Summer is Cancelled 

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Summer 2021 is off to a rough start, we gotta salvage it quick or just pack it in again and go straight back to winter. I’ll get the toboggans.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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11. juli. 2021





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Leefy Greenz
Leefy Greenz 13 timer siden
Me: ~sees him with shoulder pads~ Also me: MOTHAR WE NEED SIXTEeN MORE BOTTLES OF SUNSCREEN Mom: but why? me while squirting a whole bottle of sun screen: I uhm *just get it-*
Iris Ladbrook
Iris Ladbrook 17 timer siden
I always love your intros 😂😭
toasty nugget
toasty nugget Dag siden
me: reads title- summers cancelled- me: my school starts tomorrow august 1st heck
Kendal's Gaming and more
That happened in Wisconsin and there was a tornado too. I was to scared at first then it was fine
Ada Jord
Ada Jord 2 dager siden
the number two is eggs...
Nimme Lol
Nimme Lol 2 dager siden
When you live in Britain there are 2 summers 1: Paint me like one of your ice sculptures 2: I am a human puddle
💖EmmaOMG💖 3 dager siden
0:54 don’t be shy pop the bubble🤣🤢
Kaeleigh Port
Kaeleigh Port 3 dager siden
where did you get your necklace??
Yoshi And Friends!
Yoshi And Friends! 4 dager siden
I go on holiday tommorow
Britt Van der Aa
Britt Van der Aa 4 dager siden
the last tiktok was from Belgium, we had a flood that was pretty bad. A lot of people are missing and most homes are full of water.
diamond friends and family
The dog as a mom:come on sweetie we have to go home! The frog as the kid:waaaaa!
Ellie Kim
Ellie Kim 5 dager siden
This triggered my tyro phobia I was literally so scared
miraculouslymiracle 5 dager siden
i thought the thumbnail was a really bad photoshop.. HOW?!
The Essavi Fam
The Essavi Fam 5 dager siden
this was made on my birthday
rainndrops 27
rainndrops 27 5 dager siden
My name is rain
Kaylah Draganovic
Kaylah Draganovic 6 dager siden
Ive had those heat blisters before I hate them
Fried Frogz
Fried Frogz 6 dager siden
My uncle when he was a kid got sun blisters on his face
Bjørk Astrid
Bjørk Astrid 6 dager siden
8:08 tjat happened to me and my family this summer in Germany too when our tent got flooded and we lost almost all of our clothes and we had to get evacuated._. But she’s stuck on a bench OML rip hope she got home safely
Bjørk Astrid
Bjørk Astrid 6 dager siden
I can’t spell
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 6 dager siden
Its raining buckets runs gloom: WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE
Gemma Adams
Gemma Adams 7 dager siden
Bold of you to assume we had money for vacation
Marie-josee Pelletier
Marie-josee Pelletier 7 dager siden
No one is gonna talk about the pop its in the background on the table
Shima Hazashii
Shima Hazashii 7 dager siden
8:14 this flood is caused by a hurricane called Hurricane Elsa(ik like the ice queen) and this is near the Caribbean and in the Caribbean
•sᴀᴛᴇʀɴ_ᴘʟᴀʏᴢ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ•
ɪ ᴀᴄᴛᴜᴀʟʟʏ ɢᴏᴛ ᴀ ғɪʀᴇ ʙʟɪsᴛᴇʀ ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴛ ɪs PAIN ᴏɴʟʏ
ZyKe 8 dager siden
My dad is useless during travel 🙂 I mean sure he drives but shopping and checking in? Nah
alex rudolph
alex rudolph 8 dager siden
When the frog " ScReAmEd " Why did it sound like one of those cars that are SOO loud!
Avaia Weatherford
Avaia Weatherford 8 dager siden
The bisexual one tho- I'm bi and that just makes me sad (Tʖ̯T)
g04tgVtz 8 dager siden
i relate to that frog
nay winn
nay winn 8 dager siden
I'm scerd of storms to
Numpty muffin
Numpty muffin 9 dager siden
It being winter ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
xxemily_mnmxx 9 dager siden
The uk is having a mega heatwave at the moment 😐
Zain Dreyer
Zain Dreyer 9 dager siden
That mean can you make me a sandwich spa-
🌌 sky 🌌
🌌 sky 🌌 9 dager siden
Oooooooo ugh sounds bad
Darina 9 dager siden
her talking summer and that’s it’s cancelled me going to texas
The crazy girl
The crazy girl 9 dager siden
Alyssa Covell
Alyssa Covell 9 dager siden
In Britain, there is a huge heatwave and its not fun because none of us are used to it!!
Olivia Parfitt
Olivia Parfitt 9 dager siden
When I got blisters I got a giant one on my shoulder i think your shoulders are the MST common spot for blisters
Aubrey Santiago
Aubrey Santiago 9 dager siden
I’ve never heard someone say it’s raining buckets hmmm that’s a new one…. And I LIKE IT lol ima start saying it’s raining buckets when it thunderstorms outside lol
Nightmare 10 dager siden
The frog sounds like my sister, she is almost 13 and she still does that
Charis Drango
Charis Drango 10 dager siden
Hydro foils are super difficult and can be dangerous because of the fins
Alexa Corpe
Alexa Corpe 10 dager siden
Bro rn while I am watching it it’s raining and thundering really loud
Fumingpopcorn 85
Fumingpopcorn 85 10 dager siden
the blisters hapend to not as bad but on my face
Dark soul
Dark soul 10 dager siden
And um having a heat wave
horsegirl horse
horsegirl horse 10 dager siden
Jesus loves you all
soul wolf
soul wolf 10 dager siden
It has been raining for 14 days straight
Paige Cole
Paige Cole 10 dager siden
when its literally so hot in the uk
Sophia Ethetton
Sophia Ethetton 11 dager siden
I relate to the screaming frog.
Tiger Twin
Tiger Twin 11 dager siden
that flood happened where I live it was scary.
Lynne Wake
Lynne Wake 11 dager siden
I love the frog one 🤣🤣🤣
Gacha Cøøkie
Gacha Cøøkie 11 dager siden
* Cries in heat-wave * (I’m in England)
Jillian Davis
Jillian Davis 11 dager siden
rn im chillin with 2degree sunburns😋💕✨
Trippie Agam
Trippie Agam 11 dager siden
I love rain
Mary Lauren
Mary Lauren 11 dager siden
3:41 BRUH. I just loved how the girl got hit. It was hilarious.
Frida Sørensen
Frida Sørensen 12 dager siden
Aww the smile at 8:35
Wendy Air Dragon
Wendy Air Dragon 12 dager siden
I was the only one scared of the under water one-
Jojovt 12 dager siden
The floods are literally a part of Europe atm … Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands etc.
A Waits
A Waits 12 dager siden
Its the frogs 🐸 voice crake 4 meh
Alisons_ Projects
Alisons_ Projects 13 dager siden
stoppppppp the guy in the aquarium litterly sounds and looks like my old classmate named nathan 😭
Colin Randall
Colin Randall 13 dager siden
ive never been to an airport
Children Kids
Children Kids 13 dager siden
Alex Grogans
Alex Grogans 13 dager siden
6.66M subs😲
Hxnxy 13 dager siden
Gloom thats Germany..
hollyleaf warriors
hollyleaf warriors 13 dager siden
i love derkslurp
ImRaeganYay 13 dager siden
Ok so kassie has 6.66MILLION subscribers but did you notice….. 666
Emily Clarke
Emily Clarke 13 dager siden
Hahaha I am in Ireland and it is like 25° hahah si hot🇮🇪
meeeeehhhh_gAcH 13 dager siden
Well in England is like the desert
Blecki11 13 dager siden
What?! Its 34 celcius you call that rain?!
silas Nichols
silas Nichols 14 dager siden
Yo my summer is going terrible there was a tornado and it almost broke down my whole entire house yay.
Sarah Buck
Sarah Buck 14 dager siden
0:01 it is raining buckets
Let’s Test
Let’s Test 14 dager siden
In the first vid I thought it was…wax
Asher Phoenix
Asher Phoenix 14 dager siden
No one in existence: Gloom: 6:53 EEÆÆÆÆ
ashley duret
ashley duret 14 dager siden
The tan one is FAKE look at his hand 🤚🏻the one one the thumbnail that 💯 paint 🎨
ShadowDemon 14 dager siden
I got a slight heart attack from the eyes in the ocean
AftonFanHere124 14 dager siden
I am going to Mexico in 9 or 10 weeks
Anxlia 14 dager siden
I live in Pennsylvania it rains every second😒 I feel you
Quirkyfish #stopanimaltesting
Oof I remember going to the aquarium as a little kid and being “that kid”. I feel very bad now 😂 😭
Sammie Culpepper
Sammie Culpepper 14 dager siden
Yes it’s still raining
¡PineappleFrog! 14 dager siden
“It’s raining BUCKETS I CANT FILMM A few seconds later: oh sheesh Gloom 2021
Figetuser Yea boi
Figetuser Yea boi 14 dager siden
I ben to the aquarium in Colorado i was petting stingrays yea and more but its to long of a story
Greg Zink Czinke
Greg Zink Czinke 14 dager siden
6:48 Shark. Another shark. Whats the point HOLY SHI--
Weronika Brylowska
Weronika Brylowska 14 dager siden
Today in Warrington it is 29° and I had the best day ever
ALEKXIA BERRUECOS 14 dager siden
When no one came to the party my mom and dad friend made a party and had a lots of food and why came and it was only us oh and he has broken lip😢 and nose and cheeks are weird shape I don’t care who he looks like 👍 he is really nice and he get rejected so much
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 14 dager siden
The vacation dad matches every inch with mine except appearance
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 14 dager siden
5:08 no one gonna talk about how pretty that and the sky is
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 14 dager siden
My video paused when the guy on tik tok paused his tv, no kidding
Crystal Creates
Crystal Creates 14 dager siden
Me and my little cousins went out in the rain yesterday and played in it, it was the most fun I've had in ages!
NuggetBoy UwU
NuggetBoy UwU 14 dager siden
Gloom I got blisters like that they hurt
GingerJuna 14 dager siden
For you, it's raining. For me, here in Lithuania, there's 36 °C. It's too hot out there, we can't even sleep normally.
imogen willes
imogen willes 14 dager siden
i got 2 MASSIVE blisters on either side of my back from sunburn+my bra straps too i think
HarleyTube 14 dager siden
I live in Victoria Australia and I have never left the state
Sreedevi Akkala
Sreedevi Akkala 14 dager siden
In the intro I feel the same as gloom now WHy Do wE neEd tO STay In LoCkdOwN
s a t u r n
s a t u r n 14 dager siden
1:00 you ever just wanna get a needle and just-NO NO NO
Sofia Thompson
Sofia Thompson 15 dager siden
3:29 it’s probably the best part
Lilly luna
Lilly luna 15 dager siden
i think the one of the girl in the flood is from germany because rn houses are being completly distroyed and 100s of ppl are dying cause of the horrible storms and mud slides/floods (excuse my horrible spelling, im pretty sure im dyslexic (and yes, it is self diagnosible, but i dont wanna say for certain yet))
Keira Cardin
Keira Cardin 15 dager siden
The frog sounded like a rubber chicken lol😂
Christine Moore
Christine Moore 15 dager siden
I got fire blisters thanks to my cousin putting lights on my. Bed
Marianna Hlynska
Marianna Hlynska 15 dager siden
I live in Florida and i don't get blisters yet i don't like wearing sunscreen which i barely even do
Ellie Archer
Ellie Archer 15 dager siden
Your videos are amazing also hewooooooooooo
Dallas Blair
Dallas Blair 15 dager siden
You AR staying that that girl had the worst summer well I have the worst summer worser than hers organic tapped from a dog
Willow Liles
Willow Liles 15 dager siden
HoLa SoY dOrA I’m still dying of laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cozy Brxxie
Cozy Brxxie 15 dager siden
For the swimsuit one I’ve never heard her laugh like that in my life
relatable but in a BAD way
Why is this funny?
Ganger 834 k
I'll NEVER judge you, bestie
Dollar Store Makeovers 2
Fidget Trading Scam Apps
my dream came true.
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