Kids who knew who they were on day 1 

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Kids are great because they aren’t afraid to be who they are, it’s the world that chases us back into our shells. I hope raccoon kid stays a raccoon forever.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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5. juli. 2021





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ermaldonado11 Dag siden
It's the "speed wobbles" for me
marilyn daniel zahra
marilyn daniel zahra 3 dager siden
ME TO!!!🤣🤣😂😂
Ü•Zebras Alike•Ü
2:31: Plot twist: He was trying to get her back for yelling at him.
gaby gaby
gaby gaby 5 dager siden
the cocomelon one is basically my dad lol
I feel like racoon boy is going to be a furry :3
Robert Pias
Robert Pias 5 dager siden
Gizem S
Gizem S 6 dager siden
You look amazing Kassie! I love your hair!
DragoPikaPony 7 dager siden
* Dinosaur / furry people praying for the dinosaur mask the kid got scared of 3 seconds before he saw it. *
Sammy Watson
Sammy Watson 7 dager siden
I got 9 siblings and I promise u we are not rich
Brooklyn neilson
Brooklyn neilson 8 dager siden
When I got nails for the first time I got really long ones my friend said it would be hard to do stuff but it was pretty easy
Queen Gummy
Queen Gummy 8 dager siden
Why do I relate to the one who's reaction time took so long. I can totally relate when my parents say something it takes me a moment to reply. And the kid who says she will be outta of the town if her parents kiss. It reminded me of me and my mom going to get pizza, I had to keep an eye on my youngest brother. And these two people were making out in front of me and it was disgusting. I didn't need to see that.
Kirsty Lowes
Kirsty Lowes 10 dager siden
Fidget things
Fidget things 11 dager siden
If you had a baby it would be so beautiful 🤩
Madison Cesaire
Madison Cesaire 11 dager siden
2:33 that baby is so cute but can we talk about his eyelashes tho...
Adele Saf
Adele Saf 11 dager siden
Love watching little kids I mean yeah
Tara Asteria
Tara Asteria 11 dager siden
You look so great in this look Kassie 😍
Chanelcadk 12 dager siden
I would practice to rob cars I told my dad to lock the car fully locked, I lock picked it
Chanelcadk 12 dager siden
The kid😂
Bee Playsz
Bee Playsz 12 dager siden
2:40 that baby was laggin 🤣🖐️
❣︎Luna_Moon❣︎ 12 dager siden
I’ll be back my bestie just posted
Demetrius Johnson
Demetrius Johnson 13 dager siden
That baby in the bear suit was so cute
Sophia Brookins
Sophia Brookins 13 dager siden
When I was little I guess I chose to be grumpy because I dead pained everyone in sight.
Pyorite 13 dager siden
GO WATCH COCOMELON -Mexican father
Luna LG
Luna LG 14 dager siden
I'm 12 and I've planned my whole future (like down to where ill live [the countryside with 0-2 neighboring houses in Canada] , what job ill have [animal educator but I'll live on a farm/ranch {my friend A will take care of the farm, ill take care of the ranch}, and me and my friends {who I plan to live with} have been working on finances and the way our house will be built)
My sister: can I have a fry? Me:gives smallest fry* her:GIVE ME A BIGGER ONE Me:do you want me to take it away and you have no fry? 👹
SuperNae27 14 dager siden
The second fish Is either real or realistic
mckayla laguens
mckayla laguens 15 dager siden
Gloom is a very relaxing and pretty person and she is very funny so ty for being here gloom and making everyone happy 😊
StrawberryStar 15 dager siden
My brother dry scoops his supplements. I find that really weird.
Kara Zimmerman
Kara Zimmerman 15 dager siden
On my 1st birthday instead of my cake I ate my dads hamburger. 😁
Type two diabetes
Type two diabetes 15 dager siden
Uhm,my mom got the fish,BUT FOR OUR CATS TO PLAY WITH
Lainey O'D
Lainey O'D 15 dager siden
10:10 my parents had 6 girls but the thing is if they hadn't had us my dad would be pretty well off but bc he has to look after all of us- yeah
talia elgamel
talia elgamel 16 dager siden
Wait but like abbieherrbert ismy favorite tick-tock so
H34RTBL4NK13 16 dager siden
2:44 that kid reminds me of that guy with the fake mustard getting shot at him-
sara Ann
sara Ann 16 dager siden
The kid on the plane reminds me of the time my daughter wouldn't let me have a bite or her butterscotch pudding cup I asked her for a bite and she told no I like it.
Moonzilla 16 dager siden
Everyone: enjoying the video Me: wanting to push back that one strand of hair SO BAD
Kumbi Shava
Kumbi Shava 16 dager siden
Maya Espinoza
Maya Espinoza 16 dager siden
When i was little i was a trouble maker and i was smart i would steal my parents coffe and i flushed my dads car keys and would read books without people helping me
Afariam 2.
Afariam 2. 16 dager siden
im a plane guy btw on my bike im like SUPER fast i can go 22 mph
Miranda Mei
Miranda Mei 16 dager siden
The accent- Papa!
Mike Cro
Mike Cro 16 dager siden
those kinda nails at that young age could damage their nails
Sugar Cookie 17
Sugar Cookie 17 17 dager siden
Kassie is so gorgeous. 🥺🥰☺️🤗
Maddie's Land
Maddie's Land 17 dager siden
Her with the raccoon kid:and that little house Me: she don’t know does she Also if you don’t know that is a raccoon trap
Rolcraft King
Rolcraft King 17 dager siden
Hi 17 dager siden
Fun fact: at one point in my neighbours life she has 7 kids with 1 on the way,13 cats,5 dogs and one of them are pregnant and she was a single mother 😧
LisasLittleHelper 17 dager siden
john stern
john stern 17 dager siden
Panda_ 17 dager siden
Your hair is so beautiful but I like the old one more cause I grow up with that but I'll take any hair 😩
Yanni Hugo
Yanni Hugo 17 dager siden
Hu-tao 18 dager siden
4:48 This is my favorite part of this whole video. 😳
Wolf Girl
Wolf Girl 18 dager siden
The fish is a catnip toy
Funny Oofgang
Funny Oofgang 18 dager siden
GIRL YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS 😍 ✨ 💗 💕 💖 💓 😍 ✨ 💗 💕 💖 💓
Wren Studio
Wren Studio 18 dager siden
So there was a kindergarten school near our house and it was a summer so guess who decided to go and jump over a wall and hang out in the kindergarten playground some random boys who laughed at us because we were girls they also vandalized a bit of the playground with a knife I would not be surprised if they were in jail right now and one of them actually went to Juvie Or at least that’s what they said I don’t know but we watch them jump into that kindergarten vandalize the place or
stariie 18 dager siden
Gloom: *posts* Me: *im as fast as f boi*
Madelyn Toney
Madelyn Toney 18 dager siden
When I was in the 5th grade I started getting acrylics 🙃
OnePersonInaCrowd Of 1000
I used to get my nails painted by my mom (with just nail polish) from when I was like 6
꧁ʙʟᴜᴇ_ ʙᴜɴɴʏ꧂
Itz_ DarkDragonXxx
Itz_ DarkDragonXxx 18 dager siden
4:41 on my first birthday...I stepped in my cake on video footage 👁👄👁
Quynn Jones
Quynn Jones 18 dager siden
The nails vid was when she wanted on her and her big sis
Natalie Stubbs
Natalie Stubbs 18 dager siden
I was carful with my smash cake and didn’t make a mess. I almost never got hurt.
frankie•ina•box 19 dager siden
Okay I have a brother who would fit the "criminal friend" except he I my brother and who always gets caught by either my family or the police
Maelle Leslie
Maelle Leslie 19 dager siden
The kid on the air plane is me
RC Play
RC Play 19 dager siden
5th grade??? More like second🤣
CallMehBrooke 19 dager siden
My neighbour: 5 (or more) kids because want a girl Also my neighbour: BROKE
Angelina Franco
Angelina Franco 19 dager siden
Gloom: I just knew I loved glam at a young age Me: I need more face masks, under eye masks, hair masks, lip masks, and peel off masks Reporter: Would you say you liked glam Me: nah I don’t like brushing my hair
Layah Jackson
Layah Jackson 19 dager siden
Gloom: and that little house🦝 Me: that's a raccoon trap 🦝👄🦝
ur mom
ur mom 19 dager siden
can i just say that gloom’s hair looked really cool today she should do it like that more often
LunarSpace 20 dager siden
Kaszie what's the color of your hair, i want to dye my hair the same!
Hahahahahaah 20 dager siden
Kassies hair is absolutely ✨stunning ✨
Breanna Lindsey
Breanna Lindsey 20 dager siden
I have a friend who is 6 yrs old and fell of his bike and busted up his mouth.. So ya she right about the bike wobbles
Ghazal Al-Tamimi
Ghazal Al-Tamimi 20 dager siden
8:44 I wanted to get my nails done at grade/year 4 and now I do them at home
Sofia Kantosola
Sofia Kantosola 20 dager siden
I love her vids so much
Jasmine Freckelton
Jasmine Freckelton 20 dager siden
bit where she said they must be rich. I laughed, I'm the 6th out of 7 kids. We are NOT rich at all
Nurel Hajibeyli
Nurel Hajibeyli 20 dager siden
The “GO WHATCH COCO MELON” changed the whole video for me
Anna G
Anna G 20 dager siden
My uncle passed away and the happy day in gloom made my day a bit better 🥰😢
Klee 20 dager siden
Your hair girlie is amazing 💕 your rocking it!
Its Mylie Bear
Its Mylie Bear 20 dager siden
Gloom “ He’s chugging orange juice with his mouth” My pov “ how did he even pick up the glass!?! “ Also me *tries and drops cup* The cup was plastic though so nothing broke 😁
Rev_ CLAN 21 dag siden
U look like my old teacher from when I was young that’s weird
lpshaikyu!! 21 dag siden
The hand thing ✋👇
Alpacagirl 21 dag siden
Gloom’s hairstyle is sooo cute!
Duchess Shimmer
Duchess Shimmer 21 dag siden
Warn Lauren
dude just stfu 😐
dude just stfu 😐 21 dag siden
Nibbles the bunny
Nibbles the bunny 21 dag siden
Fun fact : In my school we can’t wear nail polish Bruh
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith 21 dag siden
She should make another one but call it “kids who one who they were on day 2”
MochiCreame 21 dag siden
People: getting mad over taking a baby camping My parents: taking my sister camping for the first time at the age of 3 months
Lily Welker
Lily Welker 21 dag siden
kassie: you like my hai- me: WAIT *thinking* ariana always wears a iconic ponytail and in one pic.. *gasp*
Roblox Randoms
Roblox Randoms 21 dag siden
Fatima zuniga
Fatima zuniga 21 dag siden
Go whatch cocmelon haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Noa Hakimi
Noa Hakimi 21 dag siden
Amber Hutnik
Amber Hutnik 21 dag siden
Violence is never the answer. It’s the question and the answer is yes
Psycho 😝
Psycho 😝 21 dag siden
Gotta admit gloom and Terry are amazing
SufSuf kawaii potato
First glance I thought she was bella poarch 😅
[Starry Skies]
[Starry Skies] 21 dag siden
about me and the TikTok at 8:48 I like the long fake nail look, but mine are long and real- take this from a 12 y.o-
DIE DIE DIE 21 dag siden
Kassie the hair..
8:12 literally the best video in this video loll
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 22 dager siden
Watch me watch so many things if you could ever see that is not my phone my other of you feeling so left here
peach j
peach j 22 dager siden
you scared me the hair kass! i love it!
😂lolbit😂 22 dager siden
Your hair looks 🤩AMAZING 🤩
Matilda Schonhardt
Matilda Schonhardt 22 dager siden
I remember I took a tour of a school and the principal asked this class, " What's the best thing about the school?" a boy raised his hand and said " Me "
Tynia Strength
Tynia Strength 22 dager siden
Part 2 please
Zombies 2
Zombies 2 22 dager siden
I love Gloom’s nails They are so pretty
Riley Harper
Riley Harper 22 dager siden
so the kid in the thumbnail has 3 hands