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Life is so short, just enjoy it and be who you are, trite but true. These guys made me feel all warm and cozy inside so now I’m sharing the wealth, hope you enjoy and please check them all out!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).



8. juli. 2021





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Someone but no-one
Someone but no-one 5 dager siden
I have the same necklace 😃🤚
6 dager siden
My cousin found a baby bird on his driveway yesterday, or it seemed to be a baby because it could barley eat, and it only drank my droplets. He loves birds and this was huge for him. he also loves Pokémon so he named it fletching. He spent so much time taking care of the little guy, and not so soon after, fletching died and Ik for a fact he didn’t stop crying for a long time. I was really hoping he could save him, but fletching died peacefully after going through much struggle and pain, I don’t blame him for giving up. He had a mutated eye, a broken wing, he could barley open his mouth, he’s happier this way, but I still feel so bad.
Mha is my life Lol
Mha is my life Lol 7 dager siden
I actually have been made fun of because I love anime and they made fun of me for loving anime 🥲😢
Te Ahi Parangi
Te Ahi Parangi 10 dager siden
Actually!ants can give of a sent and the other ants follow it
meganballsmif 11 dager siden
Ok I will drop my brother off the edge :D:D:D
Macamen Gonzalez-Lafaire
Of course i love to play in the rain especially yesterday during a tropical storm in my driveway😃
Mitch Furey
Mitch Furey 12 dager siden
therapy horse he is actually a mini pony or shetland and he is fine his tongue is because he had his jaw line messed up
Alli Dolphin
Alli Dolphin 18 dager siden
After she talked about anime now I wanna watch naruto
Sage The Starfish
Sage The Starfish 19 dager siden
The splashing in the rain one is literally so cute
lilbunnygamerxox 21 dag siden
Can I just say it looks like bees twerk when they talk to each other
Sophia EE
Sophia EE 25 dager siden
I once saw this girl who had a pet duck
Coffee For Life
Coffee For Life 28 dager siden
My sisters and I spent a lot of quality times together just watching anime, because we would talk about it, share Opnions, laugh + talk about the scenes and after everything we would just talk to each other and have a conversation
The Bufton Kids
The Bufton Kids Måned siden
NerdECrafter has an All Might figure.
Cameron Blaufuss
Cameron Blaufuss Måned siden
I had a pet rat
Me? Sarcastic? Never.
Nobody Me :Dog 's name is nalu (Where are all the fairytail fans ) XD
Danielle Gacha
Danielle Gacha Måned siden
that girl should have not gotten the baby mouse bc her mom might just have left her or him there bc she went hunthing for food
Geek__geeeek1000 Måned siden
2:40 me and my family once took care of 14 baby rats
cherryjam Måned siden
ok but wheres the necklace from
Ela Kıvanç
Ela Kıvanç Måned siden
Venika V
Venika V Måned siden
when I sleep with my friend on like a sleep over or something I want to hug them to bad but I feel bad for them so I just like...compact myself and touch like my head against their shoulders so its min of awkward
Alarm Måned siden
10:02 That dog is so cute
lazygamer964 Måned siden
Can you show us Terrys hair And show him more in videos
Lovely Macaron
Lovely Macaron Måned siden
After I watched this video I went out with my friends and we had a huuuuge water fight at the fountain and the horrible mean girls approach ed us and for a sec in t thought that they were gonna ask if they could join us but instead they screamed watch the fountain our make up is gonna run I guess I thought they wanted to join because of the video of people jumping in the rain
Gia Jimenez
Gia Jimenez Måned siden
*Me realizing Kassie`s shirt* I`m gonna get whacked by words tommorow
Jazminツ Måned siden
Btw for the people who wondering what app people use for the 3 round meal challenge it’s called: “chooser”your welcome 😃
Night Wish喧嘩
Night Wish喧嘩 Måned siden
Finnaly someone trying to make people understand that anime is not just bunch of animated kids jumping.... love you gloom!!!!
Forgetfulheypeeps Måned siden
just cried while i saw a split second of Jiriyahs death even tho i rewatched naruto shippuden so this would be the third time i watched it criii
Taylor W
Taylor W Måned siden
AloisTrancysFavGirl Måned siden
I love you talking about the hate on anime love you standing up for it Bestie
Måned siden
This video made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside
Scratch N' Spin
Scratch N' Spin Måned siden
Me who finished the entire 2nd season of MHA in one day
xNovella_slimesx Måned siden
Is it just me or is this really really laggy? and it’s only this video
Nara Huerta
Nara Huerta Måned siden
btw that little rat this is a hamster
Lianie Munnik
Lianie Munnik Måned siden
It's ok to have a pet duck I have 5 duck's and a pet chicken
McTab the M&M
McTab the M&M Måned siden
Alejandra Cervantes
Alejandra Cervantes Måned siden
Aren't corgis one of the most cutest dogs in the world
Viper Moon
Viper Moon Måned siden
Fun fact: I’ve been to that exact rolled icecream place! (I think, they look the same) and they have great crepe’s there!
Emma Måned siden
4:37 oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you always get mad at people for talking about things and not showing you. we have to see him!!
gaby gaby
gaby gaby Måned siden
AIAN Måned siden
Can we have episodio part 2
diksha bisht ⟭⟬
diksha bisht ⟭⟬ Måned siden
Didi!! See fruit basket u will love it!!!
Mav’s videos of absolute craziness
Sounds like a goat
Epic Flower
Epic Flower Måned siden
I still get made fun of by my friends because of anime but if ur friends do that say we’ll do I make fun of u for what u watch boom life hack I think idk
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae Måned siden
Brielle Cosby
Brielle Cosby Måned siden
Can we all enjoy how she played crab rave.
Rapid Ryan 360
Rapid Ryan 360 Måned siden
Mocha dreams
Mocha dreams Måned siden
Me and my sibling watch demon slayer and when we watch we don’t stop 😂🤣😂 DEMON SLAYER IS AMAZING TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT, ITS GORY THOUGH JUDT A WARNING-
kynlee Francis
kynlee Francis Måned siden
10:36 so cute!!
kynlee Francis
kynlee Francis Måned siden
I love horses!!
kynlee Francis
kynlee Francis Måned siden
8:52 wow so small and cute!!
lil lily
lil lily Måned siden
you are SO SO SO pretty and i love your chanell sm you are the best i know you will accomplish all your dreams
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez Måned siden
I love this video❤
callmedawnx Måned siden
0:39 can we just talk about how that dog was able to do that without human assistance??!! (like do the dancey things..)
Kenneth & Toni Lott
Kenneth & Toni Lott 2 måneder siden
1:43 same
Tiny Giraffe
Tiny Giraffe 2 måneder siden
I honestly wanted to start crying because I was upset for the past few weeks and I got upset for a few things but I didn’t and I’ve been really hyper and happy today and this video helped even though I’ve watched it millions of times
꧁ᗩ ᗯIᗴᖇᗪ TᕼIᑎᘜ꧂
I want a duckling or puppy But I have two stubborn, sometimes cuddly... cats 😒😺
Tucker.adventures 2 måneder siden
My dog is soooo gentle when he takes a treat
Pidgeyarbock Feathers
Pidgeyarbock Feathers 2 måneder siden
You should play minecraft gloom
Idk 2 måneder siden
I love anime because I can never get a real boyfriend I am currently dating bakugou
TYE 2 måneder siden
Let me get that Snapchat?
Lila Ball
Lila Ball 2 måneder siden
10:26 min in this vid made me laugh bc my sister laughs like.... herherherherherherher.... whenever i hear that i am just like doing that silent laugh
● Mia’s lemonade ●
● Mia’s lemonade ● 2 måneder siden
4:55 i donated my hair too when I was in 1st or 2nd grade
Heyy Stobh it
Heyy Stobh it 2 måneder siden
12:05 I laughed a lot more than i should have😂😂 She's so cute 😂😂😂😂💜
Sophie Sheppard
Sophie Sheppard 2 måneder siden
Ants are very cool, I did my bio project on ants and kept some for a while. It was very fun.
GachaClubDesigner 2 måneder siden
I have three pet rats dustie,lexie and I.O
•Mar_Sunset• 2 måneder siden
My fav anime’s are demon slayer and sailor moon
Chloe Prawat
Chloe Prawat 2 måneder siden
11:23... KING JULIEN
Emily May
Emily May 2 måneder siden
kass you should watch erased on netflix ;)
•HoneyCoves• 2 måneder siden
YOU HAVE 666 SUBSCRIBERS 😍🤭😫🙄😂😠😡🤩😋😍😚🙃🙃😇😋😋
Sarah Frick
Sarah Frick 2 måneder siden
The app the girls are using for food looks like "Chwazi," we use it every board game to see who goes first!
Le smol Child uwu
Le smol Child uwu 2 måneder siden
2:29. I’ve seen this tiktok before, and saw the others to see how the rat was doing, and I’m so sorry to say but the rat has sadly passed away... I’m sorry if I ruined your day. I just wanted to warn you in case you try and check up on the rat. I’m pretty sure the lady has found another one but I don’t know if that one is ok or not.
Andrea Hansen
Andrea Hansen 2 måneder siden
horses can pick up on you emotions and copy the so if you have a therapy horse you cant be anxous around it or it will panic aswell.
Ím Økåÿ
Ím Økåÿ 2 måneder siden
8:29 the app is called “chooser”
Samantha Turner
Samantha Turner 2 måneder siden
im going to get a pet duck when im older :D I've alwas wanted one
Jennifer Chaskey
Jennifer Chaskey 2 måneder siden
Lol if a camera walked up to me and started saying that stuff on been like your dog probably killed herself because it didn't want to live with you because of how shameful it is to live with you now leave me alone bye that's what I would have done
Jody Valenzuela
Jody Valenzuela 2 måneder siden
one time when i was like 4 ( i am now 11) i went up to this lady and said "you are pretty " and hugged her and she started crying because she was have a rough day! :)
Eloxzy 2 måneder siden
Years ago I was bullied for watching anime but it’s popular
Susan 2 måneder siden
I have 2 pet ducks and they are grown up but still so cute
Katherine Lockhart
Katherine Lockhart 2 måneder siden
I may or may not have 10 ducks
Dazevi 2 måneder siden
The pain when your finish re watching your favourite anime is just :JAIAIWUAIAJSNSJWKOAOA,
Name 2 måneder siden
The other day, my mom took me and my siblings (I have three) out for ice cream. While we were ordering this man came up and gave my mom $20. And said “Here, for your troubles” then walked out of the store. We were able to use the money to share some snacks at the beach, and chill. It was nice and we really appreciated that kind gesture... but not really sure why he did that.
Ayda C
Ayda C 2 måneder siden
Gloom: I wish we could bottle this and drink it everyday Me: it’s called a blender
Mylie The Roblox Fox
Mylie The Roblox Fox 2 måneder siden
Keira Cardin
Keira Cardin 2 måneder siden
Duckies are stinky but cute. I've had one and it's a lot of work
Alexis Goodwin
Alexis Goodwin 2 måneder siden
0:04 Dewit
jo.jo. 3
jo.jo. 3 2 måneder siden
Ok I now want to see terry sitting on cassie’s lap petting her 😂
Charlotte Cavanaugh
Charlotte Cavanaugh 2 måneder siden
kassie: it hasn’t rained in a while me: it rains everyday and I currently am having a thunderstorm
Emma Vigar
Emma Vigar 2 måneder siden
When everyone thinks oceans are calm but your terrified of them and GREATLY TERRIFIED OF TSUNAMIS 😩
C J 2 måneder siden
It’s PEACE! Smh lol
Sophia Gadgets
Sophia Gadgets 2 måneder siden
For anyone wondering, that lemur looking pet was a 'Galago', better known as a 'Bush Baby'.
Bababoo 2 måneder siden
Iv never liked dancing in the rain or playing in the rain I hate wearing wet clothes
Nirmala L
Nirmala L 2 måneder siden
Gloom please watch Naruto anime
Bianca ramirez
Bianca ramirez 2 måneder siden
The hair less animal was a bby rat
ShoesareforWEIRDOS 2 måneder siden
Wait twinkys gone what about when she does cartha gewart
cori hueter
cori hueter 2 måneder siden
Have you people NOT WATCHED THE OWL HOUSE YET 1:29 no the answer is no you havent
•BellBee• 2 måneder siden
A therapy horse is a horse trained to go to hospitals and make the patients feel better same with therapy dogs. I have a service dog now that’s a different thing, my service dog is tasked trained to alert and task to my episodes and has public access, therapy dogs,pets,and ESA’s don’t have public access.
Blurryphan 2 måneder siden
Peabody I believe is a special needs horse. He's adorable
Lauren 2 måneder siden
Happy gotcha day to that little gal! The anniversary of mine was back in June. 🥰
Huda Abubakar
Huda Abubakar 2 måneder siden
Kassie if you want to be somewhere that rains alot then just come to the UK 🇬🇧
Onika Lategan
Onika Lategan 2 måneder siden
Honestly all horses a therapy horses,they are just rlly therapeutic,dont know why,they just are,and that peaboy is cute,but I wont have hin in my house,bcs he wont stay as small and he will get naughty,he will become a little devil,but still cute😝
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