New fears I have because of Tik Tok 

Ganger 1,1 mill
99% 48 000 343

I wasn’t worried before but I am now, thanks! New fear unlocked!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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29. mai. 2021





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Nicole Stenzel
Nicole Stenzel 19 timer siden
My fear is a be kidnapped it’s so freaking scary to be out in public and then someone sees you banging out of nowhere it’s so freaking scary at least I didn’t get a dog oh my gosh I’m so scared right now it’s saying my words Maron on my gosh I’m saying my words right now
blood Dag siden
Glooms the queen
blood Dag siden
Because idk who else is the best :D
Liz Holt
Liz Holt 2 dager siden
i have flappy gum should i be scared
Simon studio2010
Simon studio2010 3 dager siden
Who else LOVES the editing
Cindy Agenbach
Cindy Agenbach 7 dager siden
My name is Cindy😂😂
Mila Patience
Mila Patience 9 dager siden
“Don’t skate with hands in your pockets” Me: “Wh-what about killua?...”
Alexis Greene
Alexis Greene 10 dager siden
That one vid reminded me of the one guy from criminal minds lol
Doggy lover
Doggy lover 13 dager siden
Lol that girl was me and now someone knows 😢wish me luck from embarrassment 😭😭😭
XxAmazing GirlxX
XxAmazing GirlxX 16 dager siden
Gloom: I wanna make friends Covid: sorry but you know there’s a such things as....LOCKDOWN
Varsha Chakravorty
Varsha Chakravorty 21 dag siden
a tire on my moms car exploded, me and all my family were in the car , the car flipped over and thank lord that the car landed on its wheels and everyone was safe. i think i got the worst ingury , a cut all the way down my leg, it didnt hurt though (for some reason)
Zachary Ory
Zachary Ory 24 dager siden
When the tire were exploding it reminded me of the Bang Bang by Big Bang
Tayler gallant
Tayler gallant 25 dager siden
The skating one made me just... uh yah
Tina Watson
Tina Watson 26 dager siden
When she doesn’t know that there was a shark when they were flipping-
KusouR 28 dager siden
You think tuning a guitar is bad? Try tuning a violin's E string
MoonPieTheCatYT Official
I would of ran into the car anyways
Greasy karen
Greasy karen Måned siden
4:38 have they not wathed it or are they looking for pennywise?
Adam Chmielewski
Adam Chmielewski Måned siden
8:07 If this happens, then when they are then go and slam your fist on their door.
Lauren Hulbert
Lauren Hulbert Måned siden
the story about the bush replicates what happened to a tree at my school!
Rebel girl🔥
Rebel girl🔥 Måned siden
Who else do you expect me to dance? start randomly twerking!? doing ballet!? like
MAZE RUNNER❤️ Måned siden
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson Måned siden
"There was actually a bush" NO WAY REALLY? lol
Måned siden
the bike driving looked like jay when he rides a bike in bully
wariishhh Måned siden
Yess it's so annoying my best friend cracks all my fingers
Lily Hdj
Lily Hdj Måned siden
why dose dis place look like is the nun 4:48
Celina Hiebert
Celina Hiebert Måned siden
Maybe the guy trying to break the window is just a weekling
Toffie_Panda Måned siden
The rick and morty "Ahah" is much apreaciated
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Måned siden
9:17 yeah I am kinda regretting my decision on whether to get a dog or not
iistxrstruckii _
iistxrstruckii _ Måned siden
Alright so I jump to a raccoon that’s new
c: Måned siden
So this video is saying have a serious case of gum disease o.o
chase richardson mua
4:59 um is that reid from criminal minds
Levi Simp
Levi Simp Måned siden
10:17 Hes really grabbing there- 😭😭
°Rbx.random° Måned siden
i have done my hands in my pocket when i skatebord
BloxyPlayz Måned siden
I put my hands in my pockets when I skate I’ve never fell like that XD
Grecia Rosas
Grecia Rosas Måned siden
Once I was in my backyard and I was having a party bc it was my birthday and I almost got hit by lightning😅😅
ProChoiceLuna Måned siden
I feel like I've seen that cashier's tiktok before...
Måned siden
10:07 can someone please tell me what it was ?I’m too scared to look!? I’m sorry but I really wanna know but I don’t want to look at it!
Starri Dreams
Starri Dreams Måned siden
Kassie: Electricity is hot Electricity: You too
Natasha riding Robert
I know lighting is scary because when I was at my horse show once the barn got hit by lighting and there was a spark an horses where acting scared and lighting was hitting the ground and I ran out to go to the car it was scary I jumped because I was scared 3 times oh and a tornado alarm was going off and it was starting to flood
Froppy twins
Froppy twins Måned siden
Can you pls play five nights at freddy's for me I will love if you did
Mah Mah
Mah Mah Måned siden
People cannot make babies
Marcus Morgan
Marcus Morgan Måned siden
Rosie Nuevo
Rosie Nuevo Måned siden
NeW fEaR i HaVe bEcAuSe oF ticktoooooooooookkk -gloom
Moonlight Måned siden
1:19 his ankle
Georgia Atack
Georgia Atack Måned siden
about the lightning... one time at my school on our field a massive tree got struck by lightning and burst into flames 😀
Aiden Kennedy
Aiden Kennedy Måned siden
The last one reminded me of luka🤣🤣🤣
ฅ𖦹 Heaven 𖦹ฅ
Well that's sad); 7:33
Ruba Brgum
Ruba Brgum Måned siden
I love kassie but she talks alot.
2:32 tell that to my 1000 dollar computer that sounds like a airplane ✈
Rebecca Virgo
Rebecca Virgo Måned siden
I got super happy when she said she grew up in southern Alberta, because I live in Alberta, and it just made me feel cool!
Måned siden
Ok so I was with my friend and it was poring and my brother sis and cuzys where in the pool and lighting struc but the wood part
Megan Yardley
Megan Yardley Måned siden
(9:24) that is so not like a Five Nights at Freddy's jumpscare
Taecup 2 måneder siden
8:16 it was/is never a fear for either cuz ma parents divorced and none of them r in a relationship LOL
Disiire 2 måneder siden
When you said white girl dance My house was being packed so we could move and a white girl walked past me 😃
Eden Sanders
Eden Sanders 2 måneder siden
Why did I drop my phone of anxiety like 10 times in this video-
Gemma Adams
Gemma Adams 2 måneder siden
Mare Barrow is getting it on! Nice lightning 😆
Kalista Koubsky
Kalista Koubsky 2 måneder siden
A guys I liked used me as a floaty and I'm sure I looked like a tomato, but I was ready so I didn't get drowned...
LightningLily 2 måneder siden
9:50 i fell off my bed TvT im scared
Christele Cervelle
Christele Cervelle 2 måneder siden
ive been in the cattacombs with my mom...(christele's daughter is writting this...)
Jade Yamashita
Jade Yamashita 2 måneder siden
JoJo Rentzygirl
JoJo Rentzygirl 2 måneder siden
“I hope you enjoyed this video” of terror
Artemis 2 måneder siden
At 9:36, that jump scare tho, I literally jumped
Christa Burkholder
Christa Burkholder 2 måneder siden
Wait! She goes to clubs! She does not look like she goes to clubs
Ana Julia Cze
Ana Julia Cze 2 måneder siden
maermaids are scary
Phantom_ 6470
Phantom_ 6470 2 måneder siden
11:09 Its like those racing games where you tilt your phone but then you lose control for one millisecond and you’re swerving left and right and left and right
SuperYellowcats 2 måneder siden
Apparently the gym thing with the girl asking the guy is a thing that happens. According to my friends it’s weird or rude to get asked out at the gym lol I don’t know
Vulgar Ghoul
Vulgar Ghoul 2 måneder siden
Omfg that guy dies in explosion ...what are u showing ...ahhh...I'm scarred for life
Lilah Grace x
Lilah Grace x 2 måneder siden
Im from the uk and when I went to nyc I saw some woman get struck by lightning bc she was holding a metal umbrella thing and it was scary like rlly scary
Kat Baggetz
Kat Baggetz 2 måneder siden
9:36 That scared my soul out of my body.😵‍💫
Audra Cline
Audra Cline 2 måneder siden
I love how she always wears her wedding ring and never forgets about it. 😊
rio Idk
rio Idk 2 måneder siden
9:44 "why would you turn off- ✨EoOuUh✨ why would you turn off your headlight."
CERBERUS PLAYZ 2 måneder siden
I know it's all the way in July but the one where it said my mom and dad making babies is a huge huge hugeeeeeeeeeee fear of mine I'm 11 years old and I watch my mom and dad to make sure they dont do that and I accuse them of trying to do it and I have metal break down bc of it and they always say we are married we can do what ever we want but I just wanted to tell you guys but if it's to TMI just dont read the comment ty
Salty Dino Nuggies
Salty Dino Nuggies 2 måneder siden
6:36 when i was just started out i did that. I broke one of my guitar strings while tuning. Im lucky it didnt hit me (as far as i remember) but it was terrifying. Theresa reason i face my guitar away from me while tuning.
Kitty Love weirdo
Kitty Love weirdo 2 måneder siden
Tiny dogs are actually very feisty because when something is bigger then them they choose violence to make sure that it is safe and plus when human don’t introduce their tiny animals to bigger animals they aren’t used to it so they defend themselves
t i l l y y .
t i l l y y . 2 måneder siden
hi kassy ur my idol
Alsson Butris
Alsson Butris 2 måneder siden
I did not get sceard one bit I was calm
Geoff Bowers
Geoff Bowers 2 måneder siden
Imagine there was a video game where if u made the wrong choice u would get NEW FEAR UNLOCKED
ElilStar 2 måneder siden
im brushing my teeth 4 times a day now.
Jade Fulton
Jade Fulton 2 måneder siden
My dad is a car mechanic and his friend was working on a tire and it blew up and his face literally came off and my dad picked it up with a towel and drove him to the er
2 måneder siden
But do she be to thiccc for the whale
Cheyanne Burke 🎨🖌
Cheyanne Burke 🎨🖌 2 måneder siden
There lightning rn.
Hind Juma dad
Hind Juma dad 2 måneder siden
Hind Juma dad
Hind Juma dad 2 måneder siden
Dj ShadowWolf*
Dj ShadowWolf* 2 måneder siden
I wanna be the flying whale kid
mochi 2 måneder siden
If the video wasn’t staged I feel so bad for that girl-
•Tayah •
•Tayah • 2 måneder siden
Infinity RBLX
Infinity RBLX 2 måneder siden
“Can I no longer be the flying whale kid?!??”- Kassie
Realyn Pardillo
Realyn Pardillo 2 måneder siden
11:05 kinda looks like wish dragon.
Maisha Mahboob
Maisha Mahboob 2 måneder siden
5:04 isn't that the guy from Criminal Minds? Spencer Reed I guess...
Charmain Snell
Charmain Snell 2 måneder siden
Once my dad was cleaning the gutters on our house before this storm came and it wasn’t just a little storm it was quite big. Our horses were at home so we had to quickly take them out to the paddock down the lane way. Our neighbours cows were right next to them but on the other side of the fence. Next thing we heard lightning and it sounded so close. We looked to the other side of us and saw our neighbours cow had been struck by lightning. Holy it was so scary.
•darkie• 2 måneder siden
8:06 this happened to me twice, im 10 and I'm still 10. and I slept in the SAME room with my parents.
Javan Ochoa
Javan Ochoa 2 måneder siden
Him: I-I Hu go for more attractive woman kassy: Shook*
Sara 2 måneder siden
the one where the thing runs at you i screamed😨
Its_tayla 2 måneder siden
The teeth thing gave me anxiety 😦 now I Brush my teeth 3 times a day
Permanently_Bella 2 måneder siden
When he let her down , yikessssss oof honey oof
Tropicc_playz 2 måneder siden
I love how u edit ur videos ur so cool
ciela 2 måneder siden
alessia sergi
alessia sergi 2 måneder siden
When I was still living with my parents I remember worrying that they would do 'it' while I was trying to sleep. I started crying and my parents had no idea why.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 måneder siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 måneder siden
Ian MacDonald
Ian MacDonald 2 måneder siden
Why have I not gotten used to "Happy day, I'm GluEhOOm!" yet after years of watching her!!! i still laugh!!