I thought I was cool, but it's childhood regrets 

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"How to be cool" is the one thing that pretty much every kid gets wrong. I regret everything, but at least now I don't feel as bad. Looking at some childhood regrets on TikTok!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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18. feb.. 2021





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{•P1xie_M3rs•} 2 dager siden
Instead of pizza parties we got to pick a movie, go to that room, get snacks like candy and chips and then watch the movie.
* 𝕂𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕪_𝔼𝕧𝕒 *
Who else wishes they could style their hair like Cassie
Its nightchan
Its nightchan 2 dager siden
Miki Tang
Miki Tang 3 dager siden
I remember pretending to be a famous “singer” when I was younger-real childhood regrets
Rubi and Lila Darling
Rubi and Lila Darling 3 dager siden
Not in my school
Mia. 4 dager siden
I'm going to a basket ball tordement tomorrow I'm nervous
Undertalelover 59
Undertalelover 59 4 dager siden
Ok so yesterday my P.E class was doing ultimate frisbee so I joined cuz I didn't want a bad grade(obviously)and...I got hit in the nose with a frisbee...after that I started telling myself I was useless for crying and that I should have been paying attention(which I should have been)but yeah...I hate frisbee now
4 dager siden
Yes gloom i am sorry but it does happen and know everyone knows why i am afraid of pizza party’s because i am scared to excluded from everything…………….BTW I’m in elementary school so it does still happen…
Chloe Post
Chloe Post 4 dager siden
Like ur lights
Vibrant Girl
Vibrant Girl 6 dager siden
My parents always payed for that stuff so I had fun like on rainy days they put a Disney movie on
Sara_is_doodling 7 dager siden
In my school the pizza parties for free-
saori 7 dager siden
ok im late but we had in 1st garde we had a reading thing and if you read a lot and had all your reading logs filled up than you would get ice-cream I go in but some people didn't and I felt bad because it was soooo hot and then like a couple days ago me and my bestfriend fell and we started laughing but everyone else was like "are tou ok?😟"
Ally Plays
Ally Plays 7 dager siden
When I was in 5th grade, we had a pizza party. It happened to fall on the day of my birthday, so I was super excited. It was even raining, so the day seemed perfect. (I love rain and storms) Well, NOBODY even said happy birthday or really talked to me. While we had the pizza party, we were allowed to sit by our friends. I was sitting alone at my desk, staring out the window and eating pizza. I was almost crying. Some random girl came over and sat by me and asked me what was wrong. I just kind of shrugged because I knew if I told her, I would have been crying and everyone would have stared at me. One of the worst birthdays I've had so far and I even wrote in one of my notebooks about it. I went home and cried... 😕
Miss Pickles
Miss Pickles 10 dager siden
i wrote abt serial killers and got a free trip to the guidance counselor
Bunnibi Bubble :)
Bunnibi Bubble :) 13 dager siden
Who remembers Musicly before Tik tok Don't ask me what I did on their It's embarrassing 😳
Aliyna Sophia Rose
Aliyna Sophia Rose 13 dager siden
“Why did we all make music videos to tictok when we were eleven” Kassie tictok WASNT around for that girl either she meant tictok the song 😭
mrelamb 14 dager siden
At my hs (uk) you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone with the botched hair dye-
Ajamkid 14 dager siden
The basketball girl is me on a daily basis. Like I feel that on a SPIRITUAL level.
Mia 15 dager siden
When ever me and my cousin had a sleepover we used to play this game called marry with my little pony plushes and rainbow dash and some other character i forgot- and we made them marry eachother
Diana Waggass
Diana Waggass 16 dager siden
In my old school for pizza parties we all took one slice and had to pay to get extra slices I wanted more because I didn’t eat anything but I didn’t have money so I fell asleep and I woke up and the teacher sent me to another room and I sat alone there without my bag or lunch bag and I was crying there and then the principal joined and said who put you here and then she fired our teacher
Faith Woods
Faith Woods 17 dager siden
When I was in 3rd grade I tried to make a music video and make phone fell off the counter and it cracked the screen so in the video my face just looks devastated and I was about to cry.
mimikyu productions
mimikyu productions 17 dager siden
Bro that pizza party thing hit so many emotions in my elementary school we were having a popcorn party but I didn't get any money to buy the popcorn so I was moved to this lit up section of room and the only thing I got to do was work I had to work while every other kid and I'm talking every single other kid ate popcorn watched and movie, I wanted to punch my teacher in the face so bad
DatOneLonelyNoodle 18 dager siden
I've never had a pizza party at sch is that normal or- 🤡
U B 18 dager siden
When you fall gloom screm everybody do the flop
Rosie Z
Rosie Z 18 dager siden
My school someone pet and I have a student get it just pizza and lunch and then we just do us of the day
Strrawberrii Miilk
Strrawberrii Miilk 20 dager siden
At 6:59 I lost it 😂🤣
Strrawberrii Miilk
Strrawberrii Miilk 20 dager siden
One time we had a pizza party and I was scared if I ate the pizza I would throw up bc it might be bad quality. So I just drank juice 🧃☹️
Toca Lily
Toca Lily 21 dag siden
Cassie i love you so much 💕 ive been with you since candyapples
Caleb and Rachel Watkins
At one of my brothers soccer games the ball went out of the field and everyone was watching it i tried to kick it back in and missed the coach laughed and my face was bright red i put on my hoodie and walked away with my head down 😬😶
Charlie the teddy bear yourkie 😍
At my school it was called pizza day and the pizza was pretty big well is big and it’s like two dollars
Tegan Martin
Tegan Martin 23 dager siden
I love how at the start if u look closely u can see the witness is saying I didn’t do anything
Sanjana Dey
Sanjana Dey 25 dager siden
|My mom still uses fasebook
Summer puttner
Summer puttner 25 dager siden
With the pizza party yes my mum didn’t have 5 FRICKEN DOLLARS TO SPEND ON A SLITHER OF PIZZA I could buy a whole pizza and they sent me to buddy class for not bring in money..
Eloise Lauricella
Eloise Lauricella 28 dager siden
Trust me the pizza party’s aren’t like that
🤍Gabi💚Gacha 29 dager siden
You it's you girl your teasing me~! 0:18
Julia Måned siden
wait yall have pizza partys i never had one here in sweden
Maryetta Graves
Maryetta Graves Måned siden
The elementary pizza party thing where you had to pay was a thing
Måned siden
5:50 I had no idea u were Asian! 💚💚💚
I Vh
I Vh Måned siden
I know this is last but I would save money I found on the ground ext. and then try and get everyone money for the party. We lived in a really poor spot and I was trying to get my BFF to be able to come.
cyanpride7 Måned siden
i felt 7:24 on a deep level
Harry Potter Fidgets
When Kassie was reacting to the pizza party her face went 😃🙂😑☹️
Rihana Warsame
Rihana Warsame Måned siden
When I was little I packed up my stuffed animals in a wagon and I ran Off little did I know my mom was following me lol
Alex Gacha
Alex Gacha Måned siden
I remember in Elementary, we would have Pizza parties if your class was like the best. 😒So-
thelesbiansorafan Måned siden
I never had a pizza party😀
Susan Boardman
Susan Boardman Måned siden
Hot Pizza Rolls
Silent c̸ub
Silent c̸ub Måned siden
What I hated so much was when they would have a ice cream party for the kids who learned how to play the flute and different songs and they said If you didn’t learn how to get past atleast 4 songs you weren’t allowed to go to the ice cream party and there I was in the corner watching kids eat ice cream while I was in the corner of the wall with probably like 2 other kids I was so young and for me it was hard to get past the first song I worked and tried to earn up to get some ice cream I hate elementary they always did things and if you didn’t succeed like the others you don’t get anything…
The Emerald Bunny
The Emerald Bunny Måned siden
the memories of me and my best friend singing party in the usa, that one song i dont know the name of that repeativly says no, and stuffed animal music videos i literally have an entire like 15 minute video of me and my friend doing random things and i dont know what because our voices were basically at a frequency only dogs can hear
PåwTøonż Måned siden
Thank you so much for posting every day and making my weeks better! I laughed so hard at this XD
Maya Termanini
Maya Termanini Måned siden
All of my usernames are a nickname that my eldest brother gave me lol 😂
evelynne betts
evelynne betts Måned siden
one time our class were all told to do poems and every one did a poem about there pet or a innocent topic like that and i was in the corner writing about my existential crises,
Superslothstudios Måned siden
I'm just glad that I never wanted to be cool (and still don't) along with my friends because kids in my school we classified as 'cool kids' and they were not the nicest people....
Kyleigh Barksdale
Kyleigh Barksdale Måned siden
About the girl who did a presentation about serial killers when she was little… I wrote a paper about how people were eating dogs in Korea in 5th grade…😂😂😂
Adelynlarue Murphy
Adelynlarue Murphy Måned siden
When I was 11 I was wearing fricken fishnets and a short skirt with a shirt that said have a nice day
Crystal Sampson
Crystal Sampson Måned siden
For the pizza parties it did
Loafed Mushroom
Loafed Mushroom Måned siden
When I was in grade 5, my topic was “how to bury someone alive”
Black Love 2.0
Black Love 2.0 Måned siden
When I look back at what younger me did: HOW WAS I SO DUMB!? I WAS SO CRINGEEEEEE WHYYYYY??????
Citrus Måned siden
I- I never had pizza parties… :( We did have a school wide hide and seek game and it was really fun :)
i was like 4 and then i made up all these songs and now when my dad even mentions them i slap him
Bri Tree
Bri Tree Måned siden
Actually the girlfriend/boyfriend thing always happens but with me and my friends
XhoneybubblesX Måned siden
I used to be super extra with my clothing choices😭💀that was in 4th grade because I thought I was cool. ALL the “cool” kids be like \😌 |> / \
Agnes Måned siden
When I used to wear paper cat ears to school and thought it was cool 🥲
Elizabeth Rodarte
Elizabeth Rodarte Måned siden
Yall hold up!! Glooms asian???😶 How come i just found out😂😂thats soo cool
꧁Dᴇᴠɪʟ Kɪm꧂
Happy day i need FoO0d😩
I just got my hair highlighted and she said I was the lucky ones because my hair came out white 🤡
*_gotcha your gacha_*
there was a pizza party i had a wheat alergy and i felt dif bc i had to get a dif pizza but i felt bad for someone whocouldnt pay! Soooooo yea
Ja'Myhia Bradley
Ja'Myhia Bradley Måned siden
I was playing a game and I died
Cat Daisy
Cat Daisy Måned siden
11:30 Texas last spring be like
Scratch N' Spin
Scratch N' Spin Måned siden
We had these things called star sheets in 3rd grade and if you didn't get all four stars signed for ding something nice you couldn't go outside.
That_One _Anime_Fan
That_One _Anime_Fan Måned siden
We used to have a Harry Potter themed classroom and whichever house got more points at the end of the semester got a pizza party at lunch. Slytherin or however you spell it always won, every semester. I was never in slytherin 😐
S pel
S pel Måned siden
I remember a movie day in elementary school where all of my class got to watch the movie adaptation of a book we read. It was about a mouse riding a motorcycle. But because I was sick during the last chapters I wasn’t allowed to watch, I had to do the homework I missed when I was sick while still being able to hear the movie blaring in the next room. I remember feeling super sad because I actually really liked the book and wanted to see how it was adapted.
Scarlett Witch
Scarlett Witch Måned siden
My mom once walked in while I was giving interwiew to vogue...🤟🏽💀
Kshethra G
Kshethra G Måned siden
The pizza party thin is true
sting ray
sting ray Måned siden
We don't have pizza parties
Jamie Gaffga
Jamie Gaffga Måned siden
Can we acknowledge what a queen Kassie is? 👑 👑 also she looks so pretty today!
In my school it included everyone but at my summer camp they had ice cream and pizza and if you didn’t pay for it you basically had to watch others eat it
Susan Love
Susan Love Måned siden
I read seven chapter books for 7 peices of pizza and 2 dr peppers
Ivy Måned siden
The pizza party is true ☹
Sakura Leaf tree
Sakura Leaf tree Måned siden
5:41,Did anyone else look at the one about highlights in hair and think, its kenma
Anikó Nagy
Anikó Nagy Måned siden
The parallel parade exceptionally impress because copyright maternally impress beyond a holistic cello. defeated, placid barbara
RainaCsus Måned siden
Please react to that guy I think his name is ryan he does like povs like: the teachers pet goes through you backpack.
My dog Speaks Chinese
I just got to 8:21 and it reminded me of something When I was in 5th grade, I wrote a book about a cat who was killed by a little boy filled with bloodlust. The cat ended up living his next life as a human being, finding his owner, and becoming a serial killer...
Nerdy Emo
Nerdy Emo Måned siden
you say you're an emo yet you do not look like an emo I'd of never of guess you're an emo are you actually an emo?
JellyBean and blueberry’s Life
We had public school and that’s what happened but they don’t make you leave they just rub it in
Kristyna Hladikova
Kristyna Hladikova Måned siden
My teacher did in march 2020 who would get ONLY A’s would go to the water park and like out of 23 people on the first day 17 people failed a test
Axorbxo Måned siden
Wally Fone
Wally Fone Måned siden
I mean y'all talking about pizza parties while we throw birthday parties for our teachers, and we get to eat the cake that we paid even if the others didn't pay they get to eat it.
Leen Ghanayem
Leen Ghanayem Måned siden
my gym techer in grade school called my Ms. g, bc my last name starts with g, my friend would be called fitsy short for her last name...
♡BlinkArmy♡ Måned siden
Like seriously what happened was like I was in elementary and then like there was a pizza party, I was like a student who got straight A's but I did not pay for the pizza party but my teacher was like (my name) you can join them since you're a topper AND I SERIOUSLY FELT SO BAD FOR MY BESTFRIEND AHHH I AM JUST CRINGING THINKING ABOUT IT THE WAY SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME AHHHHHH!!!!
🌟pfip gaming🌟
🌟pfip gaming🌟 Måned siden
I remember at grade 3 we were bad student's we did not go to the the main place we were ready we even had to eat something to get the wrapper cause our teacher told us too but we did not go anywhere I
Natalie 4k
Natalie 4k Måned siden
2:30 Gloom: Cakey Baby Captions: K1nky Baby
Thatcoolertransguy Måned siden
In primary school we had to pay for pizza party otherwise they wouldn’t get none. So I’d saved 100$ for people who couldn’t afford it which is a lot but I give the rest to my mother anyways I stopped doing it for others but my friends because they were all backchatting me it’s okay cause we have a lot of ,only and I only wasted 40$ on them together glad it was only one week.
Wolfgirl Måned siden
Tiktok person: *gets bad haircut* Gloom: *starts a doofenshmirtz monologue*
Jungkookie Oppa
Jungkookie Oppa Måned siden
I was one of the kids whose family wasn't really well off, so whenever we had to pay in for anything I would just never tell my parents about it. I was aware of our financial situation from a really early age and the other kids and teachers just took it as, "Oh her parents don't wanna pay for their kids stuff, or they're too poor to pay." I just didn't wanna burden them with it, so when I was in elementary and pre-k and kindergarten, whenever we had any kind of party like pizza, cupcake, or just any food party we had to pay for, I'd always be the only kid who left the room to go hang out in the playground by myself while the other kids had fun and watched movies for the rest of the school day. I'd sit on a swing and just sit there the entire time and watch the birds or little bugs on the ground since I'd be all alone. Not even the volunteer adult they had out there with me was playing with me, so I was really alienated. The kids made a cute and very original nickname for me, 'broke girl', and always laughed whenever I left the room on those days. Fun times.
꧁Callie Cookie Gacha꧂
At my school the teachers had to pay for the pizza party’s
Rushda's tiny world
Rushda's tiny world Måned siden
U still say happy day im gloom
Pineda FamX6
Pineda FamX6 Måned siden
So I had this pizza party about this certain app called imagine math and we had to PAY to get in the pizza party
Lola Smyth
Lola Smyth Måned siden
Am I the only one who as a kid when I was sad and hade a tantrum who pack a bag with my toys and say that I was going to leave And 😂🤣😂 ...... I never actually left I just cried And now I think of how dumb I was as a kid😂😂😂
Kitkat Caitlyn17
Kitkat Caitlyn17 Måned siden
Can we please take a moment to appreciate Kassie’s little side curls around her head🤩💫 GOLDEN💫🤩
Sofia Måned siden
3:06 For my communion (which is a catholic thingy you do when you’re in grade 2) and I fell and we al laughed it off,
childhood is over 😞
Ganger 2,4 mill
Ganger 36 k
If regret was a video 🤦
delete this it's too sad
Schools out for summer 🎉
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