Oddly satisfying with a weird after taste 

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This is some cool art but something about each are a bit off for me, let’s dissect otherwise beautiful things together.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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9. juli. 2021





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Anabella Carrasqueira
Anabella Carrasqueira 10 timer siden
Kassie: Who thought of this? Me: froggyed 1:28
Rosie McKenzi
Rosie McKenzi Dag siden
7:17 I couldn't breathe out of my nose for 6 years until I got my adnoids and tonsils removed I'm 11 now and haven't had a problem with breathing since 😁
Ariah Jarrell
Ariah Jarrell Dag siden
So when she was looking at the misty forest did nobody else see the person in the forest.😶👍
% S0FT11 %
% S0FT11 % Dag siden
I actually feel terrible for the guy who sacrificed his lawn fr
% S0FT11 %
% S0FT11 % Dag siden
I actually feel terrible for the guy who sacrificed his lawn fr
Crayon Dag siden
i feel like it’s illegal to comment here after this was posted 3 weeks ago 👀
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 dager siden
Brittany Anderson
Brittany Anderson 2 dager siden
Happy day I’m gLoMm
TUDOR BUZATU 2 dager siden
if SSSnipewolf died id watch you
I can see slender man in that forest
Aisha _arts_3
Aisha _arts_3 3 dager siden
Lol gloom I can touch my pupil of my eye I think you would not like that
Kathy Elwell
Kathy Elwell 3 dager siden
I literally saw someone in that forest right after mickey
Bella the Alien dog deer rhino thing
The nose thing is like when I go to the doctors to get my ear cleaned out and my miss shaped ears make me have a bunch of earwax and then they just cleared out and it makes me hear again
Melinda Maier
Melinda Maier 3 dager siden
How do you have such perfect hair?!?
Lazybean_queen 3 dager siden
Me putting on of the pimple patches for the first time and clicks on the video and accidentally sees how they work I am now scared to take it off
unpredictable smiley-one
:0 i thought the lines on the road were like gas leaking or something im realising that that would be dangerous and don't know why i thought that
Amalrytssz dsxzzxLł c. W Msaddak
im Muslime
Asees games ❤️❤️
I am 8 and that nose was bad🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮
Lilly 4 dager siden
Every video of you’re making makes MY day🥰 Love you’re videos love you too(As you’re biggest fan!!)😘❤️
Nimar Kaur
Nimar Kaur 4 dager siden
Just fro your information: the Muslim eyeliner isn’t just a Muslim thing. People in India who are not Muslim also wear it. 😁
Anna Maclean
Anna Maclean 4 dager siden
I cnat breethe
Destini T
Destini T 4 dager siden
fun fact: i watch edits of you and azzyland almost everyday 🙂
Cat Lovers
Cat Lovers 4 dager siden
Happy 4 dager siden
[as] (as)
Nevaeh Bland
Nevaeh Bland 5 dager siden
I would walk faster at the seen of muder because it really looks like the seen of slender man
ninjapuppy125 5 dager siden
4:55 so now we find 8 pages right?
BTS YOUNIVERSE 5 dager siden
Finally someone who knew that it was surma not eyeliner
lgm13 6 dager siden
The forest looks like Harry Potter forest
un Lucky Gamer
un Lucky Gamer 6 dager siden
For the last Tiktok: Cassie: *talks about how they cover the cracks in Canada* Me: Lucky, they don't do that in England... Or at least the part that I live in
Alani Baugh
Alani Baugh 7 dager siden
Criminals when I was about to 🤮
Michou Victor
Michou Victor 7 dager siden
Hollie LUKE
Hollie LUKE 7 dager siden
Who else looks at Kassie and just thinks: “That’s a Queen” 🥰
Sufyaan Ravat
Sufyaan Ravat 7 dager siden
Its calle surma and it does not hurt your eye and it is a powder
children Smith
children Smith 7 dager siden
Evie she is, taken
•Blueberry Cherries•
*rip headphone users*
RhiaXtra 8 dager siden
Personally, I'd be honoured to be murdered in that forest
Laina Trembath
Laina Trembath 8 dager siden
1:20 he’s wearing water shoes
Edine Idrizallari
Edine Idrizallari 9 dager siden
5:25 its not eyeliner its koohl dont hurt your self with eyeliner cuz its koohl and it doeset hurt
Keliex123 9 dager siden
5:07 is CREEPY!
Kaiyo Andersen
Kaiyo Andersen 9 dager siden
Ebrima jawara
Ebrima jawara 9 dager siden
I can do the chin dance because I have a dubble chin
Devin Romines
Devin Romines 10 dager siden
Michael Myers theme of the road
Carmella D
Carmella D 10 dager siden
Isabel Reynolds
Isabel Reynolds 10 dager siden
Can you game again
m0ch11XX 11 dager siden
*eats cereal cutely*
Jeshika Madoo
Jeshika Madoo 11 dager siden
Its so funny at 2:34 grabbing people's leg by a shadow
Evangelist Joel
Evangelist Joel 11 dager siden
She got 6.66m sub. lol
eme 11 dager siden
3:24 I actually knew a dog who sounded like that 😂
Kaia Pilli
Kaia Pilli 11 dager siden
Noelle Otts
Noelle Otts 12 dager siden
Please help me get her to do this copy and past this can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do fruit surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brooke Mills
Brooke Mills 13 dager siden
kinda regretting watching this video by unseeing some weird things
Lily Wynnychuk
Lily Wynnychuk 13 dager siden
Mary Grace Hamilton
Mary Grace Hamilton 13 dager siden
dude the knife/noise at 5:00 gave me heart failure T^T
Zoe Horvath
Zoe Horvath 13 dager siden
every video cheers me up, but i think this one mayed my day a lot better then the othor oness!but the other ones mayed my day too!
Rodney Franklin
Rodney Franklin 13 dager siden
The shoes are probably Vessie‘s brand
Stainliss 14 dager siden
6.66 m subscribers. Gloom is showing her true colors. ( maniacal laughter noises + lightning stikes in the background)
Kate Games and gacha
Kate Games and gacha 14 dager siden
hi gloom i am a muslim and that is called a kurma
emma mclaren
emma mclaren 14 dager siden
i am unable to smell or breathe through my nose and this started when fell off my bed and split my chin open on a toy box when i was 3 and i am now 12 but i might be getting a surgery to fix it -Emma p.s i love your videos gloom.
Vee 14 dager siden
4:57 reminds me of quiet place
Mushy moo
Mushy moo 14 dager siden
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 15 dager siden
The chin dance Yes
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 15 dager siden
“Wait my dog want to say hi to ya’ll” “HeywyannssAkwjr4Swke”
That1animeperson !
That1animeperson ! 15 dager siden
5:10 kinda looks like it’s from slender man ngl-
Molly Collins
Molly Collins 15 dager siden
They are called compeed blister plaster you leave them on until they fall off and they take the blusters right off
Alex The Snake
Alex The Snake 15 dager siden
Filling the cracks in the road reminded me of how bad the streets are messed up by my mom's house and one time I fell off my bike and got a rock duck in my hand and a bunch of like pebbles in my forehead
Iraj Fatima
Iraj Fatima 15 dager siden
7:37 this is a thing called mehndi and i love it im muslim and i get this every eid but now not in lockdown..
Lauren 16 dager siden
Dang that kajal dude is so handsome
hello 16 dager siden
Happy day I’m ✨gLoOm✨ Never gets old♥️♥️
Salome Gonzalez
Salome Gonzalez 16 dager siden
Legend says Mickey is still screaming
sonicgamingd 16 dager siden
Do a vid with azzyland
Addi Mae
Addi Mae 17 dager siden
Hi 👋🏼
Brycen Livingston
Brycen Livingston 17 dager siden
5:08 that looks like siren head is about to show up lol
Lest dog Noob
Lest dog Noob 17 dager siden
just duck
just duck 17 dager siden
When you blur your eyes, Kassie looks Korean!
Mãngø Vø2
Mãngø Vø2 17 dager siden
What does [as] mean
Heather Wagner
Heather Wagner 17 dager siden
Besides that your awesome!
Heather Wagner
Heather Wagner 17 dager siden
You talk when I try to listen to some of them :(
SCMS TUGUEGARAO 17 dager siden
me: seing the forest nope nope nope nope nope nope nope slender mans gonna spawn ALSO ME;wacthing too much moded minecraft
Chat Ejap
Chat Ejap 18 dager siden
Life with me Abby
Life with me Abby 18 dager siden
You know you're immature when you laugh at the chin dance or whatever
I’m a random person who’s bisexual
To the person reading this:even though I don’t know you I want you to know that you are amazing!I hope life gives you the best things to happen in the future or right now!have an amazing day!!!❤️
I’m a random person who’s bisexual
Also I didn’t not try to copy Manny ducks comment!😊
-Meadøw- 18 dager siden
6:50 I thought it was a leach-
🍄remibler cro🍄
🍄remibler cro🍄 18 dager siden
This is off topic but the tiktok video gloom watched with the persons shadow trying to eat a persons foot as you can see theres water so they must be on a boat but then a realized I was on that same boat I remember the green floor and the details on the wall of the boat (so you wouldn't fall out) It was a cruise in New Orleans
Zain Khalil
Zain Khalil 18 dager siden
The creepy tik tok if u look closely in the right bottom corner of the tiktok there's someone there like a long black figure Looks kinda creepy
B.M.W Ahmed
B.M.W Ahmed 18 dager siden
I'm a muslim and my mom eases it
Joselin Collado
Joselin Collado 18 dager siden
Sadie 18 dager siden
Those pimple pad things are called Blemish Patches
Hanna Hujaji
Hanna Hujaji 18 dager siden
What are they suppose to do with the Hana it’s gonna stink up your house if you leave it
Tiller Games123
Tiller Games123 18 dager siden
That's the place where you find Slender Man
Jea Jea
Jea Jea 18 dager siden
In the forest picture I swear there was someone in them trees on the right hand side 😬😳
Kaitlain Chipman
Kaitlain Chipman 18 dager siden
I had small nasal passages so when I saw my doctor about getting my tonsils out he said he’d go ahead and open my nose as well. The surgery ended getting scheduled 2 days before my sweet 16 (sound fake i know but I didn’t want to red schedule cause I had waited for so long And it was and out outpatient surgery meaning I could leave a few hours after) The doctor took the cotton out of my nose the next day I believe and wouldn’t let me look at it because they were SO long, but I did. Can’t describe the burning sensation and how much my eyes watered. Also the smell of the cotton being removing wasn’t very pleasant. My nasal passages are still kinda small (my nostrils used to close completely when I tried to breath) but I can breath and smell at least.
Sunnygacha 19 dager siden
Gloom never gets old
Madelon Rose Baals
Madelon Rose Baals 19 dager siden
A few years ago I had to get the inside part of my nose broken open and it was because I couldn't really breathe through my nose or something like that but I'm able to breathe much better through my nose
Lacey  Daniels
Lacey Daniels 19 dager siden
1:55 I can tell they were coming out lice because I had it before and I remember my mom doing it lol
Chrystopher Cisneros
Chrystopher Cisneros 19 dager siden
Tf with the shoes/socks
♡abby♡ 19 dager siden
Someone should just take a big paintbrush and paint the road with the stuff they use for the cracks
Mikaela Stone
Mikaela Stone 19 dager siden
Pls watch more cleaning tiktok
Spider-Anais Michelle
Spider-Anais Michelle 19 dager siden
Those are blemish packs, and when I saw that guy wearing shoes I shivered
Kids are weird
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When art gets WAY too real
I'll NEVER judge you, bestie
If it feels good, do it
People with a death wish
Cute but Dumb
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I laughed but are you ok?
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