A+ funny kids I would babysit 

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These kids are super funny and make kids not seem that bad after all.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



11. juni. 2021





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jungkook jeon
jungkook jeon 9 timer siden
the boorgir kid is the other version of Hasbullah ( sorry i don't know how to spell his name right)
LAXMI SHRESTHA 11 timer siden
i am a 8 years old and my 6 years old brother is so messy
Teresa Nansen
Teresa Nansen 2 dager siden
They get less hurt CAP
Dahlilah Flores
Dahlilah Flores 2 dager siden
My mom let's me
Grace Edits of snick
Grace Edits of snick 3 dager siden
My emotio; befor gloom:🙂😭😘🥺🙄😒💩🤮😊😊😒 but when I watch : 😀😃😁😊😌🤣😅🥰😗😜😎😋🤪
Sinakanashop 4 dager siden
6:07 He is actually 18
Ayde Mendoza'
Ayde Mendoza' 4 dager siden
Hehe My little sis would have a role play knife and grab her dora doll or any other baby doll and act like she is cutting the doll but the most creepy thing is sometimes she would do it on my arm,she was also 3 years old😥
Some lame depressed kid
I'm the youngest and even I do this
SSSowl235 6 dager siden
👁👄👁 💧 💧 I hate kids they trash the house
*sunflower_ fidgets*
*sunflower_ fidgets* 6 dager siden
*sunflower_ fidgets*
*sunflower_ fidgets* 6 dager siden
👁👃🏻👁 💧👄💧
hanny hy
hanny hy 6 dager siden
Dude its funny if she gave him a some money 1000 money i wish i have that
Britt Bergen
Britt Bergen 7 dager siden
I did not want to be a kid eather
Luvsundae 8 dager siden
Gloom: happy day im glOOoom Me: 😆😆 Gloom: kids aren’t my favorit Me: 🤧😧🤧but im 11
Cataleya Welsh
Cataleya Welsh 8 dager siden
Whenever gloom said that kids get hurt less is whenever I realized today in school I fell back out of my chair hit the hard ground and I didn’t feel a thing
《Sussy._.baka》 8 dager siden
Its funny because 6:11 wasnt even a kid
Lottie and Friends
Lottie and Friends 9 dager siden
Yaas jax
Ricky Holmes
Ricky Holmes 10 dager siden
The borgir "kid" is an adult
Lelo Me
Lelo Me 11 dager siden
That car slapping that kid is gonna be a chad for sure
Rogue kitty
Rogue kitty 11 dager siden
Or you hate your siblings
Ashe The Weird KillJoy
Ashe The Weird KillJoy 13 dager siden
3:15 In the background you can hear a beeping noise and that’s the sound my washer and dryer make when it’s done……. I’m dying I thought it was ours lol-
Itz_ bluebxrri3Zz
Itz_ bluebxrri3Zz 14 dager siden
7:20 🤣🤣
•Pinkaroon• 14 dager siden
Gloom: Kids aren’t my favorite Me: That hurt Gloom🥲
gabias071 14 dager siden
That weird thing that you said you were scared of is a stingray that's what they look like that's just their mouth
Everything Animations
Everything Animations 14 dager siden
3:08 Its all fun and games till Mother finds that Tik Tok
Yessie Rojo
Yessie Rojo 17 dager siden
catify 2.0
catify 2.0 18 dager siden
I’m almost 8
Melanie Gaddy
Melanie Gaddy 19 dager siden
That’s actually night time and everything she said was real because I actually know her well I’ve seen her somewhere before and I’m not really a big fan of the girl who’s singing she’s like my favorite singer
𝔇𝔰𝔪𝔭 𝔣𝔬𝔯 𝔩𝔦𝔣𝔢!!
That "kid" with the burger isint actually a kid, his name is Abdu Rozik, he is 17 years old and is from Hailing in Tajikistan, he and Hasbulla Magomedov both suffer from Dwarfism wich at birth makes both the limbs and the torso unusually small, the intelligence is usually normal though.
Eshaal Faraz
Eshaal Faraz 20 dager siden
Mee too gloom i love that accent
MarieKeane 20 dager siden
My sister always walks ahead and we say her boyfriend is called yawni
*5:02* that isn't a kid that is a famous 18 year old the is very rich.
yarden sivan
yarden sivan 20 dager siden
For me it is both of the reasons ( family walk)
Pema Lama
Pema Lama 21 dag siden
I mean like a kid
Pema Lama
Pema Lama 21 dag siden
No weird thing laughing like a baby I think that was a stingray
DunsparceDude 21 dag siden
WHO IS CLOUDY APPLES (Also I finally c u using Pokémon name)
Kendra Annoh-Dompreh
Kendra Annoh-Dompreh 22 dager siden
Me : seeing that Gloom is watching Jax😲
Saathira Mahrof
Saathira Mahrof 23 dager siden
kassie: i want korean food sooo bad who doesnt kassie??
Wolfie & bunny
Wolfie & bunny 26 dager siden
6:07 he’s not a kid he’s 18 he has a condition we’re he looks like a kid he actually had an interview about it
Kitten Cupcakes
Kitten Cupcakes 27 dager siden
I held out my hand and my sister started attacking me XD
Livvy Gamble
Livvy Gamble 27 dager siden
I’m watching this at ten past one in the morning just cuz
Kristal Deo
Kristal Deo 29 dager siden
usually i walk ahead because i want to get home
Badixy 29 dager siden
Us kids watching this go: 😭💔
Fernando Koskinas
Fernando Koskinas 29 dager siden
I heard that the “burger” kid is actually an adult. Right? Or he’s a kid?
It’sKaitlyn 29 dager siden
My cousin Gavin fell down the stairs one time at my house and he what’s lagging like crazy, lol 😂
kpovi shorts
kpovi shorts Måned siden
The fish thing the guy was tickling was a sting ray flipped upside down
Zoz McZozface
Zoz McZozface Måned siden
2:31 When I was younger I played "mums and dads" with my friend, and we left the children with our parents and went to have fun somewhere else 😂😂😂😂
Bebe Måned siden
I am a kid I am offended almost all your fans are kids😂😂😂I am your biggest fan❤️❤️✨✨
Oscar Pope
Oscar Pope Måned siden
im the middle im always so fare away
-sweetpunky- Måned siden
Kid: *giv cream now.* Kid: ***pointing to dog go on giv dog some*** Kid: *ah yes* Corgi: *yes yes*
-sweetpunky- Måned siden
*alternative title: gloom favoriting kids but denying that she likes them*
Mione  Verner
Mione Verner Måned siden
Gloom I love your videos these videos are hilarious lol
Jaka W
Jaka W Måned siden
I love the baby when he called this feed my friend
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez Måned siden
Gloom evolves from cloudy apples.
pufita2012 roblox
pufita2012 roblox Måned siden
Will you carry Laurens baby (melody) , gloom?
The lego army
The lego army Måned siden
Little boy:are we going to grammar? Me:dying of how cuteness in side
Daisha Vaughn
Daisha Vaughn Måned siden
I hate when parents say something and I say why and they say because I said so I hate it
Daisha Vaughn
Daisha Vaughn Måned siden
Daisha Vaughn
Daisha Vaughn Måned siden
GLOWINGATOM8395 Måned siden
I literally picked everything up with my feet as a baby XD
Nora Koos
Nora Koos Måned siden
🧠 👁. 👁 👃🏽 👄 🤘🏽. 👚. 🤘🏽 🩳 🦵🏽🦵🏽
Fruit Tree Films
Fruit Tree Films Måned siden
Are brains are flexible
Steve Ramsey
Steve Ramsey Måned siden
Gloom:kids aren’t my favorite Me a kid:sadsad
{Gachã violët~}
{Gachã violët~} Måned siden
I have a LeBron ✨jameaza✨ 😂😂🤣😂🤣
The Yemas
The Yemas Måned siden
im a kid whyyyy whyyy im 7
Rachel Bruchez
Rachel Bruchez Måned siden
I'm eating a red lollipop I love it and I am at eight year old in two months I'm going to be turning in now on the 12th
Gisele Kim
Gisele Kim Måned siden
yes korean food is da best. (I am korean)
Måned siden
What if the diabolical girl’s mom was watching.
Katy Kate
Katy Kate Måned siden
Is gloom Koren
Ana Estrella
Ana Estrella Måned siden
that thing laughing was SCARY
Icyy_Crystall Måned siden
Can u babysit me?
𝔹𝕠𝕓𝕒♡︎Sᴛᴀʀ Denny♡︎
I eat Korean food
LeeBella MaOse
LeeBella MaOse Måned siden
gloom: kids aren't my favorite.... Me as a kid: my hart is ......BROKEN THANKS ALOT GLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!
LeeBella MaOse
LeeBella MaOse Måned siden
I hate this TikTok vid.........
✰ L4URASM4L1BU ✰ #roadto200
Who came here because jax was on the thumbnail?
💖EmmaOMG💖 Måned siden
5:27 bro is that baby wearing make up?!?😧
i dont know
i dont know Måned siden
3:44 very intense 🤭
MegaDiamond Playz96
MegaDiamond Playz96 Måned siden
2:54 saw this one with my mum
Neeraja PS
Neeraja PS Måned siden
10:55 not me remembering Felix's iconic line 'Cooking like a chef I'm a five star michelin'🤣🤣
9:40 this audio was used for my hero academia animation tiktok with eri saying it
Christie Williams
Christie Williams Måned siden
The one where the oldest is really far away during a walk is literally me whenever I go somewhere. Apparently I walk fast but everyone else just walks slow 😒
Nicole Taylor
Nicole Taylor Måned siden
That was the scariest thing ever The kids saying " no But I remember when the earth cracked and I crawled out of h3ll
Angelee Taylor
Angelee Taylor Måned siden
I like kids
Angelee Taylor
Angelee Taylor Måned siden
I’m a kid
Ava Winkworth
Ava Winkworth Måned siden
On the one with the burger , that’s not a kid that’s an 18 year old boy which I don’t know what happend to him but yeh !
Måned siden
Me what are rated r móviles Me:*searching it * Me:after it 👁👄👁
Bunny Bread
Bunny Bread Måned siden
kassie's outfit is giving me kpop idol vibes, she's so pretty😫💞💖
Neeraja PS
Neeraja PS Måned siden
Yep kinda like Jennie's outfit in 'The Movie' btw Borahae fellow army💜
miranda soldiew
miranda soldiew Måned siden
Gloom:WHAT IS THAT THING Everbody:awwww it's so cute Me:ITS a stingray and it soo cute
Duane Gardner
Duane Gardner Måned siden
The fish one is so cute 🥰 it’s realy 🥰 cute
Jam fam
Jam fam Måned siden
The 2nd one❤😭
Kaushik Måned siden
Puppy Playz
Puppy Playz Måned siden
That kid who said “oooooh borgir” Ye he is not a kid he is a 18 year old yes Ik u are confused 🥲
Elicia 0_0
Elicia 0_0 Måned siden
Gloom: I want Korean food real bad me : Yeah and I want a piece of Pumpkin pie but it's currently 2 a.m. how am I going to get that
Tahlia Huard
Tahlia Huard Måned siden
The one about golf my bf is the same
BradShad Måned siden
6:06 Oh Kassie, that wasn’t a kid-
Servando Hernandez
Servando Hernandez Måned siden
People watching this:*talks about the kids* Me:Why do I hear a microwave beep?
Mila&Emma Måned siden
I am a kid and I hate being at one I want to be an adult or at least a teenager so I can streamAlso I’m part Korean Korean food is the best like every time I have it it’s the absolute best
Lian Nacional
Lian Nacional Måned siden
"Kids aren't my favorite" Me an 8 year old : hello darkness my old friend 😢😢😢😢
Panda bear
Panda bear Måned siden
me to im a kid and i just wanna grow up so fricking bad
Yes, I game
Yes, I game Måned siden
If regret was a video 🤦
kids can't be normal
Schools out for summer 🎉
Kids Acting Like Adults
Kids Being DUMB Dumbs 👶
Kids are Evil Geniuses
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