Saying a dumb lie to your friends face 

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A good lie is a true story with a twist, but a lot of these examples are people trying to get away with telling a completely made up tale. This is people trying to lie in front of their honest friends. Please check out the funny creators featured in this video!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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24. april. 2021





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•Maria Calor•
•Maria Calor• 4 dager siden
No matter who lies better on tiktok... Kokichi Oma will always be the best liar! 😈💜
CactusRatCece 7 dager siden
lol lol I’m not sure if you have any other words that I can get in the house or not but I’m just fine I just feel so weird and I’m not trying to get my fault I don’t want you to feel bad about it lol I don’t think I’m so tired lol I don’t think- (I spammed my middle button on the iPhone)
jungkook jeon
jungkook jeon 8 dager siden
if i lied abt my routine my mom would be nodding again and again and when the video is done she would ask me questions over and over🤧
Miko the Kitten
Miko the Kitten 13 dager siden
According to "your" Hawaiian drivers license, you are 5'10", 150 lbs, and male. EXPLAIN YOURSELF, MCGLOOMIN!
•lil’ bean•
•lil’ bean• 14 dager siden
Me: sick at night watching this
Moxie 21 dag siden
YO I drew with a cat then walked up the house and made dinner in the toilet Lol At least my life isn't that =]
Rosie And Dan
Rosie And Dan 23 dager siden
You look like Beyonce AND Shakira.
Claire Parsons
Claire Parsons 26 dager siden
Kassie it's connective not conecters
emma mikusak
emma mikusak Måned siden
they aren't connecters they are conjunctions
Ela L
Ela L Måned siden
Im board
M a S ¡  ツ
M a S ¡ ツ Måned siden
"Hi board! Im dad!" -_Dad Bot™_
Sandra Andrade
Sandra Andrade Måned siden
Y'all I'm really happy watching for you and other people are being lied to and I was lied to for 2 months so yeah
Finn A
Finn A Måned siden
So those conecty things that connect sentences are called conjunctions (my 7 yr old students know by now in our school)
A.N.Y.H Måned siden
Pleaseeeee do a a part 2
Nightshade Måned siden
I would usually cover for a friend unless a parent said they don't know where they are cause I get worried cause my friends are dumb
Rakshita Måned siden
she didnt just call conjunctions connectors... 😂 Thats so cute!!!
Joanna Pitcher
Joanna Pitcher Måned siden
My cat ate an egg shell That is actually true For real
Mary B
Mary B Måned siden
Alexa Salmela
Alexa Salmela Måned siden
"Like the figure of speech that attaches things" honey, it's called a transition-
Lucy Halford
Lucy Halford Måned siden
When she called over terry she said “hey terry” and the video stopped it took me a second to realize my phone thought I said “hey Siri” 🤣🤣🤣 can’t stop laughing
🌸Marichat For Life🐾
If I lied about my routine my mom wouldn’t say anything because she at work so she doesn’t know what I do all day lol
Corey Care
Corey Care Måned siden
My mom actually wakes up at 5am and goes for a jog and then makes breakfast for me and my brothers Soooooo yeah
Geoffrey M.
Geoffrey M. Måned siden
The friend was so kind to her friend
Enakshi Parua
Enakshi Parua Måned siden
1:57 awww terry is so loyal
Ariah Jarrell
Ariah Jarrell 2 måneder siden
I lied about stories like that girl to much I feel you
2 måneder siden
If I would’ve lied to my mom she would SMACK me like hard
E. Campbell
E. Campbell 2 måneder siden
E. Campbell
E. Campbell 2 måneder siden
happy day im glOooOOooooooOOooOOOOOoOOOm never gets old
*•BlackCat- Help and guide channel
0:01 gloomd a boy...????
xxAQxx 2 måneder siden
Phoodo watch them on tiktok pls
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson 2 måneder siden
com down Lisa I am bord lol I am just saying random stuff
Alberte Johanne Pedersen
Alberte Johanne Pedersen 2 måneder siden
Mc Glooming
Roxanne Hazell
Roxanne Hazell 2 måneder siden
Why does it say your gender is a man
t i l l y y .
t i l l y y . 2 måneder siden
those things that connect sentences are called "compound sentences." i love you and your humour so much gloom
Shooketh Deer
Shooketh Deer 2 måneder siden
Once my mom jokingly said “I've never laid a hand on my kids”to me and my sister, we looked her dead in the eye while awkwardly smiling.
Ally Timms
Ally Timms 2 måneder siden
talking about lying: i once forgot about homeroom and went straight to the science room. (that was my best friends homeroom) and she said to me what are you doing here and i said..........have you seen my pencil? and i ran out.
•Ace• 2 måneder siden
2:57 I texted my friends “so I went to walk my fish but I left my feet at the house to fold the dishes because the grass was blue”
Noluthando Hlomela
Noluthando Hlomela 2 måneder siden
Bruce McInnis
Bruce McInnis 2 måneder siden
We're leaving got me dying of laughter 🤣
XxGacha_lifestylexX 2 måneder siden
Sheldon 2 måneder siden
the mom 4:23 in and saw her daughter lieing it looked like she was saying ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT in her head
Gorgeous_mushrooms🍄✨ 2 måneder siden
I have a friend and she lies and exaggerates every thing
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet 2 måneder siden
After I left the car keys on the cabinet floor, I bent over and took a bite out of my toe nails and used it as ammunitions to shoot my cat until it had given birth to the moon of Europa
coryonna long
coryonna long 2 måneder siden
Run to Jesus before it's too late I luv u
Ira Gurijala
Ira Gurijala 2 måneder siden
I love how the guy making up fake stories actually made them funny
Jess Walsh
Jess Walsh 3 måneder siden
On the bike lanes the whole house when my mum would be like ha ha why is this house look like a pigsty then
Kaya The Squirtle
Kaya The Squirtle 3 måneder siden
The grandma reminds me so much of my grandad
Scree Chan
Scree Chan 3 måneder siden
Broooooooo I went to the outhouse to learn laundry and then I left and I was in the outback. I saw a kangaroo and it had puppies! Then I went home and there were kittens in a bowl waiting for me! I adopted the kangaroo, puppies, and kittens and now I have a veggie farm full of pets! Such an amazing day!
Saige Perez
Saige Perez 3 måneder siden
*Gloom-* Someday when i have a kid* *Terry-* 😱😱😱
Barbara Winton
Barbara Winton 3 måneder siden
You should do DIY dog treats for Angie
Sus 3 måneder siden
Remember when I went to space to get meatballs for my soup in the morning while I was sleeping?
Sus 3 måneder siden
Remember when I went to space to get meatballs for my soup in the morning while I was sleeping?
Dad and daughter gaming and more
How u go from snail to dishes iron water grass WAHHH
ParisPanda 3 måneder siden
I took my chicken for a walk, then i realised I forget my pet water because the cloud were speaking
Havalyn Ingram
Havalyn Ingram 3 måneder siden
Why did everyone say they get up at five am like thee are no other numbers
Midnight_ Playz
Midnight_ Playz 3 måneder siden
My parents would straight up call me out
ISHANG CATAMIO 3 måneder siden
3:25 my story would be "i was walking to the side walk and i saw a guy using his motorcycle to get home like my mind is just bro what rrrr you doing this is for walking not driving and that person was my dad"
Jacob Essentials
Jacob Essentials 3 måneder siden
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Ava Grace
Ava Grace 3 måneder siden
11:00 wait he sounds JUST like dream ..
Fin Shea
Fin Shea 3 måneder siden
You should totally have a kid I think they would be soo cute the boy or girl
Delta Denver
Delta Denver 3 måneder siden
「 Zenny 」
「 Zenny 」 3 måneder siden
One time my mom asked me why there was a bowling ball in the living room and i just told a random story for like 10 minutes and my cousin and me where just laughing hysterically the whole time. *She never found out why there was a bowling ball in the living room.*
Emo PlushYT
Emo PlushYT 3 måneder siden
The guy got those fake stories from tick tock
Cat girl 332
Cat girl 332 3 måneder siden
So funny
El 3 måneder siden
She used to be a gamer now she’s just a reaction youtuber she’s still great tho
Ami Riza Bolchi
Ami Riza Bolchi 3 måneder siden
I tried this with my friends and she keep looking at everything and when I question her she said yes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😶🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
YOUTUBER_PIXIE 3 måneder siden
Duckie 3 måneder siden
I had a teacher in 5th grade that I feel like would lie about soooo many things like I'm pretty sure she said she got struck by lightening and has like 10 famous cousins lol
bloodiamondeyes 3 måneder siden
being able to instantly come up with a believable story is a dangerous skill to have.
Bugaboy 3 måneder siden
2:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ethan Rumti
Ethan Rumti 3 måneder siden
godhandninja 3 måneder siden
So I looked away and forgot what the vid was about at 5:30 I'm like uhh then I relis3d the video title
Mele A
Mele A 3 måneder siden
Me literally crying from laughing so hard
Simonis Bean
Simonis Bean 3 måneder siden
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Sikyxxrose 3 måneder siden
9:59 i personally wouldve said "im pretty sure she texted me just a vit ago ill see what she said" and just freak on her in text asking where she is and say the "hey she wants to call me she's going to my place" and just call her and make her go to my place
Allison Pudiwitr
Allison Pudiwitr 3 måneder siden
Girl, if you love made-up stories, you'll love my book. *Disclaimer*-I'm still writing it...
Miriam Fady
Miriam Fady 3 måneder siden
3:27 Me: oooOooOoooOooOoooOooo Kassie go'in to sage modDddDdddddd.😎
Lila_Marie 3 måneder siden
I yeeted the concealer then woke to bed because my dog was hissing at my bird barking and it was too much gravy for me 🤧
NinaNoir♡ 3 måneder siden
aNd We StArTeD mAkInG oUt On ThE cOuNtEr Me: PLS- BAHAHAHHA
Phoebe And a noob noob
Phoebe And a noob noob 3 måneder siden
When you said hey Terry my Siri turned on
Sydney Strong
Sydney Strong 3 måneder siden
i luv u and ur friend laurenzside is so cool but iv seen u first and u r a little better!
Avi's Art Studio
Avi's Art Studio 3 måneder siden
3:35 i woulda been like " tf are on bruh??"
Addie Lei
Addie Lei 3 måneder siden
You aren’t best friends unless when they lie, you lie with them
Fidget experience
Fidget experience 3 måneder siden
Protesilaus The son on sheep
Who else likes the video before you even watch it
Anikó Nagy
Anikó Nagy 3 måneder siden
The obeisant ounce premenstrually kiss because trunk intialy scold pace a like trigonometry. concerned, hushed robin
Oi 3 måneder siden
8:55 why is this me as a grandparent
David Halim
David Halim 3 måneder siden
Im one of people that always tell lies
Rohan Shroff Shah
Rohan Shroff Shah 3 måneder siden
love you!!! ;) ;) :) ;) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Adalyn Foster
Adalyn Foster 3 måneder siden
do u edit on wevideo
Galaxy Creature
Galaxy Creature 3 måneder siden
Wait… what if the one abt boba wasn’t a lie🥲🤣
Betsie Nielsen
Betsie Nielsen 3 måneder siden
The boba story was so lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rouge Moon
Rouge Moon 3 måneder siden
There is this kid on Discord that just says the weirdest stories that are total fibs and I'm over here just listening like "yo we ain't even friends, but go on"
PINKmellowPLAYZ 3 måneder siden
I make made up stories sometimes to make make my life interesting lol 😂
Audrey Davis
Audrey Davis 4 måneder siden
At 4:48:, sammeeeee here Kassie my mom would just be like, “ what do you mean that’s not true!?!?” lol
The Dino Nuggets
The Dino Nuggets 4 måneder siden
If I lied about my morning routine my mom would be laughing HARD in the background!
ChocoAri 4 måneder siden
2:16 when you wake up in the morning and someone tries ti tell you something, but you just woke up so you hear this.
MaltaLand 4 måneder siden
After watching this video, and really really thinking about it. She does kinda look like Beyoncé lol
Emma Van Es
Emma Van Es 4 måneder siden
If i said i wake up at 5am and go for a run my mom would legitiem be like Haha you wish😅
✨Hey it Ash✨
✨Hey it Ash✨ 4 måneder siden
2:23 Don't mind just a mark for me 🙂
Lexie Henderson
Lexie Henderson 4 måneder siden
relatable but in a BAD way
If regret was a video 🤦
childhood is over 😞
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delete this it's too sad
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