When your day sucks pretty bad 

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I feel like an unlucky person but in a very mild way. Like, I’ll win at bingo but the prize will be a puppy who doesn’t like me. Here are some bad days to make your days feel less mildly uncomfortable.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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14. juni. 2021





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Peyton Minns
Peyton Minns 3 dager siden
On the second one her arms are double jointed like mine
Chrystal Crawford
Chrystal Crawford 6 dager siden
It looked like he wasn’t gonna
Chrystal Crawford
Chrystal Crawford 6 dager siden
I wish you put me on that wild side I have I guess you could say that dear in my birthday I get a little wild yes😜🤪🥳😜🤪🥳😜🤪🥳
Wolf girl ash Sparkle
Wolf girl ash Sparkle 7 dager siden
I had a bad day once not long ago and it hurt I like fell down😅
Kennidy Alvarado
Kennidy Alvarado 8 dager siden
The Video that that girl tries to be teen to be a baby that one was sad
Deklyn M
Deklyn M 9 dager siden
1:21. Meh: BRO WHY . The wife: don’t you ever fix your lips to say that. Meh: wha-.
Annie Zietlow
Annie Zietlow 9 dager siden
I had a bad day yesterday my cousin popped his elbow out
Squirrel Sistersvj
Squirrel Sistersvj 10 dager siden
Stinky Baka
Stinky Baka 11 dager siden
Gloom: Reacting to people having a bad day Me: Watching Zoot ( her dog) in the background
Kyan Van de Voorde
Kyan Van de Voorde 12 dager siden
there is a game in roblox and its named survive niki minaj in area 51 AND IT HAS A SCULPTURE OF BUFF NIKKI AND HER NOSE IS THE BOODT AND HER EYES ARE ON RGE BACK AND HER MOTH ARE THEY LEGS
JustBlueberryx 12 dager siden
Carissa Woodruff
Carissa Woodruff 13 dager siden
AdorbsWinter 14 dager siden
I know how the dad wants to give her the pie I understand bc they try to make their kids happy
Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson 14 dager siden
I see that gloom has uploaded my day has been made way better
4Beak 14 dager siden
They literally put a scissor cut-out line. 🤣
Ava 15 dager siden
I was crying until I saw this this made we very happy
Elizabeth Gentry
Elizabeth Gentry 15 dager siden
I am so mean I was laughing throughout the whole thing
Coco Belly
Coco Belly 17 dager siden
If your in depth just remember at least it’s not 16 billion 😀
Gamer_ Angxl
Gamer_ Angxl 18 dager siden
Gloom ur pigtails look so cute 💓
Pixelizcracked 19 dager siden
tik tokers: im gonna take my pet bird for a walk me?????????
hs1116Ar 20 dager siden
Annalena Banks
Annalena Banks 22 dager siden
Bear the dog growls like that when he is happy, I follow him on tik tok and he's done that for a long time
Angel 7266
Angel 7266 22 dager siden
I feel so bad for the dad
Katie-alice Nickless
Katie-alice Nickless 24 dager siden
I am you biggest fan 💖💖💖
EmmaDaOne 25 dager siden
“I don’t like power lines they freak me out” *then don’t come to Thailand*
denki simp
denki simp 26 dager siden
With the dog one my dogs shows its teeth and snarls after we feed him and make him happy and it is his attempt at copying our smiles and he has now taught our puppy to do the same
Shayla Kelly
Shayla Kelly 27 dager siden
I wish I could have a father daughter account with my dad but him and I are long distance
•Ångël_Møchä• 27 dager siden
The connected fingers are actually things that people are born with
Brandon Hunnicutt
Brandon Hunnicutt 27 dager siden
My gymnastics coach has half a finger Because he accidently Chopped it off With a chainsaw
Loki Shadowcat
Loki Shadowcat 27 dager siden
2:10 my boyfriend was born with that same problem, however it only got "fixed* at the age of 3 however by then those 2 fingers had grown kind of crooked so he had to had 3 more cirurgies and last cirurgy was around the age of 30..so I do believe it is possible that there may be some people who don't have the heart to go through all that trouble and pain if it is not affecting their lives
Darin Salim
Darin Salim 28 dager siden
The car camera thing at the back is the camera to see behind u and next to it there is a sensor
Wilczyca 28 dager siden
I think this IS A rotwiler think czy we have one and he does that when we pet him like hes purring
SlowlyNut HazleNut
SlowlyNut HazleNut 28 dager siden
Did you know those fingers are Real
Sweet Stuff with Sami
Sweet Stuff with Sami 28 dager siden
3:56 I’m in little space rn, so....
xExøtic_Childx 28 dager siden
the poor dad :< just trying to give his daughter pie T^T
PinkCandy 29 dager siden
3:30 is mocking an age regressor. This video is the definition of ableist
Viola Larsen
Viola Larsen 29 dager siden
Dog in background be like: hmmm what’s my owner doing I wanna go on a walk I want steak i smell somthin
Maryetta Graves
Maryetta Graves 29 dager siden
The chick that twisted the dude's lips reminds me of SpongeBob that cussed in the episode sailor mouth 💀
Paul Ingledew
Paul Ingledew Måned siden
lynellhorry Måned siden
I had a friend named Charlene somebody fingers
Lizzie_Kitsune Måned siden
“It’s Karma.” I can I agree, My brother did it to me. *twice*
Bellas Creations
Bellas Creations Måned siden
I feel bad for that dad 11:08
Tyler Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell Måned siden
Scarlett Smith
Scarlett Smith Måned siden
2:50 DOGGO
Vivi Måned siden
i would cry on the spot if my dad came with a pie like that bc thats so sweet
Kimberlin Dasilva
Kimberlin Dasilva Måned siden
Andrea Rokkanen
Andrea Rokkanen Måned siden
to kassie who worries about the catfish, no its complitly fine to take it out for a walk cause catfish can adapt really well to different kinds of water
Casey Deshotel
Casey Deshotel Måned siden
Gloom Make a roblox video On adopt me
LuckyPenny Måned siden
i felt so bad when the dad dropped the pie, he looked so sad i just wanted to give him a hug
Joelle bb
Joelle bb Måned siden
What the heck is going on
Caleb Hauska
Caleb Hauska Måned siden
You Will Look at the comments after this
XxIzzy_WizzyxX04 Måned siden
One time I sat on a broken chair bc I didn’t realise and then the chair collapsed and everybody around me was asking if I was ok but it didn’t hurt it felt like a rollercoaster lol
Creation_CrewOvO Måned siden
I feel bad for laughing at the last just cuz of the way he hit the water bottle- (Yes I have a lot of empathy)
lolly Måned siden
2:16 if my drawings came to life 🤣🤣
Alexis Farrington
Alexis Farrington Måned siden
The xenophobic organisation statistically advise because jute intraspecifically coach excluding a wet discovery. lavish, shivering wasp
hønėy lémøn
hønėy lémøn Måned siden
hi cassie, school starts in days and im gonna be an 8th grader. i wanted to say that watching your videos makes things better and bc of you i dont feel scared for the new school year
hønėy lémøn
hønėy lémøn Måned siden
2timeschallange Måned siden
Im having a bad week
Kylie Haven
Kylie Haven Måned siden
The fingers combined together is actually a birth defect, it’s called syndactyly also known as webbed body parts, I have syndactyly on both my toes and my friend has it on her hands and toes, it doesn’t hurt but a lot of stuff gets stuck between them, my mom used to call them swimmers toes, it’s actually pretty fun to have bc when I show ppl my feet they freak out and 99% of them never seen that before, I actually wanna get a tat of scissors on them :) Just thought u should know❤️
Wolfies wolf Animation
6:21 wen. It the last egg
SoCuteBleh Måned siden
The dad one is so sad I cried😢
ShylarKai1 Måned siden
Karina O
Karina O Måned siden
Huh why is it bright in this scene but The other scene is dark???!!! At 4:41
•SleepyXxX Chan•
Dont mind me :D
Dont mind me :D Måned siden
Why is the first thing i see her diffrent scrunchies 😶
Fidgets n’ roblox
Fidgets n’ roblox Måned siden
I had a bad day the video ended
Quisha Nirel M. Cari-an
I will sing >:> i have a bad day so that night i turn around >:>
Chloe gaming
Chloe gaming Måned siden
Yes I am having a bad day I’m sick but not ): ( throwing up 😔 help me )
Ahmad Suhaimi
Ahmad Suhaimi Måned siden
When your parents think it's funny to make fun of your face 🥲🙂
Doris’ Family
Doris’ Family Måned siden
Tilottama fun craft @
Bea Mitchell
Bea Mitchell Måned siden
laura 666
laura 666 Måned siden
My "dad" has four of the top of his fingers cut off.... lol..
ChOosE A nAmE
ChOosE A nAmE Måned siden
The person who had the stuck fingers probably got a open wound or something and needed extra skin from a different body part to cover it up and it'll go off don't worry.
Soph Måned siden
i love your videos glom and if anyone hates on you dont let that get to you
Soph Måned siden
ninjaprokillz Måned siden
9:35 so thats how my power when out
•agent soup•
•agent soup• Måned siden
2:35 half my teachers arm got cut off
Blink Bling
Blink Bling Måned siden
*Car hits lady's car* *The car*: oop a hit n run
K-GAMES Måned siden
When I was younger like 2 months old (I don’t know how old I was BUT I WAS REALLY YOUNG) my sister was in ice skating and when she was done she step on my finger and it was dangling by a thread you could see the bone 🤢 Ps.I HAVE 10 FINGERS
Barøcde Måned siden
Just had one CUZ MY BESTIE TOLD MAH CRUSH I LIKE HER- I also got miss gendered cuz I’m non-binary >:c
Rocks and twigs
Rocks and twigs Måned siden
If u were a Pokémon trainer then you’re starter would be a gloom
ッ Dreamnotfound ッ
Can I please get pinned? I love your videos so much I watch them everyday 💜
daliyah sor
daliyah sor Måned siden
yesterday i had nail glue everywhere on my hands but i somehow eventually got it off
Joseph Bickles
Joseph Bickles Måned siden
Happy day I’m ;) gloom
Kim Rodgers
Kim Rodgers Måned siden
JimmyTheSnail Måned siden
The last one tho That was too much for me as well
Fowler & Company William Raveis Real Estate
i can make eggs and im only 7
Måned siden
This tik tok at 8:04 cause my dog got pregnant by accident and we had to give the dogs away and probably like the 3rd biggest one was named bear
Paris Clown
Paris Clown Måned siden
Kassie looks so cute in pigtails 😊
¿Mad_Maddi? Måned siden
I watched the tiktoks with the dog before it just means he's happy
Måned siden
8:17 the dog is happy sometimes dogs just do that its so weird
Madison Martinez
Madison Martinez Måned siden
my grandpa has a pinkie and half of it got shot off now it hurts badly when he moves his pinkie
Måned siden
Your dog is so cute
Pixy stickz!
Pixy stickz! Måned siden
1:59 a bad life to be in
Lyra Noel
Lyra Noel Måned siden
He was born that way it is real and cool
Agnessa v. Hardeveld
Dad:oh I’m sorry Daughter:it’s oke dad I’ll....... *dad walks away frustrated and staps bottle*
Gilu Mishra
Gilu Mishra Måned siden
i hade a bad day me and my best friend got into a fight and he has blocked me
Food bang Asmr
Food bang Asmr Måned siden
Today I have bad day
Amaya Hill
Amaya Hill Måned siden
Oof if my dog got scared and he runs from a direction I’m grabbing my stuff and the dog and we leaving I ain’t exploring
Zoila Garcia
Zoila Garcia Måned siden
I'm had a bad day every day
My TikTok is cursed
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