I tried the most popular STINKY noodle from China 

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This Lousifen snail noodle was both very expensive and very time consuming to make for an instant noodle.
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Video Edited by Terry & Kassie
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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13. juli. 2021





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Ron Cyphers
Ron Cyphers 4 dager siden
Gloom u should be in bed it's night time in reality
sleepy._.pqndaa 5 dager siden
intried it and it tasted powerful not stinky i loved it
sleepy._.pqndaa 5 dager siden
Mei_Zing 6 dager siden
All Gloom had to do was use Google picture translate. I always find it handy when I walk in a foreign store~
Jime 6 dager siden
I love gloom she’s so beautiful
sireen sara
sireen sara 7 dager siden
Girl just do it
🥀Neon_Games🥀 7 dager siden
I have an obsession with ramen as well so if you put garlic powder onion powder and Tony’s on it mwah it’s perfect
GG A 8 dager siden
noodles ✋ 😤
Sara VanGessel
Sara VanGessel 8 dager siden
You are cooooolllllllll!!!!!!!!
Supertransistor 8 dager siden
Her cooking is so satisfying. Also, I like the fact that you guys have a lego box
Vivi Shelton
Vivi Shelton 9 dager siden
They should put it in 60 seconds 😂 since it’s tomato flavored
Judy YanLin
Judy YanLin 9 dager siden
Oof 😅
Judy YanLin
Judy YanLin 9 dager siden
I can speaking Chinese
Ana Tijerino
Ana Tijerino 9 dager siden
Were u got that
Emily Fernandez
Emily Fernandez 9 dager siden
Now I understand why she was struggling so much. Kartha Gewart wasn't here.
XxRoBloX gAcHaxX
XxRoBloX gAcHaxX 9 dager siden
Did she forget to do kartha gewart intro?? 🙁😥
Heidi's Lifestyle
Heidi's Lifestyle 9 dager siden
Me googling how much 60 dollars in euro is cuz l moved to Germany 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sly 9 dager siden
It's 50.97
Sheila Dawn
Sheila Dawn 10 dager siden
use google translate or another app!
Anna Sharma
Anna Sharma 10 dager siden
You should try Indian Maggie noodles
Having Fun With Anna Beth
is it just me or does she look like doja cat in this vid??!!
Umbrion_ 10 dager siden
Kassie if your reading this comment . PLS TELL ME YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE
danny tortilla
danny tortilla 10 dager siden
i would try them haha
Sandra Bäuerle
Sandra Bäuerle 10 dager siden
The dog is sooooo Cute 🥺
It’s me thelilymachine
I am part Chinese and me mum said she knows it and my mum said it was cheap
Rachel Yarbrough
Rachel Yarbrough 11 dager siden
Idk if iphones have this feature but on my Android there's this thing you can do through google called google lens and in Google lens there's this option where you can take a picture or just look through the lens and it will automatically translate it so you can read it
Sly 9 dager siden
Yeah I have it too but not iphones
Blxssomm 11 dager siden
*my Asian mom eating that all day*
🏳️‍🌈✨TIDE PODS✨🏳️‍🌈
I don’t mean this in a mean way but I was wondering but what’s gloom’s nationality ?
Sly 9 dager siden
I think
Sly 9 dager siden
She asian and white and Italian
Milly Cookies
Milly Cookies 11 dager siden
in Chinese it’s called “酸辣粉” I don’t know how to say it in English
Stephen McKenna
Stephen McKenna 11 dager siden
This NOODLE wants ME to download the CHINEESE WHATSAPP
Team WallNutz
Team WallNutz 11 dager siden
Gloom: he's going to eat with me! Me: ahh, and are you sure he won't eat you?
Moon and light Fun times
Im Chinese and I don’t even know How to read it
Moon and light Fun times
Hellooo oo
Hellooo oo 12 dager siden
Vix Pix
Vix Pix 12 dager siden
No offense to her, but it's pronouced Lou Si Fen
Masslberry159 12 dager siden
gotta get this pAsta sauce lol love your vids😜
・*・ Xcitybliss ・*・
gloom what was that intro 😂 because I loved it
Adam Gamer 65789
Adam Gamer 65789 12 dager siden
Me watching this fixing a burger 🍔
8l_k3 12 dager siden
i need to stop watching food videos at midnight
Otter Otter YT
Otter Otter YT 13 dager siden
Can I just say that Gloom’s sub count is 6.66m or 666 the devil code
Fun fact I’m learning Chinese and I’m struggling to write it :)
Cassidy 13 dager siden
AaAaH in the beginning i love that
Gamergirl Forever
Gamergirl Forever 13 dager siden
Gloom what's your workout routine?
MoodleNoodlEs 13 dager siden
Bro Kassie… where did you get those pants 😶 They are super cute!!❤️
nanna Tan
nanna Tan 13 dager siden
Umm... why are glooms subs at 6,66M subs...?👁👄👁💧 ...666
QaiQai 13 dager siden
If it's like durian, then I'm in
油腻老王子 13 dager siden
Totally wrong baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cloudydxze 13 dager siden
It looks like phó with seasoning with tofu chips
claire timmons
claire timmons 14 dager siden
Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩
Reagan Carroll
Reagan Carroll 14 dager siden
Her: that looks like marinara. Me: that looks like blood clots.. 💩✨😂
Reagan Carroll
Reagan Carroll 14 dager siden
Ok first of all, why didnt u use google translate?? Second of all, do u work out and if u do can we get this routine?? Pls??🔥😍
Zaina Alazzawi
Zaina Alazzawi 14 dager siden
No one: Absolutely no one: Gloom:aAaHh
@gloom I grew up eating indome
Rinna _
Rinna _ 14 dager siden
Finally Kassie’s cooking again rather than Kartha😫✊
Kayla Tabitha
Kayla Tabitha 14 dager siden
Me Indonesian see indomie goreng😃😃😃
Mila Mancinelli
Mila Mancinelli 14 dager siden
60 dollars!!!!!!!
Polly Manning
Polly Manning 14 dager siden
and Olso I wished to be rich then be poor because then I will give all the money to u kassie
Polly Manning
Polly Manning 14 dager siden
I can't stop watching ur videos but olso I had noodles that are cooled super nudes but barbecue flavored I HATE it
Katarina l.
Katarina l. 14 dager siden
Tomatoe Xiong
Tomatoe Xiong 14 dager siden
when I tell my little sister to just follow the directions on the package lols
Steven Downs
Steven Downs 14 dager siden
The small bag of noddles is the one I eat befor
• extract •
• extract • 14 dager siden
She looks way better with thoes definitly not weird filters on🤣
Tara Asteria
Tara Asteria 14 dager siden
Well you need to make workout videos because I can’t stop looking at your abs 👁👄👁
a hasin
a hasin 14 dager siden
I'm Italian!!!!
Londynn Slack
Londynn Slack 14 dager siden
Not even in lockdown anymore
Here we go.
FaeryWeebu 14 dager siden
that shiiii straght bussin'
FaeryWeebu 14 dager siden
No Kartha Gewart?
Rosy posy
Rosy posy 14 dager siden
feeling sad? just watch Kassie
kimberly durandetto
kimberly durandetto 15 dager siden
You should make a cooking channel
Portia Michelle Bwanali
Hi stranger. Just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you and so do I
AWESD 15 dager siden
Sometimes I completely forgot she's Asian. To me she's just a person amazing in her own way and then she proves how she also can be true traditional Asian by respecting national food and traditions :)
Szonja Salamon
Szonja Salamon 15 dager siden
Kassie: ,,I have an obsession with ramen especially instant noodles,, Don't we all girl 😌✨😂😂❤️
Ariana 15 dager siden
Why is no one talking about how she inhaled the noodles 😲😮
The Cofers!
The Cofers! 15 dager siden
Is it my headphones or is there something whack about this audio? Edit: also, WHY IS KARTHA GEWART NOT DOING THIS!?!?!
hitsuyoxx 15 dager siden
I have a very strange obsession with instant noddles ramen is just so bussin-
Zonunmawii chhakchhuak
Zonunmawii chhakchhuak 15 dager siden
I am watching this with hunger
Mx. blue
Mx. blue 15 dager siden
Ahhhh I miss watching Gloom 😭 I finally came back after a 2 year break :(
Lasange Queen21
Lasange Queen21 15 dager siden
I have too small of a stomach so I could never finish this
{-_-Harley-_-} 15 dager siden
I have a plan to take your dog because he is the cutest little thing ever!! Not actually take just joking
therussiancheese 15 dager siden
Gloom: loufisen no one: Me: luffy-san ramen?!?!?!?!?!
Pranab Biswas
Pranab Biswas 16 dager siden
I think gloom should have a different cooking channel called gloom cook's or Kartha cook's or Kassie cook's. Who's with me 👇
Renee Moffatt
Renee Moffatt 16 dager siden
mm of cors it is chines
Jocelyne cupcake
Jocelyne cupcake 16 dager siden
Oh Cassie... I can't believe you did this with NO help. I can't believe 0_0 but at least you liked the result
Flower Queen
Flower Queen 16 dager siden
Hi I from China and I loveee these noodles they are delicious 😋
oliv3541 oliv3541
oliv3541 oliv3541 16 dager siden
love seeing your channel from a different angle!
Blurryphan 16 dager siden
I have a ramen problem too lol 6:00
M1xyyz 16 dager siden
Teach me how to use chopsticks 🥢
Fun Foxy
Fun Foxy 16 dager siden
WINNIE LIN 16 dager siden
My mom loves this Noodles
Vampiiixe 16 dager siden
The fact that I’m Italian also shocked me-
Messiah Crosland
Messiah Crosland 16 dager siden
Cooking with kassie gewart
Heather Rosila
Heather Rosila 16 dager siden
Too bad I ain’t paying 60 dollars for a bowl of noodles
•Mochie Coffee•
•Mochie Coffee• 16 dager siden
I’m scared to eat ramen/noodles because I burned myself with ramen and now I have a very bad scar 🥲
Sadie Poelma
Sadie Poelma 16 dager siden
you for sure need to do a workout routine cause your body is so perfect
Naushad Edwin
Naushad Edwin 16 dager siden
I always boil my noodles with my water it's faster and its better XD
Kawaii Coco
Kawaii Coco 16 dager siden
In China you scan barcodes to like follow ppl on WeChat
Kawaii Coco
Kawaii Coco 16 dager siden
Everyone: RAMENA Me: there Chinese noodles therefore they are not ramen U-U
entyope 16 dager siden
Ok but why is no one talking about her abs? Like they're on fire 🔥
Wandila 16 dager siden
hi kassie, Im chinese so I can understand the chinese on the packaging but if you open google translate on your phone, there's a camera button, you can click that and face your phone to the packaging where the phone can see what you wanna translate. change the language youre translating from to "Detect Language" and the language youre translating to to English and then done :)
BL4Z3 16 dager siden
the instant ramen noodles takes 2 mins and you took 10:06 mins hahahaha
CutiePrii 16 dager siden
I’m pretty sure I heard her say Mami beef were her favorite noodles but were discontinued?? Idk if it’s the same thing maybe im just dumb but my mom gets us beef mami cup noodles all the time
Cute but Dumb
Ganger 1,1 mill
Mind blown 🤯🤣
Ganger 4,3 mill
Mind blown 🤯🤣
Ganger 4,3 mill
The Game That Runed My Life