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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



23. juli. 2021





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Mia's LaLa Land
Mia's LaLa Land 16 timer siden
My grandfather was from Italy and my dad grew up in a pizza restaurant and his family is insain but yeah!
mwickeyy 19 timer siden
12:06 apparently I look like Dixie damelio and I hate when people call me dixie but sadly most of my school calls me dixie, and yes my school not just my grade
Vivian Clayton
Vivian Clayton Dag siden
That ahh and mmm one reminds me of Hisoka’s voice from Hunter x Hunter
🌸Lanny Le Artist🌸
8:27 😒😏
Samantha Raulsten
Lily Fernandes
Lily Fernandes 4 dager siden
ayeeeee im italian too!!!
Ivy Buraglio
Ivy Buraglio 6 dager siden
I wanna see what Kassie looks like without makeup. Like if u agree!
kid Queen
kid Queen 6 dager siden
my friend can make that sound (joel)
Bubble girl
Bubble girl 6 dager siden
I think the puppy one🤣🤣lol
-ooOoo Ghostly Gacha ooOoo-
Kassie I don’t know maybe this is just me or just my eyes but you remind me a lot of somebody named Gloom idk if you know her
Lessely Lily
Lessely Lily 8 dager siden
6:06 how did people fall for that dude its a shirt with tattoos I seen that before
CactusRatCece 8 dager siden
Anyone gonna tell her about the McDonald’s one….. Kassie is too innocent for the internet-😳
BlueTealTurquoise 2 dager siden
I’m pretty sure she just missed the joke
Hailey Spicer
Hailey Spicer 8 dager siden
Im sorry to say but thats a BEDPOST not a pepper shaker😭😂👍
Cami Irish
Cami Irish 8 dager siden
A Murphy
A Murphy 10 dager siden
I could do more then that in less then a week the first one
7:57 soooo cute and funny 😆
Annalynne Bankester
Annalynne Bankester 10 dager siden
I hope you no what haaaaha is right
Kiki Riley
Kiki Riley 11 dager siden
Macaroni with the chicken strips amazing
Julia Jankowska
Julia Jankowska 11 dager siden
Gloom: I'm sorry are you an anime voice actor? (idk how to spell it) Me: sounds like it Gloom: I need to hear that "mmmmm" one more time Me: 👁👄👁 sounds like something a simp would say
Eva 11 dager siden
the pepper mill was the headpost lf a bed🤣🤣love you Gloom ur the best
PastelFacts 11 dager siden
The big pepper thing is fake it’s a joke it’s most likely part of a bed or somthing
-* Ducky *-
-* Ducky *- 11 dager siden
I'm Pansexual Too owo
Gia RoyalYT
Gia RoyalYT 11 dager siden
Love the title
ThatProCreator77 12 dager siden
Your hair is glooming 🤩
Kitty Abas
Kitty Abas 12 dager siden
Can I get a huya
Sunshine_sister 1234
Sunshine_sister 1234 12 dager siden
Sunshine_sister 1234
Sunshine_sister 1234 12 dager siden
Charlie  Calen
Charlie Calen 12 dager siden
And I oop
Emyusicaly 2326
Emyusicaly 2326 13 dager siden
Nail on nail art @Kallmecris tiny hands gang brain goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Wolfy 13 dager siden
I like mine cold
💫Solaris💫 13 dager siden
11:09 i am kind of uncomfortable. like y'all he legit moaned
13 dager siden
About the lion since she dosn't have a mane she's a girl, if this is rude i'm sorry
raven dandelion
raven dandelion 14 dager siden
Macaroni with chicken strips auehhh
Toffie_Panda 14 dager siden
Kassie tring to moan is so funny to me idk why 🤣
Christina Lowe
Christina Lowe 15 dager siden
Can we see a vid with no makeup?
Panda 16 dager siden
The puppy is my dogs soul mates they both have death wishes
mohchi 17 dager siden
XxAmazing GirlxX
XxAmazing GirlxX 17 dager siden
Can we just say I actually kinda like wasabi 😬
kassie can you plsssssssssss do a collab with azzyland plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
Fʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ ɴᴏᴏʙ
Nooooo Edit: I typed that before my tablet died lol
Duke William walliamson
Stacey Ientile
Stacey Ientile 20 dager siden
I am an Italian myself and I love Italians
Cold09 20 dager siden
Ahhh gloom is so amazing 💕
snail 20 dager siden
❋Sun Flxwer☆
❋Sun Flxwer☆ 21 dag siden
I’m half Italian mostly American but my dad was born in Chicago but his last name was Italian and one of his relatives were Italian so I’m just a hit Italian.. it runs in my dads family
Xenia Constantin
Xenia Constantin 21 dag siden
yaa 22 dager siden
8:36 ...
23 dager siden
I love how nobody is talking abt how she doesn't know what a moan is hahahaha
Artic-Sky Midoryia
Artic-Sky Midoryia 24 dager siden
Bro I wish I had a dad to disappoint.
Blue_Frost 03
Blue_Frost 03 24 dager siden
Wassabi taste like strong alcohol wipes i hate it.
Blue_Frost 03
Blue_Frost 03 24 dager siden
1:06 thats baby jay from the kubs scouts lol.
Annie De Carvalho
Annie De Carvalho 24 dager siden
love yr rug girl!
Noemi da Bunni
Noemi da Bunni 24 dager siden
8:28 i love that video so much 😭😭
Miku 24 dager siden
1:24 I think she's using the leg of a table
Ninki Mindjaj
Ninki Mindjaj 25 dager siden
Dude that McDonalds tiktok almost got me killed I was watching it with no headphones
Beezy09 25 dager siden
I am really dumb I am I’ll never just judge you girl so when a boy popped up girl two times and also just auto car sitting jobs for some reason
Frances & Pearl
Frances & Pearl 25 dager siden
the way she tried to moan- 💀
lola Shaw
lola Shaw 26 dager siden
Can you play more BitLife
🌞givenchy📀 26 dager siden
I wonder how many of those lions support dogs die a year I wonder if the lion would get sad 😢 (Rip cute puppy friends)
rose 26 dager siden
the stretchy elastics the guy hit himself with is supposed to be used laying down! i only know this from experience of using those because i was told to use it laying down ^^
Olivia Backx
Olivia Backx 27 dager siden
Can you do a vidéo when you what you do after filming pls
27 dager siden
YOU👏CANT👏JUDGE🤝SOMEONE AFTER👏SAYING "i promise i won't judge"👏
devil's gaming
devil's gaming 28 dager siden
3:36 sowwy I am Italian and I yelled at my brother didn't do that now he hates me.
28 dager siden
My dog is scared of a turtle -_- uhhh i think she would die !
StrxwBxrryCxw 28 dager siden
*macaroni with chiken strips ✨ Uh* ✨
Xxtoxic_playzYT 28 dager siden
Gloom is the person to not shame my fat self in a bikini
Fantasia 28 dager siden
Honestly like you're gorgeous no matter what like look at you I kind of want to see a picture of you with your hair up in a bun no makeup wearing something that you're comfortable in
Sofia Michel
Sofia Michel 28 dager siden
11:09 is my fav
ech0es 28 dager siden
10:48 actually happened to me too
Te Ahi Parangi
Te Ahi Parangi 29 dager siden
Nam haum
Super K
Super K 29 dager siden
Matt Greenhalgh
Matt Greenhalgh 29 dager siden
That giant peppemill is a banister end
Dodo Måned siden
1:10 I don’t think he was being a duck 👀
Sam Måned siden
i would be confident in a bathing suit only around my two online friends and gloom, no one else.
Charleigh Reed
Charleigh Reed Måned siden
She’s saying how bad she looks when she’s sleeping not to one you up but I literally woke up in the bed sideways this morning
•lil’ bean•
•lil’ bean• Måned siden
I was offended by the non twirling of the spaghetti 😌🤌
Mae-L Måned siden
6:51 my family says I have a “cute” sleeping face
Lol I love it
Kpop Sauce
Kpop Sauce Måned siden
Nathaly and Eric
Nathaly and Eric Måned siden
“Look at that face hehe” love it
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Måned siden
8:56 why is she listening to that on repeat I think it’s supposed to be inappropriate
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Måned siden
2:00 my science teacher wears this
Lara Garrett
Lara Garrett Måned siden
5:40 Gloom: how did he do that that is the perfect anmie voice! SSsniperwolf: woah bud they did not mean it like that…
marshmallow Måned siden
You I’m eating spaghetti rn….
Sophia Anaya
Sophia Anaya Måned siden
11:14 😂
Ms.bluebarry OWO
Ms.bluebarry OWO Måned siden
Gloom Gloo Glo Gl G G Gl Glo Gloo Gloom Gloo Glo Gl G Gl Glo Gloo Gloom Gloo Glo Gl G Gl Glo Gloo Gloom Pls don't copy and paste 😃
𝕤𝕡𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕪 𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪
You should've checked the comments on the dog that got bit by a snake and the dog that was given chicken bc I commented on them
tubbo_init_ticktock Måned siden
Glooom it’s a stair rail post
kokoXkem Måned siden
She’s 30 yet doesn’t know what “AWEH” is
thank you for posting this on my birthday, bestie!!!
Dumb Clown
Dumb Clown Måned siden
We all need to be like Kas. Shes so unjudgmental and lets people be them and supports them no mayyer what no matter how dumn or weird. She still has that "yeah you go gurl/man" energy and thats how yhe world needs to be
UsGirlsBut-It’s Alana
@NAILLABATORY yeah dude your a 10/10 “yuh get it to it”
jackie ertolahti
jackie ertolahti Måned siden
Why is nobody talking about how she said the lioness was male?! It didn't have a mane, therefore its a lioness! Not hating, just correcting on this! Lioness have no manes, lions have manes! Simple! Not hating but thats plain sense. Please do your research before talking about it! Lions get their manes slowly when they grow up! Lioness never get manes! Just research before you speak. Thank you for reading!
Atley Schellhorn
Atley Schellhorn Måned siden
Can we see your bunny agian soon? I miss her :(
LOL Måned siden
0:25 Lol I was doing the same thing but my mother found out and was like " don't keep you hair! The witches will take it and possess you!" Tbh idk what she meant ! But new fear unlockd🙂😥
Alexandria H
Alexandria H Måned siden
8:28 How dare you Mcdonal
Mob Måned siden
1:25 umm…… Kassie that has a wooden railing piece not a large pepper mill
Done pearl Fz Vlogs
Done pearl Fz Vlogs Måned siden
He didn’t Quacky he moaned
Oh My Gosh Someone Actually
7:03 Mr. AIZAWAAAAAAA But like not inappropriate
Mercy Lila
Mercy Lila Måned siden
I just noticed but why does Cassie look like Jodi from Make it pop? 👉👀👈Orrr is sheeeeeeeeeeeeeee