fidget toys but just for your eyeballs 👀 

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Eye candy. This isn’t about straight up sensory toys, these are videos that made me feel like I was playing with a sensory toy but with my eyes and ears, ya kno? I can’t believe this app is free.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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28. juni. 2021





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sasha18963 5 timer siden
My mom had one of those smoke things they do smell amazing
Vincent Wirch
Vincent Wirch 2 dager siden
Anthony? When the far reaches of your NOcharts viewing collide..
Robert kooll Ransom
Robert kooll Ransom 4 dager siden
Peighton Rose
Peighton Rose 4 dager siden
Just wanted to say DO YOU WATCH DEMON SLAYER
Crystal Visser
Crystal Visser 6 dager siden
My dad is mean
tiffany wall
tiffany wall 7 dager siden
Soooooooo soo satisfying
Marbelys Rodriguez
Marbelys Rodriguez 7 dager siden
No sales Fire
Sarah Haslam
Sarah Haslam 10 dager siden
Queen gloom
Cokica 11
Cokica 11 10 dager siden
My seeing it looks like my iPhone but I just lost one 😳😳😳😳😳🤧🤧🤧🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭😒😒😒😒😒
DAWOOD AYAN 11 dager siden
Gloo oom
AsheXD 11 dager siden
Alot of these things just made my head hurt
Yeny Sosa
Yeny Sosa 12 dager siden
Surajsinh Parmar
Surajsinh Parmar 12 dager siden
"eYe CaNdY" -Gloom
KK 13 dager siden
With the ones where you smash it and it's a color he got to go with the first one and if you get it wrong you go first second for how many there are. Or if the first one is second you go second first how many there are
-•JuJu•- 14 dager siden
First tiktok be like- Rainbow naaaaiiilllssss
Sophia Villaluna
Sophia Villaluna 14 dager siden
The smoke fountain is something I have I have a smoke fountain and it’s really fun to watch
Unikitty Jenna
Unikitty Jenna 14 dager siden
Coriolis effect doesn't effect toilets, it's too week compared to other factors like the plumbing. as for this, the main factor would I guess be how you're holding the tube? Idk, I'm no scientist
Terri Spalsbury
Terri Spalsbury 14 dager siden
Hi you’re one of my favorite NOchartsrs in just like I love your dog but my favorite kind of dog is a pug so next dog you get a recommend a park that’s so cute and park means pug it wasn’t working so yeah I don’t really know how to take them using the voice thing I love you and you’re so pretty how do you get your hair like that and I love your nails soon I’m about to get nails like yours I’m only 8 /2 years old
Seki Toko
Seki Toko 14 dager siden
Bruhh when I saw the sand I can all ready feel it in my nails
ayasha siddiqua
ayasha siddiqua 15 dager siden
i think gloom is very funny
ayasha siddiqua
ayasha siddiqua 15 dager siden
I love gloom’s videos i watch her videos every day
Björg Benediktsdóttir
Sophia Riland
Sophia Riland 16 dager siden
Paint looks yummy
ayasha siddiqua
ayasha siddiqua 16 dager siden
You can get 500 $ from the money soap
Solar The_Rat
Solar The_Rat 17 dager siden
$250 bill exists
R3coNnect!ing 17 dager siden
Ah yes, the old eye candy 😌
Sadie Wright
Sadie Wright 17 dager siden
Not to be creepy or anything but whats your zodiac sign? Mines Gemini
Nagarani Rani
Nagarani Rani 17 dager siden
Iam in in India and I have that smoke water fall and I touched it
Supercool Rainbows LPS
Supercool Rainbows LPS 17 dager siden
When I hear how long it takes gloom to use up a toothpick jar... 😳
Iris Wynecoop
Iris Wynecoop 18 dager siden
that shade of green is called viridain its actually my fav color
Luke Ballew
Luke Ballew 18 dager siden
2:52 I think it’s liquified air but I’m not sure
Ciara Matthews
Ciara Matthews 18 dager siden
Gloom: This is like evil green Me: LOKI GREEN!!!
Mihaela Rusu
Mihaela Rusu 18 dager siden
Here in romaniia we hav 200dolars but we namet lei
sara kinkela
sara kinkela 19 dager siden
I lovee u
Kasia Morrell
Kasia Morrell 19 dager siden
We have very close names
ASMR Teagon
ASMR Teagon 19 dager siden
Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?
🤍Layla🤍 20 dager siden
this Intro I love it 😩❤️
Costers Coster
Costers Coster 20 dager siden
I think she wants ice cream
Lisa Sim
Lisa Sim 20 dager siden
9:54: is that bisexual flag I see?
Elissa Kay
Elissa Kay 21 dag siden
The foam cutter is very satisfying but makes an awful noise and smells terrible I know because I had to use one because me and my friends had to use one to make rocks for a theater production
Elizabeth Irish
Elizabeth Irish 21 dag siden
A treat for my eyes, is seeing YOU!
KY Playhouse
KY Playhouse 21 dag siden
React to lankybox please
Salla Romppanen
Salla Romppanen 21 dag siden
Liezel Jonkheid
Liezel Jonkheid 22 dager siden
Why does this look like drinkey 😆😆😆
Liezel Jonkheid
Liezel Jonkheid 22 dager siden
Mahathi Murari
Mahathi Murari 22 dager siden
Kassie, you and I have very different ideas of "eye candy" 😂😂
Lama Alsaadi
Lama Alsaadi 22 dager siden
I’m going to put nails today fake nails okay I am 9 1/2 years old
Mugisha Nana
Mugisha Nana 22 dager siden
My eyes are always treated to something special when am watching Kassie's videos
Gamer Number.8
Gamer Number.8 22 dager siden
I am actually mad before but after watching it i fell better
Pedro Brice
Pedro Brice 22 dager siden
Voluntary gayness is not genetic its environmental
Layla Warrren
Layla Warrren 23 dager siden
can we just talk about the fact that i haven't seen terry's face in the recent videos
Ryleigh Coon
Ryleigh Coon 23 dager siden
Pride month never ends🥴♥️🧡💛💚💙💜💘
amy Fox
amy Fox 24 dager siden
I'm I Do you like basketball This is maybe I can do a deep voice So yeah Yeah I'm gonna have your biggest fans I love your video a lot some every single day and please So lander subscribers and I cause I love you videos Please put me up for 1 of your subscribers Bye
tanuja khan
tanuja khan 24 dager siden
This is the stupidest thing I'm ever gonna say how do I join in?😂🤔🤔🤔
tanuja khan
tanuja khan 24 dager siden
I just think that you're my favourite NOchartsr and when I start watching my videos I just got expired to paint and I want to become a NOchartsr but I just my mum won't allow me but I just want to say thank you so much for expiring me to pay it and you're just the best thank you
Ignatius Giovanni
Ignatius Giovanni 24 dager siden
0:51 why break the pop it tho and tbh I HATE IT in Indonesia pop it's are expensive af so yeah...
Kali 25 dager siden
Smelling markers is dangerous bc the fumes are toxic
Jane Farrelly
Jane Farrelly 25 dager siden
Gloom: “the thing i would do for buttered noodles rn” My head: what, Just make buttered noodles
KittyRose 25 dager siden
I have a smoke fountain- and yes it does have a nice smell-
Eliza the Compromiser
Eliza the Compromiser 25 dager siden
Does anyone else get that feeling whenever they look at a water bottle or something and you just know how it feels- so you're like "MMmmm, look at the water bottle. Bet that feels nice" And then you feel it and it feels exactly how you though-
Emma Baldwin
Emma Baldwin 25 dager siden
I love you pop it oppsiesss i ment gloom wait wouldn't it be cool if people made a pop it of gloom and it actually looked realistic
Leo Paveley
Leo Paveley 25 dager siden
He popping the pops out of the it ☺
Leo Paveley
Leo Paveley 25 dager siden
Your always so happy 😊
Emma Chehebar
Emma Chehebar 26 dager siden
When kassie said she had to hold the mochi no not envy the people in the videos I was was thinking the same thing but cake with baking shows
Just slime
Just slime 26 dager siden
My teacher can
King of edits
King of edits 26 dager siden
Hello gloom you prob won’t see this but if you do plz adopt me... And if your wondering I’m extremely serious. Things about me: I love cottage core, I love satisfying thing, I love pop it’s, I love dogs, I’m 12 years old. I love you channel and you make me so happy and I love all of your vids and you just make me so happy so plz adopt me like I said I’m totally serious.
Layla Colella gaming channel and other stuff
I have one of those smoke things
•Itz Guacamole•
•Itz Guacamole• 26 dager siden
Maleficent green
Makenzie Reeding
Makenzie Reeding 26 dager siden
I’m nine and I can take all the bubbles out of the pop it cuz my friends ask me to do it for them
Zetsr12 26 dager siden
Kassie: napkins? What is this a restaurant?! Me: my aunt had a whole room full of napkins
SUNSET ROSES 26 dager siden
Pink or white me:white Red or purple me:purple Bad luck
Ginny and Oreo
Ginny and Oreo 26 dager siden
So I'm amairacan and some of the words that you guys purnounse since your Canadian like for instance "ONvlope" vr us ENvelope or like bAg and bEg lol
Maddie 27 dager siden
I'm just happy she is doing better after her sister and twinky
Honey Bun Things
Honey Bun Things 27 dager siden
9:36 I've had those before. They don't need a lot of work but they are stressful because you need to do them for a certain amount of time. You also have to wait 24 hrs just to let them solidify.
Hui Lin
Hui Lin 27 dager siden
Why would they ruin a hole entire phone?
Portia Michelle Bwanali
Hi stranger I just wanted to let you know that Jesus died on the cross so that you and I may be saved from the wickedness of this world and sin. He loves you so much and wants you to fellowship and have a relationship with Him ,that is if you want to. I ask that you please consider repentance from sin and turn to Christ b4 it's too late. Jesus loves you and so do I .❤✝️Be blessed loves
Jessica Mai🐶
Jessica Mai🐶 27 dager siden
Gloom you should start an ASMR channel
cola man is here aka edd
Do u play roblox
Eva Grace
Eva Grace 27 dager siden
I don’t know what you mean I’m so sorry nope✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿✍🏿🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅🙅🙅
raygan Justus
raygan Justus 27 dager siden
2:35- I used to have one of those and it made my whole house smell like smoke 🙃
rainndrops 27
rainndrops 27 27 dager siden
I had one of those smoke fountains
Sadia Junaid
Sadia Junaid 27 dager siden
Nail looks candy or ice cream Candy 🍬 like 👍🏻 Ice cream 🍧 comment 👇🏻
Rocky has sea monkeys
Rocky has sea monkeys 28 dager siden
My neighbors are doing fireworks outside my window and I can't hear kassie 😠
tinicarrot 28 dager siden
“the things i would do for butter noodles” like walk 10 feet to the kitchen and boil some water-
Tiffany Stewart
Tiffany Stewart 28 dager siden
What happened to twinky
VegaSplats 28 dager siden
“Please I’m just trying to make some eye candies for my viewers and all I’m getting is decked on! AHHHH” PLEASE THIS ACTUALLY KILLED ME 💀🤚✨
A. E.
A. E. 28 dager siden
Okay, I like this video and kassies awesome, but the tik tok with the guy destroying the phone is so wasteful. Some people don't have the money to buy that, so to waste that is sooo teerible
Alexander Yeet
Alexander Yeet 28 dager siden
Satan voice
What are the squishy things called I wanna know
mark phillips
mark phillips 28 dager siden
I have the sand
patience morris
patience morris 28 dager siden
With the water match you can actually buy them in massive size ones
Pinkie Homie!
Pinkie Homie! 29 dager siden
Lindsey Talamante
Lindsey Talamante 29 dager siden
I'm kinetic sand this is my mom's account
Le smol Child uwu
Le smol Child uwu 29 dager siden
2:31 That thing is indeed legal, do not eat it or drink it because that is an incense, a thing you set on fire that makes a nice smell, I think people used to use it as air freshener when they didn’t have what we have today.
janelle tuico
janelle tuico 29 dager siden
plss dont do that to the pop it look at thw poor people
Rowena Laurente
Rowena Laurente 29 dager siden
Can we appreciate Terry's amazing editing? And kassie Bringing us such joy? We all love u!
Unicatplayz YT
Unicatplayz YT 29 dager siden
This is dry ice
Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty 29 dager siden
I love how she don’t ask us to sub :)
Cool_sksksk 29 dager siden
SugarPop Official
SugarPop Official 29 dager siden
Alisha Shahzadi
Alisha Shahzadi 29 dager siden
for some reason I play with my figet toys and after It is kind of boring