Birth to death 👱‍♀️ BAD girl 100 year challenge 

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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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4. juli. 2021





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Julez Playz
Julez Playz Time siden
What’s the name of this game?and love u gloom.
ThatDizzyMushroom 4 timer siden
When Gloom said we are gonna be a bad girl I immediately thought of Eda's bad girl club-
Maria Balbin
Maria Balbin 5 timer siden
4:09 🤣🤣
Cindy Alonzo Chávez
Cindy Alonzo Chávez 5 timer siden
I like it when it when you were playing a basketball ball as a girl and I just said year
Lalathegreat 2323
Lalathegreat 2323 11 timer siden
How did you find this one I’m looking for it but I can’t find it please tell me the name of the game
Veronica Bryant
Veronica Bryant 13 timer siden
•}*Ãnime X Gãchã*{•
Wait so what’s this app called?
bruno Dag siden
I know this make no sense but I'm getting a baby pug tomorrow
Edīte Karosa
Edīte Karosa Dag siden
what is this game called with the girl edition
TYkatiew Dag siden
what’s the game called
jinny an namit
jinny an namit Dag siden
Hey Dont do that from ur dog I like husky
Enakshi Parua
Enakshi Parua Dag siden
8:53 awww poor angie
Briony Gliddon
Briony Gliddon Dag siden
How do you be a girl?
Briony Gliddon
Briony Gliddon Dag siden
Pls tell me
budracer2k 2 dager siden
Gloom. Who needs a jeman sheperd when you have a golden retriever her dog hello darkness my old freind
8th C
8th C 2 dager siden
2:29 ganapati bappa morya
Aralynn Patraw
Aralynn Patraw 3 dager siden
rxkoiatou drame
rxkoiatou drame 3 dager siden
gloom: struggling with the game the girl: YAHOO
Shawn Bigham
Shawn Bigham 3 dager siden
That hurt so much because I have a black dog 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭
Shambhavi Sharma
Shambhavi Sharma 3 dager siden
gloom please do not disrespect him
GACHA IS THE BEST 3 dager siden
The thing that is cool is helping ppl
Oop rip I hope it’s nice being a baddie
˚uxgne% 4 dager siden
Read this if ur sad You’re amazing be yourself I wish you’re day tomorrow is better Idk how to really help but If I was near you I’m gonna 100% hug you If you need me I’m here :)
Eri chan
Eri chan 4 dager siden
How did you get the girl I always get the boy
Mark Branham
Mark Branham 4 dager siden
what game is this? (*3*)
bubli play's roblox
bubli play's roblox 4 dager siden
City Entertainment
City Entertainment 4 dager siden
That girl grow up like a Pokemon
Ivy _Playz
Ivy _Playz 5 dager siden
Hi Am a big fan😄
me.is._Jenny 5 dager siden
Me after watching the part where she let the aliens destroy earth: Life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the destroyed earth
Ruby Jean Nicholson
Ruby Jean Nicholson 5 dager siden
Are you just going to like the kind of the same thing when you did the boy one but you're but you're going to see the boy again and lunchtime at the school and I'm not going to sit next to him like the last time you sit next to him when he was a boy when you're the boy one one
Hailey Daha
Hailey Daha 5 dager siden
OnE dAy I,m A bAdDiE
Rhylee Homistek
Rhylee Homistek 5 dager siden
Did the guy giving the driver test look like John Wick to you too? LOL!!!
Hayley Hobbs
Hayley Hobbs 5 dager siden
What game is that
Rose_Maxi 5 dager siden
What is the game called ?
Southa Thomas
Southa Thomas 5 dager siden
I’m sorry but who’s gonna point out that the dad entered her into a race and probably bet money she would win.
Yana32388 5 dager siden
Bruh 😎
Dawndi Harper
Dawndi Harper 6 dager siden
SK718 6 dager siden
What the name me want to try
Tatiana Mendez
Tatiana Mendez 6 dager siden
The poor dog XD
Lesedi Keletso Rakhudu
Angela Cuming
Angela Cuming 7 dager siden
what happened
Donna Chinnery
Donna Chinnery 7 dager siden
How did you get the girl
Catherine Lunn
Catherine Lunn 7 dager siden
Blow up earth, also i think you got the gravestone for the boy
Hanging with the doges And friends
How do you become girl
jenny Hanley
jenny Hanley 7 dager siden
I want it so bad
jenny Hanley
jenny Hanley 7 dager siden
What game is that?
Althea jozille Prado
Althea jozille Prado 8 dager siden
L1L1Y_PAD 8 dager siden
gracieland 8 dager siden
I love glooms videos
Don Martinez
Don Martinez 8 dager siden
One of the girls that was laughing at the other girl looks like me.
ChloeCuddles13 8 dager siden
Nobody: Me making cereal: *Pours milk then cereal bc I’m weird-*
Suntoon and Magtoon
Suntoon and Magtoon 9 dager siden
I’m confused what happened in level 12???
Laurie Decker
Laurie Decker 9 dager siden
Maria French
Maria French 9 dager siden
How did you get a girl
Hermione Hill
Hermione Hill 9 dager siden
German dog : awwww
Tina Macdonald
Tina Macdonald 9 dager siden
Oh no lol love u GLOOOOOOOOOM
Yashwitha Reddy
Yashwitha Reddy 9 dager siden
And how to be a girl i always having a boy
Yashwitha Reddy
Yashwitha Reddy 9 dager siden
Can anybody tell the game name
Makenzie Towsend
Makenzie Towsend 10 dager siden
Oh boy
Melanie Hollon
Melanie Hollon 10 dager siden
Melanie Hollon
Melanie Hollon 10 dager siden
Make more roblox videos
Itsme☺️Emili😜 10 dager siden
What’s the game and how do u get the girl
Joanelys Uwu
Joanelys Uwu 10 dager siden
whats the game called ? :P
Aruna Jeevanantham
Aruna Jeevanantham 10 dager siden
10:8 she really gonna call ganesha as the ooga - booga man 😶😶
Peanut Lemons
Peanut Lemons 10 dager siden
The new and improved better Bitlife
An Dang
An Dang 11 dager siden
Why did you say that to your dog
Dead Sis Gaming vlogs
Dead Sis Gaming vlogs 11 dager siden
I got a German Sheperd they are cute crys in real life
e 11 dager siden
Timber Gacha You
Timber Gacha You 11 dager siden
How do you turn into a girl
Luis  Jr. 2.0
Luis Jr. 2.0 11 dager siden
You have 6.66 mill
Dhruvi world
Dhruvi world 11 dager siden
How to download this game
anniegreen industries
anniegreen industries 11 dager siden
I have a pop it
anniegreen industries
anniegreen industries 11 dager siden
I’m 16 just kidding I’m only 7
Allie Jimenez
Allie Jimenez 12 dager siden
Liz Fal
Liz Fal 12 dager siden
You're dog be like 👁️👄👁️ trader
Liz Fal
Liz Fal 12 dager siden
Your dog just be like 👄👁️👄👁️
SGS 12 dager siden
Your my friend
melissa oksanen
melissa oksanen 12 dager siden
What dose that game cald
Graig Epstein
Graig Epstein 12 dager siden
Hand picking nose
Hand picking nose 12 dager siden
Poor german shepherd
M Shubhada
M Shubhada 12 dager siden
that doesnt look like a ooga booga man.....it looks like an idol of lord Ganesh.
Nur Fara
Nur Fara 12 dager siden
U have a golden dog but ur real dog is sad😭😢:(
Roblox fan
Roblox fan 12 dager siden
How can you be a girl
Roblox fan
Roblox fan 12 dager siden
Why can,t I be a girl
Frances Young
Frances Young 12 dager siden
If you want to kick the cat I would’ve cursed you out
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha 12 dager siden
I subscribed to your channel
Shawnna Chambers
Shawnna Chambers 13 dager siden
ok so you know how she was a boy as well as a girl well with the by one he ate alone or sat with a girl with the girl a boy came over and you ether join the group or sit with him he was the same boy
𝕋𝕖𝕕𝕕𝕪 ッツ
What game is that I wanna try
Nicole Crimmins
Nicole Crimmins 13 dager siden
Did you guys know I have classes and I’m a huge fan of you gloom I watch your videos every every every every every 10,000 years later every single day!
Scott Bosson
Scott Bosson 13 dager siden
i dropped the phone down the toilet while watching this so i swiched to my comp plz pray my phone is ok cuz i dont think my mom or dad will buy me a new one any ime soon
bright void
bright void 13 dager siden
Pavithra. B. Pillai
Pavithra. B. Pillai 13 dager siden
That not a ooga boog man
Pratima Mohapatro
Pratima Mohapatro 13 dager siden
Dogs are very cute
Whats this game name?
CitrixXxpøwer 13 dager siden
Wait how many times did she do this-
Tohellwith Google
Tohellwith Google 14 dager siden
It would be WAY better if it didn't have silly stuff like aliens and magic.
zahra mistry
zahra mistry 14 dager siden
I really wish u do more EPISODE game content
Nsubuga Ivan
Nsubuga Ivan 14 dager siden
Guard Penguin!
krew fan
krew fan 14 dager siden
What game pls
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