TikToks that chase away bad vibes 

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Hear ye! Hear ye! These are the most wholesome, heart filling, inpsiring, soul lifting videos I could find. These creators should win awards for making the world a lil brighter,
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



22. juni. 2021





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Amanda Chellan
Amanda Chellan 19 timer siden
What do u mean was the greatest Chihuahua?
Lauren 2 dager siden
The sneeze tiktok reminded me of the time my cousin and I were at the capital. My uncle used to work there with a senator. We were in the court room and people were recording a live video straight to the then president Obama. We sat in the stands to observe. My cousin accidentally burped so loudly it echoed in the room. No one reacted but we died laughing as soon as we left. There’s no way it didn’t show up in the video and we are 100% sure everyone in the room heard it. 💀
Łucid Ñigthmare
Łucid Ñigthmare 2 dager siden
1:05 i hate this person they look like they tryna be cute
Tinlee Upchurch
Tinlee Upchurch 2 dager siden
I had heart surgery Gloom: her heart is really open 😂😂😂
Pikachu Pikaro
Pikachu Pikaro 3 dager siden
3:00- I ALWAYS boop my 4 dogs on the noses, so I'm not gonna lie they don't even care anymore they just don't put up with me lol (•^•)
Agnieszka Piotrowska
Agnieszka Piotrowska 3 dager siden
Can we appreciate that she said “happy day I’m gLoOm” in 1 second
kawaljeet kaur
kawaljeet kaur 4 dager siden
I love how it was like watch this meme while kassie is out of focus LOLOLO
Toey_ThatBarnCat 6 dager siden
Your dress is so amazing
SamTheSatyr 6 dager siden
Kassie’s dress and jewelry is so beautiful like- Ur so pretty ☺️
Zebra Lion
Zebra Lion 6 dager siden
Give him 19282683928198377 treats because your amazing and so is he and twinky so is tarry love your work don’t give up
A purple umbreon
A purple umbreon 7 dager siden
Yez yez beautiful just what i need to start me day
Sonett Cona
Sonett Cona 7 dager siden
Is it weird that people like my nose bc its soft and squishy?!?
「Officially Beachy⛱」
I love the video but why do I want that shirt so badly?
Kayla Cronje
Kayla Cronje 11 dager siden
What is your fave anime?
Wolfpack 14 dager siden
Also, I USED TO BE TERRIFIED OF CHIWAWAS WHEN I WAS LITTLE. Idk I just never liked how vicious and high picked they were. I’m still a bit uncomfortable around them after that one time when I was outside and the neighbor’s chuwawa got through the fence and got in our yard. It was barking like crazy and running towards me so I ran. I got inside and my mom dealt with the problem from there
Wolfpack 14 dager siden
Idk how to spell chuwawa and auto correct decides to change everything that’s not supposed to be changed but this time it “can’t find ant replacements”
Wolfpack 14 dager siden
The more chubby your cheeks are the less it will hurt when you have a family reunion
Madi Hardwick
Madi Hardwick 14 dager siden
the guys in the first video go to my school, like i was shocked when i saw my Uniform
elsa the filter
elsa the filter 14 dager siden
I wish I could breed your dog and mine mine looks like yours but a normal German Shepherd 😋
☁️ •CloudAesthetic• ☁️
WildCats 16 dager siden
My cat is soo vocal but not in an adorable way.
Salty Dino Nuggies
Salty Dino Nuggies 16 dager siden
5:40 yall acting like that's not how many pickles people asking for extra pickles want
Lunes B3rry
Lunes B3rry 16 dager siden
Anjing should have 10000000000000 treats (i think thats how u spell Anjing)
Rattie 17 dager siden
So we all gonna ignore the meme of the turtle at 2:00
~[Stoopy_Tubs]~ 17 dager siden
Did Twinky die?!?!?!?!
☆CreamyXstars☆ 18 dager siden
im obsessed with your shirt
Isla Gilbert
Isla Gilbert 18 dager siden
she had open heart surgery and gloom said she has such an open heart
Janah Dreyer
Janah Dreyer 19 dager siden
I am nine please stop saying as
Chelsea Forsyth
Chelsea Forsyth 20 dager siden
i love my low chub cheeks
ERIKA TREVINO 20 dager siden
• Vixery •
• Vixery • 20 dager siden
2:09 yea her heart is and was definitely open at one point
Ava Knapp
Ava Knapp 20 dager siden
When she said was the best Chihuahua😭
Cherry_bobxa♡ 20 dager siden
To all the people that disliked and put hate comments under this video, stop hating on one another. Its wrong, and if it gets bad enough it can emotionally hurt the person that the video belongs to.
Dragon Gavin
Dragon Gavin 20 dager siden
What if we don’t have tik too hmmm
John Angerstein
John Angerstein 20 dager siden
She rocks puffy sleeves
Elizabeth Blondia
Elizabeth Blondia 21 dag siden
Are we not going to talk about how cute her top is
Michala Stevens
Michala Stevens 21 dag siden
Vianna Schleiger
Vianna Schleiger 23 dager siden
ummm anyone going to talk about how she said wholesum prob spelled that wrong imao but in like every vid???
Emma Sanchez
Emma Sanchez 24 dager siden
When she said big cheeks-
Corrupted Amethyst
Corrupted Amethyst 24 dager siden
1:00 My cheeks do look like that tho!
Enderdragon Slayer
Enderdragon Slayer 25 dager siden
I have cute and chubby checs
Fayzerjams 26 dager siden
Who else thinks Kassie looks like a princess in that top? 👇
Flowerx 26 dager siden
I love this
Reece Griffiths
Reece Griffiths 26 dager siden
Nerdy lil Potato
Nerdy lil Potato 26 dager siden
Ok i know yall mean Well by saying: "shes so pretty" "I needed Some wholesome stuff" but ive seen 20 so im like "yeah i know"
sloppy caca
sloppy caca 27 dager siden
4:19, did dhe just say athsthss? lool
Cat craze
Cat craze 27 dager siden
Love your shirt
Lanny Oneill
Lanny Oneill 29 dager siden
My dog freaks out when my mam leaves and then when she comes back it's so cute cause she is so happy!
Mureee Lewis
Mureee Lewis 29 dager siden
We aint gonna talk about what happen in 6:04?
treasure_ Måned siden
Gloom i wanted to say something- -you look amazing.
dolls and drawing
dolls and drawing Måned siden
Haley Ramirez
Haley Ramirez Måned siden
rifka fairuz syifa
rifka fairuz syifa Måned siden
Wait una!?
LauTrix V
LauTrix V Måned siden
The TIKTOK from the dog that was lost I lost my parrot 1 year and then I found him I'm soo happy now thats was 1 year ago that I found him
Alanna Ramirez
Alanna Ramirez Måned siden
“My friend had really big cheeks” was I the only one thinking something else
Ranyah Ali
Ranyah Ali Måned siden
5-9 treats per day and ima try thih Gloom Gloom Gloom
CutiexXmarline Måned siden
What happend to twinky??
Susbeam Dragon
Susbeam Dragon 27 dager siden
He sadly passed away, she made a video on it.
- - Zaynab - -
- - Zaynab - - Måned siden
love ur shirt😊
can i die
can i die Måned siden
gloom you should do vlogs
Lucas DiLodovico
Lucas DiLodovico Måned siden
Mosharrof Sarker
Mosharrof Sarker Måned siden
Wisegirl Måned siden
She’s got big cheeks Ohhh that’s what she said
Wisegirl Måned siden
2:27 there is no lying here
Chubby Pies
Chubby Pies Måned siden
9:01 Thinking I'm an idiot realising I'm not an idiot My mom grew up in the 19s phone weren't invented then she is not a gamer though I grew up to become a gamer how does that make sense!?!??!??!????
율희_희_ Måned siden
When she says stuff about dogs,the need of dog inside me has grow bigger!😭
fake faky
fake faky Måned siden
you should get a haircut like you did with the wig again
Anaiyah Måned siden
The only thing I heard this video that made me happy was when Cassie said she watches anime
Sanford the animator
so you think my face is cute? i have a chubby face and i hate it- ty tho
Dareen gacha
Dareen gacha Måned siden
let's all agree that kassie's top is so adorable SHE LOOKS LIKE A PRINCESS she just needs her 👑
Marie Thaxton
Marie Thaxton Måned siden
I needed that after the past couple weeks this really helped me calm down 😊
And Peggy
And Peggy Måned siden
Kassie: Not oh I’m gonna drop 1,0000000 dollars on a video Mr Beast: 😢
꧁red._.mocha꧂ Måned siden
4:41 i would still eat pickles the next day xD
Farhat Nadeem
Farhat Nadeem Måned siden
Gloom said that a word at 4:19 in the video
Hush Måned siden
I have 2 chihuahuas and they have never bitten anyone in their lives. They are 6 and 7
Sahara Lyle
Sahara Lyle Måned siden
My friend is looking after a teacup chihuahua and she is so cute and shaky
🖤Toxic_toxin💚 Måned siden
I wish my dogs were alive to watch anime with me 😭🥺☹️
TheCat Måned siden
We all know the guy that made the sliding video waited until it rained 😂
Eden's gaming
Eden's gaming Måned siden
my friend rught her cat to do the owaowa but a meow meow
Dianne McBride
Dianne McBride Måned siden
I have chubbby cheeks and I hate them they just make me look fat 👁👄👁
Shrek Lover
Shrek Lover Måned siden
I could only get halfway through the video because the video wouldn't go.
Bad vibes~go away Then you realize you forgot to brush you teeth and you’re cuddling in your bed with your cat 🥲 Bad vibes have entered the chat~
-MaddyGamez_Roblox- Måned siden
Man I thought I was early it said 7 seconds ago ugh 😑
Sweet P
Sweet P Måned siden
Fun Fact: this used to be called “TikToks that feel like a dad being proud”
Michelle Da Silva
Michelle Da Silva 27 dager siden
Kids Kahmahkotayo
Kids Kahmahkotayo Måned siden
Cute😤 ok bye know😅😁 oh ok ok b bye
Nalend RAW
Nalend RAW Måned siden
Lesss go Una go internasionall
boo Måned siden
“Her big cheeks are” that’s was he said
Catherine Applegate
Catherine Applegate Måned siden
Lol the meme tho at 2mins in
Iliana Dalkeith
Iliana Dalkeith Måned siden
The little grin 😏 kissy 🥰
Amanda Howell
Amanda Howell Måned siden
I love how she's like "he handled that so well" talking about how well he took her poking him meanwhile I try to do it to my dog and instead she decided my finger is. A chew toy....
Ahmed Thamer
Ahmed Thamer Måned siden
watching the video i relized some windex on the floor next to plant lol
{savannah} Måned siden
Speaking if heart surgery I had heart surgery when I was 18 months old and my goal is to just have a fun life
Madison Candillo
Madison Candillo Måned siden
I love the out of focus memes
Gia Laftsidis
Gia Laftsidis Måned siden
Cats are the evolved humans
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown Måned siden
Why when I order XTRA Pickles they give me one
🤍arsønfrøg🤍 Måned siden
Anyone else remember “Tiktoks that feel like dad being proud” as the original title-
Emily Buis
Emily Buis Måned siden
🦴here you go cassies doggie
Bronzewolf silverowl
4:00 Me: My cat likes watching my favorite show with me. I'll turn it on and she'll come running up and leap onto my lap.
Naomi Heseltine
Naomi Heseltine Måned siden
Your best gloom
Lea Velasco
Lea Velasco Måned siden
I Love your video gloom
Maisie Stewart
Maisie Stewart Måned siden
A+ funny kids I would babysit
When art gets WAY too real
Schools out for summer 🎉
HIGH League - I Konferencja