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7. mai. 2021





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Violet Kitbull
Violet Kitbull 4 timer siden
Cows actually do drink milk so you not wrong...it's actually wrong for a person to drink cows milk cuz that milk is specifically for cows...just like you wouldn't drink dog milk or cat milk...same thing
THE BIG BIG SPIDER 7 timer siden
New subscriber
Ellie’s Channel
Ellie’s Channel 17 timer siden
Hi! What’s the other AirPod in your right ear? Why is there only one and you cover it up? I’m just wondering.
slep 18 timer siden
In all her vids:👋🏻😣👋🏻
Akiah Magtoto
Akiah Magtoto 2 dager siden
Gloom you make me so happy EVERY SINGLE DAY I LOVE YOUR VIDS
Sam Silo
Sam Silo 3 dager siden
Bruh ranch anything but rancb
McGorou 6 dager siden
If my friend slips and falls I laugh but if they are in pain then I will not react and just ask to take her to the nurse
Mel southwell
Mel southwell 7 dager siden
i have no friends...*sad noises*
Mel southwell
Mel southwell 7 dager siden
Liam 11 studios
Liam 11 studios 7 dager siden
Hexxic 9 dager siden
Why are you having your stomach touched by cold handed people?
ʙᴇᴀɴɪᴇ ʟɪʟʏ
recently there’re these guys in class that try to hit on my friend in the most disrespectful way. 2 days ago when the teacher was absent and had a sub, one of the guys asked if he could see her outfit and she nervously said sure and then he pulled out his phone to start recording her up and down. i was so mad and fed up with them because they pick on me and made me cry once 😩 so the next day i reported them to the teacher end HOPEFULLY they’ll get what’s coming to them, sorry, reminded me of the video of that guy making that girl uncomfortable :(
shawty pisces
shawty pisces 9 dager siden
At 14 minutes of this video I thought I saw the rat from ratatouille
Stephanie Phillips
Stephanie Phillips 10 dager siden
I laughed when the guy told his robot hand to choke him lol
Caleya Bonneux
Caleya Bonneux 11 dager siden
If I went to rob someone 1 and say thousands of cats I would grab 2 and leave Who else would to
Tamara Keefe
Tamara Keefe 12 dager siden
I saw 40 cats staring at me I’ll probably just lay on the floor and be like I love you all
Madz 13 dager siden
•SunnyxFlower• 13 dager siden
What happened to your shirt? It do be looking kinda cute tho
16 dager siden
she said pasta
alizandra moore
alizandra moore 18 dager siden
the paaaasta
Janine Gonzalez
Janine Gonzalez 19 dager siden
Doesn’t that guy know that she’s nervous that makes me mad that he does not know that it just makes me so mad I would’ve slapped him and told him to go away at that point
Janine Gonzalez
Janine Gonzalez 19 dager siden
I’ll show what type of food I like 🍌🍉🍒🍕🍛🍱🥗🍔🍳🥨🥐🍗🍇🥯🍓🫐🍬🧇🍮🍡🍭🍦🧁🥧🍢🍪🍟
Janine Gonzalez
Janine Gonzalez 19 dager siden
I have eight paint before and it is absolutely gross because I was holding a lollipop and I was painting and I accidentally thought that the paint was my lollipop and then I liked it lick whatever licked it OK it tasted horrible never never never try eating paint it’s literally disgusting I usually like food but that’s not actually food but I feel disgusted by it this is the food I like eating some fruit some candy 🍭🥖🍗🍟🧆🥘🍲🍥🍧🍰🍫🍿🎂🍨🥠🥮🍦🍮🍩🍪🍭🍭🍬🍬🧁🧁🍡🍡🍢🍦🥧🍮🫐🫐🫐🫐🍓🍓🍓🍓🍇🍇🍇🍇🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🧇🍗🥯🥐🥨🍳🍔🍱🍛🍕
Anonymous Female
Anonymous Female 19 dager siden
Bro kassie's "mAy i?" Has got me wheezing
Blake Stinebaugh
Blake Stinebaugh 19 dager siden
Kassie saying the phone looks fine to her but you cant see it unless someone records the phone
Blake Stinebaugh
Blake Stinebaugh 19 dager siden
They also drink milk
Floof the Hooman
Floof the Hooman 20 dager siden
11:12 gloom is fruity 😨
Nightshade The Dragon
Nightshade The Dragon 20 dager siden
We have 4 cats and their already hard enough
dabi simp 100
dabi simp 100 21 dag siden
6:20 and the meow
bonnie mcdermott
bonnie mcdermott 22 dager siden
What do cows drink?
ItzEmiGacha 23 dager siden
The ranch guy is actually a girl i think 😂😂😂
N a l a n
N a l a n 23 dager siden
9:22 she is using the voice for nugget from k1-2
A.K Roselyn!
A.K Roselyn! 23 dager siden
What do you do when you step in cat litter with wet feet
NATZ 23 dager siden
the 2 girls at front were like- she was in for a kiSXD
Rosie Bowditch
Rosie Bowditch 24 dager siden
4:26 Kinda dumb since baby cows do
Emma Akridge
Emma Akridge 25 dager siden
The reason why people were accused of witchcraft was in there crops there was a bacteria/virus and one of the symptoms was visions/dream. They would see a blur of a human being and would accuse someone with that body type.
Extatic 25 dager siden
I know this has nothing to do with the video but, I would like everyone to know this.... Cheetos has a Mac & cheese(or at least they do in Canada Idk about anywhere else)
Spirit Wolf
Spirit Wolf 25 dager siden
The most funniest part to me is is 13:43
🌬 star
🌬 star 26 dager siden
Ranch dude I’m concerned...
Lexipie777 26 dager siden
R.I.P ur shirt
Joshua Barlow
Joshua Barlow 26 dager siden
10:06 why did he ate the paint
26 dager siden
I thought he said what do cows make so I said milk...am I still tricked?
Livyloo5 aka Panda Lover
she put me mackeys mkay.
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton 29 dager siden
Gloom and I share similar pasta beliefs.
Rihannathelilboss 29 dager siden
Athe girls room lit on fire that’s why it’s damaged
David Chetty
David Chetty 29 dager siden
Maryetta Graves
Maryetta Graves 29 dager siden
The last one is an industrial type of water gun that shoots up to like 60 feet and has the force of a paintball gun.
Mocha dreams
Mocha dreams 29 dager siden
Suad Mansoori
Suad Mansoori Måned siden
He got me 😂
Maria Padua
Maria Padua Måned siden
I have a fear of leeches and I am now **paranoid**
🤎SiimplyBrxnie Fan Page🤎
Why is this pinned?
John DeNardo
John DeNardo Måned siden
Actually I live very close to one of the worlds most popular which areas it’s called Salem Massachusetts and also that thing that movie thing with the game I know it’s actually a massager that moves back-and-forth really quick
Stxrrbee Måned siden
I wish someone appreciated me like that man appreciates ranch.
Chlo Battis
Chlo Battis Måned siden
But cows do drink milk I’m so confused
Grace Carabetta
Grace Carabetta Måned siden
Well Kassie I blew on my ice cream. So give the odd girl alone
Carrot Lord99
Carrot Lord99 Måned siden
Well us guys like ranch we will drink ranch straight out of the bottle
for the silk milk cow thingy, baby cows do drink milk, and parent cows drink water and sometimes milk.Hope this helped
My dad ate a rabbit.
izmi gacha
izmi gacha Måned siden
I'm dieing of laughter 😂
Marissa Maté
Marissa Maté Måned siden
2:05 I thought that was just a crazy design on a rug 😵
Purity_ACNHplayer Måned siden
I am pretty sure thats a pony not a horse
I saw hat guy who dropped water but at the end it did NOT get me ☺☺☺B-)
Nates76 VH
Nates76 VH Måned siden
MiMi Not Tas**:No Gloom I'm not ok...Kassie he he he he he he🤡
NevinBodo Måned siden
✿:・。Twig 。・: ✿
5:30 No. i do not leave, i get distracted by soft cats, i would probably stay and forget im not in my house and you'd come home to me cuddling your cats.
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris Måned siden
I said 🥛
The spilling water was a hint
Jerri Litt
Jerri Litt Måned siden
i will never look at ranch the same - but like i did look bussin at first
CallMehLoxi Måned siden
I was drinking soda and the voice controlled hand just got me at that very moment I choked and now my throat hurts 🥰
Bonnie Tappe
Bonnie Tappe Måned siden
Montero (call me by you name) is a devils song👹👹👹👹
Miss Purple Hop Hops
Layladagamer Måned siden
whats ranch
Layladagamer Måned siden
Layladagamer Måned siden
@CallMehLoxi sorry I dident get u for a sec but now I do I thought u ment touching else
CallMehLoxi Måned siden
@Layladagamer how do u not know what is dip is- idk how to explain it anymore-
Layladagamer Måned siden
@CallMehLoxi ohh u know
Layladagamer Måned siden
@CallMehLoxi was a dip
Nymphodora Tonks
Nymphodora Tonks Måned siden
Me: sees cats My cat allergy Me:dies
Mackenzie Hallam
Mackenzie Hallam Måned siden
When the man covered himself and his pizza in ranch I thought it was clay... LOL
Sabotage the seawing🏳️‍🌈
The beginning it looked like they were about to kiz when she was carrying the girl
Lexy Essen
Lexy Essen Måned siden
Yeah once my friend told me to say roast 5 times then asked me what do you put in a toaster I said toast he said no bread
Måned siden
Emmaline Rose
Emmaline Rose Måned siden
0:06 i fallow them
Naf Måned siden
R u okey? do u need money to buy new clothes?🤨🤨
ncylv Måned siden
ncylv Måned siden
You can’t eat that much ranch on pizza
Taylor Rycroft💖
Taylor Rycroft💖 Måned siden
Literally the one tik tok Cassie loved I walk around with one sock on and one sock of 😂 🤣
Cristine Plays
Cristine Plays 27 dager siden
Mary larkin
Mary larkin Måned siden
That scach😂
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson Måned siden
The amount of times I watched that hand one XD ITS SO FUNNY!
AexXtheticxX Måned siden
Love this sooo much ngl
Lexi gacha queen
Lexi gacha queen Måned siden
She is not wearing a WHAT I mean I wouldn’t be concerned but i won’t mention that
Kaite Hardeen
Kaite Hardeen Måned siden
Kaitlyn is my name1:04
Mrs Tori
Mrs Tori Måned siden
That truck incident happened to me but I fell of a tree
Hehe Besties
Hehe Besties Måned siden
I HATE RANCH!!!!!!!!!!
Skyeispog Måned siden
Ooh :)))
Jad Karameh
Jad Karameh Måned siden
4:40 well technically baby cows drink milk so... I’m right idc
Hey its me
Hey its me Måned siden
I love Caitlin and leah sm they're so cute
Ella The Ella
Ella The Ella Måned siden
look at EllaTheElla
Vix Måned siden
Kawaii Snail08
Kawaii Snail08 Måned siden
Baby cows drink milk
Lani Kinda Sucks
Lani Kinda Sucks Måned siden
I did the cow drink milk one twice and still got it wrong both times o
Violet_rocks Måned siden
The ranch looked disgusting
Sophia Soria
Sophia Soria Måned siden
Baby cow drink milk soooo
Måned siden
Ur about to rob a house and when u open the door u see a full grown Doberman cornering you aggressively barking ✌🏻
Brook345 Måned siden
11:15 not trying to make excuses for him its still creepy and he should've gotten the hint but I can't help but wonder if maybe this guy is just. Blazed out of his mind.