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These are videos that are simultaneously cute and dumb, my favourite type of video. These range from unintentinoally awkward to a brilliantly executed dumb idea or joke.. Hope you enjoy them!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



7. juli. 2021





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Jack Frost
Jack Frost 4 timer siden
Ellie MacLean
Ellie MacLean 6 timer siden
When Cassie says cute and dumb at the very beginning all that I can think is horses
Anjali Sawlani
Anjali Sawlani 8 timer siden
ariana whoooooooo
Chaiya Patel
Chaiya Patel Dag siden
The reason that the guy carried the dog up the escalator is because when the dog gets to the top they most likely won’t know how to get of and there paws can get chewed up in it.
Freydeebobs Dag siden
6:56 when i close my ears i hear that is embarrassing Edit: :O i was right!!!
IDoSomethings 2 dager siden
ım afraid of bushes
IDoSomethings 2 dager siden
when ı was 6 and ı was outside of the hair salon waiting for my mom ı sat on a stone fence that has roses inside of it ang ı forgot and leaned on my back and fell on that spikey rose bush... my back was bleeding.
Snow Cream
Snow Cream 2 dager siden
What gloom said from 1:59 to 2:06 is how I feel about her 😊 Edit: btw I mean that I’m happy the internet exists so that I could find her and her amazing content her stunning beauty and her beautiful everything Kassie makes me happy every time I watch her videos and makes me laugh so hard even though my humour is broken, Kassie makes me smile when I watch her videos even if I’m alone or going through something bad she makes me forget all the negative things and my dream is to meet her I’ve been watching her for years and I’ve probably watched all her videos from the last like 1 and a half years all multiple times i know this is a really long comment but Kassie is just amazing everything about her is just about perfect and even though I’ve wrote this whole comment I don’t think there’s word that explain how I feel about her Kassie is one of my first idols and she has been for a few years now and some people might think I sound over obsessed with her and they might be right- 😳 but I’m okay with that. I live in Canada and Kassie does too and once covid is over I really want to meet her even though it’s a big dream I hope to achieve it someday and if I do I would probably not believe it and be so happy I would start to cry of happiness (ik it’s weird I’m sorry 🥲) I could type for hours but I think ima stop so I can continue watching her amazing content!
Whitney Joseph
Whitney Joseph 4 dager siden
The beekeeper knows how to hold them
Margaret M
Margaret M 4 dager siden
Im banned on Tiktok, and im starting to like NOcharts again
Xara Morgan
Xara Morgan 4 dager siden
The title is cute but dumb that is my dog literally my dog
Arianna Pattillo
Arianna Pattillo 6 dager siden
u look a maz ingg!!
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 7 dager siden
Bees won't harm you unless you threaten them. Gently scooping doesn't harm them so they don't sting.
Gemma Adams
Gemma Adams 7 dager siden
I Russia Sneeze 😂
Mango Dancin
Mango Dancin 7 dager siden
Is it supposed to be just cheetos +.+
Lacey Poirier
Lacey Poirier 8 dager siden
You have to carry your dogs up escalator
TeaCup '.'ImHungry
TeaCup '.'ImHungry 8 dager siden
eeeeeeeeeeeee my name means honey beeeeeeeee
Iq Ha
Iq Ha 8 dager siden
Hi a love your videos
Halla Mohamed Dufalla Mohamed ICSBR1
I the whole time said that it embarrassing because that’s the easy one
Queeniee Rose
Queeniee Rose 9 dager siden
I KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beelover1 9 dager siden
escalators are dangerous for dogs because they can get there paw stuck at a random place:[
bubbles 10 dager siden
7:07 all but also this isnt mercy
V i s t a
V i s t a 10 dager siden
The bee one is ok she knows they won’t sting her! So it’s ok
Ellie hoerner
Ellie hoerner 10 dager siden
ok when is her outro so calm! Huge fan gloom
-butter4duck- 10 dager siden
Okay but the man carrying the golden retriever (10:07) isint dumb its’s smart, The dog can get trapped in the escalator and the dogs legs can like get stuck in the escalator and the dogs legs are gone! So please carry your dogs when your going up the escalator
axmee._.stxrlxght 10 dager siden
✨ her hair ✨
Popz x
Popz x 11 dager siden
Nobody: Gloom:Happy day on GlOoOoOoOoOoM
7CAarna Arora
7CAarna Arora 11 dager siden
not gloom looking like ariana grande
pastryagain 12 dager siden
"this is like a fairytale, of bees" It's a beerytail 🍻
my mom's friend has a similar situation to the bears all the time. one time, a bear jumped into her pool!
BABYDOLLI 13 dager siden
6:57 My mom found this and showed me, it’s “That is embarassing”. I can’t accurately describe why it’s that because it was around two months ago, sorry ^^’ Edit: watched past the scene, point uh wasted
Asher Phoenix
Asher Phoenix 14 dager siden
0:11 I’m drowning an there’s no water
Adelyn Lenihan
Adelyn Lenihan 14 dager siden
7:03 wow thanks now i can't here it
Leo M
Leo M 14 dager siden
Am I the only person that sees gloom has 6m 66k subs
Debbie Tanner
Debbie Tanner 14 dager siden
yeah the cotton candy is gross but the wax is ediblr
Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb 14 dager siden
I wish I could join your crew but I don't have enough money to do that😔😔😞😭
•{your little mushroom}•
My mom does the Russia sneeze mine hole life XD
Ribbonly Valkyrie
Ribbonly Valkyrie 14 dager siden
that Russian sneeze was the cutest thing I ever heard.
MoodleNoodlEs 14 dager siden
The last sneeze is bakugos sneeze.
Aeryn Baldesion
Aeryn Baldesion 14 dager siden
I'm sure others have said it, but you're supposed to carry your dog up the escalator. If they get stuck somehow, they can get pulled under and badly hurt or worse.
Green Manalishi
Green Manalishi 14 dager siden
Stasi Berggren
Stasi Berggren 14 dager siden
Welcome to 666 subs world
Kiyoみい 14 dager siden
7:06 only thing I could hear is bar se se bar se bar se se bar se…😂😂😂😂
• Twilight •
• Twilight • 14 dager siden
Help I can't find the old comment on Azzy's channel (I forgot name Azzyland?) When I was like 5 or 6 I'm 7 idk why me change fast prob bc of roblox friends
HarleyTube 14 dager siden
That Russian sneeze is my mum she is the loudest sneezer EVER!
I'mNotSure 15 dager siden
You have to lift your dogs, dogs have been *caught* in escalators before
Kittenable Aj
Kittenable Aj 15 dager siden
6.66M subs, evil number get past it lol
✨Hi✨ 15 dager siden
You should do that bee one but some one made a funny one with dogs in bee costumes
Multi...Gaming🍄 15 dager siden
poor bear :(
your lgbtqia plus bestay
so many people are talking about the intro but let’s talk about her hair! its literally so prettyy
Retard_Is_I 15 dager siden
These are dumb
Francisco Isife
Francisco Isife 15 dager siden
Would she thou, save her dogs from a bear (f)
KATHRYN GOOD 15 dager siden
Russia Sneeze= Bakugou
Redstar Cat
Redstar Cat 16 dager siden
Friend: Out of 2:54 which sneeze are you? Me: *I have all*
Strawberry_frogge 16 dager siden
My dog loves water
Jack Cozad
Jack Cozad 16 dager siden
Vilde Iversen
Vilde Iversen 16 dager siden
•°WEEB0°• 16 dager siden
why does she have the ariane grande hairstyle. I mean i like it but...
F.I.d.g.e.t.s 16 dager siden
That girl that scooped bees she is professionally trained and she has cool tik toks too
Sxmply•Milky uwu
Sxmply•Milky uwu 16 dager siden
Anyone else sneeze when all the different sneeze video came up? Prob just me cuz I just got the virus but still kinda funny
Bxbb13gxm 16 dager siden
Cute but dumb
The AdventuresoftheRollinStones
If a bear was smacking my dogs without thinking I would grab my gun I might get arrested for killing a bear in an area where its illegal but at least my dogs would be safe
colby coleman
colby coleman 17 dager siden
i heard that is embarrising
NobleWynter 17 dager siden
My German shepherd was also very afraid of water so don't feel bad if you can't get yours to like water. It might just be a thing with shepherds?
Ayat Alhajji
Ayat Alhajji 17 dager siden
Love the dog 🐶 it is my fav one It is the cutest one
Kierra Holly
Kierra Holly 17 dager siden
I'm the quiet sneeze one. I heard that and it was like my exact sneeze.
Angie Brito
Angie Brito 17 dager siden
I have the same shirt as gloom
Lee Osland
Lee Osland 17 dager siden
That is embarrassing
Candice Heather Espino
Candice Heather Espino 17 dager siden
I think if you meet a grizzly bear you make direct eye contact and make yourself appear larger. But I dont remember. Plz correct me if I am wrong
Sofia Leal
Sofia Leal 17 dager siden
Gloom is queen
Livvy Gamble
Livvy Gamble 17 dager siden
We had a swam of bees in our tree and a different One on the floor. A lady came to remove then and then gave us a jar of honey
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith 17 dager siden
That is. Not. A. Woman. That's a teenager
Briella Freye
Briella Freye 17 dager siden
Can we all agree she pulls off that pony tail like I was getting Ariana grande vibes!
Cassia Webb
Cassia Webb 17 dager siden
I sneeze like a Russian
Magaly Huerta
Magaly Huerta 17 dager siden
The title is what I'm gonna name my kid
Micaela M Iniguez
Micaela M Iniguez 17 dager siden
Is it just me or Momo Yayarozu from my hero academia??!!
Nora Alshamri
Nora Alshamri 17 dager siden
GirlI love Your necklace and your earrings and 0M Gee your hair and by the way I subscribed
Sadie 18 dager siden
random but I have the same same shirt kassie is wearing
DiamondCatGamesAndArt 18 dager siden
A venas fly trap dyes if it can’t eat the thing it snapes
Gabrielle deRoux
Gabrielle deRoux 18 dager siden
When she said who eats like this. Alllll kids 🤣🤣
Siena Neff
Siena Neff 18 dager siden
4:55 was my favorite I died
zumiko suiko
zumiko suiko 18 dager siden
Death wish or not I've always dreamer of hugged a fluffy 🐻
n0t_fr3nch 18 dager siden
I just finish watching one of your videos and you upload
coryonna long
coryonna long 18 dager siden
Run to Jesus before it's too late we love u!!!ur beautiful
rainbow spark
rainbow spark 18 dager siden
Can we all talk about how cute gloom's outfit is
sara Peisley
sara Peisley 18 dager siden
I love ur vids and I love ur Roblox slumber party game
Bubbles Pop
Bubbles Pop 18 dager siden
Ariana so jealous of that ponytail
screaming artist
screaming artist 18 dager siden
The woman in the thumbnail with the bees, she's a professional. She is not dumb.
Adele Saf
Adele Saf 18 dager siden
I totally agree my dad sneezes fire out of his nose when he sneezes
Inna Gertsburg
Inna Gertsburg 19 dager siden
They said that isn’t mercy
Evelin Perez
Evelin Perez 19 dager siden
mieun kwak
mieun kwak 19 dager siden
mieun kwak
mieun kwak 19 dager siden
IVAN CHIANG 19 dager siden
i heard that is embarrassing and i have the same accent as glooms
O w O
O w O 19 dager siden
Her: “some things can be cute and dumb” Me “denki kaminari”
Candy_ Canez
Candy_ Canez 18 dager siden
Lucero Rodriguez
Lucero Rodriguez 19 dager siden
i know that girl that like took out the bees from that place
Spider-Anais Michelle
Spider-Anais Michelle 19 dager siden
I wanna know if her boyfriend in highschool was terry, and if not does he know about this, also I loved this video
Charlotte DeValkenaere
Charlotte DeValkenaere 19 dager siden
that vinis fly trap one reminded me of the time when i was a kid and my grandma got me one of those and i fed it ham and it died
Fíadh Pattwell
Fíadh Pattwell 19 dager siden
9:55 that is literally my scaredy cat dog
Morgan Conley
Morgan Conley 19 dager siden
The second one tho I just fold over my socks very picky about my clothes.