I tried oddly satisfying TikTok food hacks 

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Today we're trying oddly satisfying viral food hacks from TikTok and they actually slap so hard that I will be doing them again
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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29. juli. 2021





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Tokyo -DJ
Tokyo -DJ Time siden
how to catcha a gloom: first get a ovocato. and then get spicey things ( i forget the name of it ) and then put it on the ovocato. and there is the bait for gloom.
Skye N Eangleheart
Skye N Eangleheart 4 timer siden
Lol the dog
Lauren B
Lauren B 10 timer siden
What Kassie said about the sour grapes ***Me picking the sweet ones out for the sour one***
Bᴇʀʀʏ 19 timer siden
Wait I have honey I just try
Nathan K
Nathan K Dag siden
But not to frosty
Nathan K
Nathan K Dag siden
The watermelon needs to be frozen 🥶
Kaitlyn Russell
Kaitlyn Russell 2 dager siden
Why do your great look like blueberries??
😜papus favourite 😜
Please don't eat the frozen honey any more It is bad for your health
Coren Customizations
Coren Customizations 2 dager siden
So we all just here for the puppy n watermelons??💀💀
Margarita Grigoriadou
Margarita Grigoriadou 3 dager siden
Dude... were twinky
Alayna Islam
Alayna Islam 5 dager siden
I have to try honey jelly
Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran 6 dager siden
And you used honey
Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran 6 dager siden
It’s because he used corn syrup
Axsthetic_Bree 7 dager siden
Me JUST realizing I finally found a youtuber that is Canadian and not American I'm canadian
LanysWorld 8 dager siden
Angie is sooo cute
Potato QueenYT
Potato QueenYT 9 dager siden
"Here we have Terry with man arm"
Alice Carenduff
Alice Carenduff 9 dager siden
Meand my sister tried this with syrup and you should try golden syrup instead 😋
a 9 dager siden
14:18 put in a bowl or something idk 😭😭
UTubita 11 dager siden
Foe the mcdonalds hack I feel like if you crushed the pie before you put it in it would be less messy, also I love all of the vids you make you are amazing
Emily Pugh
Emily Pugh 11 dager siden
anjing grew up so fast!!!
Erin Hegg
Erin Hegg 12 dager siden
10:21 Sorry to break it to you but Cheetos have cheese in them
Kiarra Jopling
Kiarra Jopling 12 dager siden
Ik I’m late but I love your hair and makeup today, I can’t to makeup properly to save my life
Muslim Sisters
Muslim Sisters 12 dager siden
YOU 30?????
Muslim Sisters
Muslim Sisters 12 dager siden
Kat Jarvi
Kat Jarvi 12 dager siden
Her ripping open a watermelon Me: SAY BYE BYE TO YA HAND
Dk.Nails16 13 dager siden
fRoOoOozEeNn GrAaApPpEeEeEs
RUBY wINTER 13 dager siden
Me when I see the grapes gloom has: oh it’s a blueberry box!
UnknownAlexGacha 13 dager siden
Just me who looks for the sour grapes?-
lee hughes
lee hughes 13 dager siden
What bread is the black dog sorry i font know
QueenHazelnut64 14 dager siden
the way she says pasta is just so adorable! (i'm from the u.s. soo)
Caelia barlow
Caelia barlow 14 dager siden
He used corn syrup
☁️🍬Sugar cloud
☁️🍬Sugar cloud 14 dager siden
With the hunny the boy uses corn syrup not honey so it is not to sweet
Full Moon
Full Moon 15 dager siden
Me watching this made me want to make these sooooooo bad
Gacha_Rose58 15 dager siden
Kid: Mommy what are you eating? Gloom: Spicy Avocado Kid: What are we having for dinner? Gloom: Pasta Chips Kid:
Sheidy Christy
Sheidy Christy 15 dager siden
gloom you can use powder juice and put clear serup
Mew 15 dager siden
Kassie, he flicked the watermelon i n the white dot in the middle.
Jakeykillers ttv
Jakeykillers ttv 16 dager siden
The tiktoks us: ' WOWWWWW ' When you do them: ' Ehhhhhhhh '
kimberly doberrer
kimberly doberrer 16 dager siden
I'm Mexican
Adam Feltrop
Adam Feltrop 16 dager siden
She should have crushed the pie first then put it in the sundae.
The Odd Juan
The Odd Juan 16 dager siden
Terry is a lucky dude.
17 dager siden
1:18 that’s what pooping looks like
Khaos 17 dager siden
Frozen grapes flipping rule
lexxie dickson
lexxie dickson 17 dager siden
bruh he didn't flick the toothpick he flicked the centre of the watermelon, how did nobody notice that
Steaphine Ramoz
Steaphine Ramoz 17 dager siden
Are you guys going to get married or what because I feel like you guys will be the cutest in the world in the NOcharts world because I love you guys and you’re the best
Bria Malone
Bria Malone 18 dager siden
Gloom: *talking* Dog: *playing with the watermelon*
Goodnight Gina
Goodnight Gina 18 dager siden
He was like. “Ma! I show you better way!”
Goodnight Gina
Goodnight Gina 18 dager siden
It’s his show now.
Goodnight Gina
Goodnight Gina 18 dager siden
My favourite part was him playing with the water Mellon
Larry Crandall
Larry Crandall 18 dager siden
please stop saying pasta wrong its pawstsa not paasta
maddie j27
maddie j27 18 dager siden
In a cage far far away there is a tiny dragon that makes creme brulee
Olivia Amash
Olivia Amash 18 dager siden
hey gloom random question but are you a Christian???? Cause i am and i wanted to know
Dhan Rai
Dhan Rai 18 dager siden
And I said the wrong
Dhan Rai
Dhan Rai 18 dager siden
Well he doesn’t know how to open it
Evelyn FF
Evelyn FF 18 dager siden
my dog with her new toys would be like
hs1116Ar 19 dager siden
Abby J
Abby J 19 dager siden
I’ve tried the pasta chips and I made the mistake of leaving too much water too and I actually liked it better that way cause there were a few crunchy ones
Melanie Gaddy
Melanie Gaddy 19 dager siden
Because you use corn Sarah and you could do something else or favorite where
Alyssa Feliciano
Alyssa Feliciano 19 dager siden
what type of dog is he?
suki !
suki ! 19 dager siden
German Shepard
Crystal wonn
Crystal wonn 19 dager siden
What type of dog is that
Crystal wonn
Crystal wonn 19 dager siden
When she was like 👁👄👁 when she tried the honey
Brianna 19 dager siden
Wdym I love the sour grapes
FuNaMiN world
FuNaMiN world 19 dager siden
please try tanghulu. pleassssssseeeeee
Ginny Beglin
Ginny Beglin 19 dager siden
DOGGOS can not have fruit😪🤮🤮
tina todd
tina todd 19 dager siden
i tried the honey thing in the beggining of the vid and the honey ver strong
Jimena Cendejas
Jimena Cendejas 20 dager siden
I tried the frozen honey trend and it was just to sweet, it was gross
Spring's crazy roblox
Spring's crazy roblox 20 dager siden
Do you say EIther or eITher
Serra 20 dager siden
Anjing (sorry, I probably spelled it wrong), has gotten so big.
Cladeleine Schmaves
Cladeleine Schmaves 21 dag siden
6:45 *yom*
Kྂnྂoྂ wྂ
Kྂnྂoྂ wྂ 21 dag siden
Go gloom your hacks are great😎
Kྂnྂoྂ wྂ
Kྂnྂoྂ wྂ 21 dag siden
ARMY GIRL 21 dag siden
I love to watch your videos
ARMY GIRL 21 dag siden
Frozen honey is very risky do not try frozen honey it causes diseases like diarrhoea and headache and upset stomach
Jodes 21 dag siden
Naomi kitty
Naomi kitty 21 dag siden
Who would love to have kassie as a a mom?!
Toca Lily
Toca Lily 21 dag siden
Does anyone agree that she is so pretty?? Your my favourite youtuber ❤️ Love your vids 💕
-Cheesecake 21 dag siden
0:45 Just me or does that look very wrong.
22 dager siden
Cassy nah gloom
Juliane Eliza Pacio
Juliane Eliza Pacio 22 dager siden
Kassie, try a different pie with ice cream, try mango peach pie from jollibee, i dont know if theres any in canada but by far that pie taste the sweetest and crunchy, i used to do it with the oreo ice cream on jollibee, taste delicious!
Jia Raj Aryan
Jia Raj Aryan 22 dager siden
Gloom u have to flick it in the Center
vipan sharma
vipan sharma 22 dager siden
Honey is made from bee vomate
Payten kersey
Payten kersey 22 dager siden
Sorry can you say that again I wasn't paying attention I was looking at the dog fighting the watermelon
Jamiya Clark
Jamiya Clark 22 dager siden
It’s better with corn syrup
Misheel Tuvshinbayar
Misheel Tuvshinbayar 23 dager siden
I eaten that before
Stxrrbee 24 dager siden
Well I mean you don't have to put in honey you can just put in corn syrup
ItsEmmyPlayz YT
ItsEmmyPlayz YT 24 dager siden
I wanna have the honey one it looks fun to eat lol
ranboo simp
ranboo simp 24 dager siden
the guy flicked the stem part you flicked the actual watermelon thats why it didnt work! i hope this helped!
Charlotte May
Charlotte May 24 dager siden
Hi Gloom did you know there are KIDS WATCHING DIS STUFF LIKE ME im on my mums laptop im NOT ChArElOtTe and goodbye I LOVE UR CHANNEL BAII
Charlotte May
Charlotte May 24 dager siden
I feel like you should LIKE MY COMMENT pls
Mari- -Chan
Mari- -Chan 24 dager siden
raven dandelion
raven dandelion 24 dager siden
Its corn syrup and something tasty and then you freeze it
Ayrgray 25 dager siden
Just saying gloom its easier to squeeze the honey jelly if you use a water bottle and not a Gatorade bottle
A'cemetric Lockhart
A'cemetric Lockhart 26 dager siden
Google don’t do that that is so bad for you don’t even think about eating it I tried it before I spit it out because I knew it was bad for you
Channon Mock
Channon Mock 26 dager siden
I would of put the ice cream and pie in a bowl
•¿ Blueberry Le Bean ?•
My favorite grapes are cotton candy ones, they get the name from being really sweet
greg 26 dager siden
Is no one gonna tell her you were not supposed to flick the tooth pick you were meant to flick the watermelon
•BerryHead• 26 dager siden
I think at 0:54 gloom saw into the future
Alexa Murphy
Alexa Murphy 26 dager siden
Concord? like, New Hampshire? if so, its pronounced like an erd as apposed to an ord, and its smooth. no pause. not con-cord. concord. sorry, that really bothered me
Dustin Hawkins
Dustin Hawkins 27 dager siden
The watermelon hack, your supposed to flick your finger on the yellow dot he flicked his finger on.
XoXo.Lxrita_love123 27 dager siden
GLOOOOOMMMM ahhhh I love you so much I hope you still play horror games I miss watching you play them