can't relate but ya'll stay safe 

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These are relatable TikToks that I don’t find relatable at all, that said I hope things go well for everyone involved
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19. juli. 2021





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PurpleGalaxyGirl 3 timer siden
Cassie: I haven’t eaten at 3AM in a while me: eating at 3AM watching this vid
Jay 3 timer siden
420 disliked lol
I’m 10 and I wax like my under arms my legs and I have to sit through the pain 🤧🤧
Mandy Arvin
Mandy Arvin 5 timer siden
Me and my daughter used to have a water bed
How does the water bed not break like.... am I just dumb!
JoJo 2
JoJo 2 7 timer siden
Kassie.........can I brush your hair
Sophie Gh
Sophie Gh 10 timer siden
The dude making food at 3 am is me making pancakes at 6 o'clock
AvXjXck Dag siden
yall my dad turned off the noise in the microwave XD
The ScubaDriver
The ScubaDriver Dag siden
6:37 is my TikTok video of my wife and the packages 😂
꧁ Humanixt ꧂
Am I the only one who is starting to find the Lauren comments annoying? No? Someone else is? Okay.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 dager siden
The doors are poor
The doors are poor 2 dager siden
zoe......... I STILL LOVE U GLOOM
Just_Priya 2 dager siden
Gloom: “I don’t need them with bread!” Lauren:….. you have betrayed me kasssie We can’t be friends, you have 5 seconds to run 🔪🙂
Lauren 2 dager siden
“I don’t think anyone grows hair here.” **shows inside of elbow** Me: 😳😬🇮🇳
Brooke Stevenson
Brooke Stevenson 2 dager siden
I LoVE Sleepovers HEhE
Kenzy Page
Kenzy Page 2 dager siden
Can I braid ur hair plsss
Ella A.
Ella A. 3 dager siden
Its 1am and i just cut curtain bangs.....i love them, but help
Tara Laughton
Tara Laughton 3 dager siden
I'll lowkey offer the chair out of spite and if it works the person will feel bad and give me the chair
Christine Consoli
Christine Consoli 3 dager siden
I am going on vacation in 16
Mopsi 3 dager siden
Can i brush ur hair? 😅
Katie Housley
Katie Housley 4 dager siden
great video! btw you look super pretty!
FruitSalad 4 dager siden
Sugar waxing is actually less painful loll I tried it with lemon juice and sugar last year and it was my first time removing my hair (yeah I’m a late one) so I’ve never shaved only waxed and sugar wax is less painful than the normal wax 😭😂
Julia Augustine
Julia Augustine 4 dager siden
Bro I love the feeling of someone playing with my hair but I have this thing where I pass out when someone plays with my hair
Olivia 4 dager siden
Me: ok I’m dead Gloom: ew sour patch pizza Me: I need food I’m in a forest
Briana Alcius
Briana Alcius 4 dager siden
Khaby is italian!
ItzAutumn 4 dager siden
Is it ironic that I could relate to Kassie throughout this entire video?
Good Vibez
Good Vibez 4 dager siden
If you do a video of you sugar waxing then ill get my whole school to subscribe
Skye Wanliss
Skye Wanliss 4 dager siden
for some reason, i don't like it when ASMR people whisper
marc farmer
marc farmer 5 dager siden
Is it just meh bc my iPad keeps bluring it out
addie 5 dager siden
POV- you got your bangs cut last year (early 2020) and they are barely long enough to be Curtain bangs. Like yes my mom cut them way too short but still
×Chocolate Milkshake×
Turtle town
Turtle town 5 dager siden
I hate my hair being touched 😂
【  「N3pol!n Ol!n」   】3LF☁︎の
Loretta Nutter
Loretta Nutter 5 dager siden
Gloom: I dont eat at 3:am anymore The reason: Its scary
Eliana Harris
Eliana Harris 6 dager siden
1:30 I only do that for when my EX best friend txt’s me. If anything I can use it against her.
VANP Julien102
VANP Julien102 6 dager siden
I did relate when she gloom sed she hates sleepovers. Also, i love your videos keep up the great work.
: D
: D 6 dager siden
Love it
Sofia Hankins
Sofia Hankins 6 dager siden
if somebody wanted to brush my hair i would never say no unless it was my mom(ehe)
CryingSunflower 6 dager siden
I was today years old when I realized she said "happy day im gloom" and not "happy day on gloom" 💀
crinkle crackle
crinkle crackle 6 dager siden
just thought i should let you know that you spelled y'all wrong
Pillow Young
Pillow Young 7 dager siden
8:00 My brothers go hard but not THIS hard!
Madelyn DeVaney
Madelyn DeVaney 7 dager siden
you should be soooooo proud i could never not feast at 12
sofs vlogs
sofs vlogs 7 dager siden
A tip for waxing strips is use a hairdryer at the lowest setting to kinda melt the wax so it works better
Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm
I’m sorry but NOT ZOE LAVERNE😭🤚🏻
꧁ sᴀᴋᴜʀᴀ ᴘʟᴀʏs ꧂
Once when i was at church, i felt someone random just brushing my hair- it didnt even bother me tho, i didnt look around i was like- okay here have my hair, do what you want, and ended up have 2 braids 😂
Milk. 7 dager siden
Craig Davis
Craig Davis 7 dager siden
Suger waxing (as I've heard) is actually mostly painless healthyer then waxing and I don't think you have to put it on when it hot maybe when it's warm but yeah maybe google it
nxrris nutx
nxrris nutx 7 dager siden
Gloom we have the same bday
HannahNotFound XD
HannahNotFound XD 7 dager siden
I hate same it sents tingles down my spine
Laura Wong Dock
Laura Wong Dock 7 dager siden
My mom is upsets with TikTok
Invinsable louie
Invinsable louie 7 dager siden
Ladies why do yo
Jenna Smedley
Jenna Smedley 7 dager siden
HII Gloom and I still love your tattoo
Sophie Godsiff
Sophie Godsiff 8 dager siden
Sour patch kid pizza is YUM!
claire timmons
claire timmons 8 dager siden
Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩🐶
Peachyyy Cass
Peachyyy Cass 8 dager siden
I remember in elementary school my friends would just start braiding my hair on the carpet and i loved it🔥
Ash Chaos
Ash Chaos 8 dager siden
Kassie: I don't feast at 3:00 am Me: Same, I feast at 3:30 am
Fox_Bee 8 dager siden
Yo I can literally relate to the lightning
Mickayla Dunklee
Mickayla Dunklee 8 dager siden
Kassie: I want to go out I wanna see the people Me: I wanna be aloneeeeeeee
Gossip with Martha Stewart and Marilyn Monroe
The “ happy day I’m GloOOoom!” Is never gonna get old bro 😎
Gossip with Martha Stewart and Marilyn Monroe
Kassie : whaaaaaa don’t let him see me working out…. Azzy : let me leave toooooooo
Manoli Manoli
Manoli Manoli 8 dager siden
Are yall still friends with azzy?
Solrac Jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr
nobody talking abt zoe lavarne being in the vid? absaloutley no hate at all on cassie just sayin
Fazetta 8 dager siden
6:03 So relatable...personally lock down has turned me from an omnivert into an extrovert
Ky'Anah Whittaker
Ky'Anah Whittaker 8 dager siden
Her:I haven't in the past few weeks😄 Me:what about the past few months🤔
Jesus loves all if u believe  or not
Jesus loves you all ❤
crazy Kiki
crazy Kiki 8 dager siden
Pickles+Hot dog buns
Angel Siu
Angel Siu 8 dager siden
gloom is so positive
Sometimes Puppet Shows Are Sad
[-KOCO-] 9 dager siden
Amelia Schadler
Amelia Schadler 9 dager siden
7:08 imagine all the packages being the same thing but different sizes
Sunnyroblox 9 dager siden
RTV Mashups
RTV Mashups 9 dager siden
Kassie: Nobody I Know In Real Life Loves TikTok As Much As I Do! Lauren: How Do You Do…Fellow Kids?!?
Kam 9 dager siden
y'all, because the apostrophe stands for a missing letter or letters
Ravenheart OwO
Ravenheart OwO 9 dager siden
3:30 , If you hold 2 on a microwave it silences it Qvq
Another Day With Natalia
You really used my video 😂, mine is the video of the girl in her room during a party, my tiktok is @ nataliarodie
Shinningstar Xiong
Shinningstar Xiong 9 dager siden
The honey wax is used at room temp, so it isn't hot
Zahin 9 dager siden
7:57 I didn’t understand this one,can someone please explain?
OLIVIA ACOSTA 9 dager siden
6:19 don't do that because its prob not real
kpop lover
kpop lover 9 dager siden
I wanna know is sugar waxing new? Because my grandma have done it since she was a kid and she taught my aunts and mom how to do it and she sometimes do it for them and here in my country we can buy it and put it in the microwave to make it softer-
Pigxel 80
Pigxel 80 9 dager siden
As a Texan, it’s y’all not ya’ll lol
you Kiasen
you Kiasen 9 dager siden
*GASP* did she say she graduated from 3AM snacks that my dream
Ava Hornbeck
Ava Hornbeck 9 dager siden
Ewwww Zoe Laverne. She’s the TikTok grommer by the way, she dated a 12-year-old boy publicly at 19 and is notoriously racist, having said the N-word multiple times and never apologized. bleh
EmaPlaysRH 9 dager siden
Kassie:i have an obsession.. i love when someone plays with my hair Me: we have the same obsession👁👄👁👍
Britain's Great Bakes
Britain's Great Bakes 9 dager siden
Kleetus went Yeetus.
marfa mohammed
marfa mohammed 9 dager siden
3:52 i can't be the only one who doesn't eat at 3:00 am...right?
חיה מושקא יפרח
I love tiktok like this too
Drew and Viv
Drew and Viv 9 dager siden
Every time Cassie posts a vid I like it before I even watch it because I always love them!
ニャ 9 dager siden
me noticing that zoe laverne was in this video .... 👁👄👁
Trey Simkins
Trey Simkins 9 dager siden
I will never have a water bed I have a fear if it breaks
Esther P
Esther P 9 dager siden
To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! ❤
Anas Elshemy
Anas Elshemy 9 dager siden
Gloom are you Muslim cause can you get tattoos
Stormy_OP 10 dager siden
1:34 Zoe I think tats all the hate she is getting
JOZZY 10 dager siden
The gim crush
Marlee Rayne
Marlee Rayne 10 dager siden
Sunset_ Cloud
Sunset_ Cloud 10 dager siden
Can we take a moment and talk about Kassie's nails? Like they're gorgeous
Emily W
Emily W 10 dager siden
Sugaring isn’t hot and doesn’t hurt as much as wax and is easy to make (a little over/undercooked still works) and pulls out hair better so it doesn’t grow back as fast :)
axlegoddess 10 dager siden
Im still happy I cant go places i HATE people
veronica harmonica
veronica harmonica 10 dager siden
1:08 legit my cousin she actually has a passcode this long 🤣🤣
PeachestPeaches Peaches
4:13 keep listening for a voice cracks lol
Hailey Ford
Hailey Ford 10 dager siden
I grow hair there i literally said is this normal ,today
Doge Gang
Doge Gang 10 dager siden
I'll NEVER judge you, bestie
"What does this say?"
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