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Reacting to the animated Roblox short, Gold Friend Part 1 by Broblox. Check out the other parts on the Broblox channel!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



21. juli. 2021





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Fxrnweh 3 timer siden
Nobody: “:O” “ITS HES BIRTHDAY!!” “AhHHhH”
Zaina Abualia
Zaina Abualia Dag siden
UltimaEvie 2 dager siden
His birthday is in Jan 25th and mine is Jan 26th! 😂 Crazy coincidence Also, love your vids btw kassie ♥️
T'Quan Thomas
T'Quan Thomas 2 dager siden
She called a lamborghini a ferrari I can’t
• Lazy Birdy •
• Lazy Birdy • 2 dager siden
Moral of the story: Never judge book by its cover. By: Someone
Aimee Nanjala
Aimee Nanjala 2 dager siden
Panda 2 dager siden
There’s actually 3 parts, so could u react to them, I would be so happy 😀
Ella playz roblox
Ella playz roblox 3 dager siden
Hi kassie im a giant fan and im ill rn it would mean the world if u did anything to this comment such as: like,pin or reply byeeee :)
Alice Osten
Alice Osten 5 dager siden
Just give up -Gloom 2021
Suresh Suresh
Suresh Suresh 5 dager siden
I love the video it is so adorable
Rani D
Rani D 5 dager siden
lol the ´thats my best freind ´got my alot xd
claire timmons
claire timmons 5 dager siden
Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭
Saiki k
Saiki k 6 dager siden
I have the same birthday!!!!!!!!!!
♡•Lazy Person•♡
Bro my birthday is at the same day...
NyeleteDoesIt 6 dager siden
When ur birthday is in the thumbnail: *YAY!*
Candy Norris
Candy Norris 6 dager siden
Kashiefa Martin
Kashiefa Martin 6 dager siden
I am nine years old I love you video's 😍
Lily Mclay
Lily Mclay 6 dager siden
Those faces tho-
MoonStarxie 7 dager siden
I have Trypophia and looking at kassies shirt is just-
Monokuma_Madness 7 dager siden
Im always picked last in PE even tho i got one of the highest scores in the class for PE all because I’m a furry 🥲👌
XxCorrupted_SoulxX 7 dager siden
react to more of these please
Doge Gang
Doge Gang 7 dager siden
Scarlett Ruiz
Scarlett Ruiz 7 dager siden
Pick on someone your own age and your own size thit's ties that's what I think you were about to say I think that's what you can just say I don't know
Scarlett Ruiz
Scarlett Ruiz 7 dager siden
I actually watch TV's animation movie thing is there a momenthey were a mozzy delightful crime
Rifa Haysha
Rifa Haysha 7 dager siden
Love something new The new hairstlye looks soo comfyy
BłãçkŠhãdøw 7 dager siden
Roaches eat FOOD CRUMBS fly larva eat DYING THINGS their natures clean up crew but still ew
Caleb Harris
Caleb Harris 7 dager siden
umm that's a lambo
anu rinu
anu rinu 7 dager siden
jan 25th is my birthday too
Jane Charice
Jane Charice 7 dager siden
😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😛😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 Can someone find the emogi😛
Caitlin Albers
Caitlin Albers 7 dager siden
coconut flipaclip
coconut flipaclip 7 dager siden
Awwwwwww 😭
Ryan and Crystal Cepican
My bday is on Jan 25
Rowchi Ochi
Rowchi Ochi 8 dager siden
Y’all this is funnier than Wendy’s show😂😂😂😂😂😂
Doris McGill Handy
Doris McGill Handy 8 dager siden
That's not a Ferrari that's my Lambo
JonesBoy 8 dager siden
Part 2
Kendra Russell
Kendra Russell 8 dager siden
Love that she’s wearing a holey shirt just like the roblox guy is. 😂
Erika Smith
Erika Smith 8 dager siden
idk idc
idk idc 8 dager siden
Ugh I want gloom to do secret neighbor again
Marcelo Carpio
Marcelo Carpio 8 dager siden
Bruh thats my B day The Thumb nail
Jess Oelofse
Jess Oelofse 8 dager siden
Plz react to the last guests
Jess Oelofse
Jess Oelofse 8 dager siden
Can you plz react to the gest
Aesthetic whit Ava
Aesthetic whit Ava 8 dager siden
So we’re not gonna talk about that boy because the phone has upside down?😅
Arden K
Arden K 8 dager siden
January 24th is my bday
Lonely girl
Lonely girl 8 dager siden
Fiany Setyowati
Fiany Setyowati 8 dager siden
Thats roblox
Charlize Tieu
Charlize Tieu 8 dager siden
Kasie: what that’s my expensive thing I have. what about your house
I AM JISOO I AM OKAY 8 dager siden
I don't think she knows but she is making our quarantine much better
Michelle Fimbres
Michelle Fimbres 8 dager siden
You should watch darman insted
Miracle Monkey
Miracle Monkey 8 dager siden
if someone did that to me their life would be over
Chloe Baker
Chloe Baker 8 dager siden
Why would u chase the bus whenever I used to miss the bus my dad would just drive me ;-;
NummyWumpkin 8 dager siden
Please do a part two it’s hilarious
ItsMiley 9 dager siden
🤣 1:53
Lionfist 9 dager siden
That was a lamboooo😭😭😭😭
OliverClausaufGaming 9 dager siden
7:42 me too
Sketchy Bengy
Sketchy Bengy 9 dager siden
Ok but Jan 25th is my birthday O-O
Jamii Lamar
Jamii Lamar 9 dager siden
I love her hair
Zakai 9 dager siden
My friend's birthday is January 25th so I'm worried for her now😥
ItsKay 9 dager siden
Kassie looks like him with the holes in the shirt
AMScottie 9 dager siden
Gloom: "He"s so tattered!" also Gloom : wears a tshirt full of holes in video 😂
Jayde Johnson
Jayde Johnson 9 dager siden
My birthday is January 25th
°m҉i҉s҉h҉a҉° 9 dager siden
Birthday January 25 what year?! It’s my Brothers Birthday January 25th! 🤗🥰
The Axolotls
The Axolotls 9 dager siden
Hey if you ever play rblx again can you play the game called the maze it’s a scary game and me and my friends took 3 days to beat it
cris animator
cris animator 9 dager siden
Just give up -Kassie 2021
UrbanCarnage 9 dager siden
this was a beautiful story
Alfonzo Jacobs
Alfonzo Jacobs 9 dager siden
I cried to much
Cummins Family
Cummins Family 9 dager siden
With the team picking thing does every school except mine do that or it an American thing because we let a certain amount of people go to the captains so they pick us
Gwen Corbeil
Gwen Corbeil 9 dager siden
My b day is on January too and onely a few days back from the cover of the screen
MLG4 M4 M 9 dager siden
Hey gloom that’s a lamborghini gallardo
0mnisaurus_ 9 dager siden
My birthday is actually on Jan 25 Lol 😂
Aleena Zaman
Aleena Zaman 9 dager siden
when your eating and watching this
Stephani 9 dager siden
This is great
Make it shine
Make it shine 9 dager siden
The guy is soooo nice
kitty galaxy
kitty galaxy 9 dager siden
I love your hair girl
Sarah Capsolas
Sarah Capsolas 9 dager siden
The kid in the first video has the same birthday as my Mom
Creature Creator Gacha
the fact that gloom is 30.. _well didnt know that_
Double cats两只猫
Double cats两只猫 9 dager siden
Because they aged
Esther P
Esther P 9 dager siden
To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! ❤
Esther P
Esther P 9 dager siden
I love your hair Kassie!
Just passing by
Just passing by 9 dager siden
My birthday is Jan 25th 😃
Mia!! 9 dager siden
This is so sad 😭
hello 9 dager siden
7:50 The boys phone is upsidedown
Natalie Sinden
Natalie Sinden 9 dager siden
Part 2 now pls I need to see wat happens next
David Weathersby
David Weathersby 9 dager siden
You really called a Lamborghini a Ferrari realy it pretty obvious
Iman Ali
Iman Ali 9 dager siden
January 25 is my bday!!
lauren t. togle
lauren t. togle 9 dager siden
"The Neighboors can hear your dad farting from the living room" -Gloom 2021
Doggy Boi
Doggy Boi 9 dager siden
I caught up to a bus B)
Heyy Stobh it
Heyy Stobh it 9 dager siden
I got this habit of shaking my hands in tiny in front of me when I'm happy form Kassie😂😂😂💜
Cloe bujwa
Cloe bujwa 9 dager siden
my birthday is jan 25 too
Sugar Neptune
Sugar Neptune 9 dager siden
gloom please start playing roblox again 😃❗️
LilyNotFound 9 dager siden
*You missed it, give up* ouch
Ashley the princess
Ashley the princess 9 dager siden
You probably won’t see this comment since it’s a day old but please make more Roblox Brookhaven birth to death videos I’ve been commenting on every video that’s come out so please please please do
GINGER DOKUCHIE 9 dager siden
My birthday is actually January 25
GINGER DOKUCHIE 9 dager siden
These actually January 25
Kyla King
Kyla King 9 dager siden
Did you know, your birth day is also technically your moms birth d a y.. HEHE
Animequeen083 9 dager siden
The whole video is me being triggered
This person
This person 10 dager siden
0:07 Who else got scared from that?
Aislynn Noksana
Aislynn Noksana 10 dager siden
SmartZpot 10 dager siden
It’s a Lamborghini
Junk Yard
Junk Yard 10 dager siden
I rember my days at school like that😭
Junk Yard
Junk Yard 10 dager siden
This is so 😭
heckIDEK 10 dager siden
That moment when you share a birthday with a roblox animation
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