The Roblox story that ruins childhood 

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Reacting to the animated Roblox short called The Bitter Truth by Broblox
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18. juli. 2021





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Annabell Cumby
Annabell Cumby 2 timer siden
Insta karma then a blessing
navare x
navare x 22 timer siden
true friends will never leave the other friends behind even true love if it was true he will never judge a book by its cover right i rather be with nice friends then with bad friends that bully but popular
Ms. Cutie
Ms. Cutie Dag siden
Isn’t he can’t see so cool well she’s crazy and I friend you amazing
Every 30 seconds “PHRASING” 🤣
bunny kamui
bunny kamui 3 dager siden
7:17 YOOO 😭😭💀💀💀
Cookie Gaming
Cookie Gaming 3 dager siden
Finch Crossly
Finch Crossly 4 dager siden
I love how Lauren has her frightfully creepy life of luxury and Kassie just has cute feely roblox stories
Storm Martinussen-Sæle
3:27 funny
Storm Martinussen-Sæle
Mon-El Of Daxam
Mon-El Of Daxam 5 dager siden
who loves kassies videos? And kassies earrings look beautiful I just wanna say that
Yana32388 6 dager siden
Marissa Schiller
Marissa Schiller 6 dager siden
Such an awesome video! You have to keep doing these videos Gloom!
Scarlett Ruiz
Scarlett Ruiz 7 dager siden
Is it happening
Bella Oakes
Bella Oakes 7 dager siden
When she said “listening to panic at the disco” i freaked out and acted as if no one knows about the music lol
Peter Mandella
Peter Mandella 8 dager siden
7:17 😳
XxGamerGirlxX 8 dager siden
I think i know why he quit soccer. The reason why is probably because when he got back on the team he would probably become friends with them again
Harmony Dravitzki
Harmony Dravitzki 8 dager siden
where are the teachers in this!
The Only Jazzy
The Only Jazzy 9 dager siden
I got the wrong idea at 7:17 💀
Aya Enochs
Aya Enochs 9 dager siden
You need to do more of these videos!
Renae Couture
Renae Couture 9 dager siden
I would play the d and d game. I LOVE FANTASY
roblox redhead
roblox redhead 9 dager siden
Please react to roblox memes!!!!
Skyeispog 9 dager siden
Woah :o
Esther P
Esther P 9 dager siden
To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! ❤
Brunilda Buliqi
Brunilda Buliqi 9 dager siden
dhe kid who was poor came out after this one so ... ???
Lia_Playz 10 dager siden
The game in the video at 1:40 is called Sorry-
GGGgamer deer
GGGgamer deer 10 dager siden
What's the first
Kourtney 10 dager siden
POV she posted the 2nd video about broblox before the 1st one😅
Jackie Scafuri
Jackie Scafuri 10 dager siden
No one talking about the fact that the Roblox clip she played is in the video that came out after that one??? By the way I know she filmed these videos in advanced because she went on vacation.
Milou Freeman
Milou Freeman 10 dager siden
Gloom u are a masterpiece
Ava The Muffin
Ava The Muffin 10 dager siden
The animation isn't too crazy, but if you could please go check out my friends animation channel! @ - there's a video. I write scripts for him and if he gets to 500 subs, he's animating a movie! Thank you for reading!
Camilla B
Camilla B 10 dager siden
7:17 (I'm not hating on Kassie right now ok) PERVERT 😭 HE WAS TIEING HIS SHOE OR SOMETHING IDK 😭
Sky Andrea
Sky Andrea 10 dager siden
Funniest moment of the video : 8:33
Samantha Ross
Samantha Ross 10 dager siden
ok is it just me but the gold friend boblock was on july 21 and this was the 18 so how- im so cunfused
Horse Crazy LY
Horse Crazy LY 10 dager siden
Did you realise that this video came out before the other video😅🤭
Malerato Kekana
Malerato Kekana 10 dager siden
SO SAD😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢that's😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅ha ha ha HAHAHA HAHAHA that's😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Aaron X No Flex
Aaron X No Flex 11 dager siden
anyone notice the clip from last time is from the video she posted today?
Autumn_ Leaf08
Autumn_ Leaf08 11 dager siden
And this story is the definition of Toxic relationships. Stay safe 😂
•Coøkie Potatø•
•Coøkie Potatø• 11 dager siden
Did she say last time bc she gave us a sneak peek…😏
Jayden's Storytelling
Jayden's Storytelling 11 dager siden
My my my that was very rude of him🤨
Jayden's Storytelling
Jayden's Storytelling 11 dager siden
I should say cuz bad at the first part but I don't do that🙂
TheOfficialJaelJones 11 dager siden
Me: “I love gloom so much” Gloom: “stick to the status quo” Me: high school music fan panic 😱
Sampriti's world
Sampriti's world 11 dager siden
those nerds got sum actual robux but look at those girls hes crushing oh(no robux) and hes broke too
Lorelei Fryberger
Lorelei Fryberger 11 dager siden
Yes panic at the Disco
Chissole Bernal
Chissole Bernal 11 dager siden
Guy how bullied: *try to kick ball and fail miserably lol * *everyone laughing * me:INSTANT KARMA
BlackCatStories123 11 dager siden
Nooooo what happened to the Roblox people?!?
Momo🍎🌩️ 11 dager siden
*the girlfriend who doesn't want the cuz he's on crutches* *Me who's on crutches: am I joke to you?*
varshini N
varshini N 11 dager siden
Liucija Sadauskiene
Liucija Sadauskiene 11 dager siden
👁👄👁 This is bob he wants food 1 like = 100 cookies 🍪
Sharlene Bryant
Sharlene Bryant 11 dager siden
Just a love story
Chauntae Noe
Chauntae Noe 11 dager siden
I can’t believe the school buses run him over when the school bus just knew who he was there
halwa 12 dager siden
that blonde boy is adorable.
Oopa 12 dager siden
Tanijah Cash
Tanijah Cash 12 dager siden
Can you play Roblox again
Belle Lee!
Belle Lee! 12 dager siden
Plot twist all the people that are mean and like trash cans they were raised by trash cans
breadssslice 12 dager siden
Qadeer Shaikh
Qadeer Shaikh 12 dager siden
The two nerds were playing snakes and ladders
NovaFrostbite 12 dager siden
love the 'why so serious joker reference
(❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) 12 dager siden
I know im late but i have been waiting for some more roblox from gloom >:)
Among us Minecraft
Among us Minecraft 12 dager siden
Play roblox pls :)
Home Karamagi
Home Karamagi 12 dager siden
I saw roblox and clicked faster than a bullet
IndigoGypsyMoodyBlue Goddess
Efaz Ahmed
Efaz Ahmed 12 dager siden
Me eating nerds😧😱(the candy)
Donovan Hailstone
Donovan Hailstone 12 dager siden
Hi I would just like you to know that I enjoy your videos it is the only thing keeping me sane because I am starting to question my sexuality and I am going to get my Covid shot in a week so I am very nervous because I am afraid of needles just needed you to know this means a lot to me thanks
Kaustav Killi
Kaustav Killi 12 dager siden
Jayden RC Hurley
Jayden RC Hurley 12 dager siden
Suggestion: the last guest
Lollipop Queen Gamer
Lollipop Queen Gamer 12 dager siden
Who has seen high school musical because if you have then I know you get the “ stick to the status! “
BłãçkŠhãdøw 12 dager siden
When she says DND I think of my brother
•d i a n a•
•d i a n a• 12 dager siden
i feel like gloom is the only girl who can rock pearls without looking like someone’s mother
Honeysuckle ♈
Honeysuckle ♈ 12 dager siden
Kassie your the best
Laura Winfield
Laura Winfield 12 dager siden
When you said panic at the disco it made me happy because It’s my favorite band
Ana and fun
Ana and fun 12 dager siden
Hi gloom
Ariel _flowers
Ariel _flowers 12 dager siden
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer 12 dager siden
Can you react to the last guest its a roblox action movie, its really well made its on Amazon movies it has voice acting, and 60M VIEWS
Sienna Loves Gaming
Sienna Loves Gaming 12 dager siden
Sugaring barley hurts, waxing is more painful ofc just letting you know (have it done by a professional if you ever try it!)
Rafi Gaming
Rafi Gaming 12 dager siden
Can you react to oblivious bacon hair story (there is chapters btw)
Gaanasree Vimalkumar
Gaanasree Vimalkumar 12 dager siden
Gloom could you please please please please do a Collab with SSSniperWolf
Madison stokes
Madison stokes 13 dager siden
Jaylin Underwood
Jaylin Underwood 13 dager siden
Hi gloom
Violit Parr
Violit Parr 13 dager siden
Play more bit life
Jerome Goh
Jerome Goh 13 dager siden
She has never saw the last guest
uwu 13 dager siden
No one: Kasie's eyeshadow being on point
Sussy Baca
Sussy Baca 13 dager siden
no one: Literally no one: Main character: looks like Robert IDK with his red flannel
Ur Favorite Sloth
Ur Favorite Sloth 13 dager siden
If The famous then nerd boy I would Throw the ball at the cheater it would feel great 😂😂😂 btw Hello Gloom ❤️
Slowybaloni 13 dager siden
Rebecca Mettler
Rebecca Mettler 13 dager siden
I feel for him I play soccer and I just fractured my foot
Rebecca 13 dager siden
Never bully someone with a broken bone... Cuz once it heals.... Oh... *Your in trouble*
Lilly talollypop
Lilly talollypop 13 dager siden
How many of you know this is a roblox story but there not really playing roblox?
Lilly talollypop
Lilly talollypop 13 dager siden
I do first thing I noticed
beeg boi
beeg boi 13 dager siden
That wasn't a zombie that was a sunscreen eater
Mira heartie
Mira heartie 13 dager siden
The squad 4dvrd. Vcedcefder
Random Things🙃😂
Random Things🙃😂 13 dager siden
Oh gosh😂😂
ღIllusions And Artღ
7:17 HahHahahahaha I’m dying bruhh the reaction of seeing something 😭😂
Jaylyn’s World
Jaylyn’s World 13 dager siden
The one on the left is my real life avatar 😂😂😂
mouldy apples
mouldy apples 13 dager siden
i was hoping he’d kick the ball in their faces but oh well
Denzel Mpesi
Denzel Mpesi 13 dager siden
Red Wolf Roblox Gaming
Red Wolf Roblox Gaming 13 dager siden
Yay hi
Milan Chambers
Milan Chambers 13 dager siden
Wait nvm-
Milan Chambers
Milan Chambers 13 dager siden
Lol they were playing sorry
karen miller
karen miller 13 dager siden
i love you gloom youre the best youtuber
Oliver!! 13 dager siden
No one: Kassie: I'm gonna be amazing today
The Haakers Channel
The Haakers Channel 13 dager siden
6.66 mil subs Lol ifykyk