines as well
Abigail Pape
Abigail Pape Måned siden
10:12 it’s actually a reference to Multimouse from Miraculous Ladybug
Princess Aizhel
Princess Aizhel Måned siden
8:14 funny
katie rickett
katie rickett Måned siden
Kassie does now that the McDonalds dip was sour cream
Susan Robinson
Susan Robinson Måned siden
The audio is from horton hears a who its a dr suess movie from my childhood
Galactic-Alliance Måned siden
Girl, your intro is toooooooooo U N B E A R A B L E
Lil' g Animations
Lil' g Animations Måned siden
11:45 My bakudeku brain when I saw the green and orange-
Isabelle Biorn
Isabelle Biorn Måned siden
By the way 10:06 was from miraculous ladybug
Teddy & Millie
Teddy & Millie Måned siden
The boy with the backwards video is from my faveorite show and its a superhero named multi-Mouse
Nerdy Emo
Nerdy Emo Måned siden
10:20 hes playing marinette and is transforming into multi mouse (miraculous ladybug)
Bored_ Kai
Bored_ Kai Måned siden
This came out on my BIRTHDAY XD
Zara Måned siden
That bird one had me laughing so hard I was crying 😂 Thee best
Mocha Bear
Mocha Bear Måned siden
gloom: SaiLoR MoOn ViBeS Me: MiRaCuLouS SiMplY ThE BeSt Up To The TesT WhEN tHinGS gO WrOng MirAcUlous
Camila Bedoya
Camila Bedoya Måned siden
I have a theory about what you thought gloom i think cats' spines are made up of more cardilage than people
Lindsay vidal
Lindsay vidal Måned siden
6:14 we got rickrolled
StayProud! Måned siden
Well i cant open my throat that wide but i can drink a fruit juice in 8.9 secs
Danielle Graceffa
Danielle Graceffa Måned siden
Maddie Madness
Maddie Madness Måned siden
2:32 the cake pop one made be laugh so hard that I fell off of my bed and proceeded to lay on the ground for another 2 minutes in uncontrollable laughter, it's not even that funny please send help.
Your Imaginary Friend
5:12 this is my favorite one 🤣🤣
Helen Yip
Helen Yip Måned siden
I like Your vitoos
• Little Diamond •
Tomorrow IQ
Tomorrow IQ Måned siden
How dare you do cardi b that like “this wife”
Odd Harald Hermansen
Im getting a catt tommorow! :)
Lily Hdj
Lily Hdj Måned siden
who else laughed with gloom 1:59
Gummy Gods
Gummy Gods Måned siden
Can confirm that does happen In Missouri
Kaniya Pierce
Kaniya Pierce Måned siden
The wife from the roller coaster is cardi b
iiAngel Måned siden
iisxvvy Måned siden
thats multimouse XD
Ima Jean
Ima Jean Måned siden
Fun fact: cats can dislocate their necks from their spine, this is so they can stick their heads into places without worrying about getting stuck. I always thought this was a weird and interesting fact about cats that explains so much.
Berry Wolf
Berry Wolf 16 dager siden
Oh and that’s why I have 7 cats
• LiaQ •
• LiaQ • 17 dager siden
Isabella Sloan
Isabella Sloan 18 dager siden
Puppy Plays
Puppy Plays 19 dager siden
Ehm- me not knowing a word you juss said except “cat”
Mari Måned siden
adrian rainbow
adrian rainbow Måned siden
i dont think cats have bones
abigail culp
abigail culp Måned siden
12:26 You have encountered a wild gLoOm
أنفال Måned siden
Just a Gaymer
Just a Gaymer Måned siden
6:14 no.. *my* ultimate weapon used against me.
🐨Sloth Edits🐨
🐨Sloth Edits🐨 Måned siden
10:06 kassie girl im sorry but the person was not cosplaying sailor moon its multimouse from miraculous ladybug
luvxhunny Måned siden
Who else realized that the guy being pulled by the horse was Ron Weasley
• MintyBluY •
• MintyBluY • Måned siden
Heniffer is just like my chicken moody she’s one of the oldest chickens I have and she sits on like 20 eggs a day 🤣