Can’t tell if this is dumb or genius 

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I have a lot of questions. There’s a lot to unpack here. These are videos that slightly worry me.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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24. mai. 2021





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MaryAnne Shiozawa Wiseman
Gloom: if i hear another guy say sheesh some random dude: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeeeeaeaeaeaeeaeaaaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaaaeeeeeeaeaeaeaeeaaeeaeeeaeaeeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeaeaeeaeaeeaeeeaeaeaeaeeaeaeaeaeeeaeaeaeaeeaeaeaeaeaeeaeaeaeeeeaeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseseseseseeaeaeaeaeeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeaeaeaaeaeeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeesh gloom: ...... its kinda nice though. lol like this comment plz thx
TxkyoSkies 4 dager siden
4:33 School pizza parties be like:
Rl Taylor
Rl Taylor 5 dager siden
🪐CHIPz-Elliot 🌙
🪐CHIPz-Elliot 🌙 6 dager siden
Angela Mendoza
Angela Mendoza 6 dager siden
This girl is amazing she reacts the same way I do she deserves everything she haves and more whenever I'm sad I watch gloom whenever I'm happy I watch gloom I'm so grateful for her videos
Samuel Cali Sami and Brittany Moug
Pov: Class Pizza party 4:19
Sherry Bennie
Sherry Bennie 12 dager siden
I don't know what happened also
loyal royal
loyal royal 13 dager siden
hey boomer I love ur vids ok boomer
Violet Owen-Taylor
Violet Owen-Taylor 15 dager siden
Gloom: and then you have more dipping space to dip your pizza... Excuse me who dips pizza??? What are you even dipping it in???
Yeet Queen
Yeet Queen 18 dager siden
“Sheeeeeeeesh” that’s literally every single boy in my class
TheKids 19 dager siden
At 0:38 it reminded me of my friend Charlie only he was playing football
paula knight
paula knight 24 dager siden
a skatepark that i live near has no grafitti if im spelling that right because it gets removed for some reason
Beth C
Beth C 25 dager siden
My bro and I once decided to pass out in front of our parrot and she just grabbed a pice of toast and started watching me like I was some kind of show! 😠 😆
Jaylynn Williams
Jaylynn Williams 26 dager siden
Who else thought whenyou first watch Her she said: happy day on gloom!"
The Stewarts
The Stewarts 26 dager siden
-Moral of the story- Always have an uno reverse on hand
Elaine Gahan
Elaine Gahan 27 dager siden
Edith Karine Yoba
Edith Karine Yoba 27 dager siden
Gloom talking: Me: *keeps going back and looking at the transition in the beginning*
Abigail Bobo
Abigail Bobo 28 dager siden
My little brother still says sheesh every time it isn't needed! 😂
Wandering Catnip
Wandering Catnip 29 dager siden
10:08 dude whoever edited this video is a comedy genius 🙌
Marwa Essaadi
Marwa Essaadi Måned siden
sometimes, I really just have a phase of : let’s entirely watch Gloom’s videos
Roro Vlogs
Roro Vlogs Måned siden
The pizza part= when the teacher haves a pizza party in class , "one pizza slice per person oops let rephrase that one pizza fry per person"
Måned siden
3:10 I can’t lol that is the cutest/funniest thing I have seen all day!
JAYGL4MXO quitting probably will be back!😌
After the duping thing
JAYGL4MXO quitting probably will be back!😌
Where do the girls fall just onto the floor ?!
{Krew derp :D
{Krew derp :D Måned siden
As the athlete girl I have broke my SAME wrist like 5 times
Annie Schubert
Annie Schubert Måned siden
Deku Måned siden
Those dogs look like me
Melina & Mommy Family
I’m watching glee more than azzy land
Minty & Leila
Minty & Leila Måned siden
Qing He
Qing He Måned siden
I've been subbed by 2 youtubers So yeah
XxGreenBeanxX Måned siden
The kid doesn't know what death is duh
Zachyshows Måned siden
Ankle-Breaking? Me, playing Broken Bones IV
・Iris The Weeb・
・Iris The Weeb・ Måned siden
6:19 SUS.
PurpleGalaxyGirl Måned siden
Kassie: asking how venomous the lizard was Me: laughing (they are not venomous)
Hailey H.
Hailey H. Måned siden
New title: *There’s a lot to unpack here*
Cesar Garza
Cesar Garza Måned siden
Hailey Sullivan
Hailey Sullivan Måned siden
Hi sorry what time do you post? I don't know how to turn on Post notifications and really want to be in a primer chat
Brooklyn❤backwards hats
My little brother has the giant Thomas Train (time stamp: 2:59)
LaMooMooMi Måned siden
I will NEVER get sick of "Happy day I'm GloooooOOOoooooOoOoooom"
Cayden Campbell
Cayden Campbell Måned siden
Monkeys thinking evolution is for the better Homosapians do dumb things like this
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Måned siden
When I started watching the video: wait was that a Jojo reference.0:34
ITS_AKAME_UwU Måned siden
The first one was the kids having fun(sorry if this sounds like I'm a hater) love u Gloom
MY boi BRYSON Måned siden
4:27 when u have a pizza party at school
BOB Måned siden
Dogs can’t eat broccoli
mark kinakin
mark kinakin Måned siden
I was eating pizza at the pizza tik tok, now i don't want to eat
That Cherry Cat
That Cherry Cat Måned siden
Hi I bring my bearded dragons everywhere with me that’s what the lizard in the video was, can confirm people love to ask about them
Tequilla Rico
Tequilla Rico Måned siden
Animegirl Likes Dino nuggy’s
4:38 every school disco
kikixxness Måned siden
4:52 wait yall dipp ya pizza
The Social Studies room was connected to the Science room in 6th grade and me and my friend could hear the boys go “sheeeeeeeeesh” all day and I said to my friend “I’m gonna shoooooooot something.” and now my sisters won’t stop saying it
My cat’s Halloween costume was a grape She looked like those dogs
Smooth edit lucky
Smooth edit lucky Måned siden
0:04 umm is he ok?
Hailey Osher
Hailey Osher Måned siden
When the tik toker showed her dogs with a broccoli head all I thought was… Deku!
Måned siden
nope i was wrong
Måned siden
i think it's a komodo dragon my cousin used to have two
Måned siden
my dog likes broccoli
-Kåt- Måned siden
Broccoli 🥦 :D
lillee morton
lillee morton Måned siden
4:35 when your class has a pizza party
coolstone909 :3
coolstone909 :3 Måned siden
I'm still trying 2 figure put if they got the wrong dude or Nah or he zombie
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon Måned siden
How teachers cut the pizza for the pizza party: 4:19
%Cl0UD♡CH4N% Måned siden
gabriela ramirez
gabriela ramirez Måned siden
4:18 when you have a pizza party at school
Snips Mann
Snips Mann Måned siden
Me seeing the lizard me be like “ oh wait I have one of those oop”
Alvin Bailey
Alvin Bailey Måned siden
Starts at 9:49 Dang she got stud up
bex 2 måneder siden
The pizza that was cut really thin must be for a school pizza party
Ashbea Tube
Ashbea Tube 2 måneder siden
Helena van den Berg Seaborne
No one: Not a single soul: Man:sheEeEeEeEeEesh
Denise Stancel
Denise Stancel 2 måneder siden
I LOVED the SHEEEEEEEEESH part I joined in on it 🤣🤣🤣
Addy Shep
Addy Shep 2 måneder siden
I almost spit my sonic drink after the last one
Star Beast
Star Beast 2 måneder siden
That lady walking her bearded dragon on a leash I want to be friends with her and have my 2 bearded dragons have a little harness like that. All the cute possibilities of cute clothes and costumes for pets are coming I buy so many pet clothes I feel like deliverie people think I'm crazy
Mack Oody-Patterson
Mack Oody-Patterson 2 måneder siden
awwwwww a bearded dragon!!!
Amy G
Amy G 2 måneder siden
Legend says Kassie is still packing
Maya 2 måneder siden
school pizza parties be like: 4:40
Chloe Nuneviller
Chloe Nuneviller 2 måneder siden
Ummm...ummm...ah....well ya know
denisandreea 2.0
denisandreea 2.0 2 måneder siden
Daniel Correa
Daniel Correa 2 måneder siden
the title of this video should’ve been “There is a Lot to Unpack Here”
Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf 2 måneder siden
Sheesh: The Symphony: Coming 2022 in theaters
Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf 2 måneder siden
Also couldn't they just like use a shirt or something like a lasso and knock down the cup that would also knock down the penny?
Yuki Storm
Yuki Storm 2 måneder siden
What the heck happened 😬
William Afton
William Afton 2 måneder siden
The Lizard is a bearded dragon, they aren’t venomous but have sharp claws if you don’t cut them
William Afton
William Afton 2 måneder siden
PuRpL 2 måneder siden
Yeah. I fell hard Bc like. I. Was. On a. Skateboard. And fell off then broke. A. Rust. Then broke my other one when. I got back up. But. I’m. 👌 ok. Everyone
Wendi Moldthan
Wendi Moldthan 2 måneder siden
Nora Bellmyer
Nora Bellmyer 2 måneder siden
Hey v sauce Michael here
꧁Ally• -•Here꧂
꧁Ally• -•Here꧂ 2 måneder siden
0:54 my mom has these and u dont take them off that way and you pull the part with plastic color
SADHIKA 2 måneder siden
0:37 hahahah🤣
Edens 2 måneder siden
Lol when you said the sleepover blah blah im at a sleepover
•Lái lā•
•Lái lā• 2 måneder siden
Cassy- i once met a guy that broke one arm and then the other from falling over Me-i once new a guy who was trying to show me a trick on his bike but then ended up using the front break and fell off, breaking both his arms and legs. (He got to miss all of the end of term tests.)
ugxyscud 2 måneder siden
She censored the die and stabbed but still she showed an X-ray from MkX
Butter 2 måneder siden
The same lizard but they are harmless but if they choose to it hurts
Incoherent Losers
Incoherent Losers 2 måneder siden
4:42 be the pizza slices you get in school for the lunch or your “parties”
Ashley Nature
Ashley Nature 2 måneder siden
Nobody: Gloom: “There’s a lot to unpack here.”
ImaKeR0bLoxSkits 2 måneder siden
Ah yes they trade brain cells and and they remember when the girl pooped her pants and then that made electric static whatever it’s called
Sayward&SpeckPlayz 2 måneder siden
A few days ago I was in a lake on a float and I was hanging off the back I like fell but my head wasn’t under water so I started trying to get off and flipping and flopping like a fish XD and I fell off and fell to the bottom and hit my head on the bottom and did a full out backflip when I came up I screamed “NOW THATS HOW YOU DO A BACKFLIP” while coughing
Jehan Raessa Arienna
Jehan Raessa Arienna 2 måneder siden
1:12 u pull the top and then it will be easier to take off 👊🤠
Naniya M
Naniya M 2 måneder siden
Can I have any help with about that comment🤞🏾
Naniya M
Naniya M 2 måneder siden
Oh let me tell you something look at the bottom👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾below I think you need some help goom
2 måneder siden
Can i get a : ShEeEeEeEsH~~~~?
Lila Louis
Lila Louis 2 måneder siden
Skyler Marie
Skyler Marie 2 måneder siden
“She absolutely KILLED this,” Me: *the croche or the dog????*
short_ali 2 måneder siden
'theres a lot to unpack' counter:
Layla Heuvelman
Layla Heuvelman 2 måneder siden
Layla Heuvelman
Layla Heuvelman 2 måneder siden
Layla Heuvelman
Layla Heuvelman 2 måneder siden
Layla Heuvelman
Layla Heuvelman 2 måneder siden
Layla Heuvelman
Layla Heuvelman 2 måneder siden
Layla Heuvelman
Layla Heuvelman 2 måneder siden
If regret was a video 🤦
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