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I went on a fun fact adventure and my entire ForYou page became "Exposed Tik Tok". It's full of fun facts and crazy truths. Let's watch the best ones together!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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9. jan.. 2021





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Midnight 3 timer siden
I see that you don’t have any foundation on your forehead….
Hey It's ya bestie
Hey It's ya bestie 23 timer siden
Desirae Mulkey
Desirae Mulkey Dag siden
the tubble wear cabnet but mine is spices and box noodles i legit JUST TODAY had to throw the hot choclate packet and slam the cabnet cause it kept falling no joke
ItzEvelyn Rees :p
ItzEvelyn Rees :p 2 dager siden
I have a dog named jack and I call him jackei sometimes.
Julian Farmer
Julian Farmer 2 dager siden
I know this was from a few months ago but you called someone girl but they identified as non-binary not to be mean but ya love your videos ♥️
Emilia Sten
Emilia Sten 5 dager siden
no gen Z all just has social anxiety
Really dr.phill
Juice Box
Juice Box 5 dager siden
My parents retiring food (Gen X). My dad: Hi, sorry but I asked for no tomato’s, can you please fix it? Thank you ☺️ (if they take it off the check) Oh, thank you, thank you so much! My mom: (same thing but lol)
Chununga 5 dager siden
3:19 now we need gen a gen b and gen g
𒊹︎Raja and Ryan𒊹︎
“But it’s already touched the table”
yu nishinoya ⚡
yu nishinoya ⚡ 6 dager siden
The way my mom raised me: -jokes are shown as sense of comfort and personality growth -saying no isnt mean -if the other won't be the bigger person, you have to -life is hard The way my dad raised me: -you will respect me, no matter what -you have to follow rules -you have to be independent -spanking gets the lesson in your head -the only proper way of life is money and children
Genesis Vazquez
Genesis Vazquez 7 dager siden
Antler Wolf
Antler Wolf 7 dager siden
I’m not really sure about gen x, my parents are gen x and they are VERY appreciative and thoughtful, they are never rude to waiters. Gen z is on point, I’m gen z 😭
Vainy fane
Vainy fane 8 dager siden
what about gen y?
Hareemplayz 10 dager siden
True fact about my life: I never get grounded but if I do something wrong my parents scold me and I just never do it again because my parents thought me well and I may have some spelling errors 😳
Violete  Autete
Violete Autete 11 dager siden
Only rich people send Christmas cards with pictures and things?! Would that make me rich then? That doesn’t make sense….
Kario Uraki
Kario Uraki 12 dager siden
Every grandma has that full full Tupperware cabinet that when you open it the fall out
Mason Duncan-Book
Mason Duncan-Book 12 dager siden
It's not too late for me my dog answers to both Lincoln and Baba
Best Fries Forever
Best Fries Forever 13 dager siden
I’m Gen Z and this is SO TRUE
Ava Seagers
Ava Seagers 13 dager siden
7:42/entire tiktok , im not completely sure but i think the pronouns are they/them. Their bio says " they/them my kids call me mom"
XYZ Videos
XYZ Videos 14 dager siden
Uhm, saying ''NO'' to a parent is disrespectful. I listen to them and I don't mind saying no to other people. You need to listen to parents. This is really bad of her but if she likes rebellious children, you be you.
candace miller
candace miller 15 dager siden
hi gloom
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 17 dager siden
As a cocktail waitress I ain't never get none of that I guess I was too nice flirting with people getting extra money.
Mew 17 dager siden
Just random, but any fellow hufflepuffs out there?
Audrey E
Audrey E 17 dager siden
During the opossum one I was crying
•-Minecraft bish-•
•-Minecraft bish-• 17 dager siden
Johnny the Cactus
Johnny the Cactus 17 dager siden
I’m gonna let my kids say no when it’s appropriate
Miro Gurney
Miro Gurney 19 dager siden
we don't have a tupperware cabinet we have a BOX
Venika V
Venika V 21 dag siden
actually I see my mom as my friend like mom: go order the bill me: no you >:(
a thing
a thing 22 dager siden
just to be certain, the first tiktok is fake
Kynsleigh smith
Kynsleigh smith 24 dager siden
That’s not true about the doctor phill show because my aunt went on and they talked about her dad so it is not fake.
N a l a n
N a l a n 24 dager siden
13:45 every time I think of anything gross
Ella B
Ella B 24 dager siden
Everyone talking about the gen z thing but like WHERE WAS THE HAPPY DAY IM GLOOM
Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs
What about gen Alfa
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 25 dager siden
I feel like working customer service in general is enough to treat workers better
Ivory Daugherty
Ivory Daugherty 25 dager siden
I’m a mix between millennial and gen z, lol.
The Sheeeeeeeeeesh Squad
7:16 i eed to show my mum this
Emma 25 dager siden
as someone from gen z with a boomer mom, dining out is a nightmare-
Radioactive Elephant 🧣
my dad does the exact gen x thing- he refers to people using the name on their name badges and it's just and then my mom does the millennial thing...
Amelia Kijewska
Amelia Kijewska 26 dager siden
I really am a gen z because im really Afraid of social interaction at restaurants.... That makes a problem with making new friends...
lavender 26 dager siden
U genius 👏 8:00
Tamara Turton
Tamara Turton 26 dager siden
I searched it up and I’m a gen alpha
Jennifer Rascon
Jennifer Rascon 27 dager siden
dr phil is like not that typ of dr
GracieGirl09 29 dager siden
I'm Gen Z and that was 100% me lol
CJR Arts
CJR Arts Måned siden
6:50 uh kassie they’re not a woman they’re non binary 😬
☁︎︎ Sage ☁︎︎
With the restaurant one I’m a Gen Z and it reminded me that the one who got the wrong food of me and the friend of my friend August 😭😭😭
Vegangirl Måned siden
I’m gen z and I like to go outside and meet people does anyone else
Maryetta Graves
Maryetta Graves Måned siden
The millennial one is me 🤣🤣🤣
That weird one is me
That weird one is me
That weird one is me
Kathryn Aguilar
Kathryn Aguilar Måned siden
I'm such a millennial
V.d-nk! k-m-n-r!
V.d-nk! k-m-n-r! Måned siden
“oop…..tea spilled” Shoto: ….
Qwertycat Måned siden
Hey Cassie, toriphantom's pronouns are actually they/them, not she/her Pls make sure that nextime you reference a creator to check their pronouns first!
Rachel Meshreki
Rachel Meshreki Måned siden
Dr.Phil watching this: 👁👄👁
Simmer.Amanda Måned siden
Avalouiise was exposed for lying. Just so yall know. Also Dr. Phil does holds a doctorate in Clinical psychology, though he ceased renewing his license to practice Psychology in 2006. So even though he never renewed his license he is still a doctor.
Meru Rose
Meru Rose Måned siden
I can't say no because my mom said that I can't say no to no one and I am shy because of that but I will fight some people that be mean to other people
Bousicà Måned siden
I am just the person who doesn't say anything even though my food is the wrong order haha
Witchcraft and Arson
At 7:25 I can relate to the trauma of not being able to say no. It has brought me terrible relationships, stress, anxiety, a lack in self worth, etc.. Being taught from an early age that if you say no you will be guilt tripped, hated, and other emotionally damaging things causes you to be manipulated and abused later in life, you become an easy target. If you are a parent/soon to be parent reading this please understand that even though you may have grown up being taught not to say no that you *need* to break the chain, don’t put your children through the same trauma you have. Thank you.
Blueberry randomness 16
robloxs_besties Måned siden
Hey so your calling me rich but I ain’t we are average
lemacron station
lemacron station Måned siden
why was gloom so quick to believe the Dr.Phil girl
Dare dęvįl
Dare dęvįl Måned siden
8:44 lol
froggi king
froggi king Måned siden
yeah once i ordered some icecream and i asked for sprinkles and they messed it up and i said "oh its ok u dont have to put sprinkles on" like-
Tanya Membreno
Tanya Membreno Måned siden
Tanya Tanya what my name is Tanya
Narwhal Unicorn
Narwhal Unicorn Måned siden
ii found a fly in my icie and I didn't say anything about it
Hecate Aradia
Hecate Aradia Måned siden
If you are interested in dr Phil, he is not a shrink and if you want to hear a great take on him look up on youtube Todd Grande, he makes comments about serial killers, and other celebrities; he lops him off at the knees for his low down weak analysis of heavy issues, he has one fits all and really does not have any business dealing with major mental issues. Todd is a clinical psychologist. He kinda guts Phil.
Alma Reynolds
Alma Reynolds Måned siden
about England 100% true
•DarkDreamer• Måned siden
HAHAHA 15:20 autotune
Peach Måned siden
Gloom I love your rainbow light in the background! Please use it again it’s so satisfying!
Nicole's World
Nicole's World Måned siden
When you did boomer you just did Karen
Frog's Sand
Frog's Sand Måned siden
14:01 my family cleans the roof every year. 😐
Archittles Måned siden
We had a customer that ate the whole meal and then came back and said it was wrong, gave it back to us, and we had to remake it for free
a guy on judge judy literally said "Ok mIsS gUrl
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox Måned siden
The doctor Phil one thooo I mean tea ☕️
Preeta Guptan
Preeta Guptan Måned siden
I think in some circumstances you should say no but in others the\ats true
just duck
just duck Måned siden
6:09 once I answered a question from my parents “no” and they started shouting at me and telling me to not be rude but I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was telling the truth. I start having anxiety whenever I say “no” to something I feel like people are going to think that I’m rude and selfish
Emma G
Emma G Måned siden
6:07 @toriphantom on tiktok uses they/them pronouns
emy Måned siden
hey! just letting you know that the person around 6 minutes in is not a woman. they go by they/them pronouns!
》Embarrassed at all times《
The dog one happened to me :( I called my dog "Pissbaby" for too long and that's all he responds to now ;-;
taegiza Måned siden
Well Oli London was at Dr.Phill he’s not famous or i think he wasn’t an actor,he still thinks he’s “Korean”💀👍
Nara Huerta
Nara Huerta Måned siden
thats a llie about doctor phill like my man he he knows what he is doing
Axbelly Måned siden
I live in England and this is are best park we have worst also we say we have a nosebleed
E lol
E lol Måned siden
Amber T
Amber T Måned siden
My mom told me that she didn't like Dr Phil, And now i know why 😯
I 6 H
I 6 H Måned siden
Where’s the “happy day I’m gLoOm”??
Mikayla Lien
Mikayla Lien Måned siden
I ordered a salad but they brought pizza instead and I just ate it
GamingPebbles Måned siden
The only real episode of dr Phil was oily oildon
Superslothstudios Måned siden
gEn-Z Although this is probably a typo it is very very accurate
PurpleHearts7000 Måned siden
Please- I relate to the gen z one on a spiritual level 😩🤚
Izuku Midorya
Izuku Midorya Måned siden
Im kinda curious about what would happen if your parents use one type of parenting but your older siblings use another on you like will it not matter or will the siblings one affect you more if the parents are absent almost all the time?
Monopoly man
Monopoly man Måned siden
The girl who “exposed” dr. Phil also made up a rumor about Kanye west and Jeffree star so don’t believe her
Northern Bound
Northern Bound Måned siden
Tori uses they/them pronouns.
Lil Bacon
Lil Bacon Måned siden
Bring part of gen z I hate bothering people and prefer to stay silent even thought that can be a bad thing sometimes cause even when I’m right I don’t really say it. So at 3:37 that really hit me
Winnie the Pooh겨울 T
Doctor Phil is a real doctor, but he stopped practicing way back in the early 2000s.
Tweirdo_ Måned siden
Becca Crossing
Becca Crossing Måned siden
12:25 wait you have bins?
no this is patrick
no this is patrick Måned siden
"Can I eat my chimmey chANgas now" _terry and wade wilson
Phoebe Mortenson
Phoebe Mortenson Måned siden
...wait, so the whole sending Christmas cards with family photos and newsletters, everyone doesn't do that? We send them out every year, and it goes to basically everyone my parents have ever met lol
That mom... Is an idol❤ My mom is like that too, but when I don't do anything at all she scolds me (doesn't get mad, yell, or scream) she gives me a heartfelt talk. I love my mom (and dad) ❤❤❤
Galaxydoesgacha Måned siden
That cringe video is still up and I FOUND IT.
childhood is over 😞
Ganger 2,4 mill
If regret was a video 🤦
delete this it's too sad
kids can't be normal
My TikTok is cursed
relatable but in a BAD way