BIRTH to DEATH 2 👶 100 Year Challenge 

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98% 48 000 837

From a noob baby to a max level failure. I really hope my real life goes better than this.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



24. juni. 2021





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Audriana Joie Book
Audriana Joie Book 55 minutter siden
I’m so sad does the parents die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Clxodixie🌨 11 timer siden
I love these😍😍
Crystal Harris
Crystal Harris Dag siden
Nobody: Police:It’s illegal too be homeless
Zepeto Araina grande
What's the games name
Dhiadamia fazlie
I have a pet 🐩 and a 🐟 and the last one 🐍
¿Night Tīme?
¿Night Tīme? Dag siden
Roblox_wolfygamer 2 dager siden
4:07 her name was small small in Chinese lol
Shahzaib Nasir
Shahzaib Nasir 2 dager siden
When is gloom born
Anna Maria Benson
Anna Maria Benson 4 dager siden
What game is it
Ronnie Espig
Ronnie Espig 5 dager siden
Ty Kassy for making are livs better TY KASSY
zenobie leung
zenobie leung 5 dager siden
How do u get the girl instead of boy
Tarvo M
Tarvo M 5 dager siden
mage a song pls
The L Twins
The L Twins 5 dager siden
Emily if one of my family members names
bug / cursed peppa
Michael and Shannon Evans
It’s so funny
Michael and Shannon Evans
What is that game
Gravity gamer
Gravity gamer 7 dager siden
Gloom I don't like girls at all Me Your a girl gloom
Life-As- Laurel
Life-As- Laurel 9 dager siden
What’s this game called?
Olivia Garrett
Olivia Garrett 9 dager siden
Gloom: gets sent to jail Gloom’s character: whoohoo!
Gemma Clarkson
Gemma Clarkson 9 dager siden
What game is this?
Karlam Fitness
Karlam Fitness 9 dager siden
Can you do more videos like this please🐹🐰🐦🐧🐤
Nadine Alawie
Nadine Alawie 9 dager siden
Henry's Stop Motion Films
I never new you were left handed but I am too
Zanrich Vorster
Zanrich Vorster 10 dager siden
I announce that from this day forth Gloom is my left handed friend 👍(because we are both left handed)
Diane DiLiberto
Diane DiLiberto 10 dager siden
Ya Cassie is so cooler
Richard Morgan
Richard Morgan 10 dager siden
My name is Emily!
Foxer 12 dager siden
Me still thinking about how this old mans name is Emily 😐
Rainbows Dash
Rainbows Dash 12 dager siden
Lady-you have 2 mins left to live Me-😶
Yasnil_ 13 dager siden
17:09 bruh I went to summer camp on Catalina island like two weeks ago and they played the castaways song and it was stuck in my head the whole time AND NOW WHEN I HERD HER SING THAT IT'S BACK IN MY HEAD BRUH 😵
Meli P
Meli P 13 dager siden
Did you notice the joke she said I need that deer I’m hungry then she says “oh deer”
skyfli 13 dager siden
So we just got ignore that she named a baby boy emily-
Siún Alexander
Siún Alexander 13 dager siden
I got to 62 and was a comedian great life🤣
Grundiekat Aquino
Grundiekat Aquino 13 dager siden
Watch in 19:41 BC it's a funny moment can u agree with me?
UNKILLABLE GAMING 13 dager siden
at the beginning when gloom chooses to eat with the girl behind her its the same girl from when she plays the girl in her other video so i guess theirs different perspectives in those games?
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go 14 dager siden
Gloom: I’m gonna build an unsinkable raft The titanic: I’m gonna build an unsinkable boat Me:and what happened to the titanic? That right! It sank!
Benita Carter
Benita Carter 14 dager siden
How did you have a middle age crisis ?
Miriah Riggins
Miriah Riggins 14 dager siden
I love your videos so much
Emily St-Martin
Emily St-Martin 15 dager siden
I love sharks
Simply Miracle
Simply Miracle 15 dager siden
Left hand all the way!!
Simply Miracle
Simply Miracle 15 dager siden
I’m left handed to!
Kar.milla✌ 15 dager siden
Castaways we are castaways ahoy there,ahoy we are castaways
Leora McNugget
Leora McNugget 16 dager siden
Where do you play this
Boyo 16 dager siden
There’s only a few left-handed people
Leandra Pillay
Leandra Pillay 16 dager siden
The question on my mind is what was her middle age crisis
Fishy Foxy
Fishy Foxy 16 dager siden
What is then game name?
Kai Laing
Kai Laing 16 dager siden
‘I’ll do anything for you’ Bob: walks into expensive jewellery store 😂
Pixel Gaming
Pixel Gaming 16 dager siden
What the name lol I wanna play this
✨DCR Emma CP✨
✨DCR Emma CP✨ 17 dager siden
What is that game called
G P 5 dager siden
100 years
Marysol cerado
Marysol cerado 17 dager siden
whats the game?
Dhanvita Ippili
Dhanvita Ippili 17 dager siden
I don’t understand how Emily is saying “Woohoo” right after his parents died
Taylor Scott
Taylor Scott 4 dager siden
Chandana Komanduri
Chandana Komanduri 18 dager siden
May I know what is this game name
Meg Johnson
Meg Johnson 18 dager siden
Soraya Hansen
Soraya Hansen 18 dager siden
If u like Gloom u should watch SSSinperwolf
Derek Yao
Derek Yao 18 dager siden
Go to the sewer like a imposter sussssssss
Daron Brown
Daron Brown 18 dager siden
Gloom, I'm left handed too you're not the only one...
ALPHAVIOLETS 15 dager siden
I'm left handed too
{•ghost girl•}
{•ghost girl•} 18 dager siden
ohh its the boyfriend from the other video
nthann gaming
nthann gaming 18 dager siden
What’s the name of the app
nthann gaming
nthann gaming 18 dager siden
juelz Carter
juelz Carter 18 dager siden
That my question too
MiChelle Jaggard
MiChelle Jaggard 19 dager siden
is it just me that saw bob leaving his comidy show
Catherine Salmassian
Catherine Salmassian 19 dager siden
be a bad boy in this game
Kaili Johnson
Kaili Johnson 19 dager siden
What game
🌹ExistingFurry🌹 19 dager siden
When your named Emily: *Intense cringe of hearing your own name but you know it's not you* (Fun fact: I'm named Emily lol)
That girl dre
That girl dre 19 dager siden
What is the game called
Lucas Prestipino
Lucas Prestipino 19 dager siden
Year 35 i played it gets better
Rosie E
Rosie E 19 dager siden
Valerija Jankov
Valerija Jankov 19 dager siden
i played this and the part of when ur a baby when ur mom uhh.........rips off her shirt i would throw my phone across the room cuz that is unfamily friendly why did they put in that part of the game i dunno maybe they WANT to get sued
Anthony DelValle
Anthony DelValle 19 dager siden
I died at the same age in that game
Ylli Haxhiaj
Ylli Haxhiaj 19 dager siden
do you like harry potter? i do i have watched all the movies :D
Pamujo Hostel
Pamujo Hostel 20 dager siden
Hailey 20 dager siden
Everyone click 0:16
Taya Stafford
Taya Stafford 20 dager siden
what game is this
Taya Stafford
Taya Stafford 6 dager siden
or somthing like that ;-;
Taya Stafford
Taya Stafford 6 dager siden
@Ghost if i remember its called 100 years
Ghost 13 dager siden
@Taya Stafford what game is it
Taya Stafford
Taya Stafford 20 dager siden
found it
Cutie princess
Cutie princess 20 dager siden
Kerry Wood
Kerry Wood 20 dager siden
Halle Scharfl
Halle Scharfl 20 dager siden
I gonna sit tight... a minute later the plane explodes
Pikachu_nuggies yt
Pikachu_nuggies yt 20 dager siden
21:52 i know what that means cuz I watched kakeguri
Digital Waves Media
Digital Waves Media 20 dager siden
Wow I’m left to!
Summer Skene
Summer Skene 20 dager siden
Kassie: Wow I’m really exploring Me: THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb 21 dag siden
Your beautiful btw and I am eating hot pocket and ramen at 9:34
Ayla Evans
Ayla Evans 21 dag siden
Jamal rmaity
Jamal rmaity 21 dag siden
What is the game called
Bakugo_SIMP 21 dag siden
Rainbow toy Reviews
Rainbow toy Reviews 21 dag siden
I love your rell name
Hudson Yngström
Hudson Yngström 21 dag siden
You are a girl
Hudson Yngström
Hudson Yngström 21 dag siden
Marianne Fjeldstad
Marianne Fjeldstad 21 dag siden
Hi 😁
MUSIC ARMY 21 dag siden
I see your booms
imnotHumanimscary 21 dag siden
What's the game
double homicide
double homicide 21 dag siden
YaY gloom
Charlize Charleston
Charlize Charleston 21 dag siden
Is your real name GLOOM or not.
basuini ali
basuini ali 21 dag siden
What NAME game?
Meg 22 dager siden
i like how she chose all the bad desicouns
kim harvey
kim harvey 22 dager siden
When the plane exploded I remembered I’m going on a plane for my first time in 5 months…
uhm•it’s•riley 22 dager siden
So do they have this game on mobile? I searched birth to death 2 and nothing popped up on the App Store
AmazinRiah 22 dager siden
20:39 Well I guess the phrase "If its brown get down" was a lie.
kutties time
kutties time 22 dager siden
1:32 Kassie! Your ah ahh a girl!
Tahlia Hodges
Tahlia Hodges 23 dager siden
Miss Milk
Miss Milk 23 dager siden
0:30 trans????
Nataly Paz alvarez
Nataly Paz alvarez 23 dager siden
Ummmm. Gloom what is the name of the game ?.? I
Caysa 23 dager siden
Gloom: don't wooh hooh!!! Also Gloom: wooh hooh is right!!!
Karla Rojas
Karla Rojas 23 dager siden
Hey did you know that when the Lird comes into your life everything will change for the better? He will always accept us no matter what or who we are! At the end of the day he will be with us. He sent his only son to die for our sins, not cause he HAD to but because he CHOSE to. That is why he is so awesome♥️♥️
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado 23 dager siden
All started bc she didnt fix her bosses coffee machine
Nicole J K
Nicole J K 23 dager siden
0:15 I actually thought my computer was restarting