I Tested Hacks To Be Popular at School 

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I'm so unfathomably cool now that I've had to changed my phone number 18 times. I get invited to every party. If I wear army pants and flip flops, they all buy army pants and flip flops. The awesome motorbike girl asks me if she can ride on the back of my bicycle. Thank you 123 Go!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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22. jan.. 2021





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Adwoa Beatson
Adwoa Beatson 2 timer siden
Are you engaged
julia Dewilde
julia Dewilde 8 timer siden
"we're very social" emm i am not sicial at all, i am very shy and i am alone at school, so yeah i already grew up
julia Dewilde
julia Dewilde 9 timer siden
00:46 i am alone weather i like it or not
I don't have airpods... 😭
Vijay Lucky
Vijay Lucky 2 dager siden
bully: OI NERD! the nerd teakes glasses off nerd: uh yea? the bully falls in love with the near the neard think its toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cringe- the end -_-
Erica Morgan
Erica Morgan 2 dager siden
Read what do you mean are you calling me a loser I’m only a little kid
Gudrabeanz 3 dager siden
Gudrabeanz 3 dager siden
Oh no
Levie Night
Levie Night 3 dager siden
“She tips your HAIRpods (AirPods)!”
Gary Welch
Gary Welch 4 dager siden
jenevadavid 4 dager siden
So it's a bit affensive (sorry I forgot to put that bit in)
jenevadavid 4 dager siden
I love the video and I'm not a hater pls don't take this seriously but I don't like the thumbnail cuz I have glasses and I Also don't think I'm very pretty..
Cloudy VS Springs
Cloudy VS Springs 5 dager siden
Kassie: HIDE YOUR TIPS! Me: Covers🍒*
cooler than fidgit trading
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ........is Terry okay?
Ayoung Kim Seok
Ayoung Kim Seok 6 dager siden
Me: ~looks at nerd with really messy bun~ Also me: ~looks at MY messy bun~ aww c’mon!!! ~looks at my glasses too~ Jesus,
Jasmine De Beer
Jasmine De Beer 6 dager siden
U looked like sssniperwolf
ッGeorge Almadenッ
ッGeorge Almadenッ 6 dager siden
me who is anti-social: Kool.
Isla Vassar
Isla Vassar 6 dager siden
I was doing my homework reading during this video and at the beginning I felt hurt
KoKo Jeff28
KoKo Jeff28 7 dager siden
Yeah um i do that just goes don’t need anyone im in 6th grade lol
Indie Tormena
Indie Tormena 7 dager siden
Is it just me or does Kassie rocks those tattoos lol
Zoe Edwards
Zoe Edwards 8 dager siden
my puppy is named roxy
Michael Findley
Michael Findley 8 dager siden
I don't get it either like it's not nerdy to have glasses you can make glasses really stylish if you have to right outfit I think glasses are really cute 😊😊
Sham Deeb
Sham Deeb 10 dager siden
Love you
audrey christman
audrey christman 10 dager siden
i love gloom and bella
Ganiz2 11 dager siden
I remember someone was arguing about who was cooler, and they went into the «richer» category. One said « I have airpods» and the other one rplied «cuz you don’t have enough money for a cable» 🤣🤣🤣
Caitlin 9 dager siden
Asia Ali
Asia Ali 11 dager siden
Is tary your husbend
Caitlin 9 dager siden
Terry is just her fiance but they are getting married
THICC SQAUD 12 dager siden
The spray stuff is kinda dumb bc it brushes out like if u brush it it disapears
Kaidynce Sturm
Kaidynce Sturm 12 dager siden
I have a Roxy brand backpack that says ROXY on it that I bring to school, I have people that have gotten to the point that they call me Roxy even though it’s not my name… I actually don’t mind it, it’s kind of a nickname.
Kimberly Miano
Kimberly Miano 13 dager siden
How dare you use my own spells against me potter
Miss_cookie_misty 13 dager siden
I love how at the start of the vid him...yes him... I'm the background it looked like him... Was wearing a banana costume
Michaels world
Michaels world 13 dager siden
I have AirPods it’s just that I prefer Regular earbuds
Jennifer Espana
Jennifer Espana 13 dager siden
I mean you'll have "Airpods" but you'll also be ruining perfect earbuds is it worth it?
Taillte Cahill Enright
Taillte Cahill Enright 14 dager siden
Am I the only one who quotes “What a looooooser” on a daily breackfast
~*Ariel*~ 14 dager siden
phoenatron 3000
phoenatron 3000 15 dager siden
Im a nerd
Tropical Life
Tropical Life 15 dager siden
I would love to have you and Terry as my bullies i don't have any
Flash 1234
Flash 1234 15 dager siden
I read😑😤😢😩😶😑😐😥😒😪😤😢😭😾😡😠😳
Cara 🥰
Cara 🥰 16 dager siden
Why does Kassie look better with glasses on?
xXsilentroseXx 16 dager siden
xXsilentroseXx 16 dager siden
𝗧𝗵𝗲𝗺:*pretending to make fun of us* Me:you really mean it 😢
randomthings katie
randomthings katie 16 dager siden
gloom your videos are awsome! keep uploading
Mehdi Aitmansou
Mehdi Aitmansou 17 dager siden
I have glasesse
17 dager siden
Poplar I’m popular but not really popular
Sweet sprinkles 🍩
Sweet sprinkles 🍩 17 dager siden
My brother said he doesn’t want friends
Suri Chen
Suri Chen 17 dager siden
IBella I when u
Sarwanda Butler
Sarwanda Butler 19 dager siden
Claire 19 dager siden
at my school because the kids are a level ahead like me we all want to be the smartest kid in the level or class. we learned 5th grade stuff in 4th or 3rd grade. soo you were a nerd if you weren’t smart. so the opposite of a real nerd
Zaijan Ronn
Zaijan Ronn 19 dager siden
Literally i am the most popular in my class because im literally friends with my whole entire class
adorbsxlea 19 dager siden
in like 3rd or 4th grade the kids and I would cut our headphones to make it look like we had AirPods
Tsaagii Surenkhordorj
Tsaagii Surenkhordorj 20 dager siden
Gloom:hEaDaSs Past me:BADASS past parents:EXSUSE ME YOUG LADY past gloom:but I like to break the law PAST EVERYTHING:NOTHING
jungkook jeon
jungkook jeon 21 dag siden
im the "popular " school and i wear glasses🥴
Liz Perez
Liz Perez 23 dager siden
Glom: the tips of your hair pod Me: oh yep made my own hair pods
Rylee 25 dager siden
Bhawana Joshi
Bhawana Joshi 25 dager siden
Gloom shouts like a serial killer is behind her
Samoya Elise
Samoya Elise 25 dager siden
Gloom l Lovee you you are so pretty and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Samoya Elise
Samoya Elise 25 dager siden
I love your vids
hyunjid 25 dager siden
all of the people who disliked this are probably the "nerds" who got offended by the intro 💀💀
Bukola Olumade-Ezun
Bukola Olumade-Ezun 26 dager siden
I don, t. Known why. Cat face I don't know because that I'm watching it right now
Bukola Olumade-Ezun
Bukola Olumade-Ezun 26 dager siden
I don, t
Shosho Ali
Shosho Ali 26 dager siden
:…. I read books…….. I am still cool :) even if you read books you’re always cry and if you wear glasses that’s cool too you should never make fun of somebody just because you don’t like your personality everybody has their own personality and I love everybody the way :)
AutumnIsHere 26 dager siden
0:42 yeah- that's not applicable for me 😅
27 dager siden
*why is wearing glasses is nerdy?* *kassie 2021*
AT Pets
AT Pets 27 dager siden
Cassy No ones teasing you for reading Me Reading My class why do you read your so weird Love your videos 😍 no hate
May 27 dager siden
How to be popular-be kind
Roxy Thomas
Roxy Thomas 27 dager siden
I love your videos
Roxy Thomas
Roxy Thomas 27 dager siden
My mums name is Roxy
eddwould72 Måned siden
Gloom: i’ll be so sick🤟 ri- ri✌️- right🤙
Happy Egg Teddies and Baby Dolls
It’s so funny Cuase galsses used to be nerdy and now people wear fake glasses cause they are fashion P.S the reason people think glasses are nerdy is because if you read a lot in dim light it ruins your eyesight FUN FACT
Jelena Rivas
Jelena Rivas Måned siden
ProGamer60 Måned siden
0:30 I’m dying
Kids Kahmahkotayo
Kids Kahmahkotayo Måned siden
ME YAY IM A well u know
Michaela Jarvis
Michaela Jarvis Måned siden
I love watching 123go
Brooke Fifield
Brooke Fifield Måned siden
the people who disliked this got caught cutting their headphone cords off XD
Jeannie Greene
Jeannie Greene Måned siden
Jeab Wong
Jeab Wong Måned siden
I am not nerdy with glasses.
Hannah Abbott
Hannah Abbott Måned siden
i look better with glasses
Måned siden
“Blowing ink out marker” Me blowing red ink on me just yesterday: Huh? -red hands-
Mikayla Daly
Mikayla Daly Måned siden
Did you manage to get the hair dye out?
Mikayla Daly
Mikayla Daly Måned siden
Tiana GLOOM Ibella Leah ashe are my fav youtubers
Chrissy Egan
Chrissy Egan Måned siden
Is it me or does 123 go want to make people fit in? 123 go is teaching bad lessons to children
Chloe D:
Chloe D: Måned siden
1K Dislikes
Equestrian  Life
Equestrian Life Måned siden
Did you do a permanent marker
vi lew
vi lew Måned siden
0:26 I had headphones on my ear is like broke
🌺 it’s just Teagan
Happy day I’m gloom today I’m prettier then other times cause I have glasses. But seriously kassie you look AWESOME!!!!!
Savanna silly land
Savanna silly land Måned siden
Bruh I find people who say glasses r nerdy r soooooooooooooooooooo RUDE because I have glasses
Nicola Potchworth
Nicola Potchworth Måned siden
I pulled a uno revurse card at the loser thing
Jazmine Jordan
Jazmine Jordan Måned siden
3:58 well that went WAY over my head the first time I watched this
Sarah Vanderveen
Sarah Vanderveen Måned siden
Ok, but those braids are so cute, why do people hate on braids with glasses?
Kay & Ken Amazing
Kay & Ken Amazing Måned siden
I love ur hair the dye is beautiful just wow
Sophia costa
Sophia costa Måned siden
I love you and I love how you said how is it nerdy to wear glasses I wear glasses and this makes me feel better lol you
Måned siden
how was the last one about the motorbike a hack!?
valeriewysocki Måned siden
Thea Burke
Thea Burke Måned siden
Baneza Guerrero
Baneza Guerrero Måned siden
Yesssssssss Queen
Jason Wagner
Jason Wagner Måned siden
Sophia Sorceria
Sophia Sorceria Måned siden
me haveing glasses and being best friends with the populer girl and me being the other populer
lehi Salinas
lehi Salinas Måned siden
Thas how teen act
Manju John
Manju John Måned siden
With the glasses I don't recognize you
moahmmed hasnain
moahmmed hasnain Måned siden
i hate when she dyed her hair
X2 Ranger
X2 Ranger Måned siden
One of my temporary tattoo stayed on for a very long time and then it looked real