Testing Rare Fidgets for Trading 

Ganger 2,1 mill
97% 55 000 1 200

I saw so many fun looking fidget toys in the Fidget Trading Scams video and I had to buy all of the interesting looking ones. Now, I am testing and rating them against each other in real life and playing a game of King of the Hill to see which ones are more valuable.
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



29. juni. 2021





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-Cute Cupcake-
-Cute Cupcake- 4 timer siden
My baby brother tore up all my mochi from Girl Scouts
Eri Chan OwO
Eri Chan OwO 5 timer siden
16:55 does anyone know what it’s called please I want one
HOI!~ Gloom 2021
Linda Smith
Linda Smith 7 timer siden
i love ur nails
KindLittleBunny 7 timer siden
I hate to admit it but I’m turning into a fidget kid
Rachel Gaulton
Rachel Gaulton 10 timer siden
Dem sticky bolls
Maddie Mills
Maddie Mills 10 timer siden
Kassie: I just pinched myself with that, and now I’m mad it 😑 Me: 💀
Georgia _Playz
Georgia _Playz 10 timer siden
“I got it in my happy meal at Burger King “ did she mean my donalds
Georgia _Playz
Georgia _Playz 10 timer siden
Georgia _Playz
Georgia _Playz 10 timer siden
Mc donalds
Amy Huang
Amy Huang 11 timer siden
The pop it phoe case can be un pop by flicking it
Lawrian Lancaster
Lawrian Lancaster 12 timer siden
Im here for it-
Isabelle 14 timer siden
𝙄 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙁𝙞𝙜𝙚𝙩 𝙩𝙤𝙮𝙨🥰❤
Simply Swim Mixs
Simply Swim Mixs 14 timer siden
I love your Chanel sooooooooo much
Igor Lukac
Igor Lukac 14 timer siden
Shes a baby with fidgets
Noobs Carr
Noobs Carr 15 timer siden
Anybody think that she's missing a few, like an ASMR cube, a magnetic snake, neato, I don't know I feel like she's missing those
Nigel Rix
Nigel Rix 15 timer siden
gloom the ring is a bike chain
Noobs Carr
Noobs Carr 15 timer siden
I put my wacky tracks into rings
Heather Nixon
Heather Nixon 15 timer siden
Fidgets are the best thing ever invented
M&R Vlogs
M&R Vlogs 15 timer siden
ur sopoosed to put you thumb inside the water snake
VegaOne 2001
VegaOne 2001 16 timer siden
8:41 I think I had that in the school
sam s' c a landscaping
Can you please send me some fidget🥺
Why is no one talking about how the water snake looks like "something else" and with her putting her finger through it just proves my point farther 😂
L.H_Stark Dag siden
15:51 .....that's what she said
alex darley
alex darley Dag siden
Gloom: this ones dusty the dog can have it me: ill have it TwT
Haniya Ahmed
Haniya Ahmed Dag siden
That pink and blue fidget I have that same colour and same thing
Yenthe van Gemert
Hafsah Uddin
Hafsah Uddin Dag siden
i did not have a poppet but when i saw this video i bought a poppet
BeckyGamed Dag siden
17:54 - my childhood toy um
Grace B
Grace B Dag siden
My teacher had a pea popper on a cheap leather necklace
Danielle O'Brien
the snakes are actually called monkey noodles and the caterpillar snake is a textured monkey noodle. Then the crackling snakes are wacky tracks
Danielle O'Brien
they make metal infinity cubes and i have one and its not as flimsy as that one like you said
Magnolia LT
Magnolia LT Dag siden
Yes you can pop it
Panda Princess
Panda Princess Dag siden
“I got it in my happy meal at Burger King” Uh- Who’s gonna tell her it’s McDonald’s...- This is a joke I love Kassie- Amazig videos
Oof Amazing*
Phobos 247
Phobos 247 2 dager siden
Hm. I guess Iphones count as fidget toys.
Simply Just Sophi
Simply Just Sophi 2 dager siden
You should do irl figet trading with azzy or lauren
Boblw Gosh
Boblw Gosh 2 dager siden
Quick notice ! I'm sorry if I'm being rude, but some infinity cubes are "flimsy ". Make sure to check reviews next time if you want a more sturdy infinity cube. I hope this helps! :)
Tiny Sea Gaming
Tiny Sea Gaming 2 dager siden
You should make some merch fidget thing
Gabriel Games
Gabriel Games 2 dager siden
Is it just me or does she give you Selina Gomez vibes
Christine Buote
Christine Buote 2 dager siden
the pointing finger is shoot. Rock,Paper,Scissors,Shoot
Jacob Plays Pokémon Games
I have that thing that u just stare at
kynlee Francis
kynlee Francis 2 dager siden
I have some mochis
Trevor Askin
Trevor Askin 2 dager siden
Oh and a pop it and a simple dimple
Adrianna Miller
Adrianna Miller 2 dager siden
The one colored clear moshi glow in the dark or they should
Warren & Katherine Ellis
So is K-pop and it will not work for you everywhere
Come play with Barbie And friends
You can unpop it
evolethevo 2 dager siden
You forgot the tangle!!!!!!
David Fuller
David Fuller 2 dager siden
The water snake would anger me because it would slip out of my hand 🤣 Thats how easy I´m angered
Luis 2 dager siden
The section cupp thing is actually legendary
Katy Richardson
Katy Richardson 2 dager siden
No one: Me: Plays with mochi’s and puts my finger nail through them Is that just me?
Ivy Hjertager
Ivy Hjertager 2 dager siden
3:43 *Cough* Dnf? *cough cough* (the edit was me fixing the tinestamp since I messed it up on accident at first)
gibby 2 dager siden
“got it in my happy meal at burger king” kartha gewart ,2021
Aaliyah 2 dager siden
Sadly I lost some of my fidget toys. Simple Dimple,Infinity cube, (those 2 keychains basically stuck together), 2 of my mochis & 1 more fidget toy :(
Roblox Unicorn
Roblox Unicorn 2 dager siden
Gloom: spins fidit spiner once says trash but it was a simple dimple fidit spiner
Julieta Macias
Julieta Macias 3 dager siden
Check if your stiky ball glows in the dark mine do
•That 1 Willow•
•That 1 Willow• 3 dager siden
Javier Baroja
Javier Baroja 3 dager siden
you can pop it back yo have to pop it and then you have to use your nail and scratch it but not hard i dont know if i make sence
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson 3 dager siden
ZPhone case
Taylor skater
Taylor skater 3 dager siden
amazing intro
♡︎Blossom♡︎ 3 dager siden
10:49 well I have two and I like to put them together and make weird shapes
Abbie newbrook
Abbie newbrook 3 dager siden
15:24 my friend tried to deafen me with one of dose
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty 3 dager siden
angie m
angie m 3 dager siden
Okay okay i gotta admit some of my friends at school have pop it’s and trade and it never got banned and my bestie did it too the thing is i don’t have any “ Pop it’s “ they even play in the cafeteria and at reses… it never got banned…
Elita Butenaite
Elita Butenaite 3 dager siden
But those egg kinda like it's not fidget toys
javier alvarez
javier alvarez 3 dager siden
Things are you don’t like
Samantha Webb
Samantha Webb 3 dager siden
The chain that you couldn't explain is a bike chain
M&M Minis
M&M Minis 3 dager siden
My cousin said that the dimple is a target and they are very hard to find
・cxtieHolly・ 3 dager siden
1:24 u can flick It then it will undo
Marie park
Marie park 3 dager siden
Bro me and my sister enjoy throwing our Kochi on the ceiling but part of one broke and we don't know how to get it off the ceiling
Mikai Campbell
Mikai Campbell 3 dager siden
hi gloom can I your trash please
the weasley fam
the weasley fam 3 dager siden
kassie:trys do do snapper me: they are easy
skinnypoop101 4 dager siden
3:00 um what
Coocoo bird
Coocoo bird 4 dager siden
mochi break very easy
Emma afton-Child of :???-
gloom i love you so much i wish i can meet you one day
The Girl with a NoteBook
Is the dimple actually from Burger King
Hannah Bukowski
Hannah Bukowski 4 dager siden
Please remember, fidgets and sensory tools are made for people with mental/neurological disorders. There is nothing wrong with NTs using them, but turning our tools into trends can be offensive and problematic to people who actually need them. I’m not assuming that this person is neurotypical, I just wanted to put this out there
GABRIELLA BELIN 4 dager siden
Oh no she but blue next to green... SOME TIMES ALL I THINK ABOUT IS YOU
Crystal Raccasi
Crystal Raccasi 4 dager siden
I have no fiber toys😞😭
~Boba~ball 4 dager siden
I have the lava lamp( pink and blue thing timer)to calm down at school 🏫 bc I was sensitive and it's so pretty
Ghusoun Miresh
Ghusoun Miresh 4 dager siden
Can you plz give dem to me becos i onle have 2 pop its and 1 is broken I will rele love i kann have the bad wans 😊
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson 4 dager siden
The fact that she doesn't know what some things are is like really fun to watch.haha
Martha Anchondo
Martha Anchondo 4 dager siden
my at 3y: wash it look my a Hr later:🙏😥👄👃👂
The Wonderful Annabelle
18:00what she was play with here is called a snake but that thing she keeps calling a snake is called a monkey noodle
Arne Gustav Hageland
Arne Gustav Hageland 4 dager siden
You forgot slime
Panda squad
Panda squad 4 dager siden
The happy day gloom never gets old
Madison Layne
Madison Layne 4 dager siden
Actually you can until the pop it case just put your finger and flick kinda feel bad for de nails :>
Fandangalo 4 dager siden
its a wacky track gloom
Narwhal girl
Narwhal girl 4 dager siden
You and Terry need to pick out fidgets that you can call yours and then trade
3:43. Dnf is real people💚💙
s a t u r n
s a t u r n 4 dager siden
gloom when she first trys each fidget: 🤭😧😮😦😟
knachel 5 dager siden
she should do a rating all her fidegets 1 through 10 video
Pinky Lyncy
Pinky Lyncy 5 dager siden
Fidget spinner could actually pop
Parkh Vlogz
Parkh Vlogz 5 dager siden
Hiyaa! For anyone wondering y’all can actually u pop a phone case You just dig your finger in the pop it hole then flick it out
patrice 5 dager siden
Uhhh Gloom did you know that fidget spiner is a simple dimple fidget spiner so you can pop it while spinning
Joel Lankutis
Joel Lankutis 5 dager siden
I have some snacks to
Linzi Helps
Linzi Helps 5 dager siden
my sister has a water timer
Piper Rockelle
Piper Rockelle 5 dager siden
Umm you can in pop it all you have to do is put your nail is the pop it on the side and flick it out I know because I have one
Mack Oswald
Mack Oswald 5 dager siden
The caterpillar’s remind me of the squamous
Panda Pals Fidgets and Gaming
Kassie: that’s trash. *To the figdet spinner*. Me: that’s literally a dimple spinner 😂
Iq Ha
Iq Ha 5 dager siden
Can I please have the trash thanks