Trying Pop It Hack Scams 

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These thumbnails are all clickbait but I'm going to try them irl because I want to make these magic sensory toy moments become real.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



3. juli. 2021





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Janessa 6 timer siden
what did you say sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
ooj ali khaan
ooj ali khaan Dag siden
Ur hair looks so pretty Kassie
ROMEESA SIRAJ 2 dager siden
I just got a pop it very hardly
Paul 3 dager siden
U need to make more playing with fidget videos for @baddiebakakawaiibae pls
Fabulous Fiona
Fabulous Fiona 3 dager siden
I thought you were a gaming channel
Zoeoryx 5 dager siden
I don’t like gloom 😪
Dog_mom_of_2 4 dager siden
@Zoeoryx but you just said you don’t like her
Zoeoryx 5 dager siden
I love her 😍
Aarohi's World
Aarohi's World 5 dager siden
Oof oOf
Aarna Bharmoria
Aarna Bharmoria 5 dager siden
I HAVE THE SAME icecream POPIT , its my only one :(
Rhodora Aputen
Rhodora Aputen 5 dager siden
Does gloom have a family....?
Dog The Cat
Dog The Cat 8 dager siden
You neeeed a tangle
JJ 9 dager siden
The rewind part took me out 💀
Elora Gad
Elora Gad 10 dager siden
I think the one for putting it on your tounge was meant to put candy in it and sneak it around
Natalee 10 dager siden
Terry:don’t forget to wash your godam hands Kassie: EXCUSE ME
ShapeShifter Playz
ShapeShifter Playz 11 dager siden
Kassie with purple: One of the greatest colors ever Lauren: Yes Kassie! Purple: Struggles to get out and then barely shows up Lauren: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Orlanda King
Orlanda King 11 dager siden
Hey Kassie stole my phone case lol its the first on that was put in her hair
jana itani
jana itani 11 dager siden
Gurl covid is done in my country idk aboyt urs but mine ya no mow covid
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez 12 dager siden
When the dog was smelling your but a was laughing my lungs out
Lauren B
Lauren B 12 dager siden
crazy  gacha mihika
crazy gacha mihika 12 dager siden
Pop it
crazy  gacha mihika
crazy gacha mihika 12 dager siden
I am 9 and fine with soap
FurryFox 13 dager siden
She should’ve popped the pop it on the painting one to get the paint out lol
Marcus Morgan
Marcus Morgan 13 dager siden
It was so funny don’t forget to wash your goddang hands
adam a
adam a 14 dager siden
Sorry my friend said that we love this channel
Shesh & Sheno
Shesh & Sheno 14 dager siden
And the glitter will burst out it’s so satisfying
Shesh & Sheno
Shesh & Sheno 14 dager siden
I have a hack first you pop the pop it and put glitter pop under the pop it
Genderfluid lesbian
Genderfluid lesbian 15 dager siden
•moxi• 15 dager siden
who else thought glooms intro was “happy day on gloom”?
Susan Love
Susan Love 15 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 16 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 16 dager siden
JUST POP IT!!!!!!!!!!
Dhiadamia fazlie
Dhiadamia fazlie 16 dager siden
I have a pop it but I dint destroy my toys I just got it
•KittyCats•Game• 17 dager siden
Kassie does realize that the pop it pattern she had on her shirt looked really bad: 🔵 🔵 🟦
Meh Meh
Meh Meh 17 dager siden
U gotta fill the rows of the pop it’s with a soda or choclate then freeze and then boom
•KREW ECLIPSE• 17 dager siden
Your cupcake pop it is the same as my cupcake pop it the colour and the shape is the samee
serah rose
serah rose 17 dager siden
I watched the troom troom video and they dod use the pop it as the eyeshadow palette
It was slime kassie😂 not soap, slime
Norah Walsh
Norah Walsh 18 dager siden
Kassie trying to make a satisfying clip. Her purple paint: Girl no we don’t sell that here-
yes 18 dager siden
More fidgets plz
robertbruce1972 19 dager siden
i love it at the end shes like my hair look stoopid-- lol
Mia Vela
Mia Vela 19 dager siden
Gloom bf: u can wach me
Joey 19 dager siden
Is it just me or is this the first video in a long time that she cussed lol
Janae Melea
Janae Melea 19 dager siden
You look like olivia rodrigo
Angel Lee
Angel Lee 20 dager siden
I am a kid I am I use soap 🧼
Rachel Gomez
Rachel Gomez 21 dag siden
Sofia Fernandez
Sofia Fernandez 21 dag siden
Stop saying five minute crafts its five minutes trash Troom troom:oops my crafts Went BOOM
Darl Garrison
Darl Garrison 21 dag siden
I have a dog and he likes your dog 🐶 🐕 🐈‍⬛🐩
Maya HEHE 21 dag siden
A pop it bikini is just an absolute disaster waiting to happen
Isabella Horne
Isabella Horne 21 dag siden
I like how he can rewind life.
Elsa Hello
Elsa Hello 21 dag siden
The main reason I wanted to watch any video was because of the thumbnail And then it’s just clickbait
kutties time
kutties time 21 dag siden
6:30 kassie ahh that is not a pop it it's Manams
Dida Derven
Dida Derven 22 dager siden
How to make figets stress full :
Crisp_gacha_potato 22 dager siden
We’re not allowed fidgets at school it’s banned
Yazmina Perez
Yazmina Perez 22 dager siden
rainbow dash died on that canvas
Russia 🇷🇺
Russia 🇷🇺 22 dager siden
I’ve always wanted a pop it and i still don’t have one
David Williams
David Williams 23 dager siden
°Thanks alot *sparkplug_lite* you are a great man so grateful via Instagram
David Williams
David Williams 23 dager siden
••Thanks alot *sparkplug_lite* you are a great man so grateful via Instagram
Cara O sullivan
Cara O sullivan 23 dager siden
0:04 les pop it!
david pigan
david pigan 23 dager siden
Pop it painting challenge
[Tsuyu_Symp] 23 dager siden
Even tho I haven’t watched the full video first
[Tsuyu_Symp] 23 dager siden
Kohaku Usagi
Kohaku Usagi 24 dager siden
7:12... Yeah...they titled that so that it comes up when Blackpink fans are searching. Bet. 👍🏾
Kohaku Usagi
Kohaku Usagi 24 dager siden
2:01, Bruh...😂😂 I could see that real anger in that face for a sec, 😂😂
Sunflower Dayz
Sunflower Dayz 24 dager siden
Why was the rewind so perfect
Cotton Candy sky's
Cotton Candy sky's 24 dager siden
I looked on troom troom and they actually have some pop it videos
Nina Strickland
Nina Strickland 24 dager siden
I have the same rainbow pop it phone case!! (I know that no one else cares but I still wanted to say it)
Julia Kerrell
Julia Kerrell 24 dager siden
leave a comment
Nathasia Rivera
Nathasia Rivera 24 dager siden
Why did you waste your popit
Tvisha’s creative adventures
actually, kassie in the pop it art video thumbnail you said that they didn't use pop its but I watched the video and they did at 2:01
Ryann Bode
Ryann Bode 24 dager siden
7:40 The fact that troom troom photoshopped an Ushanka out of pop it’s is madness.
teatimes 24 dager siden
Why do I love her pop it/ fidgets toys videos so freaking much 🏃‍♀️💨
Claire Duncan
Claire Duncan 24 dager siden
thank you thank you karthas not forgotten you havent posted her for a while.
Dewa Oka Swabawa
Dewa Oka Swabawa 24 dager siden
Home Depot Dubai هوم ديبوت دبي
I am getting a mesh ball it is also a fidget toy
Moonbuyl the corny corn
7:20 hang on……… is that a pair of underwear????
¡! !¡
¡! !¡ 25 dager siden
Terry your amazing
Jynx 25 dager siden
Umm I think U where meant to fill the pop it with ice and eat it
Giggly Eyes
Giggly Eyes 25 dager siden
This is acctually painfull to watch. That’s exactly why i liked the vid! Love every vid of yours kassima💖
TIMMEH 25 dager siden
scarlett 25 dager siden
i can tell kassie was so close to cracking up when she was at the sink, love ya gloom, ur videos are the reason im happy 😆
Abena Ankrah
Abena Ankrah 25 dager siden
the one on the cover i have-
Skitsable 25 dager siden
7:22 just yes
Amy Romero
Amy Romero 25 dager siden
Try. trading master 3-D. it is a fidget trading app
Rachael Rios
Rachael Rios 25 dager siden
Plot twist: Kartha Gewert comes in for no reason and does this video instead
Kyle Tolliver
Kyle Tolliver 25 dager siden
Derpy gamer
Derpy gamer 25 dager siden
My teacher says fidgets aren't toys
Tynna Beer
Tynna Beer 25 dager siden
Ayo kartha music
Pop it? Yaaa mean top it?
Hannah Shields-Walsh
Hannah Shields-Walsh 25 dager siden
I love you gloom💝
Danica Stanojević
Danica Stanojević 25 dager siden
On the pool. Still watching Gloom
Gabriela 25 dager siden
If you want I could send you a stressball
Aubrey Doxey
Aubrey Doxey 26 dager siden
Me tooooooooo
- - Zaynab - -
- - Zaynab - - 26 dager siden
crazy mode - *on* ✅
DreamyChan and Techno
DreamyChan and Techno 26 dager siden
1:18 **casual Terry noises**
Flow scissors
Flow scissors 26 dager siden
Pop it
Stick bot Productions
Stick bot Productions 26 dager siden
Knoc of wt
Kawaii_playz 26 dager siden
I love your videos I hope you have a great week!!🥰🥰😍🥰😇😇😍
Mushroom The Fungi
Mushroom The Fungi 26 dager siden
why are fidget tools a trend-
Elizabeth Geis
Elizabeth Geis 26 dager siden
me and my friends saw a video where a girl IN PRISON was wearing a pop-it BIKINI that was not in the video thank the heavens o-o
Calvin zzstu Nader
Calvin zzstu Nader 26 dager siden
0:55 Gloom: This is so boringgggggg! Me: This is SOAP boring!! GET IT?!!!
Shan TheWoman
Shan TheWoman 26 dager siden
ur makeup in this is so fire
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