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Oof, okay? This all isn’t right. Everyone is safe, but no one is alright. Tik Tok is wild sometimes.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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20. juni. 2021





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sailormoonwolf 7 dager siden
The nurse actually did that for a challahs with dr mike 😆
lilbunnygamerxox 7 dager siden
Those poor fish they are already dead and now getting a live eel in there mouths for a dumb TikTok
Caleya Bonneux
Caleya Bonneux 11 dager siden
I had to on me 6th Birthday
Caleya Bonneux
Caleya Bonneux 11 dager siden
It is painful to pop an arm back in
Jade Martinez
Jade Martinez 12 dager siden
I feel special cuz she said my name in the video 😂 🤗😌
katerina vanderpool
katerina vanderpool 12 dager siden
1:01 Both fish and the eel are dead. This is them "eating". The person faked them eating for views
MariaLovesgaming Lol
MariaLovesgaming Lol 12 dager siden
When she said jade but yellow I thought There is a thing called yellow jade it’s a real thing lol
Ashley French
Ashley French 14 dager siden
ive dislocated my knee cap its not that bad but it takes 6 months to recover
Student Zaid Ibrahim
Student Zaid Ibrahim 18 dager siden
8:50 guys we found thor i need to where this is
The monster book of monsters
I think that's an eel that's eating the fishes insides, imma go throw up now
Phantom_ 6470
Phantom_ 6470 18 dager siden
5:34 Ive seen a more wholesome version where this itty-bitty guy pours a whole bottle of water out on his head but *nothing happens*😭😭😭
U B 19 dager siden
The fish one is fake the fish are dead
Dani Tam
Dani Tam 20 dager siden
The fish one is fake there both dead somebody is just faking it. For anybody wondering
Cold09 20 dager siden
The stubbing your toe one actually worked for me. I tried to stub my toe but I couldn’t 😂
mr. meow meow kowalchuk
You should try having an appendix burst see what that’s like I’ve had it done
morgan smith
morgan smith 22 dager siden
only person to pull off a cunky chain
Mia- E
Mia- E 23 dager siden
Fun fact : the fish video is fake
Elizabeth Gentry
Elizabeth Gentry 24 dager siden
your right anime characters will not come to me
Shroomi 25 dager siden
0:15 this is how fish transfer food
Ash n' Shameless
Ash n' Shameless 25 dager siden
About the first tiktok, turns out whoever was recording this was basically using the fish as puppets and made them do that as there are no fish that burry themselves in the sand and do this, the fish are dead and the person is moving them under the sand
Jenny Örnberg
Jenny Örnberg 25 dager siden
Did you say cojones that a bad word I now how to spike Spanish hola como estas bien 👌
Finley Smith
Finley Smith 25 dager siden
12:00 Queen bees are bigger because they are fed royal jelly and that helps them grow
Kinga Snow
Kinga Snow 26 dager siden
4:06 *not me trying this*
Jerraldine J
Jerraldine J 26 dager siden
0:19 look like they are eating a snake
•• LostEntry ••
*I love spiders and bees*
Melody Green
Melody Green 26 dager siden
Is it just me who thought of a gacha meme when she said "what a waste" >3>
Evie Garcia Vida
Evie Garcia Vida 27 dager siden
POV: u light the match then your fire alarm goes off
DAISY STAR 27 dager siden
I once accidentally stubbed my toe on a coner and my nail just tore off my foot
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson 27 dager siden
Aw baby snake😻😻😻😻
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson 27 dager siden
Aw he,s helping the baby spiders hatch😺😸😸😸
Monique Mansfield
Monique Mansfield 28 dager siden
I dislocated my arm and I popped it back in myself when I was 11 then went to the hospital
Charlie Burgess
Charlie Burgess 28 dager siden
hey gloom i know you posted this like a month ago but the reason the queen bee is so much bigger than the other bees is because once the old queen dies the hive finds the first female lava they can then they feed it royal jelly which gives it protein to grow bigger
Oregon Dragon
Oregon Dragon 28 dager siden
That scream👁👄👁
Zoraya Cervantes
Zoraya Cervantes 28 dager siden
The spider one got me like😬😅😦
Seiko Hartt
Seiko Hartt 29 dager siden
Dust devil..
29 dager siden
Kaelin Robinson
Kaelin Robinson Måned siden
on the spider one I tingled so bad:(
Hagua Venn
Hagua Venn Måned siden
The ones who are Dr Mike’s subscribers raise your hand…..only the subscribers know why I said this
Ortiz Landscaping Ortiz
Jade Le Compte
Jade Le Compte Måned siden
itz riley
itz riley Måned siden
itz riley
itz riley Måned siden
I'm really watching this 2am in the morning on Sunday
Hannah Kinsolving
Hannah Kinsolving Måned siden
The egg in vinegar is supposed to bounce
Lara Pansi
Lara Pansi Måned siden
Me with arachnophobia I tapped out as soon as i saw that egg
Reese Wilson
Reese Wilson Måned siden
Are we just not going to talk about that he was driving from the passager seat.
ElodiePlayz Måned siden
The second one was n egg that was in vinegar
Crazy Peanut
Crazy Peanut Måned siden
10:16 I had to replay it like 50 times... still cant see it.
Lily Trivedi
Lily Trivedi Måned siden
Why did I actually try stubbing my toe!!!!! It hurts 😭
Suzanne Brookes
Suzanne Brookes Måned siden
I just kied a corner
Ambipan Måned siden
I love Kassie But she didn't give a warning before the one with all the spiders And that's just unforgivable
BlueberryWaffle Måned siden
Kass has arachnophobia confirmed
Mary Lucero
Mary Lucero Måned siden
Clean they stomach
Sanna SwiftWorth
Sanna SwiftWorth Måned siden
I couldn’t stop re playing the baby spiders egg sack one cause in Australia we are use ti spiders and I’ve grown to like them
Nina Rozumkiewicz
Nina Rozumkiewicz Måned siden
I kicked a corner on purpose I defy science
Chair Måned siden
When she said phasmophobia I Immediately thought of specter:)
lalay8 Måned siden
I dislocated my arm when I was a little so I don't remember it
Romeesa Måned siden
Nobody: Not a single soul: My arachnophic self screaming my head of at the egg sac
Ramon kalvik
Ramon kalvik Måned siden
•SleepyXxX Chan•
00:15 The fishes are dead and the guy that is taking the video is like being a puppetmaster-
Kade Sprouse
Kade Sprouse Måned siden
Those are two dead fish and a parasite was going into the other fish
*_o-mika-o_* Måned siden
That poor old man... the "HELLO?" Had me on the floor 😭🤚
moonlight Måned siden
I kicked a corner 😶
Molly Nelson
Molly Nelson Måned siden
I remember when I broke a bone from some where on my body now it’s on my hip- I did this by falling off my scooter….
vBR00K1YN Måned siden
This is why I don’t want a basement.
Joseline Grande
Joseline Grande Måned siden
The one where the girl hugged her fan it just made me feel so uncomfortable😖😣😳😤
♡PotatoDrawz♡ Måned siden
For the first video, it's just some sick people moving dead fish heads with an ele in the mouths. No fish actually does that and is completely fake.
Gløssy ASMR
Gløssy ASMR Måned siden
Who’s watching at 1:40 am? 😙💅
Nicholas Camp
Nicholas Camp Måned siden
That blonde with the egg seems really familiar but I can’t quite place it... I wanna say she kinda reminds me of young Emily Osment, or American Evanna Lynch
sibel :3
sibel :3 Måned siden
The first video: Let's Get Gross 😎 Me:I need to bleach my eyes!!!!!😟😣😟😣
aceofhearts Måned siden
That is not how fish eat. In case you can’t tell from the glassy eyes in the thumbnail, those fish are dead. Some sick person who probably didn’t date enough in high school is manipulating fish and eel corpses for fun.
Alexa Salmela
Alexa Salmela Måned siden
I don't think the first one was an eel, I heard that goldfish are known for being able to spit out their stomachs...
Foxy204 Måned siden
I almost had another panic attack at 11:29 because of the spiders and I dust had one last night because there was one in my blanket thankfully my sister heard me scream and came as fast as she could mind you me and her were already going to sleep together but that made it official
Foxy204 Måned siden
Lauren Wirth
Lauren Wirth Måned siden
My mom has dislocated both of her shoulders.
Icyy_Crystall Måned siden
I can’t sleep 0-0
muchannel %
muchannel % Måned siden
Dark fact: the first one actually is fake and the person that is recording is actually controlling the two dead fish like puppets.
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Måned siden
who else saw the face bc I didn't
Måned siden
Time for your daily dose of being uncomfortable
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis Måned siden
Say something mean about my favorite youtuber and you’ll see me in your nightmares
Delaynah Givens
Delaynah Givens Måned siden
I have never pooped so hard before from laughing 😂
Youboyytim Måned siden
those fish r sus
• Shook pop !! •
I’m so scared-
Jeanie Eidson
Jeanie Eidson Måned siden
I really like the bees ones though they are pretty cute but also they scare me half to death probably cuz I was such a big insect fan like my mom and dad would have to pull me away from Instax and then I was on the Snoopy ride at worlds of fun whenever I was really little and there end up being a wasp inside of the ride and for here on out I am terrified of bees and wasp now I'm kind of just scared of insects in general but now I'm starting to really like ants they're amazing I put down one cherry and it took them a whole day to bring it down and the funny thing is that they were just moving around in circles while eating it it was amazing my house is amazing well other than the spider that showed up but you know
Jeanie Eidson
Jeanie Eidson Måned siden
Well that's terrifying I just found a spider in my room 😖 I know this isn't a joke I'm scared hey at least it's a jumping spider but he is jumping on top of my ceiling I want him to get down from there I don't want him to die but also it's kind of creepy that I was talking about this and then this just randomly happens hopefully it's a coincidence I got to get back to screaming
Life-As- Laurel
Life-As- Laurel Måned siden
I want him so bad 😭
Cloey Adam
Cloey Adam Måned siden
I disslocated my shoulder last week on my birthday
Nafeesa Hammad
Nafeesa Hammad Måned siden
O:31 those two fishes that you’re seeing are actually dead and the person is recording it got an eel and force it to go down the fishes throat
Vincent Wirch
Vincent Wirch Måned siden
So the fish thing is fake. Both fish are obviously dead in the eyes and not breathing. Eels don’t do that. The person making those videos are…disturbing. That’s all.
Fatima Eman
Fatima Eman Måned siden
I just went and hit my foot in the corner of a wall as hard as I could till I stubbed my toe.... I defied science :]
Milena Wójs
Milena Wójs Måned siden
i just kicked a corner and im ok
Cenkisabi BL
Cenkisabi BL Måned siden
The last video of stubbing your own toe is a lie because I broke piece of my wall by trying to stub my own toe and I almost broke my bone 😅
·Despair_Z· Måned siden
10:05 The thing he's holding is called sage and its suppose to get rid of bad energy and sprits
honey cat
honey cat Måned siden
I just walked up to a corner in my room and kicked it because why not I dident kick it to hard
Smolder star
Smolder star 2 måneder siden
uhm the first vid were da fishes mating
Kriståffer Næss Årtun
Kriståffer Næss Årtun 2 måneder siden
The first ting is actually fake. Fish don’t do that. They don’t burry them self on land they wold just die. And they don’t shear their food with other fish. The see on it as a waste of food for them.
Natty Bear
Natty Bear 2 måneder siden
I just stubbed my toe on a corner and I did it on purpose it is not proven on me
Rebecca Baldock
Rebecca Baldock 2 måneder siden
That first one tho.. that is wut I like to call a quarantined kiss..😜👌💕😅😘
anneliese  Morran
anneliese Morran 2 måneder siden
its Sunday 2pm
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 2 måneder siden
The spider sack doesn't bother me. I love spiders. All of them!
theBlue_Blueberry :3
theBlue_Blueberry :3 2 måneder siden
I’ll be explaining the first one: All the animals in this video are dead. The person behind the scene is like a puppeteer controlling everything, manipulating these poor dead fish to turn it into a video for views and clout. The fish are not doing this willingly and it’s DEFINITELY not a normal thing to do.
2 måneder siden
Ewww the fish sharing something almost made me throw up