Kids are weird 

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Kids are precious, they cute, they dumb. Here are some kids doing things that shock or impress their parents, I absolutely love watching these Tik Toks. Hope you enjoy!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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8. mai. 2021





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Slyngemor Time siden
And i took that personally
Chrystal Crawford
Chrystal Crawford 3 timer siden
Girl um
Serge Ruel
Serge Ruel 20 timer siden
I hate you
Serge Ruel
Serge Ruel 20 timer siden
I’m a kid
Foefunnyaf 22 timer siden
You were my idol but now you’re not because you called me weird
Ayla Smith
Ayla Smith 23 timer siden
im a kid but im not weird
Caren Gonzalez
Caren Gonzalez 23 timer siden
Sparkle Elephant
Sparkle Elephant 23 timer siden
The hair one it actually looked sooo cute
Alivias Legos
Alivias Legos Dag siden
Gloom how could you I'm a kid and I'm not weird
J Birrento
J Birrento Dag siden
F TY uuio
Marvela Scarletta
When my parents first took me to a beach when I was a baby I didn’t want to touch the sand.
Daniel June
Daniel June Dag siden
When the girl was talking about sand and the dude thought she said Sam, it reminded me of hurricane Sam which will go north east of the us
LinnTheWind Dag siden
14:36 whats that??
nosiphiwo menze
nosiphiwo menze Dag siden
Finn Dag siden
Idk if it’s cuz I’ve kinda always felt non-binary and don’t really like my chest (even if I didn’t know the word yet) but my friends were super pumped. My friend group started bragging about who got their training bras first and who got the cutest colors/patterns. They thought I didn’t get mine, but I had it for like 3 weeks before telling them (which made them mad for seemingly no reason) Did anyone else (enby or not) ever get lost as to why their friends were so pumped and just sat there thinking “Am I weird? Or are *they* weird?” Just me? Ok….🧐
Mia Zhang
Mia Zhang Dag siden
Ima kid
cherie goodwin
cherie goodwin Dag siden
I'm 9
Genuinexx Dag siden
Girl call girl also happened to me
Joseph Stewart
Joseph Stewart Dag siden
But I'm a kid you hurt my feelings
mush room girl
mush room girl 2 dager siden
Shut up I no I'm weird but don't need to rub it in and you were a kid too
XxstarxX 2 dager siden
Nobody: Not even a dot: Little kid:”but mom you are fat”
Alien 2 dager siden
You was kid
Ciara 2 dager siden
Kids are not werd im a kid you make my sad
FNG Network
FNG Network 2 dager siden
I am very mad 😠😤😒
FNG Network
FNG Network 2 dager siden
FNG Network
FNG Network 2 dager siden
You freaking weird I am 7
FNG Network
FNG Network 2 dager siden
You was a kid
•KURĪMU CHAN• 2 dager siden
7:46 The brand is actually called a big joe me and my friend found that out because her baby sister has one
patsy villani
patsy villani 2 dager siden
How dare you
Nicole Stenzel
Nicole Stenzel 2 dager siden
I am a kid now this is just my mom’s friend but that’s not the point I am not weird excuse me why did you do that you know kids are watching your videos make me like really mad at yourself out
Anya Shaw
Anya Shaw 2 dager siden
I remember the time when it rained and there’s 100 worms everywhere even on a parking lot from garage like when you leave your garage
Shugercookie 2 dager siden
Ariel House
Ariel House 2 dager siden
Did you call me out
GamingWithRainbow 2 dager siden
Tbh my older brother isn’t want to touch the ground outside at all no driveway no grass no anything if he was bearfoot but me I was like ok me go outside now
Charlotte Doughtery
Charlotte Doughtery 3 dager siden
That not nice I'm a kids it mean
Little birds 🐦
Little birds 🐦 3 dager siden
I’m a kid 9
helo, tomarry (tom riddle x harry potter)
Godzilla vs king kong
Megan Pratt
Megan Pratt 3 dager siden
I hate you I am a kid I've done a few of these things so be quiet
Rainbow cookies
Rainbow cookies 3 dager siden
I complained that I didn’t want my training bra lol I just felt embarrassed lol
Rielle Brown
Rielle Brown 4 dager siden
Kassie, when i was a baby i got lost in a field of corn at farm, my family was there to take family photo's and they lost me they went home after looking everywhere and the farmer person found me and call my parents!
GOURI KRISHNA G 4 dager siden
We are not Weird Adults are weird 😅😒
Tamika Fuhrmeister
Tamika Fuhrmeister 4 dager siden
That’s rood
Piper Rodriguez
Piper Rodriguez 4 dager siden
i'm a kid
Hi 4 dager siden
You calling me wired 😡
Gamer fox
Gamer fox 4 dager siden
I wore my mothers brawls when I was 4 years old so i could have melons too.
Simon studio2010
Simon studio2010 4 dager siden
Who else LOVES her laugh
Aware Lion
Aware Lion 4 dager siden
Your theory about the baby/grass instinct is pretty close to the going thought
Aron Adventures
Aron Adventures 4 dager siden
Celia El
Celia El 4 dager siden
I really really hate bras so instead now I have vest bras😬😤 I really really really hate growing up full stop
Mia Pollard
Mia Pollard 5 dager siden
Hey I’m a kid 😑🤣
Just be happy
Just be happy 5 dager siden
Gloom:kids are freaking weird Me:but I am a kid and I am not weird I am offended
Alayna Islam
Alayna Islam 5 dager siden
How old is Gloom and what is her favourite colour
AstralWolfPlays 5 dager siden
6:02 same gloom same
giada signorotti
giada signorotti 5 dager siden
Kassie: kids are weird Me: yeah my brother is weird not me-
ajsseagrave 5 dager siden
You're so mean I'm not watching your videos again I'm a little kid I'm only 9
pigupups 5 dager siden
I'm I teknly a kid I'm 8???
Jessica Rosas
Jessica Rosas 6 dager siden
I am supporting you and your calling me weird am un subscribeing😠😡
the Universal Four
the Universal Four 6 dager siden
Hey I'm a kid but yet I still walk around the back bend that doesn't make me weird is it OK
deepshikha sarkar
deepshikha sarkar 6 dager siden
Kids are not weird lm a kid
Ella Brooks 2000
Ella Brooks 2000 6 dager siden
14:07 reminded me of when i hid behind a cupboard because I didn’t want to go to school, my mum was calling the police and I was right in front of her but she didn’t look down
Penny Lewis
Penny Lewis 6 dager siden
I'm a kid and I'm only a tiny bit weird 🥺
Katherine Pond
Katherine Pond 6 dager siden
I’m a kid i’m 10
Lovely-Potato-Panda 6 dager siden
3:18 I think I saw that kid in person before because I remember seeing him bump into the walls 😂😂
Friendship_5678 7 dager siden
Lilliana 7 dager siden
I am a kiddd
Bubblegum girl
Bubblegum girl 7 dager siden
14:29 So ture, when my mom was little, her little sister went missing while they were gardening, they were all in a panic! Turns out she fell asleep under some blankets-
Yoga beast
Yoga beast 7 dager siden
I have proof I can sleep there anything I slept through Godzilla versus King Kong
Lisa Reinking
Lisa Reinking 7 dager siden
Thanks I am weird
꧁I like frogs꧂
꧁I like frogs꧂ 8 dager siden
Kids are weird Most of the videos BABYS AND TODDLERS
Bhargavi Jami
Bhargavi Jami 8 dager siden
Are you trying to say I am weird
Ranjith Changappa
Ranjith Changappa 8 dager siden
I am an kid and I am thinking to be a spy when I grow up and I am weird.
Funniest  Man
Funniest Man 8 dager siden
I am a kid 🧒 I am not naughty
Caytlynne Berkley
Caytlynne Berkley 8 dager siden
I am already in the big girl club!!!
LeeBella MaOse
LeeBella MaOse 8 dager siden
IM EVERYTHING 💋 8 dager siden
Me being 🎶8 🎶 I totally didn’t push a boy to the ground made his nose bleed three times lol
8 dager siden
The giraffe was like this is my food LET GO!
Ciara Duggan
Ciara Duggan 9 dager siden
I am literally kid tails and thank you are friends with the Krwe
Shelby Clark
Shelby Clark 9 dager siden
ohhhhhhh its big joe cuz thats the brand name of the frog, i have one of those!!!!
Amber Diaz
Amber Diaz 9 dager siden
Ima kid ;-;
nuggys 9 dager siden
Why I not dumb I'm 8
Ann Bourbeau
Ann Bourbeau 9 dager siden
I'm a kid😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😠
m hoskins
m hoskins 9 dager siden
At 3:09 it is bad because mirrors facing each other is a portal for spirits
Michael Findley
Michael Findley 10 dager siden
Happy day I'm Gloom and kids are freaking weird lol 😂 I can't stop laughing that's the first thing you said
Farid AYADI 10 dager siden
Gloom: Kids are weird Me: That really hurt My brother: WHAT DID SHE SAY
Farid AYADI 10 dager siden
Gloom: Kids are weird Me: That really hurt My brother: WHAT DID SHE SAY My parents: true
Farid AYADI 10 dager siden
Gloom: kids are weird Me: That really hurt
Sue Edet
Sue Edet 10 dager siden
Penguin 🐧 lolz
Penguin 🐧 lolz 10 dager siden
I have a big joe
Megan Toney
Megan Toney 10 dager siden
Kassie:kids are weird Me: you a can say that again!
Sky hyper
Sky hyper 10 dager siden
actually know the founten thing a lot of kids and me like to play there
Ashley Sills
Ashley Sills 10 dager siden
How dare you I am a kid
CandyMasher Anims
CandyMasher Anims 11 dager siden
All the kids watching this:😧😧😧😧😧
Cottencandy Wolf
Cottencandy Wolf 11 dager siden
4:12 the first time I got my training bra I was honestly the very opposite of this like my mum was always suggesting about it when we went to buy clothes, and I kept on pushing it away bc I did NOT want to face the fact that I was going to be having a fun time in a couple years :)
Cookie_Queen 11 dager siden
That first kid is me I always call my mom fat
Queen Flamingo
Queen Flamingo 11 dager siden
#11:11 honestly my cousin
Kristen Moran
Kristen Moran 12 dager siden
Guess what I’m a kid and you were a kid to so you’re calling yourself dumblol
Jackie Trent
Jackie Trent 12 dager siden
How dare you
Katelyn Menerey
Katelyn Menerey 12 dager siden
I think I’ve been to the place that has the foam
Layan daisy
Layan daisy 12 dager siden
Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygoooooood