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Riddles has taken a new form and it's more messy and ridiculous than ever. This is the mobile app game, Braining
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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20. juli. 2021





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DevilDudett :P
DevilDudett :P 6 timer siden
Who else missed Gloom and Jays riddles? I miss them beings duo on them riddles
octo UwU
octo UwU 6 timer siden
she lost her brain cells
Nikolai Arnold
Nikolai Arnold 7 timer siden
the middle
Sophia Dewar
Sophia Dewar 10 timer siden
Aw so cute😊
hamza helda
hamza helda 12 timer siden
I really hope glue knows that she's making every single kids in the world have love and be happy I hope Gloom knows that
Itsmelaniemartinez 13 timer siden
Happy day I’m GlOoM Makes my day
Stacy Fuentes
Stacy Fuentes 13 timer siden
I mean gloom
Stacy Fuentes
Stacy Fuentes 13 timer siden
I lobe you glom
Lovely Lida
Lovely Lida 14 timer siden
Gloom I love your so beautiful if you're name is gloom
•ThiccQueen• 14 timer siden
Just me when they all face palmed I did it to😂
mary margaret embalsado
When ever in evry vidio is glooooooooom
Aurea Lirazan
Aurea Lirazan 19 timer siden
True cooky.playz shes like "GLoooOooooOooOoOoOOOoooooom"
Fatima Wilkinson
Fatima Wilkinson 20 timer siden
I loooooove GlOOooOoOOOOooOoM
Mat Porter
Mat Porter 22 timer siden
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell Dag siden
It said he was lying with the nurse 🧠
Nerdy and Nice
Nerdy and Nice Dag siden
“Why do we have to ruin their lives?” Gray: *no hesitation*
𝐈𝐭𝐳 𝐀𝐤𝐨 🐙
Gloom, try and play the iPhone, IPad version of the BabyInYellow
Faraana Majal
Faraana Majal Dag siden
I love your videos
Meghnaa M
Meghnaa M Dag siden
BobaTeaJana Dag siden
10:06 he kinda looks like terry
Jamiya Clark
Jamiya Clark Dag siden
The nursing was lying that’s why she was the right answer
Anika McGowan
Anika McGowan Dag siden
im kinda mean but also kinda nice bc i was watching people who was kind to animals but i watched gloom insted lol
Blair Aneliz Cabio
gloom you can say bino that means drink english and bino is philipino
Mandii Edwards
Mandii Edwards 2 dager siden
But I do love both of those apps my favorite is gacha life because it has more games then gacha club what I really like most about gacha life is that I can make my own skit and I like the avatar creater in it and I also It has a lot of gacha people that look soooooooooooooooo cute and cool
Mandii Edwards
Mandii Edwards 2 dager siden
I do have gacha life and gacha club and I noticed that gacha life has some gacha glichs that are sooooooooooo creepy and Scary for other people and espiecally the kids
AJ Jalon
AJ Jalon 2 dager siden
Also when you were on the who's gonna be married first test lady c was wearing a ladybug dress
Hayela Gourdet
Hayela Gourdet 2 dager siden
Kassie😂 for the nurse riddle the question was who is lying so you had to click the nurse bc she was lying and the pregnant patient wasn’t
itsFunneh 2 dager siden
Gloom remember me we made a video remember??
kamila naeem
kamila naeem 2 dager siden
We ai
J&B Plus Three
J&B Plus Three 2 dager siden
I like gloom
Deirdre Hebdon
Deirdre Hebdon 2 dager siden
I love this video
DX7C1E X 2 dager siden
When can gloom do riddles with hay again
Bridget Vasquez
Bridget Vasquez 2 dager siden
You're the best riddle Solver ever
Berkeley Hua
Berkeley Hua 2 dager siden
it said who was lying not who was not lying XD
Ofa Lunar
Ofa Lunar 2 dager siden
Do you know itsfunneh
Gladwyn Mascarenhas
Gladwyn Mascarenhas 2 dager siden
It sa who is lying 😑
carl walsh
carl walsh 2 dager siden
look at the writing!
Youtuberchocopoppy1 2 dager siden
Jazzlyn Vivienne Tolentino
i don't understand anthing bro
Tik Tøk girl (↑ω↑)
Gloom: ok, who's a vamp-.......... NEXT! Me: lollolololololol
Naima Reyes
Naima Reyes 3 dager siden
Who is lying not who is not lying
Nicole Kasten
Nicole Kasten 3 dager siden
Your so smart! =0
Shanti & Vika Show
Shanti & Vika Show 3 dager siden
11:24 She isn't pregnant because-AS YOU DONT KNOW, in life, being pregnant you HAVE TO wait 9 months or the baby isn't ready, in 9 months the baby with be ready and be alive and keep pushing. :D
Sapphire Willden
Sapphire Willden 3 dager siden
wenzhao wang
wenzhao wang 3 dager siden
It says who is lying
Toothlesstheuseless} 3 dager siden
I love ur shirt 💖💖💖💖
Julie Berg
Julie Berg 3 dager siden
It says who is lying 😐
Panda Girl
Panda Girl 3 dager siden
Riddle: Who is LYING? Kassie: Clicks the nurse says: 'How can the nurse be right?' KaSsIe ItS ThAt ThE nUrSe Is LyInG!!!
Mahjabeen Amjid
Mahjabeen Amjid 3 dager siden
I'm new watching this vid
Lerke Brustad
Lerke Brustad 3 dager siden
I dont know Gloom. CAN you put the stick in the hole? CAN you put the stick in her mouth?
Tara Gurung
Tara Gurung 3 dager siden
Tara Gurung
Tara Gurung 3 dager siden
Tara Gurung
Tara Gurung 3 dager siden
Garnet Bacolod
Garnet Bacolod 3 dager siden
part 2 plssss
Freddy Portales
Freddy Portales 4 dager siden
I wish we are friends
Guess what I’m gay
Guess what I’m gay 4 dager siden
Love your pride shirt! 🥰
Claire29 4 dager siden
Claire29 4 dager siden
Claire29 4 dager siden
I am the only one who said something here T-T
Taylor skater
Taylor skater 4 dager siden
GlOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOom :)
Kayla Zhao
Kayla Zhao 4 dager siden
Gloom, actually for all The Who is lying questions you’re suppose to click the one that is lying, not telling the truth.
Kayla Zhao
Kayla Zhao 4 dager siden
For The Who is lying with the two wives, you’re suppose click the one that is lying, not the one that’s telling the truth.
Jayden 4 dager siden
Thanh Lee
Thanh Lee 4 dager siden
Axolotlinabottle 4 dager siden
Love your shirt
Cassiedy Hara
Cassiedy Hara 4 dager siden
Lol kassie is my name too but with a c Cassie
Zoe Moore
Zoe Moore 4 dager siden
13:09 "that's what he said"
Nelma Markkula
Nelma Markkula 4 dager siden
The nurse was lying you needed to Click The lier gloom
˚uxgne% 4 dager siden
Read this if ur sad You’re amazing be yourself I wish you’re day tomorrow is better Idk how to really help but If I was near you I’m gonna 100% hug you If you need me I’m here :)
Twins Gaming
Twins Gaming 4 dager siden
Gloom made a whole rhyme 12:58 to 13:00
Katherine Mason-Gage
Katherine Mason-Gage 4 dager siden
The reason why it said no when u clicked the B button is because it said who is lying you said A was lying so you shouldve pressed A
♓️Pisces Zodiac♓️
4:34 the teacher reminds me of a bratz doll
Nour Rafei
Nour Rafei 4 dager siden
chris hughes
chris hughes 4 dager siden
It says who is lying that means if it’s a doctors lying
Abdellatif Alloucha
Abdellatif Alloucha 4 dager siden
Gloom:wait is that not a baby Me: The question:who ls lying ?
•blxckcat •
•blxckcat • 4 dager siden
Who else thought she was gonna do 7 second riddles then this app game just appeared on her screen?
Alice B
Alice B 3 dager siden
Crispydispygatcha 4 dager siden
Life Lesson: You don’ need money to make you rich you need love
Snow Cream
Snow Cream 2 dager siden
Why was my first thought a gold digger- 😳🥲
Nishi Chakraborty
Nishi Chakraborty 4 dager siden
I am a kid 11:25 Read the Question again, It says who is lying Patient=True 😇 Doctor👩🏻‍⚕️=Lie 🤥
Zolti Gizella
Zolti Gizella 4 dager siden
The ners vos lyeng et sed whoa is lyeng
ElectroSis 4 dager siden
"Who is lying quiz" : Kassie : *confused af* Me: should we tell her, its the one who is lying not the one telling the truth?
HeyIts_Ellaa 4 dager siden
12:57 me at an exam
ysabel forever_zamfam
ysabel forever_zamfam 4 dager siden
11:27 Gloom: *accidentally moves mouse and takes umbrella* "ohhhhhhhh.......ummmmm..... neeext!"
Brinn Taylor
Brinn Taylor 5 dager siden
11:28 is funny 🤣
Melanie D
Melanie D 5 dager siden
Lol 11:26
Melanie D
Melanie D 5 dager siden
Lol 10:02 plug her in the but
Therese Samson
Therese Samson 5 dager siden
Kassie: little miss Me: PERFECT
Snow Cream
Snow Cream 2 dager siden
Didn’t she play that game or something like that
GamerBread 5 dager siden
on the one where it shows the doctor said she's not pregnant, it said "who is lying?" so you'd have to choose the liar.
Sadie Hunt
Sadie Hunt 5 dager siden
All of the video, I like the Glooooooooooooooooom intro the best😅
PinkKitty212 5 dager siden
Why you got lots of them wrong is because it said: Who is lying?
Vuyisile Shezi
Vuyisile Shezi 5 dager siden
It means love has no coulor
Azra Tilki
Azra Tilki 5 dager siden
How can you run away from a SNAKE !
Heather Lee
Heather Lee 5 dager siden
Happy day I’m gloom 🤣🤣🤣
help 5 dager siden
Just tell me the game name
Arcade Pac
Arcade Pac 5 dager siden
Ducks on gloom’s head ducks
Mary Cortez
Mary Cortez 5 dager siden
He’s shirt 🥰😝
Mylenne be SERENE
Mylenne be SERENE 5 dager siden
I am wearing the same exact shirt rn-
Avlyn Virani
Avlyn Virani 5 dager siden
12:46 if you can count how many times she said can I you deserve an Emmy award
cuteAmeliauwu 5 dager siden
O gloom my best big sister Loves you
WWApaula 5 dager siden
Its called wine not vino
Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis 5 dager siden
My brain hurts!