Fidget Trading Scam Apps 

Ganger 1,8 mill
97% 43 000 1 000

Today I'm trying 4 Fidget Trading apps, they're all the craze right now on the app store and I'm here with my fav sensory toys to see if we can get some good deals
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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30. juli. 2021





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Charlene's Vibes
Charlene's Vibes 2 timer siden
You do know you can deny a trade right ?
Houda Zidi
Houda Zidi 3 timer siden
Bartek Kluźniak
Bartek Kluźniak 4 timer siden
jungkook jeon
jungkook jeon 15 timer siden
shes getting greedy with this game😂😂😂😂😂😂
Blanket_trend0 18 timer siden
The other squishy ball is called a DNA ball
Yvelande mauvais
Yvelande mauvais 19 timer siden
The second fidget game that you played the man gave you an iPhone box
Janelle Cousins
Janelle Cousins 20 timer siden
I know I have that game and you have to trade after you do games in it
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh Dag siden
gloom u made such a cool slumber party game in roblox
Simplygalaxy Glossy
Mochi stays in Gloom’s shoulder Five minutes later Mochi fell down Me 😭
Lucie Locket
Lucie Locket 2 dager siden
Is it weird that i have the first two apps she tried
LoLo_Vlogs 2 dager siden
kasie The ninteno and the pjone r scams so actually it worth 10$ stuff
Mika Smith
Mika Smith 2 dager siden
if you give the dude in 3d fidget trading 1 of everything you have the chance of getting an iphone will get higher. just helping ya!
Brittany Caudle
Brittany Caudle 3 dager siden
Abisina Dsilva
Abisina Dsilva 4 dager siden
I play this game.
zhang vanessa
zhang vanessa 4 dager siden
Can you send me a 3-D octopus Poppet
cuterabbit10 5 dager siden
hi Gloom
same old Kassie, assuming random games' genders.
Andxew 6 dager siden
I played this app and I traded 1 iPhone and 3 pop it's and I got 4iphones and like 1billion pop its
JordenPlayz 6 dager siden
Also the second ball is called a DNA ball
seya life s
seya life s 6 dager siden
me- haha she get s o mad for a game - also me- AHIADUE F I CANT GET THE LEVEL OIHFOGRIEFA
Jacqui Fernkorn
Jacqui Fernkorn 6 dager siden
I have the 2nd game as a joke its stoopy;-;
I'm A Someone
I'm A Someone 8 dager siden
0:13 Kassie: **Shows Those Figdets** Me: Wait- aren't those the Dream Team colors-? Dream, Sapnap and Gogy--
Julie Wild
Julie Wild 8 dager siden
I had trading master it really dumb I want a iPhone to scare like you
Julie Wild
Julie Wild 8 dager siden
Bruh just trade now imma turn it of btw I have one of them game rhichy #
Adriana Duarte
Adriana Duarte 9 dager siden
He could get more if you wanted to and if you don't want to give him more and just press the X
Brancreator 10 dager siden
You said iphone 2 5:20
Jennifer Mayfield
Jennifer Mayfield 10 dager siden
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson 11 dager siden
Degree with her that Mochi is cute🥰
Natalirtfggcgra Titova
Natalirtfggcgra Titova 11 dager siden
I already have the game😄😄😄🥳
Cute Girl
Cute Girl 12 dager siden
Cute Girl
Cute Girl 12 dager siden
gloomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xena
Cute Girl
Cute Girl 12 dager siden
12 dager siden
Harley Fisher
Harley Fisher 12 dager siden
i love figets toy
Butterflyloversss 13 dager siden
What was the 2nd game you played?
Arkin Vaughn
Arkin Vaughn 13 dager siden
You messed this up. Dont play that game.
Julie Van der Eijk
Julie Van der Eijk 13 dager siden
i once got 3 iPhone's and very much pop its for 1 iPhone and a rubber duck
rlbates67 13 dager siden
Asia Ali
Asia Ali 13 dager siden
I have this and i play this game
Alyssa Gumarin
Alyssa Gumarin 13 dager siden
Alyssa Gumarin
Alyssa Gumarin 13 dager siden
Hi Lonely Sandwitch
Z Willis
Z Willis 13 dager siden
😆 hahah you are so funny 😂
Anonymousextract2021 14 dager siden
I was just playing this game lol 😂
Vivian Kelley
Vivian Kelley 14 dager siden
It is Way more than $1 for all of the fidget toys
XNøtt.FiønaX 14 dager siden
I got a fidget trading app when I clicked on this video.. 💀💀💀💀💀💀
The adventure of gina
The adventure of gina 14 dager siden
I played trading master
The adventure of gina
The adventure of gina 14 dager siden
I played a lot of trading games
Survee Khan !
Survee Khan ! 16 dager siden
9:39 he gave you the iPhone it is not your iPhone
Family Lopez
Family Lopez 17 dager siden
Ibrahim Hussain
Ibrahim Hussain 17 dager siden
game link plzzzzzzz
Bennie Ahearn
Bennie Ahearn 17 dager siden
once i had one of these game sand i put in airpods and someone traded me all their stuff and airpods
Melanie garmany
Melanie garmany 17 dager siden
There call globulus and a DNA ball and you already got the mochi
Khloe Weaver
Khloe Weaver 17 dager siden
She really didn’t scam someone
-'- I'm a cow -'-
-'- I'm a cow -'- 18 dager siden
DNA ball Globles
UNO Baliakandi
UNO Baliakandi 18 dager siden
gloom I download the app and I have over 100 airports
The ultimate man
The ultimate man 19 dager siden
As a professional fidget trader I can say almost everyone have tried to scam you
facetalk 19 dager siden
There called globs
Vita Heng
Vita Heng 19 dager siden
Actually that’s not actually the box that you both have a real iPhone in the game you are not scamming anybody
Melanie Gaddy
Melanie Gaddy 20 dager siden
They’re called Gobles
Faye’s Play Room
Faye’s Play Room 21 dag siden
Cassie: okay I need to calm down Me: I don’t think you calmed down 🤣
hacker133 22 dager siden
if you get iphones but you trade all of them you can ramdomly get iphones in difrent thades from that kid
LEUNG KA YAN,CLARA Moe 23 dager siden
i played the 2 game
Yaya Toure
Yaya Toure 23 dager siden
I love this gaaaammme.
Nga Hoang
Nga Hoang 24 dager siden
please make baby azzy and baby gloom videos again
Amy Campbell
Amy Campbell 24 dager siden
I like it how she says $10 worth of fidgets in that whole pile would be about $60Cause They gave you like 100 fidgets
Kaylee Koscuk
Kaylee Koscuk 24 dager siden
Give me everything your mom purchased for you lol
christlyn marfil
christlyn marfil 24 dager siden
Bella 24 dager siden
milodan milodan
milodan milodan 24 dager siden
I love youth😘😘😘😘😍😍😋😋😘😘😋😘😋😘😋😘
Steve Lohrer
Steve Lohrer 24 dager siden
Pop it can get very expensive and all of those toys that they added plusone iPhone for your three iPhones might actually be as much as those three iPhones it’s kind of crazy
Madonna Catubuan
Madonna Catubuan 25 dager siden
after watching this, i play this game
A random potato on the internet
This my friends, is how to ✨ *scam* ✨
Zoe Dingo
Zoe Dingo 25 dager siden
I love you always make me happy kassie
AP D 25 dager siden
The thing that you throw up on your room it's called a global
26 dager siden
Just spam the plus thing on ipad then u can get inf stuff
Xx CherelynB xX
Xx CherelynB xX 26 dager siden
I got 37 iphone already
Micheal Thang
Micheal Thang 27 dager siden
She realizes that the iPhone is actually real not fake
Kera mileth De castro
Kera mileth De castro 27 dager siden
Girll be care full when you do that you mith pop it with your nails
alexisシ 27 dager siden
Its funny cause this video was posted just a day before my birthday and I actually asked for fidget toys lol
BobaTUBE🦋🧋 28 dager siden
Gloom:NOO GIMME MOREEE. Guy:no 😂😅😅😅😂😃
💖Abbey✨ spy ninja
💖Abbey✨ spy ninja 28 dager siden
Not niceeeeeeeeee
💖Abbey✨ spy ninja
💖Abbey✨ spy ninja 28 dager siden
Stop telling people adding
Lila Thomas
Lila Thomas 28 dager siden
DNA ball
Zebina Vinzel Omadlao
Zebina Vinzel Omadlao 29 dager siden
The squishy sticky ball its called a globle
Hiruni Nakkawita
Hiruni Nakkawita 29 dager siden
For Fidget Master, just turn your wifi off and it should work
Joy Kanda
Joy Kanda 29 dager siden
Gloom i like w/o lips
christlyn marfil
christlyn marfil 29 dager siden
ava Bogart
ava Bogart 29 dager siden
The Nintendo in the first game was fake it was just something to chill your thumbs
Megan Prescott
Megan Prescott 29 dager siden
I have the first app
LemonLime Måned siden
I just saw a fidget trading app when I watched this video
Elena Dee
Elena Dee Måned siden
You know that the phones are scams you know why because there’s no phone in it
katie love iamsanna
katie love iamsanna Måned siden
I wanna have some pop its cause we don't have any😥
zym santos
zym santos Måned siden
well I’m not having a happy day
Nathan Måned siden
Nicole Måned siden
Hello gloom
Nicole Måned siden
Hello sandwich!
Cristy Jackson
Cristy Jackson Måned siden
kassie trading: kassie: in trading you don't give and receive I give you iPhone and you give me iPhone2 big brain